Top 7 SIM Unlock Service for Android

When you notice that your Android device is locked to a specific carrier, you can use a SIM unlock service to the Android SIM. However, you may get confused about which unlocking tool is more professional and easier to use, due to there are thousands of SIM unlock services among the market.

Android SIM Unlock

You have come to the right place if you do meet the situation mentioned above. This passage is exactly going to introduce the top 7 SIM unlock APK for Android users to solve your problem better. Read on and learn more details if you are interested in this topic.

Top 1: Unlocksimphone

If you’re looking to unlock your Android phone, Unlocksimphone is a good choice for you to take into consideration. It is an easy but efficient Android SIM unlocker, requiring almost little technical knowledge. What’s more, the whole unlocking process only takes you a few minutes, and can be done from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Key features of this Android SIM unlock app:

  • Support you to remotely unlock their Android phones using its official website.
  • You will be given the unlock code immediately when you apple for the code, without waiting for a couple of days at all.
  • Fast, safe, and easy to use.

How to use:

Step 1: Download Unlocksimphone app from its official website. And you have to download a survey first and finish it.

Step 2: Then install this Android SIM unlock APK in your computer, and you will see a detailed guidance about how to unlock your Android device.


Step 3: Just follow the instructions in this unlocking tool, and you are able to finish the unlocking process without any efforts.

Top 2: IMEI Unlocker

IMEI Unlocker is the official Android application of the service. It is one of the easiest and safest ways to SIM unlock your Android phone, including Samsung, Huawei, LG, Blackberry, Nokia and other popular Android phone.

Key features of Android SIM unlock apk:

  • Guarantees the lowest price and fastest turnaround for SIM unlocking your Android phone.
  • Unlock your Android device through a completely legal way.
  • Permanently unlock SIM in Android using your IMEI number.

How to use:

Step 1: To begin, just open IMEI Unlocker, and click on the “Unlock” button from the dashboard in the menu screen.

Step 2: Next you can select the phone model, the current carrier for your SIM locked Android device. And then fill in with your IMEI number.

Imei Unlocker

Step 3: After the payment, as soon the order completes you will receieve the code via emails or SMS. And you manage to SIM unlock the Android phone permanently!

Top 3: SIM Network Unlock Pin

If you have a SIM Network Unlock Pin app, SIM unlocking your Android phone will be a piece of cake. This SIM unlocking software for Android offers a perfect but efficient unlocking solution for you to solve the mobile device locked problem in high efficiency.

Key features of SIM unlock app:

  • Support more than 11000 Android models, such as Sony, iPhone, Nokia, Motorola, LG, HTC, Samsung, and many other Android devices.
  • Unlock SIM network form over 900 Networks from all of the leading manufacturers.
  • Enable you to get more control of your Android device after unlocking.

How to unlock your Android SIM:

Step 1: After downloading and installing this SIM unlocking tool, fill in information about your device, such as IMEI number and so on.

Step 2: If you decide to unlock SIM card via SIM Network Unlock Pin, just make the payment with credit card or your PayPal account.

SIM Network Unlock Pin

Step 3: Wait for a while to get an email with an unlock code. Simply insert your new SIM card and enter the unlock code into your phone, and you can easily unlock the Android SIM!

Top 4: Free Unlocker

Free Unlocker is a simple Android SIM unlocking tool that anables you to get your Android device rid of a certain carrier. And this software is available for totally free! With Free Unlocker, this wonderful SIM unlock app, you can keep on using your current mobile phone with different service provider and do not have to buy a new one.

Key features of SIM unlock apk:

  • An easy-to-use- interface.
  • You are allowed to unlock SIM card on your Android phone remotely.
  • Disable PollFish surveys and AdMob advertisements.

How to unlock your Android SIM:

Step 1: Send the detail information, including the IMEI number, phone model, country, carrier and etc, to Free Unlocker.

Step 2: Finish a shot survey and share the URL to your friends, as the price of the free unlocking.

Step 3: Next the website will send you an email with an unlock code and detailed instructions inside.

Free Unlocker

Step 4: Go to unlock the SIM card in your Android phone according to the instruction correctly.

Top 5: DoctorSIM

DoctorSIM is also a powerful online SIM unlock APK to help you unlock the Android phone from different carriers. It provides the necessary solutions for you to take full control of your cell phone from the network providers or phone manufacturers.

Key features of this Android SIM unlock tool:

  • Unlock your Android device in a few quick steps without any fuss.
  • Requires no special computer knowledge and totally free.
  • Enables you to remove SIM lock in most Android devices.

How to use DoctorSIM:

Step 1: Select the brand and model of your Android phone and fill in the request form.

Step 2: Then you will receive an email from this online SIM unlocker, with your unlocking code and a step-by-step unlocking instruction inside.


Step 3: Finally, follow the simple steps to enter unlocking code into your phone. Now your Android phone will be unlocked from the current SIM card immediately.

Top 6: Worldunlock codes calculator 4.4

Worldunlock codes calculator 4.4 enables you to unlock SIM card from almost all Android phones easily. But you need to pay some payment to use this SIM unlocker. You are allowed to unlocking your mobile phone by paying and applying for codes online.

Key features of this SIM unlock app:

  • Supports millions of Android mobiles brands without any issue.
  • Provides easy but efficient way to SIM unlock your Android.
  • No jailbreak required and no limitation.

How to use:

Step 1: Download and launch this software in your computer, then fill in the detail info about your cell phone.

Step 2: Check if you have entered the info about your Android device correctly, ten tap on "Calculate".

Worldunlock Codes Calculator

Step 3: After you receive an unlock code, apply it on your Android phone to unlock the SIM card.

Top 7: UnlockItFree Unlock My Phone

A professional SIM unlock APK can help you get your Android phone unlocked from the current SIM provider much easier. And UnlockItFree Unlock My Phone should be one of the best free cell phone unlock code generator among the market, which deserves you to have a try.

Key features of this Android SIM unlock apk:

  • Offers you with free Android device unlocking through remote code on the website..
  • Develop an advanced, and precise technology to SIM unlock on Android.
  • Available for free, easy to use.

How to use this SIM unlock app:

Step 1: Select the detail model of your phone among all the phone brands. And enter the IMEI number, and other info on the program.

Step 2: Then hit on the Calculate button. Wait for a while, and UnlockItFree Unlock My Phone will give you an unlocking code on the screen.


Step 3: Insert a new SIM card into your Android device, and reboot the device. Next enter the unlock code to get your Android phone SIM unlocked!

FAQs of Android SIM unlock

What is SIM network unlock PIN/code?

SIM Network Unlock Pin is a code (usually 8 or 16 digit) used to unlock an Android phone from its original carrier. Then, you’ll be able to use it on other carriers.

What does “Network Locked SIM card inserted” mean?

It means that your phone is network locked. You can use the phone with a different SIM card other the original one sold with the phone. Some providers let you unlock your phone after meeting specific terms.

How do I unlock SIM card on iPhone?

To unlock SIM card on your iPhone, you can click here to learn 4 easy solutions.

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