How to See and Recover Deleted Messages on WhatsApp on iPhone

If you have backed up iPhone with iTunes or iCloud before, you can recover iPhone with the latest backup file. Thus, you can see the deleted messages on WhatsApp. However, restoring iPhone with iTunes or iCloud backup is restricted by these or those limits. Your current iOS data will be replaced by the latest backup file. Things will be worse if you have no available backup files. What to do to read and recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone? You can do as the following paragraphs show.

Recover Deleted Messages on WhatsAppRecover Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

Part 1: How to See Deleted Messages on WhatsApp with iOS Data Recovery

No matter you have backed up iPhone with iTunes/iCloud or not, Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery is your first choice. You can selectively preview and recover any deleted WhatsApp message without data loss. Furthermore, you can get the highest success rate to restore deleted WhatsApp messages without backup.

Once you delete a chat on WhatsApp, your deleted WhatsApp chat history still exists in the original place with an invisible state. If you stop saving or editing new files, you can use third-party iPhone data recovery software to get back deleted messages on WhatsApp from iPhone, iPad, or iPod directly. Therefore, the best way to undo delete on WhatsApp is to stop using your iPhone. Just run Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery to get old WhatsApp messages back as soon as possible.

Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery

  • See the existing and deleted WhatsApp messages, contacts, attachments, and other app data from iPhone.
  • Recover deleted or lost WhatsApp data with or without iTunes/iCloud backup.
  • Get the chat records, emotions, videos, audios, and any other files you sent back on WhatsApp.
  • Save lost data caused by factory resetting, accidental deletion, password forgotten, stolen, water damaged, and more.
  • Support the latest iOS 16 and iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7, etc.
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Step 1

Launch Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery after the installation. Head to the iPhone Data Recovery section. Plug your iPhone into the computer with a lightning USB cable.

Step 2

Do as the on-screen prompts show to trust this computer. Click the Start Scan option. The program can read your iOS device completely.

Start Scan
Step 3

All your scanned iPhone data display in the left panel in categories. To see deleted iPhone WhatsApp messages, choose WhatsApp under Messages & Contacts. You can see all deleted WhatsApp chats and conversations on the main interface. Double-click on the deleted WhatsApp message to get more details.

Step 4

Select which messages you want to recover to iPhone. Then click Recover on the lower right corner. You can recover deleted messages on WhatsApp from iPhone to Windows PC successfully.


Note: If you want to restore deleted WhatsApp data with iTunes or iCloud backup, you can head to Recover from iTunes Backup File or Recover from iCloud Backup File sections instead. Here you can view and restore any WhatsApp file without losing data.

Part 2: How to See WhatsApp Deleted Messages by Re-installing WhatsApp App

By uninstalling and restoring the WhatsApp app, you can read deleted WhatsApp messages without any app on your iPhone. After the WhatsApp app setup, you will be required to restore WhatsApp messages from iCloud or Google Drive backup. Thus, you can see your mistakenly deleted message from the most recent cloud backup.

Step 1

Long press the WhatsApp app on your iPhone. Tap the x icon and choose Delete to uninstall WhatsApp on iPhone.

Step 2

Go to the Apple store. Sear for WhatsApp and download it to your iPhone.

Step 3

Verify with the same phone number you registered with your WhatsApp account before.

Step 4

WhatsApp can detect a backup from iCloud automatically.

Step 5

Choose Restore/Recover Chat History to recover and see deleted messages on WhatsApp on iOS 14 without any app.

Recover Chat History

Part 3: FAQs of Reading Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

How to backup WhatsApp messages?

It is suggested to backup WhatsApp messages, attachments, and other files with Apeaksoft WhatsApp Transfer. You can backup and restore WhatsApp data to all iOS devices without losing data. It allows users to export any WhatsApp chat history from your backup list or local iTunes backup based on your need.

How to see deleted messages on WhatsApp on Android?

You can install the WhatsRemoved+ app to read deleted messages on Android. Follow the WhatsRemoved+ setup process. You will be prompted whether to detect and save the deleted WhatsApp files or not. You can choose Yes, save files to read and recover WhatsApp messages on Android. This is also a good way to see already deleted messages on WhatsApp by the sender.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone for free?

Re-install the WhatsApp app to see deleted WhatsApp messages directly. If you have backed up iPhone before, you can restore iPhone with a previous backup file. Though your original files may be replaced. During this time, you can run Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery to extract any deleted WhatsApp message safely.


That’s all to see deleted messages on WhatsApp on iPhone 14 and earlier devices. You can read and recover WhatsApp chat that someone sent you on your iPhone selectively. The other WhatsApp data and iPhone files still exist in the original place. Furthermore, you can safely recover deleted WhatsApp messages on your iPhone with a backup. The program just removes the iTunes and iCloud limits smartly. If you have any suggestions or questions, you can feel free to contact us. It is also welcome to leave messages in the comments below.

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