How to Turn off Restrictions on iPhone [Solved]

Restricted Mode on iPhone is a useful feature that allows you to manage and restrict certain apps, content, and features. It is also known as Parental Controls. With this feature, you can handily create a passcode to prevent anyone else, especially kids from something inappropriate.

Restrictions section of the Settings app enables you to restrict certain apps, device functions (like deleting apps), privacy settings, content types and ratings, cellular data usage, and more. You can easily enable iPhone or iPad restrictions. But do you know how to turn off restricted mode on iPhone, even without passcode?

How to Disable Restricted ModeHow to Disable Restricted Mode

Part 1. How to Disable Restricted Mode on iPhone

Restricted mode is a useful feature that available in all iPhones like iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, X, 8 Plus, 8, SE, 7, 6, 5, and more. Turning off restricted mode on iPhone is just as simple as enabling it. This part will show you basic way to disable restricted mode on iPhone in iOS 11 and iOS 12.

Turn off restrictions on iPhone in iOS 12

You are required to provide the Restrictions password to disable the feature. Restricted Mode in iOS 12 is moved to another section in the Settings app. So it is a little bit different to disable restricted mode in iOS 12, comparing with in iOS 11.

Step 1

Unlock your iPhone and open “Settings” app.

Step 2

Scroll down to locate the “Screen Time” option. The restricted mode is putted there.

Step 3

Tap the “Turn off Screen Time” option. Confirm the operation to turn off restrictions on iPhone.

Restrictions in iOS 12

Disable restricted mode on iPhone in iOS 11 and below.

Restricted Mode is labeled as Restrictions in Settings app in iOS 11. You can take the following steps to disable it.

Step 1

Turn on your iPhone and open “Settings” app.

Step 2

Tap “General” and then choose the “Restrictions” option. Here you can find the “Disable Restrictions” option. Tap on it and enter the passcode to turn off restrictions on iPhone.

Restrictions iOS 11

Part 2. Professional Way to Turn off Restrictions on iPhone

With the regular ways above, you can handily turn off restrictions on iPhone. But in that case, you are asked to input the restrictions password. What if you forget the passcode? How to disable restricted mode without passcode?

Here we strongly recommend the professional iPhone Eraser to help you remove the iPhone restrictions. It has the capability to remove all settings including the restrictions from your iPhone or iPad.

iPhone Eraser

  • Remove restricted mode on iPhone.
  • Clear all data and settings from your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) permanently and thoroughly.
  • Eraser various data from multiple iOS devices simultaneously.
  • Securely erase all your data without no recovery possibility.
  • Offer three erasing levels available for you to choose from.
  • Work well with all iOS devices including the latest iPhone XS Max, XS, and XR.
Download for Win
Step 1

Double click the download button above to quickly install and run this iPhone Eraser on your computer. Connect your iPhone or iPad to it via a USB cable. It will automatically detect and recognize your iOS device.

Note: If your iPhone can’t be detected at the first time, you can click the "Device connected, but cannot be detected" option to get a solution for the connection.

Step 2

Three erase levels are provided, Low, Medium and High. You can choose one based on your need. Here you are suggested to use the High level. But before you do that, you need to backup iPhone data first in case any useful iOS data loss.

Step 3

After choosing the erasing level, click “Start” button to remove restrictions on your iPhone or iPad. When the process is finished, your iPhone will be back to brand new condition and there won’t be the restrictions.


Part 3. How to enable restrictions for iPhone and iPad

If you want to set up parental controls on my iPhone or iPad and create a private passcode to prevent access to your iPhone, this part is for you. We will give you a simple guide to enable restrictions on iPhone.

Step 1

Unlock your iPhone and navigate to “Settings” app.

Step 2

Tap “Screen Time” > “Turn On Screen Time”.

Enable Resctritions
Step 3

Tap the “Content & Privacy Restrictions” option in the Screen Time interface. Here you can set a four-digit passcode for the restrictions.

Step 4

You need to re-enter the passcode to enable restricted mode on iPhone. Here you can choose to disable specific content types like apps, in-app purchases, sites, and many more.

Resctritions Password

We have talked about how to turn off restrictions on iPhone in this page. You can get regular and professional ways to disable restricted mode on iPhone and iPad. Moreover, you can learn how to enable iPhone restricted mode if you don’t know. Leave us a message in the comment if you still have any questions.

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