3 Excellent Ways to Factory Unlock iPhone 15/14/13/12

You can get better network flexibility and accessibility after unlocking iPhone. And under certain cases, factory unlock iPhone can help people to save up on Internet roaming charges and change another network without restrictions. If you don't get well versed with iPhone factory unlock, you can check this post. In this article, I will show you correct ways of factory unlock iPhones in easy and lower risky methods.

Factory Unlock iPhone

Part 1. Definition & Benefits of Factory Unlock iPhone

What is iPhone Factory Unlock

In terms of a lower price, you may tend to buy an iPhone that is locked by a certain carrier than an unlocked iPhone. In that case, you are not able to use other networks. Moreover, the locked phone will also have some specific logos, functions or ringtones linked onto your mobile phone already. However, it's inconvenient for you to travel worldwide with a SIM & network-locked iPhone, many people tend to use iPhone unlockers to turn it into SIM-free or contact-free phone to acquire network flexibility and carrier accessibility.

What is the Benefit of Unlocked iPhone

What can users benefits from the factory unlock iPhone? There are three main advantages for you to refer.

1.Change cell phone providers easily - You can access another network and change specific carriers, if you are not quite satisfied with current service. Just change the SIM card simply, and then to welcome the new unlocked iPhone.

2.Save money for travelling abroad - You can avoid heavy international roaming cost for the factory-unlocked iPhone. For most travelers, unlock their iPhone and change with the local SIM abroad. Or you have to pay a lot for using their network internationally.

3.Have higher demand and resale value - If you want to sale your iPhone 13 to gather some funds to a get new iPhone 15, then make your iPhone 13 factory unlocked will attract more people, to use iPhone hassle-free immediately, without imposed iPhone and contracts.

Part 2. How to Factory Unlock iPhone for Free

If this factory locked iPhone is yours and you have met some prerequisites of a certain carrier, you can contact the carrier and ask its support technicians to help you unlock your iPhone for free.

Step 1Make sure your factory-locked iPhone is totally paid off and has been running on the original carrier's network for 40-60+ days.

Step 2Prepare and make a list of all the required information: your real name, phone number, account number, IMEI number and email account. Then, you can dial the carrier's support line below.

• T-Mobile IMEI Unlock: 800-937-8997

• AT&T IMEI Unlock: 800-288-2020

• Sprint IMEI Unlock: 888-211-4727

• Verizon IMEI Unlock: 800-922-0204

• U.S. Cellular IMEI Unblock: 888-944-9400

Step 3With the important information provided, your iPhone's carrier will send you an factory unlock code in the following 30 days. Then, you can take the detailed instructions on how to factory unlock an iPhone. Besides, you can turn to online unlock service to request an iPhone factory unlock.

Online Iphone Factory Unlock

Bonus: An All-in-One iOS Unlocker for All iOS Devices

If your iPhone is screen locked while you forget the correct passcode and fail to use the Face ID, you can rely on this professional software - Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker to help you erase forgotten passcode, Face ID, and Touch ID from all iOS devices.

iOS Unlocker

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Effortlessly erase all kinds of screen locks to get into a locked iPhone.

Remove the old Apple ID and password to set up a new one.

Bypass the Screen Time password to break various limits.

Erase iTunes backup password to re-access your files.

Part 3. Best 3 iPhone Factory Unlockers - Factory Unlock iPhone Permanently

For most people, seeking help from online iPhone unlock sites is the easy and fast method. The difficulty of unlocking iPhone is still the tough hassle. And here, you can get top 3 iPhone factory unlock sites to get official factory unlock for iPhone permanently.

Top 1:

• Unlock all iPhone models, basebands and firmware.

• Get official Apple iTunes unlock to upgrade to the latest version of iOS and sync files with iTunes permanently.

• No iPhone jailbreak necessary and remains the warranty valid.

• Easy to factory unlock any iPhone with iTunes to complete iPhone factory unlock process after you made the purchase.

How to Factory Unlock iPhone 15and Access Any Network Worldwide

Step 1 Choose Supported Models and fill in Device Details.

Turn to Official Unlock iPhone site and find Supported Models menu, choose your Handset type, and enter the IMEI. Hit Add to Cart option to complete the payment.

Step 2 Connect iPhone with iTunes to unlock your iPhone after receiving the unlock email.

Once you purchase Factory unlock iPhone service, Official iPhone Unlock site will send you emails to tell you what they had done, and process your IMEI within Apple iTunes database to mark it as unlocked. When you receive the final email to announce you factory unlock iPhone has been done, you can connect your iPhone with computer and run iTunes to unlock your phone totally.

Factory Unlock iPhone

And there are over 1,000 customers leave messages on to show their gratitude and express how easy to use the factory unlock iPhone service has been. Being the top iPhone unlocker, Official iPhone Unlock site is worth for a try.

Top 2:

You can select various iPhone carrier/network to unlock from There is a detailed price table to list every service price clearly. Feel free to factory unlock iPhone on, because it has announced that 100% money back for iPhone fail to factory unlock situations. Moreover, you can enjoy lifetime iPhone unlocked warranty and iTunes upgrade permanently. All features will stay original, like 4G, 5G, WiFi, Contacts, etc.

The whole process to factory unlock iPhone is quite easy, fill in the menu provided in, which are Please select model, Network the iPhone is locked to and Unlock options. Later, will factory unlock your iPhone over-the-air, just connect it to the Wi-Fi network easily. Enjoy the never locked iPhone in with lifetime unlock warranty here.

Top 3: can remotely unlock most Apple iPhone devices out of default network. No need to send your smart phone elsewhere, and you can just stay home to get factory unlocked iPhone, with SIM changed to use the new iPhone. There is a permanent factory unlock iPhone service as well, for people to enjoy the safe and worthy iPhone unlock service. The first step is to fill in the Unlock availability list, to check whether your iPhone can be unlocked or not. It is similar with other iPhone factory unlock services, to choose iPhone model, network your iPhone is locked to and IMEI. Waiting for the email from Cell Unlocker to announce you open iTunes to unlock your iPhone remotely.

In conclusion, these top 3 factory iPhone unlock methods have their characteristics and similarities. You can read the detail about the methods and choose according to different conditions you emphasis more. But I'm sure you can get satisfied service to factory unlock iPhone from each iPhone unlock site. Once you factory unlock iPhone, you can apply any carrier without limitations.

Part 4. FAQs about Factory Unlock iPhone

Can I factory unlock my iPhone without an IMEI number?

No, if you want to factory unlock your iPhone, check your IMEI number and status first and make sure it is eligible to be factory unlocked.

What is the difference between factory unlock and jailbreak?

Factory unlocking is the method to remove certain carrier and network restrictions from your iOS device, while jailbreak means you can access more authorities against your iOS system. The former won't void your warranty, while the latter can void your warranty.

Does factory resetting my iPhone remove the factory lock?

No, factory resetting your iPhone won't remove the factory lock. Although your data and settings are erased, your carrier lock still exists.


Here, you can learn the definition and benefits of iPhone factory unlock. If you want to factory unlock an iPhone for free, you'd better contact the original carrier and ask for its support service. Moreover, there are other paid factory unlock services you can pick. I'm sure you can get satisfactory service for factory unlocking iPhones from each iPhone unlock site. Once you factory unlock your iPhone, you can apply for any carrier without limitations.

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