How to Easily Root Your LG Device Using 6 LG Root Tools

For acquiring the super authority to delete the pre-installed apps or install more unaccepted but useful programs on your LG phone, rooting LG phone is no doubt the best choice. However, you may still feel unsettled because you don't know what rooting LG devices is and how to successfully root your LG phone. Don't worry! In this comprehensive tutorial, we will address all your questions and show you some feasible tools to root a LG phone with/without a computer.

LG Root Tool

Part 1. Preparation before Rooting LG Phone

We know rooting phone can help you get more authorities to use your LG phone, however, still there are some basic rules you should know.

Now let's address some of the most popular questions about LG phone root.

What is root?

Rooting Android phone means that you can access to the highest permission of your Android phone. After you root your Android phone, you are able to do any operation on your Android phone, such as deleting some apps pre-installed on phone by manufacturers, etc.

Is it safe to root LG phone?

There is nobody can give you 100% guarantee to root LG phone safely.

After rooting phone, you do get more permission to use it, like uninstall apps that eat up some internal storage.

However, it means your phone will be open to all, including the bad who want to attack your phone.

Keep in mind that rooting LG phone is just like the two sides of a coin.

How should I do before rooting LG phone?

1. Fully charge your LG phone in case that your Android phone is powered off.

2. Select a safe root tool to root your LG phone. This post lists the 6 root software with high success rate for you, and you can take it to start to root your LG phone.

3. Backup the data of your Android phone before rooting, just in case of data loss of root failure.

There are various tools that help you to backup LG phone, like LG Cloud backup, Android Data Backup & Restore, etc.

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Part 2. 6 Ways to Root LG Phone with/Without PC

Different root tools has different features, but you can refer to the success rate as below:

LG Root Success Rate

Way 1. How to Root LG Volt/Velvet with Stump Root Tool without computer (Up to the latest Android 12)

LG is a long-standing smartphone manufacturer, so it has many phone and tablet models. Some of them are really old, like LG Volt, and running Android KitKat and earlier. It is true that there are many simple Android root programs, but only a few support old systems, such as Stump Root Tool. If you have a LG Volt and it runs slower and slower, you should consider to rooting it with this LG root tool. Besides, this root tool also supports other latest LG devices, including LG V60, LG G7,LG Velvet, etc.

Step 1Stump Root Tool is not available in Google Play, so you have to download it online. First of all, connect your LG Volt to a good Wi-Fi network, and go to SettingsSecurity and toggle on Unknown sources.

Step 2 Then download the APK from a trustable website and install it on your phone. You can find the APK file in your File Manager app. Next, open the app from your App Drawer. Tap on the Grind button to initiate rooting your phone.

Step 3 When it finishes, reboot your device and install SuperSU from your Play Store. If you are not sure, check the root status using Root Checker app. Finally, uninstall the LG root tool and start exploring your rooted phone.

Stump Root

Way 2. How to Root LG Optimus via KingoRoot on PC/phone (Android 2.1-5.1)

LG Optimus was released in 2011 and running Android 2.2. So, most one-click rooting tools do not support it. Does that mean you cannot root your old LG phone and enjoy the root access privilege?

The answer is no,

If you use the right LG Optimus root tool. KingoRoot is such a tool that is available to a wider array of Android devices, including LG Optimus.

Step 1 Open KingoRoot after installing the desktop program. Plug your LG Optimus to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 2 Wait for the LG root tool to recognize your phone and click on the Root button on the interface.

Step 3 After being rooted, your phone will restart and you can check your phone status and install root file manager as you wish.


Way 3. How to Root LG Volt with iRoot with PC (Android 4.4 or later)

Step 1Download iRoot

Install iRoot on your computer, then open and launch it.

Step 2Connect your LG to computer

Connect your LG to computer with a USB cable. If it is the first time that you connect LG to computer, your computer may need to install LG drive. After installing LG drive, your LG phone can be recognized by this computer.

Step 2Start to root your LG phone

After the computer recognizing your LG phone, you are able to click Connect to start rooting your LG. Wait a few minutes, and you will finish the rooting. Then you can do any operation you like on your LG.

Connect Phone

Root LG with iRoot APK

Step 1 Download iRoot APK on your LG phone, and then open and launch it.

Step 2 Click Get Root access button to start rooting your LG. After that your phone will reboot automatically.


Way 4. How to Root LG phone using KingRoot with/without PC (Android 2.3 or higher)

KingRoot is the root software which offers both APK and PC versions to root LG without and with PC. It works on almost all LG tablets and smartphones with free of charge. However, it installs some extra tools after rooted, and there is no unroot function. Suppose you can put up with these drawbacks, you can learn how to root LG phone with KingRoot here.


Way 5. How to Root LG phone with Super Root APK (Android 1.5 to 5.0)

Super Root APK is the LG root software without the need of Internet connection. It supports English, Russian, and Portuguese with a single click to root LG. However, it cannot root Android without PC, and the success rate is a bit low. Moreover, this LG root tool is not compatible with Windows 10. You can get more details about Super Root APK before you start to use.

Super Root

Way 6. How to root LG phone with Universal Androot (Android 1.5 up to 7)

Universal Androot breaks root access restriction on LG without computer.

Its interface is straightforward, and install SuperSU automatically to help you root LG phone.

Integrate the unroot option for giving up LG rooting at any time.

However, it displays ads while rooting, and the LG root tool needs a good Wi-Fi network.

Step 1 Download universal Androot APK from its official link (, install and run it.

Step 2 Select the SuperUser versions. Tap Go Root.

Then you just need to wait for minutes for this tool to root your LG phone.

Universal Androot

After rooting your LG phone, you can use Root Explorer to check if you have rooted LG phone successfully.

Part 3. How to Root LG phone on Mac

How to root LG with iRoot on Mac (for Android 4.4 or later)

You will find it difficult to root LG phones (Android 4.4 or later) on Mac, because there are few safe and reliable Mac root tool , so you'd better root LG with iRoot on Windows computer.

How to root LG with Stump Root on Mac (for Android 4.4 earlier)

If you want to root your LG with Stump Root/iRoot on Mac, you will easily find that there are very few root tools can support Mac for some reasons. So we suggest that you had better to root your LG on Windows, this way is more safe and reliable.

Part 4. FAQs about How to Root LG Device

What are the advantages when you decide to root your LG device?

Rooting your LG phone can unlock your LG device, lift restrictions from manufacturers, and enable you to install and remove any apps based on your needs. However, rooting Android devices may take security threats to your devices. Suppose you want to access more Android features on your Kindle Fire, you can learn how to root a Kindle Fire here.

Does the LG root tool wipe my Android data?

No, the LG root tool doesn't wipe any data from your LG devices. If you are still worried about your data, you can use Apeaksoft Android Data Backup & Restore to back up your Android data before rooting.

Can I root my LG phone directly without using a computer?

Yes, there are several LG root tools for you to root an LG phone without a computer. For instance, you can download KingRoot (APK), KingoRoot APK on your LG phone.


In this tutorial, we discussed how to root LG smartphones, like LG Velvet/Volt/K330/K8/Stylo 3. As you can see, there are many rooting APKs and programs in the market; but not every tool supports LG devices. If you have a LG device, you can find your favorite LG root tool based on the above recommendations and reviews. One important thing you need to remember is to backup your LG phone without losing data.

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