Recover Trash on Mac with Best Deleted File Recovery Tools

It always happens that you delete a file, folder or entire disk by mistake. The first thing emerging in your mind is the backup. But if you do not have a backup, is it possible to recover trash on Mac or how to recover trash on Mac? This is a question, for that there are so many possibilities. Apple has iintegrated many utilities into Mac OS X/11, like Disk Utility, Finder, Preview and more. Unfortunately, Mac undelete tool is not included. Today, we are going to address your puzzles. In this tutorial, we will talk about whether you can get back deleted files on Mac and how to recover trash on Mac effectively.

Recover Trash on Mac

Part 1. Is it possible to recover trash on Mac

Before we go into how to recover trash on Mac, you may want to know whether it is possible to recover trash on Mac computer. The answer may be different depending on the situations. Though Apple does not offer an undelete tool for Mac computers, it has a lot of ways to get back a deletion file.

1. If you deleted the files in the Finder app, you can get them back by clicking on Undo Move in Edit menu immediately. The prerequisite is that deletion is the last operation you did in the Finder app.

2. Another place you can get deleted files back is the Trash app. If the erased files are still in the Trash, you can go to Trash on the Dock to recover files.

3. Time Machine is a backup service developed by Apple for Mac. If you have Time Machine on your Mac computer, the lost files may be backed up with the last edit version. Go to Time Machine >Spotlight to restore deleted files.

4. Besides Time Machine, a few people use cloud services or internet-hosted backup systems, such as Dropbox, Crashplan or Backblaze. Then you can search for the deleted files in these backup services.

However, if none of those solutions is true, there are still chances. Even though you have deleted the files, information, such as the real data, file size and location, are associated with the files are still intact until the space marked as free occupied by new generated data. Of course, you cannot view the files without professional tools. In order to increase the possibilities of trash recovery on Mac, you should stop using your computer immediately, when you discover that you have erased some files accidentally. Then search for a professional deleted file recovery service or use the Mac deleted file recovery tools we recommended below.

Part 2. Top 3 Mac deleted file recovery tools

To learn about how to recover trash on Mac, you have to grasp a professional tool, like Disk Drill 3, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac or Wondershare Data Recovery. As you can see, it is not easy to retrieve deleted files on Mac. You'd better grasp more than one recovery tool. If one is invalid, you can try another one.

Disk Drill 3

Disk Drill 3 is a dedicated data recovery tool for Mac computers. Its key features include:

1. Recover most file formats from hard drive or extra storage.

2. Scan and retrieve recently deleted files in one click

3. Offer extra tools to manage, protect, and clean up Mac computer.

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Step 1. Open Disk Drill for Mac after installing it on your computer. Make sure to uncheck all options on the first pop-up window.

Step 2. When the main interface shows up, tick the checkbox in front of the hard drive that the deleted files have stored in and click on the Recover button at upper right corner. Then the software will start scan the hard drive and try to recover lost files.

Step 3. On the scanning result window, you filter the found files by date, size and format. Once you discover the deleted file you want to recover, you can click the eye button to preview the content within this Mac trash recovery tool.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is another professional application to help you get rid the trouble of how to recover trash on Mac. Its principal features include:

1. Get back deleted files on Mac easily and quickly.

2. Retrieve formatted files from hard disk, memory card and other devices.

3. Recover lost data from partition that deleted accidentally.

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Step 1. Open the Mac data recovery tool and select the data type you want to get back by ticking the checkboxes.

Step 2. Then choose a location where you stored the lost files and click on Scan button to start scanning.

Step 3. When it is done, preview the results arranged by path, type or time. Select the files you want to recover and click Recover button to restore them.

Wondershare Data Recovery

It is the last one on our list of best Mac files recovery tools. Its main features include:

1. Retrieve lost files from Mac computer, memory card, hard drive, flash drive and other storage medium.

2. Coverage images, documents, videos, music and more formats.

3. Get back files deleted by mistake, system crash, format, improper partition and more.

Wondershare Data Recovery

Step 1. Run Wondershare Data Recovery and select the data types by ticking the checkboxes. Click on Next to continue.

Step 2. On the second window, choose a hard drive and click on Start button to search for the lost files.

Step 3. Then you can preview all recoverable files on the result window organizing by categories. Select the deleted files and click on Recover button to complete how to recover trash on Mac. Here you may also want to know how to delete apps on Mac.

Part 3. Data Recovery – File retrieval on Windows computer

The above part mainly talks about the data recovery for Mac users. If you run both Windows and Mac computers, then you should not miss Apeaksoft Data Recovery, the Windows files recovery software.

Data Recovery

  • It is strong to recover the deleted files from USB flash drive, recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, etc.
  • It recovers images in JPG, TIFF/TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, CRW, CR2, NEF, ORF, RAF, SR2, MRW, DCR, WMF, DNG, ERF, RAW, etc.
  • It retrieves the media files in the formats of AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, SWF, MPG, AIFF, M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA, MID/MIDI, etc.
  • Documents like DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, PPT/PPTX, PDF, CWK, HTML/HTM, INDD, EPS, etc. are recoverable.
  • Email and other data like ZIP, RAR, SIT, and more are supported to get back.
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP (SP2 or later).
  • Check this video tutorial to learn how to recover deleted data on Windows computer.
Download for WinDownload for Mac

Check this video tutorial to recover deleted files from trash on your computer.

Data Recovery on WindowsPlay

More trash data recovery tools, visit here: Top data recovery software.


In this article, we have discussed how to recover trash on Mac computers. Firstly, we answer the question whether it is possible to recover trash on Mac. Of course, you can get back deleted files on Mac. And we have offered some basic ways to get back the trash on Mac. If the basic solutions are not feasible, you can try some professional Mac data recovery tools, like iPhone Data Recovery for Mac. There is a wide range of programs announced to be able to recover trashed data on Mac, but few actually work. So, we tested popular recovery tools and identified top 3 Mac recovery tool. If you are confused by the problem of how to recover trash on Mac, you can try these trashed data recovery tools.

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