Change Time Zone on iPhone - Fix Cannot Change iOS Time Zone

The time zone is significant since it determines the date and time displayed on your iPhone. When you are traveling to a different country, for example, you have to change it to correct the time on your mobile phone. To be honest, that is not a simple job to change the time zone on iPhone due to the complex setup. Therefore, this guide demonstrates the concrete how-to and tells you what you can do when you cannot change your time zone.

Change Time Zone on iPhone

Part 1. How to Change Time Zone on iPhone

There are two ways to change the time zone on an iPhone. You can do it manually or let iOS do it automatically with the proper settings. Anyway, we demonstrate these two ways in detail below.

How to Change Time Zone on iPhone Manually

Change Time Zone Manu

Step 1Open your Settings app, go to the General tab, and choose Date & Time.

Step 2Press the Time Zone field, search for the desired time zone or city, and tap it on the list.

Step 3Now, look at the time and date display and make sure that you have changed the time zone on your iPhone successfully.

How to Change Time Zone on iPhone Automatically

Change Time Zone Auto

Step 1If you do not want to change the time zone on your iPhone manually, also open the Settings app, tap General, and choose Date & Time.

Step 2Toggle on the Set Automatically option.

Step 3Next, go back to the Settings screen, head to Privacy & Security, choose Location Services, and turn on Location Services. Press the System Services at the bottom of the list, and turn on Setting Time Zone.

Now, iOS will get your GPS location and use the corresponding time zone. If your location varies, your iPhone will change the time zone automatically.

Part 2. Quick Way to Fix Cannot Change Time Zone on iPhone

Apple allows users to change the time zone on iPhones; however, this feature does not always work normally. According to our research, some users complained that they cannot change it sometimes. The causes are complicated and it is difficult to clarify for average people. Therefore, we recommended a one-stop solution to fix this problem, Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery.

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How to Fix Cannot Change Time Zone on iPhone

Step 1Connect iPhone

Launch the best iOS system recovery software after you install it on your computer. Next, plug your handset into the same PC with a Lightning cable if you cannot change the time zone on your iPhone. Select iOS System Recovery, and click the Start button to detect your device.

iOS System Recovery Interface

Tip: To protect your hardware, you'd better use the cable that came with your iOS device.

Step 2Select a mode

Press the Free Quick Fix link to fix the issue. If it is not valid, press the Fix button, and select a proper mode according to your situation, such as Standard Mode or Advanced Mode. Hit the Confirm button to move on.

Free Quick Fix

Step 3Fix cannot change the time zone

Check the information on your iPhone and download the proper firmware. When it is done, the software will fix the software issue on your iPhone automatically. Wait for the process to finish, close the software, disconnect your device, and you can change the time zone on your iPhone as usual.

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Part 3. FAQs about Changing Time Zone on iPhone

Will my iPhone adjust time zones?

iOS provides two ways to change the time zone. If you have set up the automatic mode, iPhone will adjust time zones according to your location. Otherwise, you have to adjust it manually.

Why is my iPhone not updating the time zone?

Firstly, you have to configure the Set Automatically mode on your iPhone if you wish to update the time zone automatically. Moreover, you need to allow the Time Zone feature to access your system location services on your iPhone.

When should I change the time zone on my iPhone?

Some apps work with date and time on your iPhone. When you go to another country, you'd better change the time zone on your iOS device so that these apps can update the content and services accordingly.


This guide has demonstrated how to change the time zone on iPhones. The wrong time zone may lead to serious problems. Some apps, for instance, may stop working. Therefore, you should change it according to your location. If you cannot change it, we suggested you fix the problem with Apeaksoft iOS System Recovery. If you encounter other problems with this topic, please feel free to leave your message below this post.

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