4 Best Ways to Unlock Samsung Phones

For Samsung users, it is a big trouble to unlock Samsung phone when you are losing the password. If you lose your Samsung Galaxy S4’s password, how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 without password?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked

Actually, it is not a trouble anymore if you read this article.

In this article, we have list 4 different ways to help you unlock Samsung phone. What you need to do is reading and getting these ways to unlock Samsung phone by yourself.

Part 1: Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3/4/5 with Carrier

The first method we introduce for you to unlock Galaxy S5 or S4, S3 is with the help of carrier. If you can’t get your Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked, you can unlock your Samsung phone by contacting your carrier. You can call your carrier and ask about the unlock policy directly. Or you can choose to contact the carrier you plan to switch to.

This way also applies to "LG phone unlock".


Part 2: Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3/4/5 with Paid Online Service

If you are willing to pay some money to unlock Samsung phone, you can try to get your Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 or Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked with paid online service.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to get your phone’s IMEI/MEID number. You can open the dialer and use the keypad to dial *#06#, and then a screen will show the 15-digital code to you.

It is a unique identifier number which is required when you order unlock codes. It is advised to copy the IMEI number so you can easily paste it later.

Online Unlock

Step 2: Now you need to find a paid online service which is reputable and can help unlock Galaxy S5, S4 or S3 in a professional way. Make sure that the service you choose to unlock Samsung phone is well-reviewed and offers a solid guarantee.

Step 3: You will be asked to provide your IMEI/MEID number, as well as contact and payment information. Make sure all the information you provide is accurate.

Step 4: Once you receive the unlock code, you need to turn your Samsung phone off and remove the old carrier’s SIM card. Then just insert the new one for the carrier you are switching to.

Step 5: Now you can turn your Samsung phone on, and you will be asked to enter the unlock password to connect the phone network, just enter the code you received from the paid online service.

Step 6: If you enter the right code, you will see your Samsung phone connect to the new mobile network. After checking the connection, you are successfully finish the process of how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 or S5.


Part 3: Manually Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3/4/5

You can also unlock Samsung phone by yourself with manual guide. If this way doesn’t work on your Samsung phone, you may need to contact carrier or pay for the online unlocking service to finish the process of how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 without password. Now you can follow the next detailed steps to get your Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 or Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked.

Step 1: Check your running Android version. You phone must be running with Android 4.1.1 or later in order to use this method. If not, update your Android system firstly.

Step 2: Then you need to open the dialer and enter *#197328640# by tapping the keypad to open the Service menu.

Step 3: After you enter the right code, your Samsung phone will automatically open the Service Mode menu. You can see all the options and here you need to select UMTS.

Step 4: In the UMTS menu, find and choose DEBUG SCREEN which is the first one. Then in Debug menu, scroll down and tap on PHONE CONTRAL. Next you will go to Phone Control page, and in this menu, select NETWORK LOCK.

Step 5: When you done these steps, you need to choose Perso SHA256 Off. Then wait about 30 seconds after you select this option. Next press the menu button and select Back. Then choose NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ.

Step 6: After choosing NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ, you need to wait for about one minute. Then you are allowed to reboot your Samsung phone, and next you can try to inset a SIM card from another carrier.

If your phone doesn’t ask you to enter unlock passcode, you are successfully get your Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 or Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked.

Manually Unlock

Part 4: Free Samsung Unlocking Software and Codes

Except using the three ways we mentioned above to unlock Samsung phone, you can also use some free Samsung unlocking code and software to unlock Galaxy S5/S4/S3, and here we list some free Samsung unlocking software and codes for you to refer.

1. Free Unlocks: It is a user friendly unlock code generator service you can find anywhere online. You can use the Samsung Galaxy S2 to S5 unlock code generator for free.

2. UnlockRiver: It also is a good tool you can use to unlock Samsung phone if you forget the password, and it is very easy and professional to use.

3. WorldUnlock Codes Calculator: It is a comprehensive Windows software program which can unlock not only Samsung phones, and you can easily to unlock your phone with this good software.


This article is written specially for those who don’t know how to unlock Samsung S3/S4 or S5. If you are one of them, you can know 4 different methods of how to unlock Samsung Galaxy in this article. Just choose the most suitable one to unlock Samsung phone follow this article. Hope you can gain something useful from this article.

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