How to Capture Scrolling Window with Snagit Easily

How to take a screenshot of a whole webpage or PDF file with Snagit scrolling capture? Since the default snipping tools of Windows and Mac do not provide the scrolling capture feature, Snagit is one of the most popular methods. Just learn more details about how to capture scrolling screenshots via Snagit as well as the best alternative. Moreover, you can also find the troubleshooting for Snagit scrolling capture from the article.

Snagit Scrolling Capture

Part 1: How to Capture Scrolling Screenshot with Snagit

Snagit is popular snipping and video recording program to capture, edit and share all onscreen activities with ease. It has different modes to capture screenshots, including Snagit scrolling capture. Just learn more details about the process as below.

Option 1: Capture Scrolling Screenshot with Snagit Directly

Step 1Once you have downloaded and installed the snipping tool, you can launch the program and choose the All-in-One menu.

Step 2Then you can click the red Capture button and scrolling down the webpage according to the yellow arrow.

Step 3Click the arrow to take a horizontal scrolling area, a vertical scrolling area, or the entire scrolling area with Snagit.

Scrolling capture snagit directly

Option 2: Capture Scrolling Screenshot with A Preset via Snagit

Step 1When you need to capture Snagit scrolling screenshot frequently, you can choose a preset with Snagit 13 or above versions.

Step 2Click the Presets option in the bottom left corner and scroll down to choose the New Preset option within the program.

Step 3Choose the Image menu and select the Scrolling Window option. Then save and name the preset for screen capturing.

Step 4Moreover, you can also set up a hotkey for Snagit scrolling capture. You can simply press the hotkey to get the desired screenshot.

Snagit preset

Part 2: Best Snagit Alternative to Take Screenshot with Ease

What is the best Snagit alternative to take screenshots? Whether you need to capture screencast with audio, or take/edit snapshots with ease, Apeaksoft Screen Recorder is the desired versatile screen recorder. It enables you to tweak the audio and video settings, set up hotkeys/recording area, and even manage the files with ease. Besides, you can use this screen recorder to capture scrolling window with ease.

Screen Recorder

4,000,000+ Downloads

Capture full screen, a certain window or a customized screenshot easily.

Tweak the photo format, video/audio settings and more other parameters.

Add annotations, shapes, watermarks, callouts, texts, lines, arrows, etc.

Manage the screenshots, videos, audio files and others within media library.

Step 1Download and install the screen recorder, you can launch the program on your computer. Choose the Snapshot option and select Scrolling Window from the drop-down list of Snapshot.

Scrolling Down Capture

Step 2Then you can select the area you want to record and scroll down with the mouse, press Space on your keyboard, or press the left click of the mouse. Tap esc if you want to end the process.

Stop Scrolling Down

Step 3Click the Disk button to save the picture you made. It will pop up a window for you to select the save path. You can go to the Recording history option to view and edit the snapshots according to your requirement.

All recorded files

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Part 3: Troubleshooting for Snagit Scrolling Capture

1. Why Cannot Scrolling Capture for PDF Files with Snagit?

Snagit unable to detect the scroll bars on the screen properly. Because of you are not able to locate the arrows to scrolling capture for PDF files. In order to capture a PDF or multi-page PDF document, use the Snagit Printer to capture scrolling as desired.

2. How to Use the Panoramic Capture via Snagit?

When you need to take a vertical scrolling capture via Snagit, you can also use the panoramic capture instead. Just follow the same process to click the Capture button and click the Panoramic Capture button, and then click the Start button to take a scrolling capture with Snagit.

3. Why the Snagit Scrolling Capture Does Not Work?

There are lots of reasons that the Snagit scrolling capture does not work, such as the website, browser, operation system and other factors. Just check the reason in different situations, choose the panoramic capture, or even choose Apeaksoft Screen Capture as the best alternative.


When you want to capture scrolling capture with Snagit, you can learn more details from the ultimate guide. It not only provides the two frequently used Snagit scrolling capture modes, but also provides troubleshooting to the problems. If you have any query about how to capture scrolling screenshot via Snagit, you can leave a comment in the article.

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