10 Best SMS Schedulers for Android and iOS

It's necessary to install an SMS scheduler to send messages you have written at a scheduled time automatically if you don't have good memory on remembering important dates. Here we will recommend 10 best SMS Schedulers for both Android and iOS users.

SMS Schedule

Part 1: SMS Schedulers for Android Device

1. SMS Scheduler

SMS Scheduler is a free text scheduling app for Android users. Use SMS Scheduler, you will never miss birthdays, anniversaries, holiday greetings, important meetings and occasions. You just need to write the message and set date and time well, then this text scheduler will send the message for you automatically on the exact date without any user intervention any more.

SMS Scheduler


  • • Totally free.
  • • Simple interface and easy to use.
  • • It allows you to add multiple dates of month in same scheduled SMS.


  • • This SMS scheduling app contains ads.

2. Do It Later

Just as its name suggests, this app helps you do things on a delayed time automatically. Do It Later is one of the best apps to help you schedule text messages, Tweets, emails and even calls for a time that suits you.

Do it later


  • • It not only supports for scheduling SMS messages, but also for Email sending, Social network posting, Calling reminder.
  • • It supports dual SIM.
  • • It supports for exact time and time-range. And there are multiple options for delay frequency (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually).
  • • You can create, edit, and delete scheduled messages.


  • • There are too many ads in this app, which makes users feel annoying.
  • • You need to keep the app running in background all the time, otherwise it will fail to deliver the scheduled messages in some occasions.

3. Send it later

With this text scheduler, you can schedule to send SMS at any time in the future as you like.

Send it later


  • • It's free of cost.
  • • 7 different languages available: Vietnamese, English, French, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Serbian.
  • • You can send messages in multiple parts. It's necessary if you're sending texts that are greater than 160 characters, while other apps only send the first segment of the message, rather than the whole thing.


  • • This text scheduler saves the scheduled text messages in the stock SMS app, so there is a possibility that it may be deleted by accident.

4. Text Later

Text Later is a simple solution to send SMS at a later date for Android users. It send standard SMS messages so you will be charged by your carrier regarding the sending of the SMS messages. So please make sure you have a texting plan through your carrier.

Text later


  • • This is a free Android app.
  • • A Wake Lock built in this app ensures the messages to go out at the scheduled time and not delayed if your device is in sleep mode.
  • • Simple interface and easy to use.


  • • Some users reflected that this app sometimes cannot send messages at the scheduled time.

5. SKEDit

SKEDit is also a free and easy-to-use scheduling app for you to schedule text messgaes, WhatsApp messages, send emails later, set call reminders, and more.



  • • Totally free and can work as your personal virtual assistant.
  • • It helps you organize your work and life more effectively.


  • • It seems that this app is not stable at some time. It crashes from time to time.
  • • Some users reflected that the app doesn't send the scheduled text message automatically on time.

Part 2: SMS Schedulers for iOS device

6. Scheduled App

This Scheduled App supports scheduling iMessages/SMS (with Auto Send), Facebook messages, Line, Telegram, Twitter, Linkedln, Skype and phone call for you easily.

Scheduled App


  • • It's a free SMS scheduling app.
  • • This iOS text scheduler can connect your iOS-calendars. Once you connect your calendars with Scheduled App, it can help you schedule messages by giving you suggestions for important messages each week.
  • • You can import your contacts' birthdays to Scheduled.
  • • You can set your favourite messenger to get notified when your messages was sent successfully via auto send (SMS only).


  • • This app can only send scheduled SMS for you automatically, for other scheduled events, it will only send a notification to you at the scheduled time to remind that you should send your messages now.

7. AutoText

AutoText is a powerful SMS scheduler for iPhone that can send schedule and send a text message for you automatically without further reminder or notification.



  • • You can build a group of regular contacts to create and schedule SMS in your group quickly.
  • • You can even send yourself SMS reminders to avoid forgetting something.


  • • This app is expensive at cost.

8. iSchedule Messages

With this schedule text message app, you will never forget to send an important message or set a social status. You can write the text you want to send via text message or in email, choose the recipient and set the time when you want to send the message. Then when the time comes, iSchedule will alert you and open up the SMS app or the Email app to fill the data from your message. All you need to do is to tap the Send button.



  • • This application can not only schedule SMS or email for you, but also send a scheduled social status of Facebook and Twitter for you automatically. And you will receive a notification when your schedule is sent.
  • • You will get technology support from the app developers when you are faced with bugs, questions by writing an email to them.


  • • This SMS scheduling app cannot send text messages for you automatically.

9. Text Timer

Text Timer is a more straightforward SMS scheduler because it supports scheduling text messages only, rather than emails or posts for social media platforms. So it's easy to use, you just need to tap the Compose button to choose the date and time you want to schedule an SMS, choose the recipients from your contacts and type your text.


  • • This free text scheduler with a clean interface is simple to use.
  • • Text Timer will send the scheduled SMS for you automatically.


  • For people who want more functional scheduled functions which are not limited to SMS scheduling, Text Timer may not be the best choice.

10. AutoSender

AutoSender is a powerful iOS messaging app that allows you to schedule a delayed text message and send the scheduled messages for you automatically on time.



  • • You can schedule SMS for future date and set repeat messages as you like.
  • • This SMS Scheduler will keep the history of sent messages for you.
  • • AutoSender can send scheduled text messages successfully even if your iPhone is turned off.
  • • With a free version you can be reminded to send text messages manually at a scheduled time.


  • • If you want to use the full functions of this SMS scheduling app, you need to pay for it. The free version cannot send scheduled SMS for you automatically.
  • • The delivery quality of international text messages cannot be guaranteed.

We have collected 10 best SMS Schedulers for both Android and iOS, and most of them are free. Whether you are looking for a straightforward text scheduler or a scheduling app for more than text messages, you will find an answer here.

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