How to Fix iCloud Lock Permanently (iPhone XS/XR/X/8 Supported)

"I bought an iPhone 5 off eBay and it is iCloud locked. I tried contacting the owner of iCloud account but he hasn't answered yet."
"How can I open my iPhone activation lock without the previous owner's account? I just need somebody to help me unlock it, thanks."

It is frustrating when you bought a second-hand iPhone on eBay but were locked out because of the previous owner's iCloud account. Otherwise, you just got your iCloud locked on iPhone or iPad by mistake. To solve this problem, this article aims to show you 5 easy ways to fix iCloud lock issues.

Fix iCloud Lock

Part 1: How to Fix iCloud Lock via DNS (Quick Solution)

You can fix iCloud lock on iPhone and iPad quickly through the following operations. However, it does not mean that you can bypass iCloud activation lock without password. You are only allowed to access your iCloud account temporarily. But if you need to log into Apple iCloud immediately, you can try this method.

Step 1. Access your direction IP

Open "Settings" app on your iPhone or iPad. Choose "Wi-Fi" button. Hit the "i" icon in the right side of the network you want to connect to.

Step 2. Reset the DNS settings according to the country you live

Remove the original DNS settings and then enter a new one. You can fill in the DNS settings according to your location.

USA/North America: Europe:
Other areas of the World:

Step 3. Unlock iCloud locked on iPhone and iPad

Click "Back" and then turn to "Activation Help". When you see a message saying "You have successfully connected to my Server.", you can bypass and fix iCloud lock without password quickly.

Unlock iCloud

Part 2: How to Fix iCloud Lock Permanently

It is true that you can fix an iCloud locked iPhone with the solution mentioned below. However, you are still required to fix iCloud lock problems every time you use Apple apps like Face Time and Phone.

In addition, it has tested that it works well with iOS 8, iOS 9.2, iOS 9.3.2, iOS 9.4 and iOS 10. For people who need to unlock an iCloud locked Apple device and use it as usual, then you can try this method.

Step 1. Select the language and country

Select "Menu" and then choose "Applications". Tap "Crash" to restart your iPhone. Set the language and country according to your need.

Step 2. Locate "HTTP PROXY" menu

Choose the Wi-Fi settings and find the "i" icon besides the relevant wireless network you want. Locate "HTTP PROXY" menu, and then access "Server" and "Port Zone" options under "Manual". You can see there are 30 emoji icons listed in the "Server" and 15-30 random characters displayed in the "Port" Zone.

Step 3. Fix iCloud lock on Apple products

Slide the unlock screen and choose the language for the second time. Now you can enter its Home screen successfully.

Fix iCloud Lock

Part 3: Fix iCloud Lock Using iCloud Lock Removal Service Online

The most effective way to bypass iCloud activation lock is to use an iCloud unlock service. You can read and pick out one of the iCloud removal services to fix iCloud lock permanently and easily. Well, all iOS versions are supported including the latest iOS 11.

OfficialiPhoneUnlock – iCloud Lock Removal on iPhone/iPad/Apple Watches

OfficialiPhoneUnlock offers the iCloud Activation Lock Removal service with the fastest unlock delivery and reasonable price.

Even though you forgot the password, OfficialiPhoneUnlock can still help you remove the previous owner's iCloud account and activate an iPhone or iPad safely. Moreover, it is not a SIM unlock. So your Apple iPhone or iPad is still locked to the original network.

  • Fix an iCloud lock with a forgotten password permanently
  • Works with all iOS models including iPhone X/8 (Plus)/7 (Plus)/SE/6s (Plus)/6 (Plus)/5s/5c/5, iPad Pro/Air/mini, iPod touch and Apple Watch
  • Instant carrier checking to prevent customers from purchasing the wrong unlock service
  • Update your iCloud unlock status hourly
  • Offer the fastest unlock delivery

Step 1. Fill in the iCloud unlock request

Launch OfficialiPhoneUnlock site and select "iCloud Unlock" in the left panel. Find the "Device Details" part and choose your Apple model. Enter its IMEI number or serial number. Hit "Add to Cart" button to move on.

Step 2. Complete the payment of fixing iCloud lock online

Type your email address that can receive an active notification once the iCloud unlock is done. Check the unlock price and timeframe to complete the purchase process.

Step 3. Unlock an iCloud locked iPhone easily

Once you receive the email from OfficialiPhoneUnlock. Follow its provided instructions to remove iCloud lock remotely.


iPhoneIMEI – iCloud Lock Removal without Password

iPhoneIMEI is also a popular service that can unlock iCloud activation lock for your iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad models with no data loss.

In another word, you can bypass iCloud lock of all iOS versions if Apple release an update.

All you need to do is to enter your iOS model and the related IMEI number. After that, iPhoneIMEI can remove the current iCloud account permanently. It will cost you 1 to 3 days to remove the previous iCloud account. And its iCloud unlock price starts from $28. Different Apple devices are charged differently via iPhoneIMEI.


Doulci Acticator – Free iCloud Lock Removal

Doulci Activator is an iCloud removal tool that can bypass iCloud lock from your iPhone and iPad services by using a mirror activation server easily.

When you connect your locked iOS device to iTunes, Doulci Activator can unlock iCloud lock error automatically. Furthermore, you can fix iCloud lock for free on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

Doulci Acticator

That's all for how to fix iCloud lock on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Contact us if you have any other good ideas to bypass iCloud activation lock, or you have anything hard to understand about above paragraphs.

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