How to Backup Call Logs on Android with Apps

Android call log contains your missed calls, dialed numbers and received calls displayed according to the date created, and you can check the talk time, number of in and out calls per contact and other more information.

However, Android only keeps the latest 500 call logs. So if you are the person who need to call frequently, you need to backup call logs from Android to the external drive or cloud storage space.

This post aims to introduce you best 6 call log backup Android apps that enable you to backup call logs to Google Drive, computer, SD card, Dropbox or elsewhere.

Call Log Backup

Part 1: How to backup Call Logs on Android to computer

Apeaksoft Android Data Backup & Restore is the easiest way to help you backup call logs from Android to computer, and restore them selectively to your Android phone directly.

Android Data Backup & Restore

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Backup Android call log to your computer (Optional encrypt backup).

Backup selective call history, instead of all call logs forcibly.

Preview and restore call log backup from computer to Android phone.

Highly compatible with Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Motorola, etc.

Step 1. Launch the call log backup app

Download and install Apeaksoft Android Data Backup & Restore on your computer. Launch it and connect Android with USB cable.

Launch the call log backup app

Step 2. Choose and scan Android call log

After your Android phone has been recognized by the app automatically, tick "Call Logs" and then hit "Next" to start scanning call log stored from your Android.

Choose and scan Android call log

Step 3. Back up call log from Android to PC

Preview details of your Android call log on the right. Select the specific call log you want to back up. Tap "Recover" and then set the destination folder to save all your call log backups.

Back up call log from Android to PC

Well, you can back up and restore call log from Android automatically or manually through above call log backup apps. And even though your call log was deleted by mistake, you can restore from previous call log backup files with ease.

Part 2: Top 5 free apps to backup call logs on Android

Apart from the above call log backup software, you can also pick up the call history apps on Android from the top 5 list in this part.

Top 1. SMS Backup+ (Backup call log/SMS to Gmail)

SMS Backup+ is the professional Android call log backup app. You can save your backup SMS, MMS and call logs in Gmail and Google Calendar. Moreover, you are able to restore call log back to your Android phone by one click. SMS Backup+ is the free call log backup APK that enables users to back up call logs and other Android data with advanced settings.

Moreover, you can choose whether to backup call log from Android to Gmail automatically or selectively. In addition, you can also set "Regular Schedule" to backup phone calls on Android frequently such as 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc. Do not worry whether call log backup from Android will cost you a lot. Just set to backup call log when connected to Wi-Fi only can prevent you unnecessary costs.

SMS Backup+

Top 2. SMS & Call Log Backup APK (Backup call log/SMS to Dropbox/Google drive)

You can use SMS & Call Log Backup to backup SMS and call log and restore them for free. And there are many features about backing up Android call logs provided.

To be more specific, you can back up call log to the existing archive from selected storage including Dropbox, Google drive, SD card, etc. And then you are able to backup new call log without the old Android call history synced the second time.

Since all your Android call log backup is independent with the Android version, you can move all call logs from one Android tablet to another easily. It is also supported to manage and restore call log individually. So it is the qualified call log backup and restore APK you can refer to.

SMS & Call Log Backup APK

Top 3. Call Logs Backup & Restore APK (Backup call log to SD card)

Call Logs Backup & Restore is the simple application enables users to backup and restore call logs for free. If you do not want to back up Android call log every single day, you can get the automatic scheduled backups service. All your backed up call log is saved in XML format on the SD card.

You can open the Call Log Backup Restore folder to view and specify call log backup items. Ads may appear during Internet permissions. In a word, you may not get as much call log backup filters as other Android call log backup apps, but it is enough to save Android backups.

Call Logs Backup & Restore APK

Top 4. SMS BACKUP & RESTORE (Backup SMS/call log to Android phone)

Your text messages and call logs will be backed up and saved in XML format with SMS Backup & Restore. Or you can set local device backup to transfer backed up call logs and SMS to Email, Google Drive and Dropbox. After that, feel free to clean up your Android tablets to get more available space.

If you buy a new Android phone, you can also use the call log backup APK to transfer all your call logs between 2 phones over Wi-Fi direct. Moreover, you can search your backups to view certain Android call history in details. And SMS Backup & Restore supports users to back up call log and SMS selectively.


Top 5. Super Backup & Restore (Backup call log to SD card/cloud)

Super Backup & Restore has been the fastest call log backup and restore app on Android phones. You are able to back up all Android files to external hard drive or cloud storage with ease. It is supported to restore backed up call logs from SD card, too.

Furthermore, Super Backup & Restore app allows users to schedule automatic backups and auto-upload scheduled backup call logs and other files to Google Drive or Gmail. In addition, you can even back up apps and app data to SD card directly.

Super Backup & Restore


This page tells the easiest way to backup call log on Android to computer and restore it easily with Apeaksoft Android Data Backup & Restore. It also shares the best 5 free backup applications to save call history to computer, SD card or cloud easily. Pick up the best methof and start your call log backup now.

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