How to Transfer Text Messages to New Phone

Sending text messages becomes an important part of people’s daily lives. It is not only text messages, but also precious memories secrets. Thus it will be quite upset that you switch the old phone to a new one but the text messages as well as SMS are still saved in the old phone. If you do not the detailed solutions, you have come to the right place. This tutorial is going to show you the best and most efficient ways to help you to transfer messages, text, as well as SMS from Android to Android. Please read on and learn.

Transfer Texts to New Phone

Part 1: Best Way to transfer text messages from Android to Android

Android Data Backup & Restore is a powerful yet easy-to-use program which can help Android users to transfer their data from one device to another one. To transfer messages from android to android, safety and efficiency should be the most important two reasons Android users consider carefully. If you are finding an easy and safe way to move messages to new phone, Android Data Backup & Restore should be the best choice for you to transfer SMS from Android to Android. It enables you to safely and selectively gets all your text files in one click and restores them in new Android device without hassle.

Key Features:

  • You can selectively and safely backup your Android data including contacts, messages, call logs, gallery, videos, audio and documents.
  • You can also easily preview and select the data you want to restore from your Android backup files.
  • Transfer texts, messages and SMS from Android to Android in just one click without overwriting any existing data on your Android devices.
  • Support a large number of Android phones and tablets including Samsung, LG, HTC, Google, Sony, Huawei and more.
  • You are supported to set up password to encrypt your backup data.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to learn how to transfer text messages from android to android with Android Data Backup & Restore:

Step 1. Download and install Android Data Backup & Restore

Firstly download Android Data Backup & Restore from the official website. After that you can follow the instructions to install this software on your computer. Launch Android Data Backup & Restore by double clicking the icon.

Step 2. Connect Android phone to computer

Before getting text messages from another phone, connect the old Android phone to the computer via data cable first. Once connected, this software is able to detect you're the Android phone automatically.

Connect Phone to Computer

Step 3. Choose Device Data Backup

Go to Android Data Backup & Restore feature, which is the third icon in the left list. Here you can choose the functions of &Device Data Backup& and &Device Data Restore&. Simply click &Device Data Backup&.

Backup Restore Interface

Step 4. Transfer text messages to PC

Select the data type that you want to move to the new Android phone, such as SMS, Messages and Text, and then click the &Start& button to transfer text message from your old Android device to computer.

Choose Data Type

Step 5. Connect new phone to computer

After that you need to connect new phone to your computer, choose to restore data from the backup selectively or directly restore the whole backup (One-click Restore). Now you can choose the backup for the old Android phone.

Backup List

Step 6. Transfer text messages to new phone

You can choose to transfer text messages to new phone directly by clicking the “Restore” button. Of course, you are able to preview the data from the backup, and then choose what you want to restore to your Android device. After that, you can read text messages from another phone easily.

Choose to Restore Data

Part 2: Alternative apps to move messages from Android to Android

How to transfer text messages to new Android iPhone with SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup & Restore is one of the best apps that can transfer your data into .XML format and automatically upload the backups to your email, etc. If you want to transfer text messages from Android to Android with SMS Backup & Restore, just click on “Backup”, and then it will ask you where you want to save the data. The destinations you can choose including Google Drive, Dropbox (recommended) and Local Backup.


  • When two phones connected to the same Wi-Fi, it supports the messages transferred from one to another via Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Free to use and no ads.
  • The basic version has all the features for users to reach.


  • Call logs are not supported to back up.
  • Choosing backup SMS on Android in Local Backup has some risks if your phone is lost or damaged.

Here is a general guide about how to transfer texts to new Android phone.

Step 1. Install SMS Backup & Restore

To transfer messages to new phone, download and install SMS Backup & Restore in your two Android devices, and make sure they are in the same wireless network.

Step 2. Click on Transfer button

On the main screen of SMS Backup & Restore, tap on Transfer button. And choose the appropriate option on each phone: "Send from this phone" on the old phone, "Receive on this phone" on the new one.

Step 3. Follow the instructions

Then follow the instructions on SMS Backup & Restore to transfer SMS or other text file from Android to Android. Once it is finished, you’ll get a notification along with all the details of SMS backup and restore!

SMS Backup Restore

Other Apps to transfer text messages from Android to Android

SMS Backup+

SMS Backup+ is an efficient tool for Android users to transfer SMS, call logs, and MMS to new phone, and also supports you restore SMS and call log. Unlike Android Data Backup & Restore and other similar programs, SMS Backup+ will ask you to link your Gmail Account. It will quickly sync all your text messages to your Gmail account. In addition, this app allows you backup SMS on Android automatically, so that your SMS will be backed up every 2 hours.

SMS Backup


  • Entirely ad-free.
  • Basic version is the full version as well.
  • Include a donate button. If you like SMS Backup+, you can click the donate button to donate for it.


  • SMS Backup+ doesn’t work without linking your Gmail account to the app.
  • Auto-backup doesn’t work reliably if the application is installed on the MicroSD.
  • Messages on your Android may be not synced with your Gmail account some time.

Android SMS Transfer

Android SMS Transfer may be the fasted tool for you to transfer messages from Android to Android. Besides move messages to the new phone, you are also allowed to transfer applications, contacts, photos, videos and so on to another Android device. The usage of Android SMS Transfer is really simple. After launching this app, tap SMS and then tap Backup option. You can also delete your backups by this app.

Android SMS Transfer


  • Allow you share installation APK file to your friends by one tap.
  • Allow user their change backup folder path in Settings.
  • Support auto-upload backup files to your Google Drive or Gmail.


  • You should give the permissions on reading and editing your text message if you want to transfer SMS from Android to Android.
  • The messages may be not displayed in your default SMS app when you finished the SMS restoring, and you need to reboot your device to solve this problem.


Helium is a pretty popular app that you can transfer nearly all data and files exist on your Android phone. The usage of this software is really easy so that you can follow the prompts on screen to get text messages from another phone. The free version of this app may have some ads and lack a few additional functions while the premium vision can provide more features.



  • Offer advanced features.
  • Support automatic backups via scheduling.
  • Support sync data from one Android phone to another.


  • The free version has some ads and lacks some functions. If you want use more features with no ads, you need to pay for the premium version.
  • Helium is required work with your computer, without which it doesn’t work.

Part 3: FAQs of transferring text messages from Android to Android

1. How to backup text messages on Android?

Android Data Backup & Restore is a professional Android application to back up your text message in one click. Also, it can also help you to recover them into your Android phone.

2. How to transfer SMS between Android and iPhone?

You can use Move to iOS to transfer SMS from Android to iPhone, or choose a data transfer tool like Phone Transfer to help you move data between Android and iPhone.

3. How to recover deleted text messages on Android?

The most reliable way to recover deleted text messages on Android is to make use of Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery. It can quickly recover all deleted text messages from Android phone in Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Google Nexus, ASUS, HUIWEI, Xiaomi, etc.

4. How do I delete texts on Android?

Open "Messaging" app on your Android phone or tablet. Tap and hold a conversation. Select "Archive" option and then click "Delete" icon to delete individual text messages on Android.


Now you have learnt a couple of solutions to transfer text messages from new phone. We recommend the best software, Android Data Backup & Restore is to help you solve the problem. Just free download it and have a try.

If you are not satisfied with it, you can also choose the alternative apps for you to get text messages from another phone. Please do not forget to share this passage to your friends if it helps you to some extents!

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