What is the Best Free Screen Recording Software in Reddit Forum

As you know, Reddit is a large group of forums for registered users to talk about everything. You can get advices and suggestions from people all over the world. So if you are looking for free screen recording software in Reddit, there are many recommendations with real experience.

You can see many similar questions about free screen recorders in Reddit forums, such as “Can you recommend any free screen recording software?”, “What’s a good free desktop screen recorder?”, “Best free screen recording software for Windows 10?” and more. Instead of reading all replies, you can read and get the Reddit best free screen recorder software for Windows and Mac here.

Best Free Screen Recorder Reddit

Part 1: Top 5 Best Free Screen Recording Software in Reddit

This article summarizes Reddit replies of free screen recorders. Thus, you can quickly compare and get your best free video and audio recording software with a time-saving way.

Top 1: OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free and open source screen recorder for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can record HD screen video without maximum time limit.

  • PROS
  • The free screen recording software is completely free to use. No watermark or other limitations.
  • The OBS version is up-to-date.
  • CONS
  • OBS setup is a little complicated.
OBS Studio

Top 2: Windows 10 Game Bar

Game bar is the best game recorder (reddit recommended) in Windows 10. You can use Game bar to record game clips, take screenshots and broadcast for free on your Windows computer. So some people think it is the best free game recording software in Reddit.

  • PROS
  • Use default or custom shortcuts to run the Windows 10 screen recorder.
  • Monitor the system performance while screen recording, including CPU, GPU and RAM.
  • CONS
  • No hardware-accelerated codecs support.
  • Cannot hide the mouse cursor in game bar recording.
Windows 10 Game Bar

Top 3: ShareX

ShareX is a free and open source screen recorder. You can record screen video in custom area, and then save as the common video format or GIF.

  • PROS
  • Upload the recorded screen video to Google Drive, FTP and other 80+ hosting services.
  • Get the built-in screen recording tool.
  • CONS
  • The user interface is a little complicated for beginners.

Top 4: Screen-O-Matic

Screen-O-Matic is another free screen recording software in Reddit for Windows and Mac. Its free plan allows users to record screen video and audio no more than 15 minutes. Or you need to upgrade the plan to unlock the Reddit free screen recorder.

  • PROS
  • Record screen with audio and webcam for free on Windows and Mac.
  • Add up to 30 music tracks to your video recording.
  • CONS
  • The free Reddit screen recording software doesn’t offer on-screen drawing tools.

Top 5: QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is pre-installed on all Mac computers. You can start a new video recording or audio recording with QuickTime Player. By the way, macOS Mojave releases a new screen recording tool. You can upgrade Mac OS version to have a try.

  • PROS
  • Record screen video with full screen and any size you need.
  • The free screen recorder for Mac in Reddit offers video editing tools by cropping, resizing, and more.
  • CONS
  • No playback support for AVI and FLV formats.
QuickTime Player

Part 2: Best Screen Recorders Online/Offline

Method 1. Apeaksoft Free Screen Recorder Online

If you don’t want to install any software on your computer, then you should definitely try the online screen recording tool, such as Apeaksoft Free Screen Recorder Online. It can help you record your computer screen with audio easily on the web end. And there will be no time limit and annoying ads during the recording. No watermark, either!

Free Online Screen Recorder

Method 2. Apeaksoft Screen Recorder (Pro Version)

If you cannot find the best screen recording software Reddit 2022 from the above recommendations, you can try the professional Apeaksoft Screen Recorder instead. All video and audio can be recorded with high quality. You can also use Apeaksoft Screen Recorder to record game, meeting, phone screen, and take a screenshot without lagging or crashing. The customizable screen size, on-screen drawing tools, multiple output preferences and high audiovisual quality can meet your demand perfectly. It also provides various editing tools like watermark, cursor, drawings, etc.

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

  • Record on-screen activities with full screen or customized screen size.
  • Record video with system audio and microphone voice.
  • Use hotkeys to control the entire screen recording process.
  • No maximum time limit. Or you can set a scheduled task to capture video or audio smartly.
  • Draw and annotate your recording file with customize color and size.
  • Save or share your recording video/audio or screenshot flexibly.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

Part 3: FAQs of Best Free Screen Recorders Reddit

Why not record teaching video vertically?

If you are recording yourself teaching, don’t record with your cell phone vertically. Because all the horizontal space will be lost. Students cannot see the pages or even you. Or you can screen recording on computer with the above best free screen recording software in Reddit. At least you can monitor the recording video in real-time.

What sort of tech would you use to record video game footage while playing a game?

For starters, you can get the best free game recording software in Reddit. Windows 10 game bar, OBS and more. To record gameplay up to 60 fps frame rate, you can try Apeaksoft Screen Recorder or other professional screen recorders.

Can you record audio from two different sources at once?

Yes. You can get a single-track recording with the best free audio recording software in Reddit mentioned above. To get multi-channel recording, you can record audio with Audacity. Moreover, you need to get the hardware support, driver support and application support to solve the problem.

Can you get the best free screen recording software in Reddit here? If you see other good video and audio recorders from Reddit and other forums, any suggestions are welcome. Or you can write down your questions about screen recording in the comments below.

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