Get to Know How to Download, Play, and Uninstall Sims 4 on Mac

You can easily access and play all types of games on a Windows PC. While as a Mac user, when it comes to playing some trending games like Sims 4, you don’t know if the developer also brings a Mac version. Can you play Sims 4 on Mac?

This post covers how to get Sims 4, install Sims 4 mods, open cheats in Sims 4, and completely uninstall it on a Mac.

Sims 4 Mac

Part 1. How to Download and Get Sims 4 on a Mac

Sims 4 is a popular life simulation game that allows you to create and control people. In the Sims 4 game, you can create a Sim demo, control, and take care of simulated persons in a realistic simulation of their lives.

When you want to get the Sims 4 on your Mac, you can download it from the Origin. It is also available for download from other digital stores like Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and EA app. Just go to the official site of Sims 4, click on the Buy The Sims 4 button, and then Select the Origin for Mac platform.

Get Sims 4 from Origin for Mac

Now you will be taken to the EA Origin page of The Sims 4. Here you can click on the Get the Game or Try it First button to download the Sims 4 game on your Mac.

Sims 4 Download mac from ea Origin

You can choose to join EA Play or EA Play Pro to free play the Sims 4 game. Or you can directly buy the Sims 4. If you want to start a free trial first, you are allowed to add either The Sims 4 (Trial) or The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo to your game library. You are required an EA account to get and play Sims 4 on Mac. During this step, you can create a new EA Origin client if you don’t have one.

Part 2. How to Open Cheats in Sims 4 Mac

If you ever used cheats while playing Sims 4 on a Windows computer, you can take the same way to open cheats in The Sims 4 on a Mac. Starting the Sims 4 Mac cheats is nearly the same as on PC. But if you are a new Sims 4 game player, you can follow the steps below to use cheats in Sims 4.

Step 1 You should first enable cheats in Sims 4 on your Mac. To do that, you can press the Command + Shift + C keys on your keyboard at the same time to display the command console box.

Step 2 Now you need to enter testing cheats true or testing cheats on in the console box to permit all Sims 4 cheats. Press the Enter or Return to confirm your operation.

Open Cheats Sims 4 Mac

Step 3 When you want to enter cheats while playing The Sims 4 on your Mac, you can press Command + Shift + C again to bring up the cheat dialogue box. Then you can enter cheats and press Return/Enter key to send it.

Part 3. How to Completely Uninstall The Sims 4 on Your Mac

When you want to uninstall The Sims 4 game on a Mac, you can locate the game, and then drag it to Trash for the removal. However, with this common uninstallation solution, you have to manually remove all Sims 4 leftovers one by one. If you prefer a simple way to completely remove The Sims 4 game from your Mac, you can use the powerful Mac Cleaner.

Mac Cleaner

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Completely uninstall The Sims 4 game on Mac and remove all its remaining files.

Manage and delete junk files, large and old data, duplicates, and other useless Mac data.

Uninstall unused/unwanted applications and get more free Mac storage space.

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Step 1To completely uninstall The Sims 4 on your Mac, you can free install the recommended Mac Cleaner first. When you open it, click on the Status to check your Mac status including CPU, Memory, and Disk.

Preview System Status

Step 2 To uninstall Sims 4 on Mac and remove all its leftovers, you can enter ToolKit, and then select the Uninstall tool.

Useful ToolKit

Step 3 Click the Scan button to quickly scan all installed applications on the Mac. Find and choose the Sims 4, and then click the Clean button to remove it from your Mac.

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Part 4. FAQs of Sims 4 on Mac

Question 1. Is Sims 4 free on Mac?

With EA Play or EA Play Pro, you can free play The Sims 4 game on your Mac device. Also, you can free play its trial version. But you should know that, The Sims 4 is not a totally-free game.

Question 2. How do you move objects anywhere you want in Sims 4?

While playing The Sims 4, you may face the situation that the grid won’t allow you to place objects to certain places. If you want to move objects anywhere you want, you can open the cheat console, type in bb.moveobjects on, and then move the objects.

Question 3. How can I unlock the hidden objects in Sims 4?

You can open the cheat input box in The Sims 4 and then enter bb.showhiddenobjects to check the hidden items with ease.


After reading this post, hope you can learn more useful information about The Sims 4. For more questions about the Sims 4 playing on Mac, you can leave us a message.

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