5 Easy Solutions Recover Deleted Pictures on Android Phone/iPhone

"I just cannot find the pictures I took several days ago. I have no idea whether the files are deleted by accident or just lost from my Samsung Galaxy S7. How to recover deleted pictures from my Android phone?" - James Allen

Recover Deleted Pictures

What are the best ways to retrieve deleted photos from iPhone or Android phone? Will you take the risk to overwrite the files on your phone to get back the pictures from iCloud or even root the Samsung Android phone? It should be a frustrated experience as for this. The article explains 5 easy solutions to recover deleted pictures on both Android phone and iPhone. Check out more detail from the article now.

Section 1. How to Recover Photos on Android

Actually when you delete the photos on Android, the files are still remaining in the storage of your Samsung Galaxy S7. You should take action to recover the pictures on Android at the first moment.

Note: But if you download some extra photo recovery apps, the storage might be overwritten, you cannot recover deleted photos on Android and lose them forever. Just check out the solutions before taking further action. Whatever the solution you choose, you should make sure the photos not erase from Android completely. As for the case, you need to remain the Samsung Galaxy S7 untouched.

Method 1: How to Recover Pictures without overwriting

Android Data Recovery is the recommended Data Recovery for Android that recovers removed pictures from computer selectively without overwritten the whole files. It should be the safest and most efficient method.

Step 1. Connect Android to PC

Once you install the Android Data Recovery, you can connect Galaxy Phone to PC or Mac. You can make sure to enabled "USB debug on Android phone" to allow the program to detect Android phone.

Connect Android to PC

Step 2. Choose File Type as Picture

Choose the Media & Messages option from the program, which is available for the Pro Version. Just select the Gallery and Picture Library to retrieve the deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S7.

Choose File Type

Step 3. Scan Galaxy Phone

And then you will receive a confirmation dialogue to grant the photo recovery for Android. Press Allow/Grant/Authorize to get the permission and access to scan the deleted photos from Galaxy phone.

Scan Galaxy Phone

Step 4. Recover Removed Photos

Once the scanning process ends, you will find the deleted pictures in your Android phone. Choose the pictures you want and click the "Recover" button to get them back with the program.

Method 2. How to Get Back Images with Google Photos

If you have ever backed up the images to Google Photos, you can restore deleted photos and videos from Google account. It is recommended to turn on the back up & sync on option, even if you remove the photos as for the case, the files will stay in trash for 60 days. You can find them back more easily.

Step 1. Launch the Google Photos App

Open the Google Photos App on your Android phone. Of course, you can also launch the Google Photos on computer in order not to replace the photos in your Android phone.

Step 2. Search for the Deleted Photos

And then at the Menu option from the upper left corner, tap the Trash option. You can check out the deleted photos or videos to recover.

Step 3. Restore Deleted Photos from Google Photos

Tap Restore icon from the upper-right corner. The photos will be saved to Google Photo Library and add back in the original album.

Restore Deleted Photos from Google Photos

Method 3. How to Retrieve Photos via Android App

It is a good method to download some photo recovery APK for Android beforehand. Recover Deleted Photos 2016 is the recommended application to recover my deleted photos by scanning all your Galaxy S7 from Internal and external memory. What is the more important, you do not have to root your Android phone.

Step 1. Download and install Android App

Just download and install Recover Deleted Photos 2016 on your Android phone. And then launch the program to retrieve images.

Step 2. Choose the Deleted Photos

Once you access to the Photo Recovery App, you can choose the deleted photo from the list menu to get it back to your Android.

Step 3. Retrieve Deleted Photos directly

Tap the Green RESTORE button to restore the deleted photos. And then you can find the photos back to your Samsung Galaxy S7 now.

Retrieve Deleted Photos

Section 2. How to Retrieve a Picture on iPhone

Apple provides some default solutions to retrieve a picture for iPhone, you can get the file back from iTunes. But it is frustrated that you might lose some photos you recently taken on iPhone. Is there any way to get back a deleted photo selectively without restore to the whole backup files for iPhone?

Method 1: How to Recover Pictures for iPhone with Computer

iPhone Data Recovery is the versatile and all-in-one Photo Recovery for iPhone. It is able to recover a deleted photo from iOS device, iTunes backup files and iCloud backup files. Just check out the detail process to restore a removed photo from iOS device as below.

Step 1. Start scanning iPhone

When you connect iPhone to computer, you can launch iPhone Data Recovery to detect the iPhone. And then you can click the Start Scan button to start scanning iPhone to recover the deleted photos.

Start Scanning iPhone

Step 2. Preview the deleted photos

Choose the Photo Stream or Photo Library to check the deleted photos. And then you can preview the recovered photos from the program. As for the case, you will not overwrite any data on iPhone.

Preview the Recover Photos

Step 3. Recover Deleted Photos Selectively

Click the Recover button to get back the photos you deleted accidently from your iPhone. Just choose the destination folder in order to save the file to your Windows or Mac. And then you can get the files back on computer now.

Recover Deleted Photos

Method 2: How to Get a Photo Back from Google Photos

iCloud only provides limited storage space with 5GB only. If you need the Cloud service to backup photos, Google Photos is a highly recommended service you need to take into consideration. When you delete a photo by mistake, you can follow the steps to get the photo back from Google Photos.

Step 1. Go to Google Photos on iPhone.

Open your iPhone to choose the Google Photos App from the Home screen.

Step 2. Select the photo from Trash.

And then you can access to Trash on the upper-left. Hold the photo you want to recover.

Step 3. Restore deleted photos for iPhone.

Once you tap the Restore button, you can get the removed file back to Photos App.

Restore Deleted Photos for iPhone

Bonus Tips: Backup Android Photos to PC

As for some precious photos, you also need to back Android photos to PC instead. If you deleted some photos by accident, you can always get deleted photos back with ease. Some Cloud services, such as Google Photos or iCloud might be a solution, but in order to manage the photos and other files of Android, Android Data Backup & Restore should be a nice option to backup and restore Android data to computer within one click. It also empowers you to preview data in detail before you recover deleted photos from backup.


Whether you delete pictures accidently on Galaxy or iPhone, it does not mean the photos are gone forever. You need to find the best solution to get deleted pictures back from the listed methods. If you have ever backed up the photos, you can retrieve removed photos from the cloud services or computer with ease. Or else, you need the professional Android Data Recovery to recover deleted photos without overwritten. More questions about the methods, you can share the detail with us in the comments.

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