What is Snipping Tool and How to Use Ito to Make Screenshots

In order to help users performing various task, Microsoft introduced a lot of tools in Windows including the Snipping tool. It allows you to take screenshots as well as edit them. According to recent research, most people did not understand how to use Snipping tool completely. That is why we share this guide, which covers about taking screenshots on Windows Vista and later.

How to Use Snipping ToolHow to Use Snipping Tool

Part 1: What Is Snipping Tool?

As mentioned previously, Snipping tool is a pre-installed utility for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista users to make screenshots. The Print Screen button on your keyboard is able to take the screenshot of the entire screen and save it to your clipboard. Unlike Print Screen button, the Snipping tool can capture any portion of your screen. Moreover, it provides several custom options and editing tools to make special screenshots.


The design of Snipping tool is a bit different on various Windows systems. On Windows 10, you can find several options on the top ribbon, such as New, Mode, Delay, Cancel and Options. On Windows 8 and earlier, only New, Cancel and Options are available on the screen. To set and use Snipping tool, you can continue to learn.

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Part 2: How to Set Snipping Tool

Before you use the Snipping tool, you should set the basic options to specify how it behaves and looks.

Step 1

Click the Options menu on the top of the Snipping tool window to open the Options dialog.

Step 2

There are two sections on the dialog, Application and Selection. You can find several options in the Application area:

Hide instruction text: hide the prompt under each button when using Snipping tool.

Always copy snips to the Clipboard: send screenshots to your clipboard directly.

Include URL below snips: include the URL of the webpage in your screenshots when using Snipping tool to capture web pages. It is only available if you save the screenshot as HTML file.

Prompt to save snips before existing: save all screenshots you have not saved when closing the Snipping tool.

Show screen overlay when Snipping Tool is active: show a white overlay to tell you the recording area. You can check and uncheck the options based on your need.

There are two options in the Selection section. If you tick the checkbox next to Show selection ink after snips are captured, you can set the Ink color as you wish.

Even you using the tool on Toshiba computer, the steps of screenshotting Toshiba are the same.



Part 3: How to Take a Screenshot

Before Windows 10, the Snipping tool usage remained unchanged. On Windows 10, the Snipping tool has all the same features as processor, but also adds the capability of take a delayed screenshot.

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10

Step 1

Press the Start menu at the bottom left corner, and then search for and open Snipping tool for use.

Step 2

Click and expand the Mode menu on the top ribbon and choose a snip shape, such as Rectangular Snip. If you want to capture an irregular shape, choose Free-form Ship.

Step 3

To make a delayed screenshot, unfold the Delay menu and decide how many seconds the Snipping tool waits.

Step 4

Next, hit the New menu, click the starting point and drag your mouse to cover the desired area. Once release your mouse, the screenshot will present on Snipping tool.

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 8 and Earlier

Step 1

When it comes to Windows 8 or earlier, you can still open the Snipping tool from the Start menu.

Step 2

Click the Downward button next to the New menu. Then you can choose the screenshot shape, which is the same with the Mode menu on Windows 10.

Step 3

If you are ready, click the New menu to make a screenshot.

How to Edit the Screenshot within Snipping Tool

Step 1

After using Snipping tool to make a screenshot, you will be presented the editor window.

Step 2

Use the Pen of Snipping tool to write down annotations on your screenshot. The Highlighter tool is used to emphasize important area. If you are not satisfied, use the Eraser to remove them.

Step 3

Finally, you have several ways to use the screenshot in Snipping tool. Click the Save icon to open the save dialog, drop a name and destination, and click Save. To store the screenshot to your clipboard, click the Copy icon. Moreover, you can share the screenshot by hitting the Share icon.

Part 4: Best Alternative to Snipping Tool: Screen Recorder

Using Snipping tool, you can make screenshots on Windows quickly. However, it is not a perfect utility. From this point, we recommend Apeaksoft Screen Recorder. It is the best alternative solution to use Snipping tool to capture your screen.

Screen Recorder

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Record everything on your screen and make a recording video.

Take screenshots on Mac and Windows while capturing your screen.

Include extensive features, like drawing tools, media player, etc.

Control the screen recording with hotkeys based on your preferences.

How to Use the Alternative to Snipping Tool

Step 1Set up Screen Recorder

Download and install the alternative to Snipping tool to your PC. There is another version for Mac. Launch it and choose Screen Capture in the main interface to open the snapshot window.

Step 2Make a snapshot without Snipping Tool

Then your cursor will become the shape of a cross. Click on the very top left point of the area you want to capture, and then drag and move your mouse. Make sure to cover the entire area. You can monitor the dimension of the area on-screen including the position of your cursor. It can be used to make the snapshot accurately.

Cross Shape
Step 3Save the capture

Once you release your mouse, the snapshot will be captured. Then you can draw it or add text on the next window. Finally, you can copy the screenshot to your clipboard or save it to your hard drive.



Now, you should understand what Snipping tool is and how to use Snipping tool on Windows. More questions? Please leave your messages in the comment area below.

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