Best 3 iCloud Unlock Services to Remove iCloud Activation Lock

iCloud is integral for Apple users, offering seamless storage and synchronization across Apple devices. However, the iCloud Activation Lock can sometimes pose a challenge when users forget their Apple ID or purchase a second-hand device locked to someone else's account. Many services have emerged to remove the iCloud Activation Lock, providing solutions to unlock iCloud-locked devices.

iCloud Unlock Service

iCloud unlock services utilize various methods to bypass or remove the iCloud Activation Lock on your Apple device. In this article, we will share three iCloud unlocking services that can help you easily unlock the Activation Lock.

Part 1. Best iCloud Unlock Service - iOS Unlocker

Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker is a reliable and user-friendly iCloud unlock service. It specializes in removing the iCloud Activation Lock from iPhone and iPad devices. With its powerful unlocking capabilities, Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker has gained recognition among Apple users seeking a reliable solution. Moreover, it lets you safely remove the screen lock, bypass Screen Time restrictions, unlock MDM, and more.

iOS Unlocker

4,000,000+ Downloads

Bypass Apple iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad.

Wipe the forgotten Apple ID to activate your iOS device as a new one.

Erase the current screen lock, Face ID, and Touch ID.

Remove Screen Time restrictions and MDM without losing iOS data.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock Using iOS Unlocker

Step 1 Download and install the iCloud Activation Lock remover on your computer. Once installed, launch the program to begin the iCloud unlocking process. Connect your iCloud-locked iPhone to your computer via a USB cable.

Step 2 From the main interface of iOS Unlocker, select the Remove Apple ID option. This feature will initiate the process of removing the iCloud Activation Lock from your iPhone.

Choose Remove Apple ID Connect iPhone

Step 3 When your iPhone is connected and trusted, enter 0000 and click the Start button to begin the iCloud unlocking process. You can download the firmware package based on your device model. It will start removing the iCloud Activation Lock from your Apple device.

Remove Change Apple ID Password iPhone

The unlocking process may take some time, depending on your internet connection and your device's security complexity. It prioritizes data security and ensures your personal information remains safe throughout the unlocking process. It is important to keep your iPhone connected to the computer and avoid interruptions during this process.

Step 4 Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker will notify you that the iCloud lock has been successfully removed from your iPhone. Then, you can now access your device without any restrictions.

Part 2. Free iCloud Unlock Service Online - UnlockMaker

Free iCloud unlock services are online platforms that claim to provide solutions for bypassing or removing the iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone devices without any cost. These services aim to offer an accessible option for users who may not be able to afford paid unlocking services. However, it is important to exercise caution when using free services, as they may not always deliver the promised results or may pose security risks.

UnlockMaker is an online platform offering free iCloud unlock service, providing an alternative solution to bypass the iCloud lock on your iOS devices. With its user-friendly interface and claimed success rate, UnlockMaker has gained recognition among users seeking a free unlocking option. It is important to note that while UnlockMaker offers its services for free, it may also provide additional paid features or services for users who require more comprehensive solutions.

Free iCloud Unlock Service Online Unlockmaker

Part 3. Paid iCloud Unlock Service - Apple iPhone Unlock

Apple iPhone Unlock is a reputable online platform that offers iCloud unlock services. With years of experience in the industry, it has established itself as a trusted and reliable service provider. Their team of experts can help users unlock their iCloud-locked devices, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Paid iCloud Unlock Service Appleiphoneunlock

Apple iPhone Unlock boasts a high success rate in unlocking iCloud-locked devices, providing you with the assurance that your Apple device will be unlocked successfully. Like the recommended iOS Unlocker above, it guarantees the safety and security of your data. It ensures that all your personal information remains protected throughout the iCloud unlocking process. It supports commonly used iPhone models and iOS versions.

Part 4. FAQs of iCloud Unlock Services

How to choose the best iCloud unlock service?

When choosing an iCloud unlock service, here are a few factors to consider to ensure you select the best one. First, you should check the reputation and reviews of the iCloud unlock service. Also, look for information on the service's success rate in unlocking iCloud-locked devices. A higher success rate suggests a more reliable service. Last, you need to compare the prices offered by different iCloud unlock services.

Is iCloud unlock legal?

Generally, it is legal to remove the iCloud lock from your own Apple device. Unlocking an iCloud-locked device without proper authorization from others is considered to be a violation of the terms of service and may be illegal in some jurisdictions.

Can I unlock iCloud with IMEI?

The iCloud Activation Lock is tied to the Apple ID associated with your Apple device, and it requires the correct Apple ID and password to unlock it. However, some services can remove the iCloud Activation Lock through your device's IMEI or serial number. Selecting a trusted iCloud unlock service is recommended to ensure a safe unlocking process.


The iCloud Activation Lock can be a frustrating obstacle for iOS users who find themselves locked out of their devices. Fortunately, iCloud unlock services offer a solution to remove the lock, providing access to your device once again. You can use the introduced three services to bypass iCloud lock safely.

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