How to Restore Messages from iCloud without Resetting

- "How can I recover deleted text messages?" - "Can I transfer old messages to my new iPhone 15 through iCloud backup?"

Restore Messages from iCloud

Data loss can be caused by many reasons like updating to iOS 17, iPhone jailbreaking and more. Sometimes you just want to clean up iPhone but delete important messages by mistake. It does not matter if you have backed up iPhone with iCloud beforehand. And iPhone 14/15 are released, you can restore old messages to your new iPhone directly. Therefore, this article will show you several methods to download and restore deleted messages from iCloud easily. Yes, you can get different data recovery methods to restore all messages with iCloud backup files.

Part 1. How to Restore Messages from iCloud Backup on iPhone Directly

You can get deleted messages back through iCloud backup files. However, there is no other choice but to recover text messages entirely, even though you just want to restore a message from iCloud backup. But if you need to transfer all messages to a new iPhone, then you can restore your messages from iCloud backup on iPhone directly.

Note: You will lose other iPhone data that are not backed up to iCloud before.

Step 1. Erase all content and settings on iPhone

Turn on your iPhone. Open "Settings" app. Select "General" and then choose "Reset". Tap "Erase All Content and Settings" option in "Reset" list. Enter your passcode and then tap "Erase iPhone" to start restoring iPhone to factory settings (Wha is restoring iPhone meaning?). You need to wait several minutes to complete iPhone erasing process.


Step 2. Choose an iCloud backup to restore

Select "Restore from iCloud Backup" under "Set up your iPhone" list. Sign in with your iCloud account and password. Choose the latest iCloud backup to restore deleted iPhone messages from iCloud directly.

iCloud Backup to Restore

Now you can access lost or deleted messages on iPhone with the help of the previous iCloud backup. In addition, you can also open and then restore messages to iPhone on Mac or PC.

Part 2. How to Restore Text Messages from iCloud without Resetting

It is true that you can restore messages from the iCloud backup, but you need to know its disadvantages. Your iPhone will be overwritten because of restoring messages from an iCloud backup. Moreover, you have to waste time on getting back single message from iCloud. All in all, is there any iPhone Data Recovery app that enables users to restore messages from iCloud safely and selectively? Well, Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery can satisfy all your needs to restore messages from iCloud smartly.

Key Features of the Smart iCloud Message Recovery Tool

  • Download and restore messages and other iOS data from iCloud backup selectively.
  • Get deleted/lost iOS data back from iTunes backup without data loss.
  • Restore deleted text messages, iMessages, WhatsApp and 19 kinds of data from iPhone directly.
  • Restore lost data from a disabled/broken iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
  • Preview iCloud backup files before restoring to iPhone.
  • Fully support iOS 15/16/17 and highly compatible with iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7, iPad Pro, etc. and more iOS devices.
  • Output restored messages and other files with several output formats.

How to Restore Deleted Messages from iCloud without Resetting (iOS 16/17 Supported)

Note: If your iPhone is locked because of password forgotten or other physical damages, then you can use iPhone Data Recovery to restore text messages from iCloud selectively and easily. Moreover, all latest iPhone models are supported.

Step 1. Access your iCloud backup files

Launch iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. Select "Recover from iCloud Backup File" in the left panel. Sign in with your Apple ID and password. Later, you can see all your iCloud backups display according to created dates. Tap "Download" button besides an iCloud backup file.

Access iCloud Backup Files

Step 2. Scan messages from iCloud backup

You can select "Messages" and other message types under "Message & Contacts" category. Just choose which file type you want to restore to iPhone, and then hit "Next" to move on. Wait for a while to scan all your messages from the certain iCloud backup.

Step 3. Restore iPhone messages from iCloud backup

Select the message file type in the left panel. And then all messages appear including deleted and existing items. Choose the certain message and preview it in detailed. If you want to restore all deleted text messages from iCloud, then turn on "Only display the deleted item" option on the top. Mark all messages you need to restore.

Restore iPhone Messages from iCloud Backup

Step 4. Access deleted text messages from iCloud backup to your computer

Hit "Recover" button in the lower right corner. There will be a popping-up window that you can manage restored messages. Set your destination folder and output format. As for restoring deleted or lost messages to computer, you can save them as CSV and HTML. Click "Recover" to restore text messages from iCloud backup selectively.

Not only recovering messages from iCloud backup, this program also supports to recover other iOS data from iPhone directly. Learn here to retrieve deleted iMessages SMS from iPhone and recover notes from iCloud directly.

Part 3. Which Method is Better: Restore from iCloud Directly VS iPhone Data Recovery

From above messages restoring from iCloud backup files processes, it is easy to get the winner. Restoring messages from iCloud backup on iPhone directly is only suitable for people who want to change a new iPhone. You cannot restore a message from iCloud backup directly. To get rid of those limitations, iPhone Data Recovery has simplified all processes of restoring messages and other iPhone files. All you need to do is to sign in iCloud account to access iCloud backup. After that, you can get privileged allowance to select, preview and output iPhone messages freely. As a result, if you only need to view and restore several messages from iCloud to iPhone or computer, then definitely you should choose iPhone Data Recovery to get better experience.

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