User Guide of WhatsApp Transfer

Here is a complete guide to help you transfer WhatsApp chats, videos, photos, and attachments between iPhone and iPhone, back up WhatsApp on iPhone to the computer, and restore WhatsApp backup to iPhone or PC/Mac.

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User Guide


With Apeaksoft WhatsApp Transfer, you can easily transfer your messages, photos, videos, and attachments from iPhone to iPhone with great speed. You can also backup WhatsApp data on iPhone to your computer and restore it any time you want. Additionally, the program enables you to export WhatsApp data in HTML and CSV. Read on to see how-to details.

Whatsapp Transfer Feature

Install and Register


Step 1. Download Apeaksoft WhatsApp Transfer from the official website. You can download it by hitting on the Free Download button above or just clicking the download link:

Step 2. Double click on the downloaded file and then it will pop up to ask you to install. To start with, you need to select the setup language during the installation. Then, click Next.

Select Setup Language

Step 3. Read on the License Agreement. If there is no problem, check the option of I accept the agreement and click on Next to move on.

Read License Agreement

Step 4. To continue, select a destination to install WhatsApp Transfer.

Select Destination

Step 5. The following window will pop up asking you to check the settings about shortcuts and users.

Select Additional Tasks

Step 6. Then, check the settings you made. If you're ready to install WhatsApp Transfer on your computer, click Install to continue with the installation.


Step 7. Seconds later, the setup process is completed. You can click Finish and then the program will launch automatically.

Setup Finished


After launching the software, a comparison window of the free version and pro version will appear.

Free Version VS Pro Version

Click the Register button and you will be asked to enter your email address and registration code to activate the program to enjoy full features.

Email Address: The email address is that you used to purchase the software.

Registration Code: A string of characters marked as Activation key, license code or KEYCODE(S) in the order confirmation letter you received after the successful purchase.


Or you can go to Menu, and click Register… to activate the program.


Transfer WhatsApp between iPhones

Step 1. Choose the WhatsApp Transfer feature

Run the program on your computer and choose the WhatsApp Transfer feature on the home interface to move on.

Whatsapp Transfer Feature

Step 2. Select Device-to-device Transfer

To transfer WhatsApp data from one iPhone to another, select the Device-to-device Transfer module.

Device to Device Transfer Module

Step 3. Connect devices

In the following window, you are asked to connect your iPhones to computer with USB cables.

Connect iPhone to Computer

If your iPhone is running on iOS 7 or above, you need to click Trust on your iPhone. Then, back to the program and click Next to proceed.


Also, you need to make sure if the source or target device is placed in the correct place. The source device will be displayed in the left side, and the target will be in the right side.

Step 4. Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone

Now, click on the Start Transfer button, and then your WhatsApp data (including chat history, pictures, video and attachments) would be transferred to another iPhone.

Start Transfer

Backup WhatsApp to Computer

Step 1. Choose the WhatsApp Transfer feature

From the home interface, choose the WhatsApp Transfer feature to proceed.

Whatsapp Transfer Feature

Step 2. Select Backup

To backup WhatsApp data to your computer, select the Backup module.

Backup Module

Step 3. Connect devices

Then, connect your iPhone to the computer via the USB cable.

Connect iPhone to Backup

Step 4. Backup WhatsApp

Click on the three-dot icon to decide the backup storage path.

If you need to encrypt your backup file, you can tick the box next to Backup encryption and set a password to protect your file.

Encrypt Backup File

When you're ready, just press the Start Backup button. If you have checked the backup encryption option, you will be asked to set a password, then click OK to start transferring your WhatsApp data to computer.

Set Password

Once completed, the Backup screen will display "Finish". You're free to view the backup content in this program by clicking View backup list. Or you can click the folder icon to go to the specific path to have a check.

Backup Finished

Restore WhatsApp to iPhone/PC

Step 1. Choose the WhatsApp Transfer feature

From the home interface, choose the WhatsApp Transfer feature to proceed.

Whatsapp Transfer Feature

Step 2. Select Restore

To restore WhatsApp data to your computer or iPhone, select the Restore module.

Restore Module

Step 3. Connect devices

Then, connect your iPhone to the computer via the USB cable.

Step 4. Restore WhatsApp

From the left side of the window, you need to select a backup file that you want to restore.

If there is no backup file detected, you can try importing your backup file manually by clicking Import local file.

Select Backup File to Restore

Before restoring, you are allowed to view the backup file. Just click the View icon. If the file is encrypted, you've to enter the password.

View Backup File

Then, you have two options to restore your WhatsApp data.

Option 1. Restore to PC

To restore your WhatsApp backup file to your computer, you need to click on the Restore to PC button.

Restore Whatsapp to PC

Then, choose the path to save your restored file and then click Restore to start the process.

Choose Path to Save Resotred File

Option 2. Restore to Device

To restore WhatsApp to your iPhone, hit on the Restore to Device button.

Restore to Device

Click Start to get your data retrieved to your iPhone.


Wait for a while, and you will get your WhatsApp data on your iPhone.

Data Restieved

Or, you can exit the View interface and come back to the Restore interface to restore WhatsApp content to device.

Here, just click the Restore button, and you will see a pop-up window reminding you that WhatsApp data on the target device will be erased. If you are sure of that, click OK to proceed.

Data Erase POP Up Window

If your backup file is encrypted, you need to enter the password to unlock it, then click OK to continue.

Enter Password to Unlock Backup File

Once the restoration is finished, the Restore screen will display "Finish". Now, you can check the retrieved WhatsApp data on your iPhone.

Restore Whatsapp to iPhone

User Guide


WhatsApp Transfer for Mac is a professional WhatsApp data management program on Mac. It can backup WhatsApp data to Mac from iPhone and share WhatsApp files between iPhone devices.

Moreover, this software can restore your WhatsApp backup file to iPhone or Mac for viewing or syncing easily.

Select Whatsapp Transfer

Install and Register


Download and install WhatsApp Transfer for Mac from the official page. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it immediately on your Mac. You can drag the application into the Application folder or desktop on Mac so that you can use it conveniently.

Install Whatsapp Transfer for Mac


After the successful installation, just launch this program. From the pop-up window, you can see the comparison between the free trial version and the registered version.

Free VS Registered Version

Click the Register button at the bottom-right corner to open the registration code.

Email Address: The email address is that you used to purchase the software.

Registration Code: A string of characters marked as Activation key, license code, or KEYCODE(S) in the order confirmation letter you received after the successful purchase.

Register Whatsapp Transfer for Mac

Transfer WhatsApp between iPhones

When running this program, select WhatsApp Transfer from the main interface.

Select Whatsapp Transfer

Step 1. Select Device-to-device Transfer

From WhatsApp Transfer, you should select Device-to-device Transfer.

Select Device to Device Transfer

Step 2. Connect iPhone devices with Mac

Get 2 USB cables to connect both iPhone devices to this computer, and then, you will see both iPhone devices show on this interface as Source andTarget

Source: The original iPhone that you want to transfer WhatsApp data from.

Target: The other iPhone that you want to send WhatsApp data to.

If the Source and Target iPhone are in the opposite, just click Switch to modify it.

Connect Both iPhone Devices

Step 3. Share WhatsApp data fromiP to iPhone

While all the things are made well, just click Start Transfer to sync all the WhatsApp data from one iPhone to another one.

Start Transfer iPhone Whatsapp to iPhone

Backup WhatsApp to Mac

To backup WhatsApp messages and attachments from iPhone to Mac is a good way to free up space on iPhone. Moreover, it can create a separate backup file every time without data overwriting.

The first step you should select is WhatsApp Transfer. Then just follow the steps below to backup WhatsApp data.

Step 1. Select Backup

When going to the WhatsApp screen, select Backup.

Select Backup

Step 2. Connect iPhone to Mac

Get a USB cable to plug iPhone to Mac, and this software can detect your iPhone automatically.

Connect iPhone to Mac

Here, it lets you encrypt your WhatsApp backup on this Mac by ticking the box of Backup encryption.

Backup Encryption

Then, you should input the password to encrypt the backup.

Input Backup Encryption Password

You should remember this password because it is required when you restore the WhatsApp backup in the future.

Step 3. Start backup

Click the three-dot next in the section of Backup storage path to browse and choose the location to save the WhatsApp backup file on this Mac.

Then click Start Backup to begin backing WhatsApp data to this Mac.

Backup iPhone Whatsapp to Mac

Restore WhatsApp to iPhone/Mac

Apeaksoft WhatsApp Transfer for Mac offers you 2 ways to restore the WhatsApp backup to iPhone and Mac.

No matter which way you choose, the first step is still choosing WhatsApp Transfer when running this software.

Step 1. Select restore

Then, you should select Restore from the WhatsApp Transfer screen.

Select Restore

Step 2. View backup file

After that, all the WhatsApp backup using this software on this Mac will show on the left pane. If you cannot see any WhatsApp backup, just click Import loc file.

To restore WhatsApp data to iPhone or Mac without viewing, you can jump to step 3. For viewing WhatsApp backup before restore, just continue reading.

Then click the view icon (An eye image), and this software will load the WhatsApp backup file.

Open Whatsapp Backup File

If you have set a password for this backup, then you are required to enter the password to unlock it.

Enter Encrypted Password

You can click WhatsApp or WhatsApp Attachment to view the detailed data.

View Whatsapp Data

Step 3. Restore WhatsApp to iPhone or Mac

To restore WhatsApp data to another iPhone, you should connect iPhone to this Mac with the USB cable, and it will appear on the left pane.

Then you just need to click Restore to Device or Restore to Mac.

Restore Whatsapp Backup File

All the restored WhatsApp messages and attachments will be moved to iPhone directly. Once you log in to the same WhatsApp account on your iPhone, all the data will come back.

For restoring WhatsApp backup files on Mac, you can see the data are categories as messages and attachments. You can open and read the messages as CSV or HTML directly on Mac.

Open Whatsapp Messages on Mac

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