Reviews of 5 Free iPhone Unlockers on Windows and Mac

Don't feel desperate when you forget the screen passcode on your iPhone or get a second-hand iPhone with an unknown password, why not resort to an iPhone unlocker free to use on your Windows and Mac? Unlocking your iPhone can be easier than you expected.

Also, your iPhone is SIM-locked if it's a promotion plan device from the carrier. If you don't want to pay the huge network fee, you can also find some iPhone unlockers free to use to unlock your SIM.

There are many safe and free iPhone unlocker solutions discoverable on the net. What's the most reliable one? This article will introduce 7 excellent phone unlockers free to use on your PC based on earnest experiences.

iCloud Unlock Service

Part 1: Screen Unlock - Top 3 iPhone Unlockers Free to Use

There are 4 powerful and reliable free iPhone unlockers that can remove the screen lock on your iPhone and iPad without any security issues. You can choose them whenever you forget the screen passcode or your Face/Touch ID doesn't work.

1. Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker- The Best iPhone Unlocker Free to Use

Free iPhone Unlocker Apeaksoft

When you want the easiest and fastest way to unlock your screen on your iPhone, you must not miss Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker. This best iPhone/iPad unlocker free on Windows and Mac can remove the screen passcode, and Face/Touch ID with only one click. After unlocking, you can even refresh your iPhone to fix many system errors. Moreover, this powerful free iPhone unlocker can even remove the Apple ID, Screen Time, MDM, etc.

iPhone Unlocker

4,000,000+ Downloads

Connect your iPhone to your PC to unlock the phone quickly.

Easily unlock screen password, and Face/Touch ID on iPhone and iPad.

Unlock your iPhone while repair your phone to a refreshed state.

Support MDM, Screen Time, and other unlocking features on iOS devices.

2. iTunes

iPhone Unlocker iTunes

iTunes is not only a file transfer or backup program for iPhone, but also an excellent free iPhone unlocker on your Windows and Mac. However, it can't be an easy solution when you don't know the screen passcode of your iPhone. You should hard reset your iPhone first, and then you can unlock the screen with this powerful free iPhone unlocker. If you have iPhone backups, this program can also help you restore your iPhone after screen unlock.

  • PROS
  • Unlock your iPhone with only a USB cable.
  • Quickly unlock your iPhone without cost.
  • Unlock your iPhone while restoring it.
  • CONS
  • It's complicated to unlock your iPhone.
  • Your file will lost without iTunes backup.

iCloud Find

iPhone Unlocker iCloud

iCloud Find is a default feature combined with your iPhone. It's an iPhone unlocker free to use online. When you forget the screen passcode of an iPhone, you can go to the web iCloud Find to delete the combined device. After that, the screen will be unlocked by this free iPhone unlocker.

  • PROS
  • It's very easy to unlock your iPhone.
  • Safely unlock the screen on your iPhone.
  • Remove the screen lock with iCloud backups.
  • CONS
  • It doesn't work on a second-hand iPhone.
  • You should log into your iCloud after screen unlocking.

Part 2: SIM Unlock - Top 2 iPhone Unlockers Online

When your iPhone is a promotion-plan device, you can't replace a network carrier. If you consider the network fee not reasonable, you can pick up 2 excellent iPhone unlockers free to use online and on your desktop. They can easily unlock the SIM card on your iPhone. You can switch to other network providers without restrictions.


Free iPhone Unlocker doctorSIM

doctorSIM is a phone unlocker free to use online. You can view it on your browser and unlock the SIM on your phone in 5 minutes. When you want to change to another SIM carrier on your iPhone, this iPhone unlocker free online is your good choice for its massive support on iPhone models and reliable performance.

  • PROS
  • Support the newest iPhone models.
  • Unlock your iPhone within 5 minutes.
  • Offer a clear instruction to unlock your SIM.
  • CONS
  • The unlocking process is not straightforward enough.
  • It's not totally free to unlock your device.


SafeUnlocks iPhone Unlocker

SafeUnlocks has various unlocking features. This iPhone unlocker free to use online supports SIM unlock and iCloud lock bypass, etc. It requires your iPhone's IMEI number to remove the SIM restrictions. It supports many phone models, such as iPhone, Samsung, LG, etc. All iPhone models are supported. This free iPhone unlocker is safe and legitimate for your consideration.

  • PROS
  • Support all iPhone models and many other phone brands.
  • Unlock SIM, FRP, and iCloud lock.
  • Remotely unlock the SIM on your iPhone.
  • CONS
  • It takes a long to unlock your iPhone.
  • It's not totally free to unlock the SIM.

Part 3: FAQs of iPhone Unlocker Free

Is there a free cell unlocker software on the desktop?

Yes, there is. However, if you want to unlock the SIM on your phone, it's not totally free. When your phone is a promotion-plan phone with a low price, you need to pay to unlock your phone. If not, then many free iPhone unlockers can be your choice.

Is there an iPhone unlocker free online to unlock the screen?

Yes, there is. For example, iCloud Find can work as an excellent screen unlocker. It can erase the combination of your iPhone and your iCloud account. Then, your iPhone will be unlocked.

Is there an iPhone unlocker free on the App Store?

No, there isn't. Apple can't offer an app to unlock the SIM or screen on your iPhone. You should turn to either a desktop program or a third-party source.


It's not difficult to find a free iPhone unlocker on the Internet. You can unlock your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud. You can also remove the SIM restrictions with some online SIM unlocking services. If you long for the easiest way to unlock the screen passcode on your iPhone, Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker is the choice. Never miss this powerful free iPhone unlocker when you forget the screen password of your iPhone or iPad.

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