How to Backup Data from Mac/Windows/iPhone/Android/Online

If you do not back up data of important files, you would lose all of them due to mistaken deletions, system errors or broken devices. In another word, create a data backup is a useful way to recover deleted or lost data. Through this article, you can get 5 different data backup software to make copies of important documents, videos and anything you like easily.

Data Backup

Part 1: Why You Should Backup Your Files

Some people hold the opinion that backing up data is a kind of time-wasting task. There are many reliable data recover tools that can get deleted or lost files back. It is true that data backup files are useless in most cases. But what if your smart phone or computer get lost or stolen? To keep business data and treasure memories safe, you had better backup your files regularly. The followings are popular data backup services, with which you can back up and restore data without data loss.

Part 2: What Data Should Be Backed up

So which kind of files should be backed up, or what data is supported to be backed up to cloud storage or external drives? Well, the definition of data backup is copying or archiving files and folders in case of further data loss. Creating data backup files can reduce the damage of hardware failures and computer virus, especially for business data and financial data. To be more specific, your data backup plan can cover most file types including word processing documents, spreadsheets, databases, customer data and personal files (music, videos, contacts, emails, etc.). Do not back up programs or system folders, which are kept in different places. In a word, you can backup common files and folders, but not your full system.

Part 3: How to Backup Data

So how to backup data on different digital platforms? You can locate the certain part and get a step-by-step guide to create a data backup quickly.

Windows: Use EaseUS Todo Backup Home to Backup Data

Step 1. Launch data backup Windows software

Download and install EaseUS Todo Backup Home program on your Windows PC. Launch it and select a data backup method. You can choose from "Disk/Partition Backup", "File Backup", "System Backup", "Smart Backup" and "Mail Backup".

EaseUS Todo Backup Home

Step 2. Proceed to backup data from Windows

Select the disk or partition to backup. You can also manage backup options like setting an encryption password, adding descriptions and more. Click "Process" to start backing up data from Windows. In addition, you can trigger "Schedule" on-off option to set a data backup schedule as well.

Backup Data from Windows

Mac: Run Data Backup Mac to Create a Bootable Clone

Step 1. Make a new clone backup

Open Prosofteng Data Backup on your Mac computer. Hit the "Add" icon on the bottom left to create a new data backup set.

Data Backup Mac

Step 2. Save data backup files on Mac

Select the backup type and which files you want to back up. Tap "Open" and then set a destination drive. Press "Save" to make a data backup using Prosofteng Data Backup Mac tool.

Backup Data on Mac

iPhone: Apply Apeaksoft iOS Data Backup & Restore to Backup iOS Data in One Click

Step 1. Connect iPhone to iOS Data Backup

Download and install the iPhone data backup app. Choose "iOS Data Backup" mode, and then use a USB cable to connect iPhone to the computer.

iOS Data Backup

Step 2. Select file types to backup

You can see a complete window that lists all available file types you can backup. There are photos, app photos/videos/audios/document, calendars and more. Choose file types and hit "Next" button. After that, iOS Data Backup & Restore will detect your iPhone thoroughly.

Select the Data Type

Step 3. Get data backup from iPhone to computer

Confirm the backup path in the popping-up window. Choose "Backup" button to start backing up data from iPhone to your computer automatically.


Step 4. Preview and manage iPhone Data backup

Later, you can preview those data backup files directly. And if you need to restore lost iPhone data from previous data backup files, you can enter another section of this program named "iOS Data Restore".

Preview and Manage iPhone Data Backup

Android: Get Apeaksoft Android Data Backup & Restore to Backup Android Data for Forever Preservation

Step 1. Install Android Data Backup & Restore

Free download Android Data Backup & Restore. Launch the program to selectively or one-click backup data of Android device. After that connect Android phone to your computer.

Device Data Backup

Step 2. Backup Android data to computer

Choose the data type for backup,you can choose contacts, messages, photos, videos, audio files, documents and more to your computer. You can simply choose "Select All" to backup all files. If you do not want to encrypt backup files, you just hit the "Start" button.

Choose the Data Type

Step 3. Encrypt Android backup files

If you need to set a password for Android backup files, you need to check the box of "Encrypted Backup". After that set a password for the Android backup files. In the case, others cannot access to the backup files without the password.

Encrypt Android Backup

Step 4. Android data backup to computer

It takes a few minutes to backup files from Android to your computer. When the whole process complete, you can check the files in the backup folder.

Android Data Backup

Online: Use Backblaze to Backup Data Online with 10 GB Free Storage

Step 1. Prepare to backup data online

Register and sign in with your online data backup tool. Set a data backup schedule and adjust its settings.

Step 2. Backup data to cloud storage

Tap "Backup" and start backing up data with unlimited file size and speed. In addition, you can restore up to 30 days of multiple versions, just like iCloud does. And you can even use BackBlaze online data backup program to locate a missing or stolen computer.

Backup Data Online


As a result, you can backup iPhone or Android data to Windows or Mac computer to manage, or backup important documents and business files from computer to cloud storage. It is important to set a good data backup plan. And if you have no time to backup files manually, just make a backup schedule with above data backup software to back up any data automatically and regularly.

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