Ways of Retrieving Deleted Photos on iPhone X/8/7/6/5

Smartphone is emerged and popularized worldwide in the recent decade. People communicate, play games, search information and store data on phones more and more frequently, especially taking and saving photos on their phones, especially iPhone. However, like the photos developed from cameras, photos in our iPhone have the chance to be deleted or lost by accident. I am sure that this situation must occur to most of you. How can we retrieve photos on iPhone 5 in an appropriate way? Don't worry, I will provide 4 methods for you to recover your deleted photos on your iPhone 5. And at every part of it, there will be detailed steps and tips to navigate you. Just read it and find the most suitable method to retrieve your deleted photos on iPhone 5 right now!

Retrieve Deleted Photos on iPhone

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted iPhone Photos via Recently Deleted feature

Actually, the iOS System has got some recovery function. I'm sure most of you have come across this feature when you use your photo-taking function – Recently Deleted, which is the simplest way to retrieve you deleted photos on your iPhone X/8/7/6/5. Before you carry on this method, make sure that your iOS system is later than iOS 8. Here are the main steps (take iPhone 5 as an example):

Step 1. Turn on your iPhone 5 and direct to the "Photo".

Step 2. Open the app, drop down to the bottom, and you will find the "Recently Deleted" folder, which contains the deleted photos on your iPhone 5 in recent months.

Recently Deleted

Step 3. Enter the "Recently Deleted", find the photos you have just deleted by accident, and open to view it. Then click "Recover" at the right bottom of the screen.

Recover it

Although it is easy to operate, if you have deleted iPhone photos in your Recently Deleted folder, there is no way for you to retrieve deleted photos directly from your iOS system. So, what should you do if you are confronted with this situation? If you can't find your deleted photos from the "Recently Deleted", you'd better find third-party software to help you. Don't panic, I will introduce a reliable application - iPhone Data Recovery to help you.

iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful and useful assistance that can help you recover various kinds of data on your iOS system. And it supports the latest system iOS 11. If you lost some important data on your iPhone 5, whether it is a photo, video, file, app, or text message, iPhone Data Recovery can retrieve them at a high speed. During the process of retrieving, you are allowed to preview the data and choose the one you want to get back. That's convenient for you. There are 3 modes for you to choose, which suits to different situations. In the following parts, I will explain these 3 modes to you and show you the main steps of how to retrieve deleted photos on your iPhone 5.

Surely, if you have ever stored the deleted photos from iPhone to computer, though they are erased from computer, you could still get images recovery on computer here.

Part 2. How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from iPhone Directly

The first mode of iPhone Data Recovery is "Recover from iOS Device". Provided you didn't back up your iPhone data, you can use the first mode to retrieve deleted photos on your iPhone 5. Download it from its official website.

Step 1. Launch the iPhone Data Recovery after installation. At the same time, connect your iPhone 5 to your computer or Mac.

Step 2. You will see 3 modes at the left side, choose the first one – "Recover from iOS Device". At the same time, connect your iPhone 5 to your computer or Mac. You iPhone will be detected by the software immediately.

Step 3. Click the "Start Scan" button which appears at right side (users of iOS 7 and higher version need to click "Trust" to continue.). And then all data on your iPhone 5 will be listed in different categories on the left side.

choose file type

Step 4. Choose "Camera Roll", "Photos Stream", "Photo Library" on the left list. Click the photo presented on the right and you can preview them. After selecting deleted photos, you want to retrieve, click "Recover" to start.

select deleted photosNote:

1. All retrieved photos will be saved on your computer or Mac. Transfer the recovered photos into your mobile device if you want.

2. If you set iPhone photos as HEIC, then you cannot view them on Windows computer, and have to convert HEIC to JPG/PNG for viewing.

Part 3. How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from iTunes Backup

The previous method is really convenient for people who have no backup. But for those who use iTunes in their daily life, retrieving deleted photos from iTunes Backup may be the best solution. And with the help of the iPhone Data Recovery, you can easily grasp the trick of recovering deleted photos on iPhone 5. Here's how it works:

Step 1. Launch the iPhone Data Recovery, and click the second mode "Recover from iTunes Backup File".

choose itunes

Step 2. Click "Start Scan" and all detailed data will be listed in the software.

Step 3. Click "Camera Roll", "Photos Stream", "Photo Library" on the left list. And you are free to view all the deleted photos if you want. Then tap "Recover" at the bottom.

recover photos from itunes

Part 4. How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from iCloud Backup

If the two methods above can't meet your requirement, you should try iCloud Backup with the help of iPhone Data Recovery. iCloud provides 5GB free storage to automatically store some important data for you. If you get a backup on iCloud, you can use the third method.

Step 1. Start the iPhone Data Recovery and now choose the third one – "Recovery from iCloud Backup File"./p>

Step 2. You are asked to tap your Apple ID and passport, the account that you back up your data to.

Retrieve Deleted Photos from iCloud

Step 3. Then there is a window for you to choose the formats. Here we need to click "App photos", "Camera Roll", "Photos Stream", "Photo Library". Tap "Next".

download from icloud

Step 4. The software will scan the data. As the previous method, you are allowed to choose and preview the photos you want. Then click "Recovery".

recover icloud photos


After reading the tutorial, you must find the best solution that suits you. Although there are many methods for you to retrieving deleted photos on your iPhone, you had better backup photos, videos, messages or other data in case losing data.

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