The Full Guide of Root Cause Analysis Template

Root cause analysis template is a specialized term for many people. In reality, most people perform follow the template to make various decisions. Briefly, it is able to help us to discover the underlying reason for an issue or problem. A student being late to class, for example, may have a root cause of his home is being too far from the school. Once people could identify the real reason behind the problem, it becomes simpler to handle it or fix it, rather than treating the symptoms. Considering that many people are not familiar with root cause analysis template, we are going to share everything you should know about it in this post.

Root Cause Analysis Template

Part 1. What root cause analysis template is

Root cause analysis template, also known as RCA, is the process to discover the root cause of the problem. The root cause is what leads to the cause-and-effect chain of the problem or problems. Compared to other methods, RCAs are better at identification of the real root causes or issue. More importantly, some templates are used as general problem solving techniques in businesses.

Part 2. 10 root cause analysis template

In this part, we will share top 10 popular root cause analysis templates for getting the root cause of any problems.

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1. Root Cause Analysis Template Xls

This is a root cause analysis template contains five pages in xls. It is a tool for finding causes of process problems and developing actions for eliminating, preventing, and minimizing future problems. You can find the root cause of your problem and fix it in 10 steps.

Root Cause Analysis Template XLS

2. Root Cause Analysis Template PowerPoint

If you are working with a team to fix a problem, this root cause analysis template is a good option. It is a presentation and when finished fixing the problem, you can show the process to your teamers directly. It not only includes the process of root cause analysis, but also contains some information about the history of root cause analysis.


3. Root Cause Analysis Template for Word

If you prefer to Office Word, this root cause analysis template could meet your demands on problem and root cause analysis. It is free to use on your project and within the organization.


4. Simple Root Cause Analysis Template

As its name said, this root cause analysis template is a good starting point. If you are a beginner of root cause analysis, the straightforward form will help you to complete the process smoothly.

Simple Root Cause Analysis Template

5. 5 WHYs Root Cause Analysis Template

5 WHYs is a popular root cause analysis template. It is an easy and methodical approach to identify the underlying root cause of a problem. Furthermore, it drives you to find the solution for troubleshooting the issue and avoid it occurring next time.

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5 Whys

6. Root Cause Analysis Format

This root cause analysis template is made in PDF format. It offers very detailed steps and guidance to help you discover the root cause. As a template, you can use it repeatedly.

Root Cause Analysis Format

7. Root Cause Analysis Report

This root cause analysis template only has one page, but it is enough to analyze the real root cause of simple problem in your work or daily life. Moreover, it divides the root cause of a problem into several elements, like people, environment, and more.

Root Cause Analysis Report

8. Simple Root Cause Analysis Form

It is another simple root cause analysis template for beginners to find the root cause of an issue.

Simple Root Cause Analysis Form

9. Root Cause Hyphothesis

This is a flexible root cause analysis template. If you are an advanced user, it is a good choice to design your analysis as you wish.

Root Cause Hyphothesis

10. Root Cause Analysis Template 21

This root cause analysis template looks like a mulit-5 Whys. So it is more suitable to analyze complicated problems.

Root Cause Analysis Template 21

Part 3. How to run root cause analysis template

To show you how to use root cause analysis template, we use 5Whys Root Cause Analysis process as the example.

Step 1: Describe the problem correctly

Though it sounds simple, this step is very difficult as well as important. You should spend some time to define the problem you are facing, because all other steps will be built based on the problem. If the problem is stated muddy or unclear, the solution will be muddy too.

Step 2: Why the problem happened

There may be a lot of causes related to a problem. But you should determine one cause at a time. Ask yourself why this happened to get the cause.

Step 3: Take a close look at if the cause if a root cause

Once you get a cause from the step 2, write it down and analyze whether it is the real and underlying root cause of the problem. If it is just a fact but not the root cause, go back to step 2 and think about the second cause.

This step needs to co-work with the step 2. And you have to repeat them for several times until you discover the final and underlying root cause of the problem. With 5Whys root cause analysis template, you usually need to repeat step 2 and 3 for at least five times to get the root cause. That is why it is called 5 Whys.

It takes a while to complete this step, so you have to be patient.

Step 4: Find the proper solution

The purpose of root cause analysis template is to solve problem or fix the root cause. Based on the analysis of steps above, you should get the root cause of your problem. Next, you have to think about the solution to fix it and prevent the problem from happening again. Compared to other steps, this is the real value of 5 Whys.

5 Whys Root Cause Analysis

Moreover, you also have to correct the definition of the problem at the starting point. If you run the template properly, it will the last time to correct it.

Part 4: FAQs of Root Cause Analysis Template

How do I use a Root Cause Analysis template effectively?

First, you need to gather all relevant data and information related to the incident or problem you're investigating. Then, use the Root Cause Analysis Template to systematically analyze the incident, identifying the root cause or causes. Once you've identified the root cause, you can then develop corrective actions to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

What should be included in an RCA template?

First, background. You need to provide a brief overview of the incident that occurred. Second, incident description, including any relevant observations. Then, you need to assess the impact of the incident on various aspects. Apart from these, you can add root cause identification, corrective actions, follow-up plans, etc.

Can an RCA template be customized for specific industries or processes?

A Root Cause Analysis Template can be customized for specific industries or processes. The template can be adjusted to include relevant categories, factors, and steps that are specific to the industry or process in question.

Can I find free RCA templates online?

Yes, you can find a free Root Cause Analysis Template online. Several websites offer templates. Some popular websites where you can find free Root Cause Analysis Template templates include,, and These templates are often customizable and can be downloaded in various formats.

What are the 3 main objectives of root cause analysis?

The three main objectives of root cause analysis are to identify the underlying cause or causes of a problem or event, to determine the actions necessary to prevent the problem from recurring, and to improve overall system performance.


In this tutorial, we have talked about a professional term, root cause analysis template. If you have asked what root cause analysis is on social media or forums, you will find the knowledge about it in our introductions above. It is used to find out the causes of problems and popular among professionals. Furthermore, we have shared top 10 templates to help you to fix problems quickly.

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