What Happens When You Reset Network Settings on iPhone

Just as its name shows, "Reset Network Settings" is the option that can fix network related issues. The moment you reset network settings on iPhone, your iPhone network will go back to the factory settings. As you can see, there are 6 reset options provided from your iPhone, and some of them seem to be really similar. So why should people reset network settings to fix network errors? And what's the difference between "Reset Network Settings" and other choices? Just read and learn.

Reset Network Settings

Part 1: Everything You Need to Know about "Reset Network Settings"

When you find your iPhone network fail to work, the first thing you need to do is to reset network settings. And make sure you do not enter wrong passwords.

What does It Mean to Reset Network Settings

Resetting network settings is a useful way to fix disabled network. You do not need to ask for tech support. It is really easy to reset iPhone network settings, and reset network settings will not delete anything. Only your previous network settings will be removed, including Wi-Fi passwords, Wi-Fi network settings, current cellular network settings, Bluetooth settings, VPN settings and more. If you cannot find the reason why iPhone network is not working suddenly, then you can reset network settings on iPhone or iPad to solve. After that, you need to rejoin networks manually. In addition, you can write down some important passwords before resetting network settings.

How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone

If your network does not perform as expected, then you can remove previous network settings and set them up again. With the following step-by-step guide to reset network settings on iPhone, you can reboot iPhone with default network settings within one minute.

Step 1 Open "Settings" app on your iOS device

Step 2 Click "General" and scroll down to choose "Reset"

Step 3 Tap "Reset Network Settings" in the Reset page

Step 4 Confirm to reset network settings on iPhone

Reset Network Settings

Your iPhone will return to default settings. All your network settings will be erased while other iOS data remains intact.

Troubleshooting: iPhone Network Not Working

• iPhone network not working

When you are watching YouTube videos or something else, the network just quit sometimes. And you fail to reconnect Wi-Fi network. Before you go to a repair shop for professional support, you can try to reset iPhone network settings first.

• Cannot connect iPhone to a specific Wi-Fi network

If you have problem connecting iPhone to a Wi-Fi network after iOS 11 upgrade, then you can also reset network settings on iPhone to fix. Moreover, make sure that you have entered the correct password.

• Show "No Service" on iPhone

When you see "No Service" in the top right corner of your iPhone, you can toggle "Airplane Mode" on and off first. If your iPhone still takes a long time on searching a network, resetting network settings is a good solution to fix "No Service" problem.

No Service on iPhone

• iPhone fail to be synced

The moment you connect iPhone to computer, it shows a warning that your iPhone cannot be synced because of a connection error. Well, you can reset network settings or reboot your computer to fix this problem.

Part 2: Difference between "Reset Network Settings", "Reset All Settings" and "Erase All Contents and Settings"

The meaning of "Reset Network Settings" is explained above. But what's the relationship among "Reset Network Settings", "Reset All Settings" and "Erase All Contents"? To figure out this problem, you can locate following paragraphs to seek the right answer.

Reset All Settings VS Reset Network Settings

Reset all settings is an option that will remove all your privacy settings including iPhone network settings too. Your iPhone will go back to its factory settings while your previous installed apps and downloaded files keep intact. To be more specific, "Reset Network Settings" is a kind of "Reset All Settings". Moreover, both "Reset All Settings" and "Reset Network Settings" will not delete any of your iPhone data.

Erase All Contents and Settings VS Reset Network Settings

Think twice before you erase all contents and settings on iPhone. It will remove not only your iPhone settings but also all your iOS data. Yes, your iPhone will be empty with nothing left. Compares with resetting network settings on iPhone, erase all contents and settings is more violent. If there is no enough space for normal operations on iPhone, then you can consider whether to delete everything on your iPhone or not. Therefore, "Erase All Contents and Settings" is a much more serious option than "Reset Network Settings".

 Remove all network settingsTake iPhone back to factory settingsDelete all your iPhone files including apps, videos, photos, music and more
Reset Network SettingsYesNoNo
Reset All SettingsYesYesNo
Erase All Contents and SettingsYesYesYes

Recommendation: Back up iPhone before Resetting Network Settings

Even though resetting iPhone network settings will not delete your iPhone files, it is also important to back up iOS data beforehand. You can try Apeaksoft iOS Data Backup & Restore to back up iPhone in one click. Furthermore, you can preview and select which iPhone file to restore without hassle too.

iOS Data Backup & Restore

  • One click to back up data from iPhone to Windows PC/Mac
  • Preview data after backup or before restoring
  • Selectively restore iPhone files to computer
  • Highly supports with iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/X/8 Plus/8/7/7 Plus,etc.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

How to Back up iPhone to Computer

Step 1 Enter iOS Data Backup mode

Launch Apeaksoft iOS Data Backup & Restore. Use a USB cable to connect iPhone to computer. Locate "iOS Data Backup" mode. And then your iPhone will be detected automatically.

Enter iOS Data Backup

Step 2 Select file types to scan

After that, you can see all file types you want to back up after being detected. Mark them and then hit "Next" to move on.

Select File Type

Step 3 Backup iPhone to your computer

Confirm the backup path. Press "Backup" button to backup iPhone data to computer with no data loss.

Enter iOS Data Backup

During this time, you can reset network settings or even erase all contents and settings to fix iPhone errors. With all important iPhone documents and files are backed up, you will not suffer data loss anymore.

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