Guide to Hack iCloud Account without Password [Free Incl.]

With the development of the digital era, the security of personal data and online accounts is increasingly important. The iCloud, Apple cloud storage and computing service, is no exception. Many iOS users worldwide use iCloud to store photos, documents, and more. Meanwhile, it is a prime target for hackers. However, the question arises. Can you hack into an iCloud account without a password? And if so, how? This post aims to provide an in-depth exploration into iCloud security. Ready to hack an iCloud account now?

Hack iCloud Account without Password

Part 1. Can I Hack an iCloud Account without a Password

The short answer is yes. It's technically possible to hack into someone's iCloud account without their password. However, it is important to note that doing so is not only a violation of another person's privacy but also illegal. If you forget your iCloud password, there is no problem using a professional method or tool to gain re-access. Next, you can get 2 ways to hack an iPhone or iPad without an iCloud password.

Part 2. How to Hack Someone's iCloud without a Password

How to Hack into iCloud with Security Questions

Answering security questions is one of the regular ways to access an iCloud account. If you know the personal information about the account, you can try answering the security questions. Then, you can access the account and even reset the password. Follow the steps below.

Step 1 Navigate to the Apple ID account page and click Forgot Apple ID or password.

Step 2 Enter the user's Apple ID (often the email address). Then, choose the option to answer security questions. It usually includes the birth date, school, job, nickname, favorite pet, etc.

Hack iCloud With Security Questions

If you can answer some of them correctly, the system allows you to proceed with an icloud password reset. Learn more here If you want to know how to change iCloud password.


To reduce the risk of hacking your iCloud account, do not feel free to post private information related to security issues on social networks.

How to Hack iCloud Password via Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker

If you do not know the related answer to security questions, you must try a professional iCloud hacking tool. One of the most popular tools is Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker. It can help you hack an iCloud account without a password. And its user-friendly interface is easy to use for beginners. Besides the iCloud account, it also supports bypassing Apple ID, MDM mode, iTunes backup password, etc. Download and try it now!

Step 1 Install this iCloud hacking tool on your desktop. Connect the target iOS device and tap Trust to trust the computer.

Step 2 Open the program and enter the Remove Apple ID mode. Then, click the Start button.

If Find My is turned off on this device, it will directly remove your Apple ID and iCloud account. If not, please follow the prompts to turn it off.

Remove Apple ID

After removing it, you successfully hacked the iCloud account without a password. And you regain access to the iOS device.

Part 3. FAQs of Hacking an iCloud Account

What happens if you cannot verify your iCloud account?

You will be locked out if you cannot verify your iCloud account. And you will not be able to access your stored data, such as photos, contacts, and notes.

How can I access my old iCloud account without a phone number?

Beyond phone number verification, Apple allows account access through security questions or trusted devices. If these methods fail, you can contact the Apple Support team.

How long does iCloud account recovery take?

The recovery process can vary in duration. It might take a few hours or even several days. When Apple needs to verify your identity for security reasons, it will spend more time.

Is it easy to crack an iCloud password?

It depends on the password strength for this iCloud account and the difficulty of the security verification questions. And whether a professional tool is used to hack iCloud passwords.

Is it legal to hack an iCloud account?

No. Hackling into someone else's iCloud account without their permission is not legal. If you have a legal reason to access it, going through the proper legal channels is crucial.


In this article, you know how to hack an iCloud account without a password. It reminds you to be more security conscious to prevent hackers from breaking into your iCloud account. Meanwhile, you get the best iCloud bypass tool, Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker. It can help you to access your iCloud and other iOS accounts when you forget the password. If you have other questions about hacking the iCloud account, comment below!

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