7 Ways to Fix Push Notifications iPhone Not Working

Push notifications play necessary parts in our daily life. You will miss many calls, messages, and important information if your push notifications iPhone not working. It really is a big issue which may leads serious problems. But do you know how to fix it? This article gives your 7 ways to fix push notifications iPhone not working issue.

Notifications iPhone Not Working

Way 1: Check If Your iPhone is in Silent Mode

Many users meet their push notifications iPhone not working, sometimes because they put their devices in Silent Mode. If your iPhone is on Silent Mode, it is possible that push notifications iPhone not working. And if the orange strip appears as shown below, your iPhone is in Silent Mode. When you have this problem due to this reason, you can simply toggle the Silent Mode button on the left side of your iPhone to solve this problem.

Silent Mode

Way 2: Check If Do Not Disturb is Activated

If you like using iPhone, you must know Do Not Disturb, which is a wonderful feature offered by iOS. It is also known as DND and can be used to turn off notifications and calls when you want to have a relax. But when you turn on this feature by mistake, you may lead push notifications iPhone not working. It is easy to distinguish whether or not your iPhone Do Not Disturb is activated. If you see the moon like icon appear at the top of your home screen, it means DND is activated. And to turn off this feature, just open your Settings app, and then find Do Not Disturb and tap it. Next turn it off and then the push notifications will start working on your iPhone.


Way 3: Check App Notifications

When your push notifications iPhone not working, it also can be caused by the app notifications. If you close some apps notifications, it is sure push notifications iPhone not working. You can check your app notifications in Settings as well as open or close the notifications. To do this job, tap on Notifications when you are in Settings screen and then you will see all the apps which push notifications regularly on your iPhone. You can choose the app whose notifications are closed and tap it to turn it on by tapping "Allow Notifications". Then if your iPhone isn't in Silent Mode and don't open Do Not Disturb, the push notifications will work as normal.

This solutions is the universal solution when the app notification like Facebook, Instagram, etc., not working on iPhone.

Check App Notifications

Way 4: Check Whether the Network is Working in a Good Condition

To support all your apps and their push notifications, you need a stable internet. If your network is working in a bad condition, your apps won't update the news and push notifications iPhone not working. Until and unless your iPhone is connected to a strong cellular data or Wi-Fi network, you can receive push notifications at once. To connect to a Wi-Fi, or change to a stronger network, open Settings and then tap on Wi-Fi. You will see all the Wi-Fi network you can connect with are listed. Choose the preferred one and connect it by entering the password.


Way 5: Restart iPhone

There is no easier way to fix any iOS issues than to just restart your iOS devices, including fix push notifications iPhone not working. If you try all the methods we recommended above, you can try to restart your iPhone to solve this problem. You can restart your iPhone by turning it off pressing the power button for a while and then turning it on, of just press and hold both power button and home button at the same time until you see the Apple logo. This way can be used for iPhone 6s or 6 Plus and below. If you are using iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, just press and hold both volume down button and power button at the same time, until the Apple logo shows up. For iPhone 8 or later, first press and quickly release the Volume Up button and then press and quickly release the Volume Down button. Next press and hold the power button until your device restart and you see the Apple logo on your screen.

Restart iPhone

Way 6: Update iPhone iOS

If you haven't update your iOS on iPhone, it also can be one of the reasons which makes push notifications iPhone not working. Actually, iOS updates are launched to introduce some new and better features to you, as well as fix some bugs. It is one of the good ways to fix push notifications iPhone not working by updating your iOS. To update iOS, just open Settings and then tap General > Software Update. Next you can choose Download and Install to update iOS. Before the update, you need to type your password and agree the terms.

Update iPhone iOS

Way 7: Restore iPhone

Restoring iPhone is the last method you can use to fix push notifications iPhone not working if all the ways mentioned above can't help you. It can solve all the problems you have met on your iPhone and factory resets your iPhone making it as good as a new one. First connect your iPhone to computer and launch iTunes on your computer. Then click on Summary > Restore iPhone. Next click Restore to confirm your request and just wait for it. But you should know, if you choose this methods, it means you will lose all the data you save on your iPhone. So it is very necessary to back up your data or using a recovery tool to recover your data. In what follows, we recommend the best recovery to you.

Restore iPhone

If you are afraid of losing your important data during you fix push notifications iPhone not working or you want to have a good software to restore your iPhone, iPhone Data Recovery is the best software which is strongly recommended to you. It can help you recover lost or deleted photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes and more from all kinds of iOS device, iTunes and iCloud. What's more, it enables you to recover data lost in different cases, such as stolen, locked the device and forget passcode, factory reset, accidently deletion, etc. Both Windows and Mac users can enjoy this wonderful software.


We teach 7 best ways for you to fix push notifications errors. When your push notifications iPhone not working next time, you can easily solve it with the methods whit article recommend to you. Hope you can gain something helpful.

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