How to Make a Ringtone via MobieTrans

When someone calls, it is pleasure for us to hearing the ringtone we love. Many people like to change their ringtone to express their own. It is easy to set a song as a ringtone on an android device – without format limitation.

But it turns out to be a problem when you’re using an iPhone – as a ringtone of iPhone, it must be a track with a .m4r extension.

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Have you ever made a ringtone via iTunes? Have you ever been bothered by the process of making a ringtone via iTunes?

If both answers are YES, here is an alternative here – To make a ringtone via MobieTrans.

MobieTrans is not only transferring software which enables to transfer photos, music, videos, contacts, SMS, etc. between iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer, but also converter software which can help you to convert a HEIC photo to a JPG/JPEG/PNG one. Moreover, it enables you to make a ringtone which is compatible with iPhone/Android device.

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How to make a ringtone via MobieTrans?

We’ll show you how to use MobieTrans to make a ringtone for iPhone/Android device.

Step 1. Launch MobieTrans and it will automatically detect your device, then click “Toolbox” to go to the Tools page to select “Ringtone Maker”.

Select Ringtone Maker

Step 2. In the “Ringtone Maker” window, there are two options for you: Add Files From Device and Add Files From PC. Now we use Add Files From Device for an example – click the “Add Files From Device” button to choose the song you like.

This step will take some minutes if there are so many songs on your device as MobieTrans needs to scan all of them.

When you select "Add Files from PC", you can import any music files that you download from software like SoundCloud to create the ringtones.

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Step 3. Click Set starting point to locate the beginning of the ringtone you want to make, and click Set ending point to locate the end of it (You can also double-click the time tab to change the time).

Note that SMS ringtone time can’t exceed 29s.

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Step 4.Check the box of “Add to device” and click “Generate” button to finish making ringtone.

When you go to your device to change ringtone, you’ll see the ringtone you made.

Some tips of Step 3 ans Step 4:

• You can click play to play the segment of the song you select to check if it meets your need, if not, you can reset the starting and ending point.

• If you want to restart to make ringtone, you can click reset to reset.

• You can save the ringtone to your device or PC, or both of them.

How to set the ringtone on your iPhone/Android?

In this part, we’ll show you how to set the ringtone you made on your iPhone or android device.

If you are using an iPhone:

• Open Settings app

• Scroll down until you see Sounds, tap on it.

• Tap on Ringtone, then you’ll see the ringtone you made above the track named Opening (Default)

• Select the ringtone you made to finish setting

If you are using an android device (Here we use a SamSung Galaxy S7 edge as an example):

• Open Settings app

• Tap on Sounds and vibration > Ringtone

• Scroll down to the bottom of the Ringtone page, tap on Add from phone, then you’ll see the songs on your device. Note that they are arranged from a to z, you can search the ringtone you made by its name if there are so many songs.

• Tap on DONE in the top-right corner of your phone to finish setting.

Is it easier than making ringtones via iTunes? If so, try MobieTrans to minimize your time! Check this post if you want to download ringtones on iPhone.

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