Solution to Retrieve Deleted Videos from Android Phone

Retrieve Deleted Videos

As Smartphone become more and more convenient for us, we communicate, entertain, record on our phones, which will cause massive data storage on our phones. We will take photos, make videos, record auto files in our phones. Also, we send personal messages and make phone calls. As a result, it is common to hear somebody complained about his important data loss, including his precious photos, videos, private text messages or confidential files. And there are several reasons like SD card broken, deleting accidentally, or factory resetting. You may have series of questions about whether it is possible to recover lost videos from your Android device and how to do that. Here, I'm going to help you out of the trouble by teaching you how to retrieve deleted videos from Android phones. And there is a recommendation of a useful and reliable recovery tool to help you recover deleted videos on you Android phone. Also, you will be given a detailed tutorial. Read the passage below, you will find the answer of how to retrieve deleted video tapes from Android phone.

Part 1: Is It Possible for Deleted Video Recovery on Android Phone?

First, the answer to the question is yes. Media files such as photos, video tapes and music, are unlike to text messages and contacts, they are stored in the SD card of your phone, including an internal SD card and always an external one. The internal one is the space for operating system, default apps and other programs of the Android system to store in. Generally, the storage of the internal one is 16, 32 or 64 GB. Most Android photos enable you to insert an additional card for more space. So, an external one is to make up the shortage of space on your phones. All your deleted videos can be retrieved usually on your external SD card, unless they are not replaced by new data. So, remember that once you find your videos lost, stop using you Android anymore in case of the covering of new data. All in all, it is possible for you to recover your deleted videos from Android phone.

SD Card

Part 2: How to Retrieve Deleted Videos from Android Phone

Having known that it is feasible to get back deleted videos from Android phone, then you are expected to find a professional recovery tool to help you throughout the whole process. Here we introduce Android Data Recovery from Apeaksoft for you.

Android Data Recovery is the best solution for Android users to recover accidentally deleted data on your Android phones without hassle. It can retrieve various kinds of data, such as photos, videos, text messages and documents on your Android devices. And it is highly compatible with Huawei, Samsung, Sony and other brands of handsets. When you use the Android Data recovery to retrieve, it enables you to preview the videos you want to retrieve. Most importantly, you are permitted to choose your wanted videos selectively, which is very convenient for users. What you need to process the retrieving is a computer, an Android phone, WI-FI connection and several clicks to finish recovering lost videos on your Android.

Main features:

  • 1. Enable you to preview and restore you missing data easily on Android devices.
  • 2. Ensure to protect your private information and data.
  • 3. Support selectively options of your desired data.
  • 4. Efficient and fast to operate.
  • 5. Help you retrieve in different situations, such as a device crash, password forgotten.
  • 6. Compatible with more than 5000 Android devices.

Then I will give the step-by-step solution to retrieve deleted videos from Android phone. First, you need to download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer or Mac.

Step 1. Launch the software. At the same time, the saying "Please connect your Android device to PC via USB" reminds you to connect your Android device to your computer or Mac. Having done that, the software will detect all the data on your Android.

Follow the on-screen instructions to root your Android phone to enter the next step pf recovery.

Do not want to root your Android phone? Just read this post to retrieve deleted files from unrooted Android phone.

Connect Android Device to PC

Step 2. All formats of data on your Android phone will be categorized into several classifications. Since this tutorial is aimed at retrieving deleted videos on your Android, here on the right side we choose "Video" button. Then click "Next".

Note: You may be asked to allow the Android Data Recovery to root your phone and scan your data.

Step 3. You will find all lost and existing videos appearing on the right side of the program. Click on a video to preview it. Then select all the videos you want to recover to your Android phone.

Note: There is a button on the top of the interface noting "Only display the deleted videos". once click, the existing videos will not be shown.

Step 4. After doing options, tap the "Recover" button at the bottom of the interface.


In the article above, we give you a brief introduction of Android internal and external SD card. And then we recommend you the Android Data Recovery to help you retrieve deleted videos from Android phones. Whenever you are confronted with the problem of data losing, try the tutorial. Personally, in case of coming across such things, we want to suggest all of you to back up data frequently. Because it is really a trouble for you to retrieve data on your Android phones. What's more, chances are that, some data can't be recovered for certain reasons. So, backing up your data is necessary. In addition, most Android phones have limited space for you to store your data. If you move some data out of your phone, there will be more space for you to save pictures, text messages and videos. These are all my suggestions.

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