How to Recover Keepsafe Photos on iPhone and Android Phone Easily

Keepsafe is a popular app that has the capacity to lock and hide your personal photos on smartphones. As more and more people concerned about cybersecurity issues, it makes sense that Keepsafe attracts a large amount of users around the world. It has a trash feature that allows you to recover deleted photos; however, if you have cleaned up the trash, deleted photos will be gone permanently. When it happens, a professional Keepsafe recovery is important for people to get back deleted photos on iPhones or Android phones. What is the best Keepsafe recovery? How to recover Keepsafe photos? You can get answers about these questions below.

Keepsafe Recovery

Part 1. Recover Keepsafe photos from iPhone

We have tested several popular iPhone data recovery programs in our lab to identify the best Keepsafe recovery Application for iPhone. iPhone Data Recovery attracts our attention among these programs due to a series of powerful features.

iPhone Data Recovery

  • It has much higher success rate on multimedia files recovery, partly because it could recover data from iPhone devices, iTunes backup and iCloud backup.
  • This iPhone data recovery tool allows you to get back Keepsafe photos in one click.
  • You can preview all photos in thumbnail mode and restore specific Keepsafe photos.
  • It supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models and iOS 8/9/10/11/12.
  • Besides images, you can rely on this application to recover contacts, SMS, MMS, and other media files.
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How to recover Keepsafe photos from iPhone directly

Even if you didn't backup photos, you can get back them with this Keepsafe recovery tool.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to the Keepsafe recovery tool

Run iPhone Data Recovery and plug in your iPhone to your computer through a USB cord. The application is able to detect your phone automatically.

Step 2. Search for lost Keepsafe photos

Press Start Scan button to deep scan your phone for looking at erased files. When it is done, you will be taken to the result window. Select the App Photos and Photo Library options, the lost Keepsafe photos will show up on detail panel.

Search for Photos

Step 3. Restore Keepsafe photos to computer

Browse and select photos you want to get back and then click on Recover button to finish the Keepsafe recovery process.

How to restore Keepsafe photos from iTunes backup

If you set auto-sync-to-iTunes feature on your phone, iPhone Data Recovery allows you to open iTunes backup file and retrieve certain files.

Step 1. Shift to iTunes backup recovery mode

Launch the Keepsafe recovery and connect your iPhone to the software. Tab Recover from iTunes Backup File on the tool bar to shift to this mode. Then you can view all iTunes backup files on the list.

iTunes backup recovery mode

Step 2. Preview iTunes backup

Choose the latest backup file according to latest backup date and hit Start Scan button to open the backup file. After scanning process, you can view lost Keepsafe photos by ticking the checkboxes of Photo Library and App Photos options.

Preview iTunes backup

Step 3. Get back Keepsafe photos

Select any Keepsafe photos you deleted by mistake and press Recover button. On the pop-up dialog, input a destination and press Recover again to complete Keepsafe recovery.

How to get back Keepsafe photos from iCloud backup

If you use iCloud to back up your phone, iPhone Data Recovery is able to retrieve lost Keepsafe photos wirelessly.

Step 1. Open iCloud backup recovery mode

On the home interface of iPhone Data Recovery, choose Recover from iCloud Backup File mode from left toolbar. Then log in your Apple ID and password to visit iCloud backup files.

iCloud backup recovery mode

Step 2. Extract Keepsafe photos from iCloud

Highlight the recent iCloud backup file and click on the Download button to go to the detail window. Then you can select the Photo Library and App Photos options to display all lost photos for recovery.

Extract Keepsafe photos

Step 3. Retrieve lost Keepsafe photos

Select the deleted Keepsafe photos by ticking the checkboxes under them and then hit the Recover button to retrieve them to your computer and get Keepsafe recovery.

Instead of Keepsafe photos, if you deleted iMessages on iPhone, you could also get your iMessages back on iPhone.

Part 2. Recover Keepsafe photos from Android

On the other hand, Android Data Recovery is a good choice to get Keepsafe recovery on Android. First, it is not only an Android data recovery tool, but also a smartphone backup application. And, you can get back lost Keepsafe photos from a normal phone or a broken phone with one click. You do not need to worry about compatibility problem since the software supports almost all Android phone models. If you are tangled by the problem of Keepsafe recovery, let's start to solve it right now.

Android Data Recovery

  • Retrieve lost photos both from Android phone internal memory, SD card, SIM card and tablets.
  • Retrieve deleted photos, music, videos, WhatsApp files, SMS, call log, contacts, etc.
  • Backup entire mobile phone or recover certain data to your computer.
  • Support devices like Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony, HTC, Sharp, Windows phone and more.
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How to recover Keepsafe photos from Android

Step 1. Install Android Data Recovery to your PC

Hook up your smartphone to your computer via a USB cord and open Android Data Recovery. It will show you customized instructions based on your phone model. What you need to do is to follow it and turn on the USB debugging mode on your phone.

Step 2. Browse Keepsafe photos for recovery

When you go into the next window, choose Gallery and Picture Library, hit the Next button. The software will start scan your phone and look for all lost photos. Then you can browse all lost photos, include Keepsafe.

Browse Keepsafe photos

Step 3. Achieve Keepsafe recovery

Select lost Keepsafe photos from the list according to name and hit the Recover button. Then drop a folder to save the photos and hit Recover again on the pop-up dialog. A few seconds, you can view deleted Keepsafe photos on your computer.

It also supports Snapchat recovery on your Android phone easily in this way.

How to extract Keepsafe photos from a broken Android phone

Android Data Recovery is powerful. It works even when an Android phone is broken or frozen.

Step 1. Switch to broken phone recovery mode

Tab Broken Android Data Extraction on home interface of Android Data Recovery. Make sure you have used a USB cord to connect your phone and computer.

Browse Keepsafe photos

Step 2. Enter recovery mode on your phone

Press Start button to open the next window. Here you can choose your phone name and model from the drop-down lists of Device Name and Device Model. Once hit Confirm button, the Keepsafe recovery software will show you corresponding operation to enter recovery mode on your phone.

Browse Keepsafe photos

Step 3. Restore Keepsafe photos

Click on Start to begin extracting data from the broken phone. Then you can view and choose Keepsafe photos in Gallery and Picture Library options. Finally, click on Recover button to retrieve Keepsafe photos to hard disk.

Browse Keepsafe photos


In this article, we have showed how to get Keepsafe recovery on iPhone and Android. When you decide to protect your photos with this app, you might not think about that important photos would lose due to small accidences. Fortunately, you can get Keepsafe photos back no matter you have back them up or not. iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful Keepsafe recovery tool for iPhone 8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s/5/5s. On the other hand, Android Data Recovery is able to get back deleted Keepsafe photos from Android phones or extract photos from a damaged phone.

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