Top 5 Dxtory Alternative to Record Streaming Gameplay

- "I’ve used Dxtory for years and it’s always been a solid product until recently. Now it barely works and I’m in need of a replacement. Any recommendation of Dxtory alternative?"

- "I have been using Dxtory for roughly a year now. However, the file sizes were getting to me and decided to look for an alternative option…"

Dxtory Usage and Alternative

There are many similar questions of best Dxtory alternative programs. So what’s wrong with Dxtory screen recorder software? Are there any good Dxtory alternatives? Just read and find your answer with the following paragraphs.

Part 1: Instruction of Dxtory and Issues – Common Problems of Dxtory Not Working

Dxtory has been one of the most popular screen recorder software at present. It is capable of recording gameplay videos in lossless color and smooth operation. Thus, many game players prefer to use Dxtory to record streaming game videos.

However, there are more and more complaints about Dxtory crashed issues. The followings are common cases of Dxtory not working. You can read and check if you encounter the same problem.

  • Dxtory not saving video recording
  • Dxtory not recording game
  • Dxtory black screen recording
  • Dxtory do not work for a fair amounts of games
  • Dxtory not detecting game
  • Dxtory not recording sound
  • Dxtory init problem

Well, you can see many Dxtory recording problems in different forums. If you fail to get Dxtory cracked, or you want to bypass those problems, you can choose other excellent Dxtory alternative software instead.

Part 2: Dxtory Alternatives – Powerful Screen Recorder Software You Can Choose without Dxtory Cracked

Actually, there are also many other good screen recorder software that can help you record gameplays in high quality. Want to know what can those gameplay recorders do? Now, let’s read together to figure then out.

Top 1: Apeaksoft Screen Recorder – Record All On-screen Activities in High Resolution on PC/Mac

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder offers the most professional way to record any on-screen activities with audio on both Windows and Mac computers. Of course, you can run this screen recorder to capture streaming video games as well.

You do not need to worry whether it is too difficult to use the Dxtory alternative game recorder. Well, the software offers a user-friendly interface with well-organized filters. Thus, even novices can record screen and take screenshots effortlessly.

  • Customize screen size

You can draw the screen area you want to record directly. Of course, you can also choose fixed regions and other options to set gameplay recording area.

  • Record all beautiful audio and sound

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder can record audio only too. Just manage recording settings to record system audio and microphone audio with ease. What’s more, you can export the recorded audio file in MP3/WMA/AAC/M4A for easy playback.

  • Personalize video and audio recording settings

The Dxtory alternative allows users to adjust screen/audio/screenshot features before recording. For instance, you can set a timer to record screen smartly. It also supports to customize output format, video quality, frame rate, etc.

  • Easy-to-use editing tools

When you are recording games, tutorials and more, you can use drawing panel, step tools, changeable cursor and other tools on the video directly.

Annotate During Recording

Top 2: Fraps – Record Movies and Take Screenshots on Windows

Fraps is also widely known by many game players. The Dxtory alternative recorder allows users to record movies and take screenshots as well. Moreover, you can save the statistics for further review too.


  • Record screen video with frame rates from 1 to 120 per second.
  • Set the loop buffer length freely.
  • Offer lossless RGB capture.
  • Record audio from system, stereo or multichannel.


  • Its output video recording file size is huge.

Top 3: OBS – Capture Streaming Live Videos with Audio on Windows for Free

OBS is short for Open Broadcaster Software. It is a free and open source screen recorder. So you can download OBS freely without seeking for Dxtory cracked with license key.


  • Capture streaming live videos from YouTube, Twitch, DailyMotion, etc.
  • Save the record screen video as MP4 or FLV format.
  • Manage basic screen recording settings and capture source.
  • Accept many scenes and sources for screen recording.


  • It is not intuitive for beginners to record screen. Though its user interface is still easier than Dxtory.

Top 4: PlayClaw – Simply Record Gameplay and Streaming Videos on Desktop

PlayClaw like FlashBack Express Recorder, allows users to capture streaming videos and gameplay with smooth recording and fast speed game running. So when you encounter Dxtory not recording problem, you can head to PlayClaw for a try.


  • View record, GPU, webcam and voice overlay during recording supported by graphics.
  • Capture real-time game videos from local devices.
  • Record gameplay without FPS limitations.
  • Support to record up to 16 audio sources at the same time.


  • You cannot get much editing tools to customize with screen records.

Top 5: Action – Record Gameplay and Other Videos Smoothly in HD Mode

Action supports live streaming video recording, which is similar with Dxtory software. What’s more, you can share the recorded game videos to YouTube and other social media platforms all over the World.


  • Offer the real-time display to record gameplay smoothly.
  • Capture any video or audio activity in HD desktop recording mode.
  • Continuous Windows desktop recording permit.
  • Capture videos from PC, TV, webcam and other displays smoothly.


  • There are not much features in the free version of Action.

For Mac users, you can click here to get more screen recorders for Mac.

During this time, you can record gameplay and other online videos as usual, even though you encounter Dxtory not working problem. If you have any other good Dxtory alternative recommendation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Of course, you can share in the comments below too. Well, thanks for your reading.

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