Bypass the Apple ID Has Been Locked for Security Reasons

When you have forgotten the password of Apple ID, security questions, or other account information, the iOS device should lock the Apple ID. How do you bypass the This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons message to sign in to your iPhone or iPad, especially for the iCloud activation lock? Just learn more about the reasons and find ways to bypass the locked Apple ID from the article.

Apple ID Locked

Part 1: Why the Apple ID Has Been Locked

Apple ID is the account to download the Apps, respond to some security questions, and more others. Once you have locked out of your Apple ID, your iOS device will become a brick.

If you have some wrong attempts for your password of Apple ID in a row, it will automatically lock the Apple ID to protect your security that you cannot sign in to the device. Of course, you can simply use the Email address of the Apple ID to retrieve the password.

When anyone wants to hack into your Apple account, such as entering your password incorrectly, or handing over the wrong answers to your security questions, Apple will distinguish the attack and lock your Apple ID for security reasons.

There is another possibility that the Apple ID will be locked on your iPhone, when the Find My iPhone option is enabled on your iPhone, it will lock you out from an iCloud activation lock due to the This phone is linked to an Apple ID bypass error.

Part 2: How to Bypass the Locked Apple ID

Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker is a versatile way to bypass the locked Apple ID of your iOS device. Whether you need to unlock the iPhone due to the broken screen, or wipe the iPhone passcode to get into the screen-locked device, you can always remove the Apple ID and let you create a new one to get full control of the device.

iOS Unlocker

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Bypass the locked Apple ID because of security reasons.

Change to a different Apple ID to activate your iPhone.

Remove the restrictions for Apple ID and the associated iCloud.

Support the latest iOS 17, as well as the previous iOS versions.

Step 1Once you have installed Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker, you can launch the program and choose the Remove Apple ID mode. Connect your iPhone to a computer, and tap the Trust option to trust the computer.

Step 2Click the Start button to start removing the locked Apple ID, as well as the associated iCloud account. Make sure the iPhone is connected to your computer during the whole process.

Remove Apple ID

Step 3When the Find My iPhone option has been disabled, it will remove the Apple ID and iCloud account. It might take a short period of time to remove the locked ID on your iPhone.

Note: If the Find My iPhone is enabled on your iPhone, you should go to the Settings option and choose the Reset All Settings option. Then the iPhone will restart and remove the locked Apple ID automatically.

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FAQs about Locked Apple ID

1. What is the Default Method to Unlock the Locked Apple ID?

If you have set up two-factor authentication on the locked iPhone, you will receive a code on a trusted device or in a text message on your phone. Enter the verification code before you can unlock your account and change your password. You can also go to the to unlock the locked Apple ID. But if you forget the two-step verification code, here ‘s how to turn it off.

2. Can You Remove the Locked Apple ID with a Factory Reset?

Yes. When you remove the contents and settings on your iPhone with the Factory reset, it will also remove the locked Apple ID and the associated iCloud. But if you do not have an iTunes backup beforehand, the files on your iPhone will be lost forever.

3. How to Unlock the Locked Apple ID for a Second Hand iPhone?

To purchase a second-hand iPhone, you should have another check for the iPhone. If possible, you can also ask the previous owner to write down the information. Go to the Settings menu and sign in to the iCloud. Navigate to the Find My iPhone and remove the device from your account.


When you need to bypass the locked Apple ID on your iPhone, you can learn more about the most efficient way from the article. Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker enables you to remove the restriction and iCloud activation lock under different situations.

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