Refund Policy

Apeaksoft has always been putting customer's interest first. We are committed to providing customers the best Apeaksoft products and services. We offer you all trial versions of Apeaksoft software before purchasing the full version. Apeaksoft gives you Money Back Guarantee, and you can purchase the full version after the free trial.

Part 1. Refund Will Be Accepted

Apeaksoft offers a 7-day Money Back Guarantee for monthly subscriptions, and a 30-day Money Back Guarantee for annual or lifetime orders. Please notice that the Money Back Guarantee is not an unconditional refund guarantee. The refund will be given under the following circumstances:

1. Refund requirement for product problem

Customer encounters technical problems after purchasing our product and no solutions have been provided within 30 days. If customer has no willing to wait for further update or solutions, Apeaksoft will refund the order as requested.

2. Refund requirement for registration problem

3. Refund requirement for purchasing issues

Refund Note

As our product is virtual software, once we sent, we can't revoke the registration code. Moreover, we do not know if customer has used the registration code or not. So, if customer insists on refund, we will deduct 20% of the purchased price as a fee. Thank you for your understanding.

Part 2. Refund Will Not Be Accepted

Please understand that we will not be able to provide a refund if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

1. Refund requirement related to the purchased Apeaksoft products

2. Refund requirement for registration problem

3. Refund requirement for purchasing issues

4. Refund requirement for rooting issue

Things Android Data Recovery users should know:

To recover deleted or lost data from Android devices, you should first root your Android device. This way, our program will have more authority over the device to find more deleted or lost data. We do not provide rooting service. Refund request for rooting failure cannot be accepted.

5. Refund requirement for incomplete data recovery

Please note that no software can guarantee 100% data recovery because the deleted/lost data can be easily damaged or overwritten. Therefore, Apeaksoft strongly recommends our users to try data recovery tools before purchasing. If the customer requests a refund because the software does not completely recover the lost/deleted data, we are sorry that we will not perform the refund.