7 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android (No Root Access Requirement)

Sometimes, people need to record Android screen. For instance, you may need to capture mobile games.

In old versions of Android OS, recording Android screen was a tedious task, and you have to root your phone to get it done.

Screen Recorder No Root

After Google released Android Lollipop, this task became easier than ever before. Now you can easily use ADB to capture everything on your screen. Actually, many third part screen recorders (no root) are very powerful. Some of them are not only easy to use, but carry a variety of useful functions. In this post, we are going to identify and share top 7 best screen recorder (no root) apps.

Top 1: AZ Screen Recorder

Key features:

1. Record your screen and produce HD and Full HD videos.

2. Pause and resume while capturing the Android screen.

3. Grab audio from the music and mix into the screencast videos automatically.

4. Set up to record the screen touches or not.

5. Offer a wider range of custom options, like bitrate, orientation and more.

6. Capture your face and overlay the image with screencast.


1. This screen recording app for Android no root integrates plentiful features.

2. It is totally free to use.

3. You can edit the screencast videos after recording.


It is only available to Android Lollipop and later.

AZ Screen Recorder

Top 2: Mobizen Screen Recorder

Basic features:

1. Make screen recording videos in full HD.

2. Support to save the screencast videos in up to 1080p resolution.

3. Capture your reactions via front camera while recording your screen.

4. Save long video results to SD card directly.

5. The video guide is helpful to beginners.

6. Compatible with Android 4.4 and above.


1. This screen recorder no root app is free to download in Play Store.

2. You can remove the watermark from your screencast for free.


1. It lacks some functions, like video player, or share results on social media.

2. The sound quality is poor.


Top 3: ADV Screen Recorder

Principal features:

1. Record Android screen with two engines, Default and Advanced.

2. Pause the recording if you get a phone call or other interruptions.

3. Draw on the fly using front and your favorite color.

4. Enable the back camera while making screencast videos.

5. Support a variety of languages, like Italian, Brazilian and more.

6. Offer plentiful custom options.


1. This screen recorder no root app is open source.

2. The interface is user friendly.


1. This app is large and performance is poor.

2. You cannot overlay your reactions to the screencast videos.

ADV Screen Recorder

Top 4: Rec.

Main features:

1. Make screen recording videos on Android without PC.

2. Record screencast videos up to one hour.

3. Capture your voice via the built-in mic on your device.

4. Allow you to set resolution, bitrate, frame rate, and other parameters.

5. Turn on your front camera while making screen recording.

6. Schedule the length of the screencast videos.


1. The interface is well design.

2. This screen recording app for Android no root is free to install from Google Play.


1. Some features need to purchase in app.

2. It does not require root on Android Lollipop, but needs root on Android 4.4.


Top 5: Lollipop screen recorder

Attractive features:

1. Capture everything on Android at full screen resolution.

2. Reset resolution, orientation, and bitrate.

3. Save long screencast recordings to SD card or external memory.

4. Built-in a video player to view the results.

5. Set up recording start delay to avoid missing important starts.

6. Compatible with Android 5.0 and later.


1. This screen recording app for Android no root is free to use.

2. It is lightweight and takes up little space.


1. You have to view ads to exchange free features.

2. There is no way to remove annoying ads.


Top 6: There is no way to remove annoying ads

Key features:

1. Share screen of your Android with computer wirelessly.

2. Record mobile games and other actions on Android screen simply.

3. Play mobile games on computer using mouse and keyboards.

4. Save screen recordings of Android to computer directly.

5. Support hot keys.

6. Export screencast videos in high quality.


1. This screen recorder no root app is not only a screen recorder, but also a screen stream tool.

2. It is free of charge.


1. It requires a Windows PC when working.

2. This screen recorder is not available in Google Play Store.

Mirror Go

Top 7: DU Recorder

Main features:

1. Stream your screencast videos to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter directly.

2. Offer various custom options, like resolution.

3. Support Replaykit and stream compatible mobile games.

4. Add screen recorder function to control center and start it simply.

5. View your screen recording videos within the app.

Check more game screen recorder apps here.


1. There is not restriction on length of screencast and streaming.

2. This screen recording app for Android no root is free to use without ads.


1. It eats up your internal storage and slows down your device.

2. It cannot make screenshots.

DU Recorder

Recommend: Apeaksoft Screen Recorder

If you are looking for a screen recorder on computer, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is the best option since it offers plentiful easy-to-use features, like:

1. Recorder everything and actions on your desktop in high quality.

2. Draw and add text on the screencast video while recording.

3. Overlay your voice and reactions on the screen recording via the built-in camera.

4. Integrate a video player to view the results.

5. Capture your screen in various modes, like full screen.

6. Support hot keys.

7. Grab audio from your favorite music or movies.

Annotate During Recording


In this post, we have shared 7 best screen recording apps for Android no root. For mobile first people, a smartphone is enough to deal with every task in work and daily life. But screen recording is a pretty tedious job if you are only using the mobile device. You may also want to know how to record iPhone screen.

Based on our introductions and reviews above, you can pick up your favorite screen recorder no root app and capture mobile game, video chat and other actions on your device easily. If you have more questions about screen recording, please leave a message below.

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