How to Unlock Sony Xperia

Have you ever felt troublesome that your Sony Xperia phone is locked to a specific service provider and you cannot get a suitable network for your device?

In order to change a new service carrier and network, what you need to do first is to unlock your Sony Xperia.

How To Unlock Sony Xperia

It is not as complex as it sounds like. It is quite easy actually. And you can solve this issue through three different solutions. If you do not know how to achieve it, just read this passage!

This article is going to tell you the advantages about unlocking your Sony Xperia, and show you all the three methods to unlock the device step by step. If you are interested in this topic, please keep on reading and learn more details.

Part 1: The benefit to unlock Sony Xperia

Generally speaking, unlocking your Sony Xperia will be much convenient for you, especially when you are eager to switch your phone to any service provider you like. If you are always on the business trip or travelling all of the word, it will be much affordable to change a local SIM card than paying for exorbitant roaming charges.

May you will thing about buying a brand new unlocked Sony Xperia so that you do not have to search solutions to unlock it. In the long run, however, chances are that you will pay much more for an unlocked Sony Xperia.

Part 2: How to unlock Sony Xperia with app/software

Even though you can find hundreds of unlocking software in Google Play Store, you have to pay attentions that many of these apps are just fraud. And the torrent files available online are not suggested to download, either.

There are frequently some Trojans or other malware attached on these streaming apps. Here this passage recommends you a professional unlocking program, SIM Network Unlock Pin, to help you unlock your Sony Xperia.

SIM Network Unlock Pin offers unlocking for over 11,000 handsets models using over 900 Networks from all of the leading manufacturers, including Sony, iPhone, Nokia, Motorola, LG, HTC, Samsung, and etc. what’s more, Unlock My Phone app has developed a fantastic set of tools to enable you get more control of the unlocked Sony Xperia.

Here are the detailed steps to use SIM Network Unlock Pin:

Step 1: Download and install SIM Network Unlock Pin

After downloading and installing this wonderful Sony Xperia unlocking tool, launch it on your computer. Then fill in information about your device, such as phone model, the country, network and IMEI number and so on.

Step 2: Make a payment

If you decide to unlock the Sony Xperia via SIM Network Unlock Pin, make the payment with credit card or your PayPal account. All the methods of payment will be processed by PayPal.

Step 3: Receive the unlock code

Wait for a while to get an email with a confirmation and an unlock code. Simply insert your new SIM card and enter the unlock code into your phone, and you can easily unlock your Sony Xperia phone!

SIM Network Unlock Pin

Part 3: How to unlock Sony Xperia with Carrier

The safest way for you to unlock your Sony Xperia device is to contact with your current carrier. It is easy and direct, and it may takes you a couple of days to get an response from the carrier.

And here is a list of the default customer support line:

Sprint Customer Service - 1 (888) 211-4727

AT&T Customer Service - 1 (800) 331-0500

Verizon Customer Service - 1 (877)-746-0909

T-Mobile Customer Service - 1 (800) 922-0204

Step 1: Call your current carrier

Dial the phone number listed above to ask the your customer service what are the requirements to get your Sony Xperia unlocked.

Step 2: Provide the detail info about your device

Once you are ensure to meet the requirements to unlock your mobile phone, offer the detail information about your iOS device as they require, such as your IMEI number and so on.

Step 3: Enter the unlock PIN

Then the customer service will give you the SIM network unlock PIN through email or via SMS. Just change a new SIM card and key in the unlock code when it prompts you, you have managed to unlock your Sony Xperia succeffully!

Enter Unlock Pin

Part 4: How to unlock Sony Xperia with SIM Unlock Code Generator

Also, a powerful SIM unlock code generator can also help you unlock your Sony Xperia device in high efficiency. And UnlockItFree Unlock My Phone should be one of the best free cell phone unlock code generator among the market.

This SIM unlock code generator offers you with free Sony Xperia or other Android device unlocking through remote code on the Internet. Different from many other unlocking programs, UnlockItFree Unlock My Phone has a simple, advance and precise technology to unlock the Sony Xperia.

How It Works:

Step 1: Select Sony among all the phone brands. And enter the IMEI number, the country and service provider and other info on the program.

Step 2: Then hit on the Calculate button. Wait for a while, and UnlockItFree Unlock My Phone will give you an unlocking code on the screen.

Step 3: Insert a new SIM card into your Sony Xperia, and reboot the device. Next follow the instructions to enter the unlock code. Now you can get your Sony Xperia phone unlocked!



This article is an ultimate guidance about how to unlock Sony Xperia via three different methods. One thing to illustrate, you do not need to unlock your device once your contract is ended with your current network provider. Just ask your carrier to unlock your Sony Xperia phone or purchase a SIM network unlock pin for a minimal price.

If you have any other query about how to unlock your Sony Xperia, share more information in the following comment.

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