How to Root Samsung with One Click Root

What is rooting? Why we need to root our Android phone? You can read this article which introduces the benefits and risks of rooting as well as the root tools. You can easily find that there are many root tools that can help you to root Android phone, such as One Click Root, Kingo Root, KingRoot, etc. Which root tool is the most suitable for you? For Samsung phone users, One Click Root may be better for you. You can learn how to root your Samsung with One Click Root in this article.

Root Samsung with One Click Root

Part 1. Some useful information about rooting

What is root? Rooting phone means that you can acquire the super authority of all your files on your phone. After rooting, you are able to do any operation on your phone, such as deleting any preinstalled apps on Android, installing some apps without hassle, etc.

Benefits and risks of rooting


1. After rooting, you will possess the authority to delete some apps you unwanted or programs preinstalled by manufacturers.

2. Root can help you to prevent pop-up information and advertisements of some apps.

3. If you can obey the rooting, rooting will not brick your Android phone.


1. You will be not able to enjoy the after-sale service after rooting your Android phone.

2. Although rooting is safe, there are still some unexpected mistakes will appeare. For example, some important data will be lost by mistake, which will lead to system error.

What should you do before rooting?

1. Back up data of your phone

No one can assure that data will be lost after rooting, so in case of something unexpected happened, you had better backup your data like photos, videos, contacts, messages before rooting.

2. Full charged your Android phone

Rooting Android will cost a large power, so you had better fully charge your Android phone before rooting.

3. Choose a safe root tool

For you use Samsung Galaxy device, we recommend One Click Root. It is a safe rooting tool to root Android phone. It can support thousands of devices in addition to Samsung.

Part 2. Root Samsung phone with One Click Root

How to root Samsung with One Click Root? Below we will introduce the detailed steps on how to root your Samsung with One Click Root.

Step 1. Download One Click Root

Install One Click Root on your computer, and then open and launch it for use later.

Step 2. Set USB debugging

Turn on your Samsung phone, enable USB debugging mode by tapping on "Settings" > "Developer options" > toggle on "USB debugging" button. After setting up USB debugging, you are able to manage your Samsung on computer.

Set USB Debugging

Step 3. Connect Samsung to computer

Connect your Samsung to computer via USB cable, and then One Click Root can recognize your Samsung automatically.

One Click Root

Step 4. Root Samsung with One Click Root

After One Click Root recognizes your Samsung device, click "ROOT NOW" button to start rooting Android. You just need to wait a few minutes, and then the rooting process will be over.

Root Samsung

Part 3. How to root Samsung with One Click Root on Mac

If you are a Mac user, you may easily find that there are few rooting tools for Mac because of some instability. So we highly recommend that you root Samsung by using One Click Root on Windows computer.

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