Fix SIM Network Unlock Pin with Best SIM Network Unlock Pin Generator

When you see a message said SIM network PIN blocked on your smartphone screen, it means that you encounter the SIM network unlock PIN issue.

Sim Network Unlock Pin

Many people prefer to purchase smartphones from carriers, like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. They lock down the phone so that people can only use it with their service for normally 2 years contact or longer. To use the phone with a different network, you have to enter a proper SIM network unlock code.

You can ask your service provider to give you an unlock code or pay for one. If the network unlock code has been inserted incorrectly for several times, the error message will pop up. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to fix this issue quickly.

Part 1: What is a SIM network unlock pin

As mentioned, a SIM network unlock Pin is able to remove the carrier lock and allow you to use any carrier provider as you wish. Network carriers rely on NCK or SPCK locks to stop customers from switching providers. So, you have to keep using the network even though it is more expensive than others.

Generally speaking, there are several methods to get a SIM network unlock code:

1. Require an unlock code from your carrier after your contact terminates.

2. Buy a code from third party service.

3. Or get one from a SIM network unlock pin generator software.

The first way is the most secure way, but it has a prerequisite.

Sim Network

Part 2: How to fix SIM network unlock pin

When you encounter the SIM network unlock PIN issue, the solutions below could help you fix it quickly.

Method 1: Fix SIM network unlock pin with PC

Step 1: Get the Android SIM Unlock software installed on your PC. Next connect your locked phone to the computer via a USB cable. Launch the program and wait for it to detect your phone.

You need to turn on the USB Debugging mode on you rphone.

Step 2: Open the Phone app on your device, dial "##3424#" or "*#0808#" or "#9090#" to put your phone in "Service Mode" and select "M+MODEM+ADB" or "UART [*]" or "CDMAMODEM".

Step 3: Next, click on the "Unlock" button on the software to start fixing SIM network unlock pin.

Step 4: When it finishes, dial "##3424#" or "*#0808#" or "#9090#" again and select "MTP + ADB" or "USB [*]" or "PDA" to bring your phone to normal status.

Mtp Adb

Method 2: Fix SIM network unlock pin without PC

Sometimes, people do not have a computer close at hand. Is it possible to fix SIM network unlock pin? Yes, you can try the GalaxSIM app. It is a simple way to get rid of the error message without PC.

Step 1: Unlock your phone and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Go to your Google Play Store, search and install GalaxSIM Unlock app on your phone.

Step 2: Run the app from your app tray, you will get a single button "Unlock" on the main interface.

Step 3: If you are ready to unlock your phone, tap on the button to initiate the process immediately. It may take a few seconds to finish the process.

Step 4: To check if the app works, shut down your phone, take off the original SIM card and use another card from a different network service. If your phone detect the SIM, congratulations! You are done on fixing this error.


Method 3: Fix SIM network unlock pin online

Another way to fix SIM network unlock pin is to try an online services, such as Unlock Authority.

Step 1: Access the third party unlock service in your browser, then fill out the form with your information, like phone model, carrier, and more.

Step 2: Click on the unlock button or something similar, you will get the unlocking pin on your phone.

Step 3: Enter the code to fix SIM network unlock PIN issue and get rid of the error message. Now, you can use any network service as you wish.

When you try to get unlock code online, you’d better search for a reputable service. Putting your information to an untrustworthy service produces many problems or even disaster.


Part 3: top 3 SIM network unlock pin generator

As it mentioned above, SIM network unlock pin generator is a popular way to unlock smartphones. In this part, we will identify and share 3 best unlock code generator applications.

Top 1: WorldUnlock Codes Calculator


1. Free download and produce SIM network unlock pin.

2. Release updates frequently for latest phone models.

3. Generate unlock code based on your phone model, IMEI number and more.

4. Support smartphones like Nokia, Moto, Samsung, LG, and other major manufacturers.

5. Compatible with Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7.


1. This SIM network unlock pin generator needs a computer.

2. It only works on Windows PC.


Top 2: NokiaFree


1. The interface is user friendly and easy to navigate.

2. Unlock carrier lock on smartphones for free.

3. Work on Sony, Samsung, and Siemens devices, besides Nokia.

4. Safe and use advanced algorithm to calculate unlock code.

5. Unlock smartphones in a few seconds.


1. This SIM network unlock pin generator needs an internet connection.

2. It may be not available to latest phone models.


Top 3: UnlockMe


1. Get unlock code online without installing anything on your PC.

2. Available to Windows and Mac machines.

3. Support a wider range of smartphones.

4. Only need phone model, IMEI number and carrier.


1. It does not work in all counties around the world.

2. Entering your information online may produce some issues.


Part 4: FAQs of SIM network unlock pin generator

Does “SIM Network Unlock PIN” means “SIM Card PIN”?

No. SIM Network Unlock PIN is actually the unlock code to unlock your network, while the SIM Card Pin is the code which is entered that removes the SIM lock and makes the SIM card usable once again.

Why Should I Unlock My Phone?

To unlock phone, you are able to connect the phone to any other carrier, not just the original.

How do I know if my mobile phone is locked?

Switch on your mobile phone with a SIM card from a network other than the network you are currently with. If you are able to use the phone, you can be sure that your phone is not locked. If your phone displays an error message saying "Wrong SIM" or "Incorrect SIM" or "Emergency calls only", etc., then your phone is probably locked.


In this post, we have talked about how to fix SIM network unlock PIN. Try to unlock your phone and input wrong unlocking code multiple times? In result, you will get the error message only.

We shared multiple ways to fix this problem above. You can pick up a proper one based on your situation and follow our step-by-step guides to unlock your phone and change your network service. Plus, we shared 3 efficient unlock pin generators. Now, you can do what you want on your smartphone simply.

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