Top 5 iPhone Unlockers to Unlock Carrier-Locked iPhone

Have you ever wanted to unlock your carrier-locked iPhone?

There are free ways of unlocking your carrier-locked iPhone manually, but some of they may not work efficiently.

Iphone Unlocker

In addition, there are hundreds of paid iPhone unlockers or SIM network unlock Pin programs among the market, offering with the unlock code to help you unlock your iOS device.

However, you may get confused that which iPhone unlocker is easy to use while which one is too complicated to operate.

Do no worry. This passage lists the best 5 iPhone unlockers available in the market as well as tells the comparison between different unlock service tools. Read this article and achieve your aims!

Note: This page is mainly showing you the best iPhone unlocked to unlock carrier, instead of iPhone screen is locked due to password forgotten.

If your iPhone is locked for password, just visit this page to unlock an iPhone.

Part 1: Best 5 iPhone unlockers

Top 1 iPhone unlocker: iPhone IMEI

iPhone IMEI should be one of the easiest iPhone unlock service software. This iPhone unlocker helps to unlock your iOS device by whitelisting your IMEI: firstly check your iPhone’s IMEI, and secondly unlock your iPhone using IMEI number. The IMCI number of your device will be whitelisted from Apple Activation Database.

To use this iPhone unlocker to unlock your iOS device.

Step 1: Select the model of your iPhone

Just tap on "Unlock iPhone" in the main interface, and choose the model of your iPhone, iPhone 8 as an example, and also the network that your iPhone is locked to.

Step 2: Make a payment

Next hit on "Unlock" button to go to the checkout pay. After you pay for the amount, you can receive the codes in your email.

This unlocking process is totally legal, so you do not have to worry that it will voilate any terms or warranties from Apple.

What’s more, you are able to upgrade iOS system or sync your iOS device with iTunes, iPhone IMEI guarantees that your device will never be re-locked!

Iphone Imei

Top 2 iPhone unlocker: Cell Unlocker

Cell Unlocker enables you to switch between different service providers using the same mobile device. You can get your unlock code within an ultra-competitive price. This iPhone unlocker has no malware, spyware, and no software required.

Besides, Cell Unlocker offers 100% guarantee that there is no risk to your iPhone or hardware between unlocking.

Here is a general guide about unlocking your iPhone with Cell Unlocker:

Step 1: Choose your device

Simply choose the model of your iPhone, and then click "UNLOCK NOW". It supports Apple as well as Android.

Step 2: Pay for this iPhone unlocker

Buy it now safely & securely with PayPal at the world's most competitive prices. Or you can get it completely free on Trial Pay.

Step 3: Unlock your iPhone

Finally you will get an email with everything you need to know. Then enter the unlock code, you can unlock your iPhone successfully!

Cell Unlocker

Top 3 iPhone unlocker: SIM Unlock Service

SIM Unlock Service provies you fast carrier IMEI unlock service for any of your mobile devices, from iPhone to HTC, LG, Sony and Huawei, etc. as you know, finding an easy-to-use iPhone unlocker and unlocking a carrier SIM locked iPhone is so vital.

That’s exactly why you need such a hassle free iPhone unlocker---SIM Unlock Service.

Follow the next tips to unlock your carrier-locker iPhone:

Step 1: Enter your iPhone IMEI

Dial *#06# on your iOS device to get the IMEI number of your iPhone, and then enter this number in this iPhone unlocker.

Step 2: Pay securely

Select the model of your device, and choose the most accessible method of payment for you.

Step 3: Receive your Unlock Code

After finishing the payment, you will receive an email with the unlock code. Type in the code to unlock your iPhone!

Sim Unlock Service

Top 4 iPhone unlocker: Unlock Base

With Unlock Base, you are able to unlock all types and brands both iOS and Android after you do an iPhone unlock check. As a professional iPhone unloker, the most important feature of Unlock Base is obviously its unconditional Prices. It guarantees that it provides the cheapest price among the market.

To use this service to unlock your iPhone:

Step 1: Choose Unlock

Tap on "Unlock" button on the home screen of this iPhone unlocker, and select the model of your iOS device.

Step 2: Pay for the Unlock Base

If you are satisfied with how much you need to pay and how long this process will take, continue to finish the payment.

Step 3: Unlock your iPhone

Next enter your IMEI number and your email address. Tap on "Proceed to check out" and wait for the IMEI code sent to your email.

Unlock Base

Top 5 iPhone unlocker: Official iPhone Unlock

If you are looking for an effective, fast and safe iPhone unlocker to unlock your iOS device, Official iPhone Unlock should be a nice choice for you to take into consideration. With Official iPhone Unlock, you are allowed to unlock your iPhone in the fastest possible time. And it is also safe and secure enough.

Step 1: Choose your model

Go to the navigation panel on the left sidebar, tap on "Buy now" option. Choose your model of the iPhone from the listed iOS device mode.

Step 2: Enter your IMEI and Network

Next type in the IMEI number and network in the blank textbox. It is necessary and you have to enter your IMEI into this iPhone unlocker.

Step 3: Wait for the code

Then it will turn to the checkout page where you need to make the payment. Enter your email address and you will receive the unlock code.

Official iPhone Unlock

Part 2: Comparison between different iPhone unlockers

iPhone unlockeriPhone IMEICell UnlockerSIM Unlock ServiceUnlock BaseOfficial iPhone Unlock
Support iPhoneYesYesYesYesYes
Support AndroidNoYesYesYesNo
Supports National OperatorYesYesYesYesYes
Supports International operatorNoYesYesYesYes


After reading this tutorial, have you get a clear understanding about the best 5 iPhone unlockers? Go to download the one you are most interested, and follow the tips above to unlock your carrier-locker device!

If you have any other problems or thought about iPhone unlocker, please share them in the comment!

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