How to Take Screen Shot on iPad

In order to explain something clearly, you might take screen shot on iPad. Is the only method to use the key combination to get the picture? You must know the basic way to take screen shot on iPad. But do you know how to take screen shot on iPad when the buttons don't work? Many users commented that they want to know different ways to take iPad screen shot.

Screen Shot on iPad

You can find the frequently used methods listed for you to take screen shot on iPad. Of course, if you are failed to get the screenshot in the way, you can find professional alternative solution as well. Just read on to get more information from the article.

Part 1: How to Shot Screen on iPad Directly

iPad provides you the easiest way to take screen shot directly with only two buttons. You are able to take screen shot on iPadby pressing both the "Power" button and "Home" button at the same time. And then this screen will be captured at once. If you are using iOS 11, you will see a small thumbnail of the screenshot appear at the bottom left corner of your iPad screen. If you want to see it, you can tap it. Or just swipe it to the left to make it disappear. It also can display by itself after a few time. But there is no thumbnail in iOS versions which are older than iOS 11. You can still find the screenshot in Photos app whatever the iOS version is.


Part 2: How to Edit the Screenshot

If you want to edit the picture you took screen shot on iPad just now, you can just tap on the small thumbnail of the screenshot to edit it on your iPad running in iOS 11. After you tap on this thumbnail, you can get access to a range of markup tools, including pen, pencil, highlighter and more. You can use these tools to add something what you want to this screenshot.

You can also drag the thicker blue edges to adjust the size of your screenshot. What's more, you are able to drop in a signature or a handy magnifying glass that highlight a particular section, or add text according your needs by tapping the plus icon. If you want to undo or recover your edits, you can use the two curved arrows. To share this screenshot, you need to tap the share icon to share it to Messages, Mail, Twitter and so on. When you done all things, you are able to click Done button to finish the editing process. Then you need to choose Save to Photos or Delete it. For older iOS versions, or you won't tap thumbnail to edit it, you can go to Photos and find the screenshot to tap it. Then you can tap Edit button which is in right corner of your screen to edit your screenshot as you like. Here you can clip your screenshot, as well as adjust the color and light.


Part 3: Take Screenshot When Buttons Don't Work

Way 1: Take Screenshot When Buttons Don't Work with Assistive Touch

If the power button or home button on your iPad doesn't work, you can't take screen shot on iPad with your buttons anymore. But you can create a "software button" on your iPad to instead of the hardware buttons. And you can also use the software buttons to take screenshot easily. To know how to take screen shot on iPad with Assistive Touch, just follow the next steps.

Step 1. Go to "Settings">"General">"Accessibility"and then scroll down to Assistive Touch, and turn on it.

Step 2. Back to the screen you want to capture, then tap the little circle you activated just now to bring up the options.

Step 3. Now tap on Device > More, and you will see a Screenshot option. Just tap this option and it will automatically take a screen shot on iPad.


Way 2: Take Screenshot When Buttons Don't Work with Apeaksoft iOS Screen Recorder

You can also take screen shot on iPad with the third-party software, such as Apeaksoft iOS Screen Recorder. It is a professional software which allows you mirror and record your iOS device screen in the easiest way. It fully supports all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And it also compatible with iOS 11 and later. Before you record screen, you are able to customize recording settings as you want. And when you see your iOS screen on computer in real time, you can record it only with one click. After finishing the recording process, it enables you output HD videos in MP4 with high qualities. You can follow the next steps to take screen shot on iPad when the buttons don't work.

Step 1. Download iOS Screen Recorder

First of all, download Apeaksoft iOS Screen Recorder from the official website and then install it according the guides. Then launch it on your computer.

iOS Screen Recorder

Step 2. Connect with same network

The precondition of iPad AirPlay to your computer successfully is the two devices are connected with the same network. So check the Wi-Fi connections before you take sreen shot on iPad.

Launch Cydia App

Step 3. Mirror iPad to computer

Swipe up from the bottom of your iPad screen to access Control Center. And then tap Screen Mirroring in iOS 11 (in iOS 7, 8, 9, you need to tap AirPlay; in iOS 10, tap on AirPlay Mirroring). Then you need to choose Apeaksoft iOS Screen Recorder to enable mirroring.


Step 4. Take screen shot on iPad

When you see your iPad screen on your computer, you are allowed to take screen shot by clicking the record button. When it is finished, you can see the folder where the file saved in.

Screen Shot

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In this article, we list some ways for you to take screenshot on iPhone and iPad. When you are having trouble in capturing your iPad screen, you can read these ways and follow with. If you like this article, just share it with your friends. Hope you can gain something helpful from this article.

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