Guide to Get Free in App Purchase without Rooting Android

After downloading a free game from Play Store, opening it and playing, you may discover that only the first chapter is free. After that, you have to pay the in-app purchases.

Free in App Purchases

Truly, it is annoying. And you are not the only one encountered this situation. A lot of apps that are free to download in Google Play integrate in app purchase options, such as coins and power-ups in mobile games.

Is there any way to get free in app purchases? In this post, we are going to show you how to achieve it. Bear in mind that our tutorial is only for exchange experiences and skills.

Part 1: Top 5 Apps to get free in app purchases on Android without rooting

We all know that Android mobile OS is open source and easy to modify. It means that there are chances to install paid apps for free or free the in app purchases. All you really need is a hacking app. In this part, we will identify and show you several best hack apps.

Top 1: AppSara V2.0

Key features:

1. Hack almost every game and apps available in Google Play Store.

2. Lightweight and run in background with interrupting your games.

3. Free in app purchases, like coins, money, gems, etc.

4. Enjoy full apps or games bypassing the payment system.

5. Compatible with all devices running Android 2.2 and above.



1. This hack app does not require root access.

2. The interface is user friendly and smooth.

3. AppSara is totally free to use.


1. It is not available in Play Store, so you have to download it from website.

2. This app does not offer English support.

Top 2: LuckyPatcher

Main features:

1. Free in app purchase by removing the license verification of paid apps and games.

2. Prevent Google Play to examine your in app purchase history.

3. Modify the app that have in app purchase option and remove license filtering signal.

4. Support almost all mobile games with in-app purchase items.

5. Block ads appearing in your apps and games.

6. Install modded Play Store.

Lucky Patcher


1. This hack app is light and not taking up much storage.

2. It provides a wider range of functions, like backup apps.


It is only available on rooted Android devices.

Top 3: CreeHack

Basic features:

1. Download and install every app and game without paying a penny.

2. Compatible with all Android tablets and smartphones.

3. Enable to free in app purchases, like gems, coins and more, bypassing payment process.

4. Edit Android games as you wish, like remove certain features from the mobile game.

5. Work well on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.



1. This hack app does not ask users to view ads, take survey or answer extra questions.

2. The concise interface makes it very easy to use.

3. It is open source.


You have to install it from internet, which is not safe.

Top 4: Freedom

Principal features:

1. Hack apps and games to free in app purchases.

2. Detect all apps and mobile games downloaded on your device automatically.

3. Get rid of the in app purchase options in a single tap.

4. Support all Android tablets and smartphones.

5. Improve support for latest versions of Google Play Store.



1. The developer releases updates frequently, so you can use it on any Android systems.

2. It is able to delete ads in app as well.


1. Freedom is not valid to all in game items.

2. Your device must be rooted. You can check here to know more about how to root your Android phone.

Top 5: Leo PlayCard

Attractive features:

1. Get Android apps and games free in app purchase simply.

2. Support all devices running Android 2.3 and later.

3. Hack targeted games or apps without asking root access.

4. Completely control your games and remove ads or payment system.

5. Available to a wider range of mobile games, like Temple Run 2.

Leo Playcard


1. The hack app is easy to use, especially for beginners.

2. No matter your device is rooted or not, Temple Run 2 works fine.


It cannot hack online games and apps.

Part 2: How to use CreeHack to get free in app purchase

As you can see, there are some hack apps able to free in app purchase and allow you to play games without challenges. They work in the similar way and we use CreeHack as the example to show you the workflow.


Step 1: Unlock your Android phone and connect it to a good Wi-Fi network. Head to Settings > Security and toggle on Unknown sources. This allows you to install APKs from sources other than Play Store.

Step 2: Next, go to your app drawer and open the hack app. Touch the On button on the main interface to bring it into working condition.

Step 3: After download your favorite game app from Google Play Store and install it on your device, back to the hack app, and tap the Home button to minimize it.

Step 4: Open the game app that you want to free in app purchase and navigate to the purchase section. Buy something, and then CreeHack will open up a popup dialog instead of triggering Google Payment.

Step 5: You are presented two options, Buy and Cancel, on the popup dialog. If you want to purchase the item, tap on Buy to get it for free without paying a penny. The Cancel option will give up the item and back to the game.

Step 6: After purchased, you can play your game. The CreeHack app is lightweight and not eating up your internal storage when running in background.

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Mobile game is the most popular category on Android devices. According to our research, there are hundreds of game apps in Google Play Store that integrate in-app purchase options, though they are free to download.

It is annoying when you are block by the payment option. That is why we shared how to free in-app purchase in this article. You can select a proper tool based on your situations and try the purchase items. If you really prefer to a game, you can buy the coins or other staff.

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