FRP Unlock - How Can You Do Factory Reset Protection Bypass

How do you do FRP bypass or remove Google verification after a factory reset? FRP is known as Factory Reset Protection, which is an Android security feature that prevents unauthorized access after restoring factory settings. But when you need to upgrade your Android phone, sell it, or even use it in an insecure environment, you have to disable or bypass the FRP lock in advance. Just learn more about the FRP unlock methods to bypass the Factory Reset Protection, and restore the lost data after the process from the article.

FRP Bypass

Part 1: What Is a Factory Reset Protection

Factory Reset Protection is a security feature of Android devices. Once you have set up a Google account on the device, you need to provide the account credentials if you want to unlock the device after the device has been restored to factory settings. It is the reason you have to bypass FRP when your phone is FRP locked.

If your Google account is locked and cannot be verified, here you can get concrete steps to bypass Google Verification after a factory reset. The Google Verification code is a dynamic password toolkit of Google Verifier, which has a similar working principle as SMS dynamic verification. After binding, a dynamic verification code is generated every 30 seconds. Don't worry if you forget your Google account password, for there are powerful methods to do Android 14/15 FRP bypass easily.

Part 2: The Easiest Way to Remove FRP

Although FRP is troublesome when you don't know the Google account password, it's quite easy to bypass FRP with a computer. iToolab UnlockGo is a very powerful desktop program to fulfill Android 14/15 FRP bypass. You only need a USB cable to help the program recognize your phone, and then it'll bypass FRP with only one click.

Main Features:

• Plug your phone into your computer to remove FRP with only one click.

• Confirm your phone brand to remove the FRP accurately.

• Bypass FRP on various phone brands with all Android versions.

• Help you easily reset your phone before FRP bypass.

Step 1Open iToolab UnlockGo and connect your Android phone to your computer. Click Bypass Samsung FRP or Bypass FRP Lock on Other Brands button.

Choose FRP

Step 2It will be very easy to bypass FRP with this program. Click the Start button to remove the FRP on your Android phone. After that, you can hard reset your Android to start using your phone without restrictions.

Start To Bypass

Part 3: How to Bypass FRP Google Account Verification After Reset

Just as mentioned above, the Google account is the major FRP to guarantee the safety and security of the Android device. It prevents Android phones from working when your Google account is stolen or lost. The important data on the phone will be protected in this way.

If you do not disable or bypass Factory Reset Protection before factory reset, the Google account will be locked. As for the case, you will be trapped at the Verify your Account page, which shows that you need to log in using the Google account that was synchronized on the former device.

How to Bypass FRP via Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard is a virtual keyboard for iOS and Android devices. It allows you to perform web searches, query images, or even emoji without leaving the keyboard. You can use it to bypass the FRP Google Account Verification after a factory reset. Just learn more about the process as below.

Step 1Once you have reset your Android phone, you can choose a language and link to a Wi-Fi network. Enter the Google account login page and you will see the keyboard on the screen. You need to click the @ symbol on your keyboard, then hold it down until the Settings window appears, then select the Google Keyboard Settings option.

Bypass FRP by Google Keyboard Settings

Step 2Click on the three dots at the top-right corner and select the Help and Feedback option. You can select the Use Google Keyboard option in the help section. After that, click and hold any text on the page, and then click the Web Search option.

Step 3Type the Settings option until the search bar appears and goes down to the menu to find the About phone option. Here you need to find the Build number option and click it 7 times, which will enable the Developer options button.

Step 4After that, you need to return to the menu and go to the Developer options window, click the OEM Unlocking button to unlock, and you need to click the back button twice to bypass FRP. You must restart the mobile device and connect to a Wi-Fi network.

OEM Unlocking

Step 5Just add a new Google account or use another account once you have successfully bypassed FRP Google account verification. It is easy to bypass the Google Account Verification and connect the Google account to the device afterward.

Part 4: How to Restore Android Data from FRP Bypass

Once you have bypassed FRP and accessed your Android phone, you should restore the lost data after factory resetting. Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery is an advanced data recovery to recover and export the deleted or lost data from Android phones. It will automatically scan for lost and missing files to recover lost data on internal memory/SD card/SIM card, including contacts, messages, videos, photos, documents, account information, and so on. Thanks to its read-only scan algorithms, it ensures that data remains unchanged after recovery.


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Recover the lost or deleted data after FRP bypass or factory reset.

Preview, backup, and restore the important Android files efficiently.

Back up and manage the lost or deleted files on your computer easily.

Compatible with most Android phones, tablets, and SD cards.

Step 1Connect your Android phone to the computer with the original USB cable. Once you have installed Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery, you can launch the program and choose the Android Data Recovery menu to retrieve the files.

Bypass FRP by Google Keyboard Settings

Step 2Choose the file types you want to recover before clicking the Next button, such as the Contacts, Messages, WhatsApp, and others. After that, the program will check your Android device information and scan your data on your Android device.

Bypass FRP by Google Keyboard Settings

Step 3It will pop up a window for you to authorize FoneGo App. Just allows the program to access the data on your phone. After it shows the Successful Authorization message for the parts you want to scan, you can click the Scan authorized files button.

Bypass FRP by Google Keyboard Settings

Step 4The lost data after the FRP bypass or factory reset will be recovered in the left bar. After you have decided on the data you want to recover, click the Recover button on the right bottom corner to start. It will restore the files to the destination folder on your computer accordingly. It's also a good way to back up your Android to your PC.

Bypass FRP by Google Keyboard Settings

Part 5: FAQs about Bypass Google Lock

Is it possible to remove FPR Google Verification completely on Android?

Yes. But due to the different OS versions and Android models, the methods to remove or bypass Google FPR might be different. You can Google credentials, Odin 3, or other solutions to remove the Google Verification from your Android phone accordingly.

How to find the lost Google Account and password?

If you do not want to skip Google FRP, you can retrieve the Google account and password from the Google Account Recovery page. After that, you can click on the I don’t know my password option to recover/reset your Google account password.

Does Factory Reset remove the Google Account?

Factory Reset will only enable you to remove the Google account from the Android phone. However, the Google account is still accessible with all the information. You can log in to the account with the same email and password that you used to create the account.


Here are two workable methods to bypass FRP or Google Verification after a factory reset. Google Keyboard is a frequently used workaround you can consider, but to ensure a high success rate, you should choose iToolab UnlockGo to do FRP bypass. When you lose some important files during the Factory Reset Protection bypassing process, Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery is the best choice to get them back.

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