The Ultimate Guide to Fix Apple ID Greyed Out on iPhone (Including iOS 17)

If you have just upgraded to iOS 14/15/16/17, or changed the password of the Apple ID, you might find the Apple ID is greyed out on the iPhone. It should block access to various services, such as the App Store, iTunes, FaceTime, iCloud, iMessage, and more. If you want to bypass the restrictions, or even fix Apple ID greyed out on iPhone, here are the 4 most frequently used methods you should take into consideration.

Apple ID Greyed out

Part 1: How to Solve Apple ID Greyed Out from Apple System Status

There is a slim chance that the Apple ID greyed out because the Apple System is down. But you can still check the Apple System Status with the following information.

Step 1Go to the Apple System Status from the following URL to find whether the status is still available.

Step 2Just wait a few more seconds, you can find Apple ID greyed out problem have already fixed automatically.

System Status Apple

Part 2: How to Fix Apple ID Greyed Out via Screen Time Passcode

When there is a restriction for Screen Time, it will limit the time to spend on the iPhone. You should find the Apple ID greyed out in the Settings if you set up a Screen Time restriction and do not allow any change.

Step 1Open the Settings App on your iPhone. Scroll down and locate the Screen Time option and tap the Content & Privacy Restrictions option.

Step 2Before resetting the Screen Time or Restriction Passcode, you need to enter the passcode beforehand.

Step 3Just scroll down and find the Account Changes option. Toggle the switch from the Don’t Allow option to the Allow option.

Note: Of course, you can also head to the Settings app and tap the Screen Time option. Scroll down to the bottom and tap the Turn Off Screen Time button to fix Apple ID greyed out with the Screen Time passcode.

Turn off Screen Time with Passcode

Part 3: How to Bypass the Apple ID Greyed out with iOS Unlocker

Whether you need to remove the screen time restriction, or bypass the Apple ID, Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker is an excellent method to solve the Apple ID greyed out in different methods. It enables you to remove the greyed-out ID to activate iPhone as a new one, recover the Screen Time restriction password, and wipe the iPhone passcode to get into the screen-locked device.

iOS Unlocker

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Sign out the greyed out Apple ID from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch directly.

Remove the screen time passcode to activate the greyed out Apple ID.

Retrieve the greyed out Apple ID for account recovery, verification, etc.

Remove iPhone screen-lock password to use it freely in Standard Mode.

Step 1Download and install the Apple ID remover, you can launch the program on your computer. Choose the Remove Apple ID mode within the program and connect iPhone to the computer.

Step 2Tap on the Trust button on the iPhone to connect the two devices. Click the Start button to start removing the Greyed out Apple ID and iCloud account associated with your iPhone.

Step 3Make sure the Find My iPhone feature is already disabled on your iPhone. Then it will remove both Apple ID and iCloud accounts within a short period of time on your iPhone.

Note: If the Find My iPhone is not disabled, you should go to the Settings app, choose the General option, and select the Reset All Settings option from the Reset option to reset all settings beforehand.

Remove Apple ID

Part 4: How to Fix Apple ID Greyed Out with Connections and Profiles

The network connection and a configuration profile are installed on your iPhone that may also cause the Apple ID greyed out. Make sure your iPhone is connected to the Internet well and check if there is any profile that set restrictions on your device.

Step 1 Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap the General option. On the General screen, you can tap the Profiles option. Then a screen will display all the profiles installed on your device.

Step 2Tap the name of the profile, a screen will display all of the details associated with that specific profile, check what restrictions are set with the profile that might cause the Apple ID greyed out.

Step 3Delete the profiles that set restrictions on your device. Scroll down to the bottom of the profile description screen, tap the Delete Profile option, then you will be asked to enter your device’s passcode.

Delete Configuration Profile

FAQs about Apple ID Greyed Out on iPhone

1. What are the Reasons that Apple ID Greyed Out?

Here are some common reasons that the Apple ID greyed out, such as the Apple server is down, screen time restriction, iPhone has been restored, error connection to iCloud, and more other reasons.

2. How to Fix Verification Failed Error for Apple ID Greyed Out?

If you have received an error message with the Verification Failed – There was an error connecting to iCloud, you can force restart the iPhone, turn on the Cellular data, and reset network settings to fix Apple ID greyed out.

3. What Happens If You Sign Out of Apple ID?

Once you have signed out of Apple ID on the iPhone, the Apple account will no longer be associated with the iPhone. It will remove iCloud and other online content, but it will not delete the offline files on the device.


The article shares the different reasons for Apple ID greyed out. If there is an error message for the problem, you can search for the troubleshooting according to the information. Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker is a versatile solution to remove the Screen Time passcode without any data loss and bypass the Apple ID restrictions you should take into consideration.

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