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RecorderHow to Record Gameplay on Windows 10/8/7 with Game RecorderHow to Record Gameplay on Windows
RecorderHow Can I Record Video on iPhone in MP4 Files without Losing QualityRecord iPhone Video in MP4
EraserTutorial to Clear Incognito History on Computer and MobileClear Incognito History
EraserDelete Phone Calls on Android (Samsung/LG/Motorola/Google/Asus/HTC)Delete Phone Calls History
Mac CleanupHow to Delete a Standard/Admin User Account on MacHow to Delete a User on Mac
Mac CleanupHow Do I Empty Trash on Mac Securely and Permanently? Here Are 6 SolutionsEmpty Trash on Mac


12.02.2022Online Audio Cutter Reviews
5 Best Online Audio Cutters and App for Beginners

What is the best online audio cutter for a beginner? Find the answer here by reading the reviews for the 5 best audio editors.

Audio Editing
12.02.2022What is Image Denoise
Image Denoise: Best Method to Remove Noise from Image Online

What is image denoise and how can I do it? Don’t worry, the answers you need are all in this post here that provides you with a thorough guide.

12.02.2022Sharpen Blurry an Image Online
How to Sharpen an Image Online for Free without Losing Quality

Here we identify the easiest ways to sharpen a blurry image online and demonstrate how to use these applications to make your photos better.

12.02.2022How to Slow Down a Video on iPhone
How to Record a Slow-Motion Video and Slow Down a Video on iPhone

How do you record a video in slow motion on iPhone? How can I slow down time lapse on an iPhone? Learn 3 easy ways to slow down videos on iPhone and iPad.

Video Editing
12.02.2022installing iTunes on your Windows 10/8.1/8/7
Tutorial of Installing Latest or Older Version of iTunes on Windows

Although it's designed by Apple, iTunes runs just fine on a Windows computer. To install iTunes on Windows 11/10/8/7/XP.

11.25.2022Cut Video in Vlc
Learn How to Cut Videos in VLC Media Player

Can I cut and combine videos in VLC? Is trimming videos on VLC free? How to save a trimmed video in VLC? Get how to cut videos in VLC Media Player here.

Video Editing
11.25.2022Cut Out a Part of Video
Ultimate Guide on How to Cut Out Parts of a Video

Can you cut a section out of a video? How to cut unwanted parts of a video? Check 5 tips to cut parts out of a video on a desktop, iPhone, and Android phone.

Video Editing
11.25.2022Trim a Snapchat Video
How to Trim a Snapchat Video on a Mobile Device or Computer

Looking for the way to trim a video on Snapchat? You are lucky since we demonstrate the built-in feature as well as the best third-party tool to do the job.

Video Editing
11.25.2022Best Photo Enlargers
8 Best Photo Enlarging Applications for Windows, Mac and Online

Here we list the top 8 best photo enlarger applications to help you increase dimensions on your desktop or in your web browser.

11.22.2022How to Disable Restricted Mode
How to Turn off Restrictions on iPhone [Solved]

How to turn off restricted mode on iPhone or iPad? Is it possible to disable restricted mode without passcode? This post shows common and professional ways to remove your iPhone restrictions.

iOS Settings
11.17.2022Add Noise to Image
2 Easy Ways to Add Noise or Grain to Images

What does it mean to add noise to image? How do you apply the noise effect to a picture? This post shares 2 easy ways to add some noise or film grain to images.

11.17.2022Best GIF Enlargers
3 Best GIF Enlargers to Enlarge GIFs Without Losing Quality

Can a GIF file be stretched? How do you enlarge an animated GIF without losing quality? Get 3 GIF enlargers to resize and enlarge GIFs without quality loss.

11.17.2022Empathy Maps
Empathy Map Overview and How to Create an Empathy Map

What is a customer empathy map? How do you generate the empathy map design thinking? This post covers the empathy map overview and how to create empathy maps.

Mind Map
11.17.2022How to Buy More Storage on iPhone
How to Get More Storage for Your iPhone

How do you free up storage on an iPhone? Where to buy more iCloud storage on iPhone? This post tells how to free up iPhone space and increase iPhone storage.

11.17.2022iPhone Stuck in Zoom Mode
iPhone Stuck in Zoomed in or out? Here Are 8 Proven Solutions to Kick It Out

iPhone gets stuck zoom mode and cannot zoomed in or out? Here are proven 8 solutions to kick it out and get your iPhone (the latest iPhone 14 supported) to normal.

iOS Recovery Mode
11.11.2022Org Chart Maker
Organizational Chart Overview and 3 Best Org Chart Creators

Is there any free org chart tool? What is the best org chart software? This post tells what org chart is and 3 org chart makers to create organizational charts.

Mind Map
11.07.2022Fix iPhone Lagging
How to Fix iPhone Lagging and Freezing (iOS 16/15/14/13/12/11 Supported)

iPhone is always or suddenly lagging or freezing? Here are 10 universal solutions to fix and speed up your iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS, XR, X, 8, etc. in step-by-step guide.

11.07.2022iPhone Camera Icon Missing
iPhone Camera Icon Missing from Home Screen? 4 Easy Solutions Here!

Unable to find the camera icon on your iPhone after the update of iOS 16/15/14? Learn 4 solutions to fix the iPhone camera icon missing from the home screen here.

11.07.2022iPhone Screen Lock
How to Customize and Bypass iPhone Lock Screen

Want to protect your privacy with your locked screen iPhone? Erase a password-forgotten iPhone? Data lost for screen lock? From this article, you can find all answers.

11.04.2022Forward Calls on iPhone
How to Set Up and Use Call Forwarding on iPhone

What does it mean when a call is forwarding on iPhone? How do I turn off call forwarding on my iPhone? Learn how to forward calls on iPhone from this post.

11.04.2022How to Close Apps on iPhone
How to Close Apps on Different iPhone Models

Do I need to close apps running background on iPhone? How do you close all running apps on iPhone? Learn how to close apps on iPhone 13/14/12/11/X/XR/SE/8/7.

11.04.2022iPhone Pink Screen
4 Effective Methods to Fix iPhone Pink Screen of Death

Why is my iPhone screen going pink? What does it mean if an iPhone screen turns pink? Learn four effective solutions to fix the pink screen of death on iPhone.

11.04.2022iPhone Fix Near Me
How to Get iPhone Repair Near Me

Does Apple do free repair? Is it worth to repair iPhone? How much does it cost to repair an iPhone? Learn how to find iPhone repair near me and fix an iPhone.

11.04.2022How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone
Best Ways to Manage Duplicate Contacts on iPhone Quickly

Still deleting your duplicate contacts on the iPhone one by one? Then, you really need to see the methods below to help remove much quicker.

11.04.2022iPhone Stuck on Restore Screen
[5 Solutions] Get Rid of iPhone Stuck on Restore Screen Issue from Now

Can’t get rid of iPhone restore screen when recovering a second-handed iPhone? Try the 5 methods here to save you from this situation efficiently.

11.04.2022Best Photo Resizer Apps
4 Best Photo Resizer APPs to Quickly Change Photo Dimensions [Desktop/iPhone/Android]

Which is the best app to resize images without quality loss? Read this post and see a brief introduction to the 4 best resize apps.

11.04.2022Cut FLAC Files
How to Cut FLAC Files into Clips without Ruining Lossless Quality

Worried about losing the original quality of your FALC music after trimming? You can learn the 3 methods here to cut FLAC files easily.

Audio Editing
11.04.2022iFunbox Software
Everything You Need to Know about iFunbox and Best Alternatives

iFunbox gives you so much more control over your iPhone or iPad. Here is a comprehensive review of iFunbox including how to use it and the best alternatives.

11.04.2022Snagit Screen Capture
Review of Snagit Screen Capture and Best Alternative You Should Download

This page is the review of Snagit Screen Capture. You can decide to download this screen capture software after reading the review and find the best alternative to it.

11.04.2022iMobie PhoneRescue
Review of iMobie PhoneRescue and the Best Alternatives 2022

iMobie PhoneRescue is a safe way to recover many types of files deleted or lost from an iOS device; however, it is still not a perfect application. Here is a review to help you make the best decision.

11.04.2022iPhone Stuck in Restore Mode
Why iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode and How to Fix It

If you are facing the problem that iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode right now, here are some verified solutions that you can try to resolve the issue quickly.

iOS Recovery Mode
11.04.2022How to Record CSGO
How to Record Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Windows and Mac

This post is the detailed guide to record CS:GO. You can follow the step-by-step guide in 2 ways to record Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on computer for playback.

11.04.2022Best Call Recorder for Android
9 Best Call Recording Apps for Android

What are the best call recording apps for Android? In this post, we will share you with 7 best call recorders for Android. Choose a suitable one and download it to your Android device.

11.04.2022How to Delete Downloads on Mac
How to Delete Downloads on Mac Permanently and Easily

This article explains how to delete downloads on Mac with easy-to-understand steps. And you can clean up Mac with Mac Cleaner easily as well.

Mac Cleanup
11.04.2022Record on Roblox
How to Record Roblox Games with Sound on Windows/Mac

Want to save a wonderful gameplay or record your voice on Roblox? In this post, you will learn about three ways to record Roblox videos with sound, both Windows and Mac supported.

11.04.2022Fix Mac Not Connecting to Wi-Fi
Here Are 12 Tested Solutions to Fix Mac Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Mac won’t connect to Wi-Fi? Mac connected to Wi-Fi but no Internet access? Mac Pro won’t connect to Wi-Fi but other devices, e.g. iPhone, will? Here are top 12 solutions to fix it right now.

11.04.2022Delete Photos on Mac
Concrete Guide on Deleting Photos on MacOS

In this tutorial, you will learn not only how to delete photos from Mac Photos app, but also how to quickly clean up photos from Mac hard drive to free up space.

11.04.2022Delete Skype Contacts
How to Delete Skype Contacts on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android

How to delete a or all Skype contacts? Here is the updated full guide to direct you to remove Skype contacts on Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, tablet and more devices.

3 Best iCleaner Alternatives to Clean up iPhone Storage Space

Is iCleaner a good choice to clean up iPhone storage? Read this post to learn more information about iCleaner and get 3 great alternatives to better manage your iPhone.

11.02.2022Delete Game Pigeon on iPhone
How to Remove/Uninstall/Delete GamePigeon from iPhone Easily

Is GamePigeon safe? How do you delete Game Pigeon? How to delete Game Pigeon app on iPhone? Here you can learn 2 ways to uninstall Game Pigeon from iPhone.

11.02.2022Delete Calendar on iPhone
[Solved] How to Delete Calendars on iPhone/iPad with No Recovery

Cannot delete calendar on iPhone? Here are 4 workable ways that can help you delete events and calendars from your iPhone or iCloud. Just read and follow.

11.02.2022Delete Siri Suggestions
How to Delete Siri Suggestions on iOS 11/12/13/14/15/16 and More

Bother by Siri Suggestions on your home screen or lock screen? Don’t worry! We show you how to delete apps from Siri Suggestions or completely disable the feature.

11.02.2022How to Clear Battery Usage iPhone
How to Clear the Battery Usage on Your iPhone

How to check my iPhone battery health? How do you clear iPhone battery history? Can I hide my battery usage on iPhone? Learn to clear battery usage on iPhone.

11.02.2022Clear All Notifications on iPhone
How to Clear All Notifications on iPhone in iOS 16/15/14/13/12

Feel annoyed with an iPhone full of notifications from messages, calls, and apps? Here we have prepared a complete guide for clearing all the notifications on your iPhone quickly.

11.02.2022Cannot Erase iPhone
5 Solutions to Fix Cannot Erase iPhone Error and Wipe All the Data

When you cannot erase iPhone with a “verification failed” message, click here to learn five easy ways to solve it and help you delete iPhone data permanently.

11.02.2022Uninstall Apps On iPhone
5 Effective Ways to Uninstall Apps on Your iPhone

How can I uninstall an app on my iPhone? How do you uninstall an app update on iPhone? Get a full guide on how to uninstall apps on iPhone from this post.

10.27.2022Trim OGG File
How to Trim OGG Files with Good Output Quality

If you want to trim the OGG file with high quality on your desktop or mobile, here are 3 reliable methods you definitely need to check.

Audio Editing
10.27.2022Trim M4A File
[Solved] How to Trim M4A Audio Files to Make a Ringtone on the Computer

How to trim M4A audio files? Here are the 2 quickest solutions to solve this question with the detailed guide that you should not miss.

Audio Editing
10.27.2022WMA Cutter Reviews
Top 4 WMA Cutters for Desktops with Main Features [Windows/Mac]

This article gives you a brief review of the 4 best WMA cutters and help you learn how to cut WMA files with one of the best tools.

Audio Editing
10.27.2022Trim Audio File
How to Trim Audio Files and Cut Off Unwanted Parts

Quickly browse through 4 efficient methods that enable you to learn how to trim the audio file quickly on both computers and phones.

Audio Editing
10.20.2022Best Photo Color Enhancer Apps
3 Photo Color Enhancer Apps to Enhance Your Photos

Is there a free photo color enhancer app to change colors on a picture? What is the best photo enhancer? This post shares 3 photo color-enhancing apps for you.

10.20.2022App to Increase Picture Resolution
Get 3 Apps to Increase Your Picture Resolution

Is there any free image resolution increaser app? How do you make photos higher resolution? Get 3 apps to increase picture resolution on an iPhone or Android.

10.20.2022Affinity Diagraming
Affinity Diagram Definition and How to Create an Affinity Diagram

What is an affinity diagram? What is affinity diagram in project management? Get to know more about affinity diagram root cause analysis and how to create one.

Mind Map
10.20.2022Stakeholder Maps
Stakeholder Mapping and How to Create a Stakeholder Map

What are stakeholder mapping and analysis? How do you create a stakeholder map? Here covers a stakeholder mapping definition and how to make a stakeholder map.

Mind Map
09.30.2022Improve Photo Clarity
How to Improve Photo Clarity Using Photoshop and Online App

To improve or enhance photo clarity, you can learn the best tools and the comprehensive guide from this article.

09.30.2022Restore Old Photos Online
How to Restore Your Old Photos without Losing Quality for Beginners

This concrete guide tells you how to restore old photos online or using Adobe Photoshop, so that you can retouch your images like professionals.

09.30.2022JPG-Large to JPG PNG
How to Convert JPG Large to JPG or PNG without Losing Quality

If you download a large image from Twitter in Chrome, you may get a file with JPG-Large extension. Don’t panic and learn the how to convert JPG-Large to JPG or PNG here.

09.30.2022How to Fix Bad Quality Pictures
How to Fix a Low Quality Picture with or without Adobe Photoshop

Take a photo with low quality? Don’t worry! This guide shows you how to fix a low quality photo online and offline so that you can produce the best photo quality easily.

08.18.2022How to Record Gameplay on Windows
How to Record Gameplay on Windows 10/8/7 with Game Recorder

This post is the detailed guide to record gameplay on Windows computer. You can take the professional game capture software to record games on Windows 10/8/7 easily.

08.18.2022Face-cam Recorder
7 Best Facecam Recorders for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android

If you are looking for a screen and face recorder, you are at the right place since this article lists 7 best screen recorders with facecam for all your needs.

08.18.2022Delete Ringtones from iPhone
How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone with Top 3 Methods

Many iPhone users like to add custom ringtone from iTunes or iTunes Store to set their favorite music as the iPhone Ringtone. But how to delete an unwanted custom ringtone? Here we have prepared a complete guide for you.

08.04.2022How to Record PUBG
3 Best Screen Recording Programs for PUBG

What is the best PUBG recording software for Windows 10? Does PUBG replay record voice? Can I record PUBG with OBS? Get 3 best PUBG recording programs here.

07.25.2022Parallels Toolbox Review
Parallels Toolbox – Is It Possible to Fix the RAM in Mac Being Fragmented

Do I need an extra program to enhance the performance of my MacBook if I have already had Parallels Toolbox? Here is the answer.

Mac Cleanup
07.25.2022Uninstall Chromium on Mac
2 Easy Ways to Uninstall Chromium on Mac

Is Chromium browser a virus? How do I remove Edge Chromium? Why is Chromium still on my Mac? This post tells 2 ways to thoroughly Uninstall Chromium on a Mac.

Mac Cleanup
07.25.2022Smart Mac Cleaner Review
What Is Smart Mac Cleaner and Whether It Is Safe to Use on Mac

Here is an honest review of Smart Mac Cleaner by Mac experts and users. Following the review, you will make the best decision and enjoy free download and special offers.

Mac Cleanup
07.25.2022Uninstall Sophos Mac
How to Delete Sophos Antivirus Application from Mac without Leftover

Here are 100% working methods to completely uninstall Sophos Antivirus on Mac without leftover files or components, as well as the detailed steps.

Mac Cleanup
06.28.2022Reset PRAM SMC on Mac
How to Reset PRAM and System Management Controller on Mac Quickly

Resetting PRAM or NVRAM and SMC on Mac is an important way of troubleshooting for settings errors. This guide demonstrates how-to in detail.

06.28.2022How to Run Windows on Mac
How to Download, Set up and Run Windows on Mac without for Free

Want to run Windows on MacBook Pro/Air or iMac? You are lucky since this article tells you the easiest way and the step-by-step guide.

05.06.2022WhatsApp Call Recorder
5 Best WhatsApp Call Recorders Worth You to Use on Computer and Mobile

Even though WhatsApp doesn't support recording calls by default, you can record WhatsApp calls on PC, iPhone and Android following our concrete guide.

05.06.2022Record Samepage
How to Record Meetings on Samepage on Your Computer or Mobile Device

If you have an important meeting on Samepage and you want to record it, you are lucky since this guide shows you two ways to record meetings on Samepage.

05.06.2022Record iPhone Video in MP4
How Can I Record Video on iPhone in MP4 Files without Losing Quality

This guide will tell you how to record videos on iPhone in MP4 format but not MOV, so that you can share your videos to social media or your friends easily.

05.06.2022Slo-Mo Video Recorder
Slo-Mo Video Recorder – 4 Best Apps to Capture and Edit Slow Motion Videos

When you want to capture and edit slow motion videos, what are the best Slo-Mo video recorders on your iPhone? Here are the recommended ones you can take into consideration.

05.06.2022How to Zip a File on Mac
How to Zip and Unzip Files on Mac

Why can't I zip a file on my Mac? How to create a zip file on Mac for free? How to open Mac zip files? Here you can learn how to compress or zip Mac files.

05.06.2022File Unarchiver
How to Extract Large ZIP Files on Mac – Here is the Ultimate Guide

How to fix the contents of this file cannot be extracted with the unarchiver on Mac? Here is the troubleshooting you should know.

04.22.2022Record CyberLink Video Meeting
How to Record CyberLink U Meetings on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X/11

How to save an online video meeting on CyberLink U? You are lucky since this guide shares three ways to do the job on Windows and Mac computer easily.

04.14.2022Record and Share Lifesize Conference
How Can You Record and Share Your Lifesize Meeting on Windows and Mac

Lifesize Record and Share is a simple solution for capturing meetings, calls, and events, and sharing them immediately. Here is a guide to record on Lifesize.

04.01.2022How to Watch Replays on Fortnite
How to Watch Replays on Fortnite

While playing Fortnite, you may want to watch replays to improve your skills. So that you can analyze your performance and better yourself next time. This post can help you with that.

04.01.2022How to Record Gameplay on Xbox One
How to Record Gameplay Videos on Xbox One – 3 Easy Methods You Should Know

When you want to record the gameplay videos on Xbox One, you can learn more about 3 efficient methods to capture the desired video footage with ease from the article.

04.01.2022How to Record on Steam
How to Record Steam Games with Your Voice and Face for Hours

Here’re 2 easy ways to record gameplay on Steam. You can record game video on Steam with internal and external audio at the same time. Moreover, you can share Steam game videos to YouTube directly.

03.24.2022How to Record on Jive
How to Record Great Greeting for Your Voicemail Box on Jive

This article demonstrates how to easily record or upload voicemail greeting for Jive phone, so that you won’t loss important customers or business partners.

03.24.2022How to Record Highlights in Overwatch
How to Record Highlights in Overwatch in High Quality

Want to share the Overwatch highlights to YouTube? This post will tell you how to capture Overwatch gameplay highlights and show your brilliant skills.

03.24.2022GIF Recorder
8 Best GIF Recording Applications Worth to Use on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android

Looking for the best GIF recorder to capture your GIF screen and make an animated image? Here we recommend you 8 GIF recorders, like Apeaksoft Screen Recorder.

03.24.2022How to Record on BigBlueButton
How to Record a Shared Screen Conference or Session on BigBlueButton

This concrete guide quickly shows you how to record a session, conference, or presentation on BigBlueButton for sharing it to others or watching later.

03.10.2022How to Record Fuze Meeting
How to Record a Fuze Meeting No Matter You are Host or Audience

How to record and share a meeting by Fuze? This article tells three 100% working methods to save important meetings on the cloud-based meeting platform.

03.10.2022Record Vonage Call
How to Record Phone Calls with Vonage and the Best Alternative

Looking for how to record your Vonage calls? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you set up for phone recording easily so that you won’t miss any calls.

03.10.2022Record Robin Meeting
How to Record Your Robin Meeting Room without Losing Information

Robin makes it easy to find and book meeting rooms wherever you are. This guide tells you how to record your Robin meeting room and save important information.

03.10.2022How to Record Gameplay on iPad
4 Ultimate Solution to Record Gameplay Videos on Your iPad with Ease

What should be the best method to record gameplay on an iPad? Just learn more about 4 efficient methods to capture gameplay videos on your iPad with ease from the article.

02.16.2022Browser Audio Recorder
6 Best Browser Audio Recorders to Help You Capture Audio from Chrome, Firefox and More

Take a look at six great browser audio recorder tools that will work on Chrome, Firefox and more, so that you won’t miss your favorite music stream online.

02.16.2022Smart Recorder APP
What Is Smart Voice Recorder App and the Best Alternative Application

This is an introduction and review of Smart Recorder app for Android users. You’d better read it carefully before installing it and make the best decision.

02.16.2022Amazon Chime Record Meeting
How Can You Record Your Amazon Chime Meeting on Windows and Mac

Audio and screen sharing during Amazon Chime meetings can be recorded. If you are a user, read this guide and learn the best ways to capture meetings.

02.11.2022Open Source Screen Recorder
5 Best Open Source Screen Recorders for PC and Mac Users to Capture Screen for Free

Here are top 5 best open-source screen recorders for Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac OS X/11 users to capture everything on your screen without paying a penny.

02.11.2022iOS 11/12/13/14 Screen Recording
The Ultimate Guide for iOS 11/12/13/14/15 Screen Recording to Capture iOS Screen with Ease

When you want to record your iPhone or iPad screen with iOS 11/12/13/14/15, you can learn more about the guide about iOS screen capturing from the article.

02.11.2022How to Screen Record on Mac
How to Screen Record Video with Audio on Mac with or without QuickTime

Read and get the detailed ways to screen record on Mac. Here you can record streaming video and audio on your computer at the same time without quality loss.

02.10.2022Comcast Email Not Working
6 Efficient Ways to Fix Comcast Email Not Working - 100% Workable

Unable to receive or send emails through Comcast Email? Learn how to fix Comcast Email not working issue quickly through six efficient solutions in the following.

02.10.2022How to Record VR Gameplay
How to Record Your Favorite VR Gameplay on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android

In this guide, we explain how you can record VR gameplay on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android, so that you can share your gameplay recording on social media.

02.10.2022Remove Ads from iPhone
How to Stop Pop-Up Ads on iPhone – Here is the Guide to Remove Annoying Ads

When you need to remove the annoying Ads on your iPhone, here is the ultimate guide to stop the pop-up Ads.

02.10.2022Will Uninstalling iTunes Delete My Music
Will Uninstalling iTunes Delete My Music

What happens if I delete iTunes library? Can you uninstall and reinstall iTunes without losing your music? Figure out if uninstalling iTunes will delete music.

02.10.2022Screen Record on Samsung
How to Record Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen

Don’t know how to screen record on Samsung S10? In this post, you will find the easy ways to record the screen happening on your Samsung Galaxy S10 with a built-in Samsung Screen recorder or installing a third-part app.

01.28.2022How to Record Minecraft
How to Record Minecraft on Windows PC/Mac/iPhone/Android/Online

Read and get the detailed steps to record Minecraft. You can record while playing Minecraft on your computer or phone with no lag. The recorded gameplay video will be in high audiovisual quality.

01.28.2022Delete Spam Calendar Invite iPhone
How Can You Delete Spam Calendar Invite on iPhone or iPad

Removing unwanted or suspicious spam calendar invite on iPhone is simple and can be done in a few ways. Here is a complete guide to help you get rid of spam invites.

01.28.2022Open HEIC in Photoshop
2 Efficient Ways to Open HEIC in Photoshop with High Quality for Editing

Can’t open HEIC images in Photoshop on Windows/Mac? Read this article to learn two easy ways to edit this newly-developed iOS image file in Adobe Photoshop.

01.27.2022Record Gameplay on Nintendo Switch
How to Record Your Gameplay on Nintendo Switch with the Best Video Quality

Recording gameplay from Nintendo Switch games may be not as difficult as you thought if you read this article carefully and follow our step-by-step guide.

01.21.2022Backwards Recorder
8 Best Backwards Recording Apps to Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android

Here are top 8 best backwards recorder applications that help you to record your voice or surroundings and reverse the playback on computer and mobile.

01.21.2022GeForce Experience Recording
What Is GeForce Experience Recording and How to Use It Efficiently

How to record your gameplay using the new and improved Geforce Experience? Here is our step-by-step guide to automatic or manually record your gameplay.

01.19.2022Record Discord Audio
Easiest Ways to Record Discord Audio Losslessly

This is a step-by-step tutorial on recording audio from Discord conversations, so that you can save your chats for listening to later or sharing online.

01.19.2022HD screen recorder
6 Best HD Screen Recorder Applications on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android

This article highlights top 6 best HD screen recorder for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. Read it carefully to master the best option for your device.

01.19.2022How to Record a Podcast
How Can You Record a Podcast on Computer or Mobile for Listening Later

If you prefer to listen to podcasts to get news and entertainment, this guide will tell you 4 methods to record a podcast in order to avoid missing any shows.

01.18.2022How to Delete Apps on Apple TV
How to Delete or Hide Apps from Apple TV 1st/2nd/3rd/4th and Later

You can delete apps on your Apple TV home screen. If you do not understand the process, follow our guide to get unwanted apps removal.

01.18.2022How to Remove Voiceover on iPhone
How to Remove VocieOver from iPhone 14/13/12/11 and Earlier

If you do not like the VoiceOver feature, you are lucky since this guide shows you several ways to remove VoiceOver on your iPhone easily.

01.14.2022How to Record a PowerPoint
How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation as a HD Video File

Want to record your PowerPoint presentation with audio and video but do not know how to do? You can learn three ways on how record on PowerPoint from this post.

01.07.2022How to Delete Snapchat History on iPhone
How to Delete Snapchat Chat History from iPhone Properly

Here is an actionable tutorial to tell you how to delete Snapchat chat history on iPhone to protect your privacy and important information.

01.07.2022Recover Deleted Photos from Snapchat on iPhone
Recover Deleted Photos from Snapchat on iPhone With or Without Backup

Can I recover deleted photos from Snapchat? How to recover deleted Snapchat memories on your iPhone? Learn two methods to get deleted photos back on Snapchat.

01.07.2022Erase iPhone Remotely without Find My iPhone
Is It Possible to Erase an iPhone Remotely without Enabling Find My iPhone

If you don't have your iPhone – it's lost or stolen, or you gave it away before resetting it – you can erase it remotely following our actionable guide.

01.07.2022iPhone Stuck on Erase All Content and Settings
3 Tips to Fix Erase All Content and Settings on iPhone and Stuck on Apple Logo

Why is iPhone stuck on erase all content and settings? How to get rid of the stuck Apple logo after I erase iPhone? Learn three ways to fix the iPhone stuck issue.

12.31.2021Delete Pictures from iPhone But Not iCloud
3 Methods to Delete Pictures from iPhone Without Deleting from iCloud

How to delete photos from iPhone without deleting from iCloud and other synced Apple devices like Mac? Learn to delete pictures from iPhone iPad but not iCloud.

12.13.2021Best iPhone App Memory Cleaner
5 Best iPhone App Memory Cleaners You Should Not Miss

Here are top 5 best iPhone app memory cleaner applications that you can use the free up space, protect your privacy, and improve performance.

12.13.2021Remove Remote Management from Your iPhone
How to Remove Remote Management from Your iPhone and iPad

Locked by MDM on iPhone or iPad? Fortunately, this guide tells you how to remove Remote Management from iOS device without any technical skills.

12.13.2021Get Rid of Search Marguis
How to Get Rid of Search Marguis from MacBook Pro/Air, iMac and More

Your homepage or search engine is reset frequently? Chances are that your Mac is infected by a virus. This guide helps you to get rid of Search Marquis easily.

Mac Cleanup
12.13.2021Delete iTunes Library
How to Delete iTunes Library from Windows and macOS Quickly

You can quit iTunes and delete the iTunes library folder, but the efficient method is to follow our guide and remove unwanted playlists and media files.

12.13.2021Clear Safari Cache on iPhone and iPad
How to Clear Safari Cache, Cookies, and History on iPhone/iPad

This tutorial explains how to clear Safari cache data from iPhones and iPads, so that your device can enjoy the excellent performance.

12.13.2021Remove Safari Plugins
How to Delete Plugins from Your Safari Browser on Mac in Batch

To completely delete a plugin from your Safari, and remove its file from your hard drive, you can follow our step-by-step guide to get free up your space quickly.

Mac Cleanup
12.13.2021Delete Google Search History from iPhone
How to Delete Google Search History from iPhone in Various Conditions

How to quickly delete your Google search history on your iPhone? The easiest way is to read our concrete guide, pick the right method, and follow the steps to protect your privacy.

12.13.2021Clear App Data iPhone
How to Clean up App Data and Cache on iOS without Data Loss

Along with Safari, you can clear cached data for other native apps, but for third-party apps you can follow our guide to delete app data from iPhone easily.

12.13.2021Best iTunes Library Cleaner
5 Best iTunes Library Cleaners You Should Not Miss on PC/Mac

Here are the top 5 best iTunes Library cleanup programs to help you organize unwanted music, podcasts, TV shows and clean up your iTunes easily.

12.09.2021SMS Schedule
10 Best SMS Schedulers for Android and iOS

Want to avoid forgetting to send messages to your loved ones on important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays? You need an SMS scheduling app to send the messages for you at scheduled time automatically.

12.09.2021Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac
Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac – Top 8 Methods You Should Know

It is not difficult to transfer video from iPhone to Mac. What should be the best solutions? Just learn more about the top 8 solutions you should know from the article now.

12.09.2021Uninstall Dropbox
Ultimate Guide to Uninstall Dropbox on Mac Completely and Easily

You can get 2 different methods to uninstall Dropbox on Mac with or without deleting files. Even though you get the Dropbox error message, you can still delete Dropbox app with ease.

12.09.2021Uninstall Google Chrome
Completely Uninstall Google Chrome on Android/iPhone/Windows/Mac

If you have no idea how to uninstall Google Chrome completely, you can follow the tutorial to remove or reset Google Chrome browser on any device easily.

12.09.2021Uninstall iTunes
Completely Uninstall iTunes on Windows PC and Mac (Step by Step)

Learn how to uninstall iTunes completely on Windows or Mac. You can get different ways to uninstall iTunes and related app components.

12.09.2021Uninstall Skype on Mac
How to Uninstall Skype/Skype for Business on Mac Completely

Have no idea how to uninstall Skype on Mac cleanly? Here you can get traditional and simplified ways to delete Skype and Skype for Business app from your Mac computer.

12.06.2021Remove Duplicate Songs in iTunes
How to Remove Duplicate Songs in iTunes with These Simple Solutions

What is the best approach to remove all the duplicate songs in iTunes? This article collected the most notable solutions for users to solve the issue.

12.06.2021Memory Cleaner Mac
5 Best Mac Memory Cleaners to Free Up Mac Storage and RAM

What is the best free memory cleaner for Mac? How do I clean up memory on my Mac? How to free up RAM on Mac? Get 5 best Mac memory cleaners from this post.

Mac Cleanup
12.06.2021Clear Safari Cache on Mac
Ultimate Guide to Clear Safari Cache on Mac Easily

How do you clear cache and cookies on Mac Safari? How to clear history in Safari? You can get a detailed guide to clear Safari cache on Mac from this post.

Mac Cleanup
06.21.2021How to Clear Cookies on Mac
How to Clear Cookies on Mac in 2018 (Safari/Chrome/Firefox)

Wanna delete cookies on Mac permanently? This is your complete tutorial of how to clear cookies on Mac (Safari/Chrome/Firefox).

Mac Cleanup
05.28.2021How to Delete a User on Mac
How to Delete a Standard/Admin User Account on Mac

This article shows how to delete a user on Mac in easy ways. And you can also know why you can’t delete a standard or admin user on Mac here.

Mac Cleanup
05.20.2021Bypass iPhone Lost Mode
How Others Bypass/Unlock iPhone in Lost Mode (Protect Your iPhone from Now on)

iPhone Lost Mode is safe enough? Actually, others who get your lost iPhone can still bypass it. Here are 3 most common ways that others unlock a lost iPhone.

03.30.2021Instagram music is not working
How to Fix the Problem that Instagram Music Stops Working on iPhone or Android

When your Instagram music just won't load even when you connect to good Wi-Fi, it can be very frustrating. This article tells you 6 solutions to fix Instagram music not working.

01.13.2021Download iCloud Photo
How to Use Download and Keep Originals in iCloud Photo Library

Photos are taken as full-resolution, but found optimized while downloading from iCloud? Here is the reason and how to download and keep original photos from iCloud on iPhone.

01.13.2021Delete Snapchat Account
Delete Snapchat Account on iPhone – Clean Up The Important Information

If you do not want to use the Snapchat again on iPhone, you need to deactivate/delete Snapchat account, or even clean all Snapchat information from your iPhone.

01.13.2021Recover Deleted Messages of Instagram
7 Workable Methods to Recover Deleted Messages of Instagram

When you delete some Instagram messages, what are the best Instagram message recovery programs to retrieve the deleted Instagram messages with ease? Just find the answer from the article.

01.13.2021Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone
5 Best Methods to Delete Instagram Cache on iPhone 8/X/XR/XS

If you use Instagram frequently, there should be a large file size of Instagram caches. Find the best methods to clear Instagram caches and cookies on iPhone with ease from the article.

01.13.2021Delete a Skype Account
Best Way to Delete a Skype Account

To terminate your account entirely, you have to delete Skype account. This guide tells you everything you should know about deleting your Skype account permanently.

01.13.2021Wipe A Hard Drive
How to Erase Mac Hard Drive (HDD and SSD)

When you want to optimize your Mac performance or sell your Mac computer, you will probably want to wipe your hard drive at first. In this post we will show you how to wipe a Mac hard drive securely and completely.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021iPhone screen cracks
How to Fix Cracked iPhone Screen

Your iPhone or iPad's display is broken and not sure how to get it repaired? Here is everything you should know to repair cracked iPhone screen in various situations.

01.13.2021iPhone Home Button Stuck
6 Exclusive Tips on How to Fix iPhone Home Button Stuck You Need

iPhone home button stuck rarely happens but is a great inconvenience for people. Here are 6 exclusive tips on fixing iPhone home button not working. Hurry up to collect and share!

01.13.2021iPhone Stuck On Loading Screen
How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Loading Screen Easily

iPhone Stuck on Loading Screen? It would be annoying when you are trying to use it. Here we will share 6 solutions to help you make your iPhone work as usual. url: /fix/iphone-stuck-on-loading-screen.html

01.13.2021EaseUS MobiSaver for Android
Review on EaseUS MobiSaver for Android And Its Alternatives

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is a reliable tool for file recovery from your Android device. Here is our unbiased review of EaseUS MobiSaver for Android and the best alternatives

01.13.2021Easeus Mobisaver
What is EaseUS MobiSaver And 5 Best Alternatives 2019

Carefully read our full EaseUS MobiSaver review and the introduction of top 5 alternatives for the details before opening your wallet. Then you can make the best decision

01.13.2021Deauthorize Computer iTunes
How to Deauthorize a Mac or PC on iTunes

If you've sold or given away a computer, or if it's died, you need to deauthorize it to remove it from your iTunes Store account. Here is a guide to help you achieve it quickly.

01.13.2021Messenger Crashing
5 Solutions to Fix The Problem Messenger Keeps Crashing

If you're having issues with your Facebook Messenger app crashing on your iOS device, try these 5 tips to troubleshoot the issue and get your Messenger app work normally.

Latest Review of CopyTrans and 5 Best Alternatives 2019

CopyTrans promises an easy, smart, safe way to transfer and back up your data on iOS device. Before purchasing it, read our unbiased review and introduction carefully.

01.13.2021Apowersoft Phone Manager
Apowersoft Phone Manager Review And The Best Alternatives 2019

Apowersoft's Phone Manager looks great, syncs automatically, works with Android or iOS. This review tells you its benefits and downsides to help you make a better decision.

01.13.2021iCloud Music Library
How to Access and Turn On/Off iCloud Music Library

Where is my iCloud Music Library? How to turn on or turn off iCloud Music Library? What if iCloud Music Library not showing up or not working? All questions will be answered in this post.

01.13.2021iPhone Stuck On Facetime Ending
6 Solutions to Fix iPhone Stuck on FaceTime Ending

FaceTime is a popular communication software. But have you met iPhone stuck on FaceTime ending? If you do, here are 6 working solutions for you to fix it. Hurry up to collect and share!

01.13.2021Clear Incognito History
Tutorial to Clear Incognito History on Computer and Mobile

Your computer or mobile device may save your browsing history, even though you have turned on incognito mode. So, we tell you how to delete incognito history on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

01.13.2021How to Make a Slideshow on Youtube
2 Easy Ways to Make a Slideshow on YouTube with Background Music

Read and get the detailed steps to make a slideshow on YouTube with music. Here you can use an online or offline slideshow maker to turn your photos and video clips into a slideshow with ease.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Make a Slideshow in iMovie
How to Make a Slideshow with Music in iMovie on Mac and Windows

This is the complete tutorial to make a slideshow in iMovie on Mac. You can use iMovie slideshow effects to create a photo or video slideshow with iMovie easily.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Screenflow For Windows
Top 5 Alternatives to ScreenFlow for Windows (Features and Using Guide)

ScreenFlow is a Mac-exclusive recording and editing application. If you are finding a video recording software, here are top 5 best Windows screen recorders for you.

01.13.2021iPhone iPod Music Manager
Top 5 Music Management/Transfer Software to Well Manage Your iPhone/iPod Music

Best iPhone/iPad/iPod music management software can add/edit/transfer/delete music on iOS devices. This article lists 5 best iPhone music managers for you.

01.13.2021Fix iPhone Unable to Move Mail Messages to Trash
(Updated) Here Are 6 Fixes When iPhone Is Unable to Move Mail Messages to Trash

iPhone is unable to move mail messages to Trash? Here are top 6 solutions to fix the problem on iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5, iPad, etc., running in iOS 12/11.

Everything You Need to Know about iMazing and The Best Alternatives

iMazing allows iPhone users to manage, backup and transfer iOS data to Mac or Windows. Here is an unbiased review about iMazing, including how to use it and the best alternatives.

01.13.2021how to recover deleted Kik contacts
Tutorial of Deleted Kik Contacts Recovery on iPhone and Android

Accidentally deleted the wrong person on Kik and can`t remember his username? Here are the best ways to recover deleted Kik contacts on iPhone or Android device.

01.13.2021recover lost Viber photos
How to Recover Viber Photos on Android and iPhone

Lost important Viber photos by accident? Don't bother. This article will offer you the effective methods to recover Viber photos from iPhone or Android phone quickly.

01.13.2021Erase iPhone
How to Erase iPhone without Password [Solved]

How to erase iPhone 6? How to wipe iPhone data when locked? Is there any way to erase iPhone without iCloud password? All questions will be answered in this page.

01.13.2021Fix iTunes Invalid Response
6 Simple Ways to Fix iTunes Invalid Response from iPhone

Get iTunes invalid response from iPhone 6/7/8X/XR/XS? How to fix iTunes could not connect because of invalid response from iPhone? This post shows you 6 effective solutions to fix this iTunes error.

01.13.2021iPhone Stuck on Silent
How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Silent Mode

No ringer sound on incoming calls? What is iPhone silent mode? How to fix iPhone 6/7/8/X/XS/XR silent mode not working or stuck on mute mode? All questions will be answered in this post.

01.13.2021iPhone Apps Stuck on Loading
What You Can Do When iPhone Apps Stuck on Loading or Waiting

Read and get the detailed steps to fix iPhone apps stuck on loading after updating, restoring and other cases. You can make all iPhone apps back to the normal state safely and easily.

01.13.2021iPhone Stuck in Safe Mode
How to Fix Phone Stuck in Safe Mode

What is the safe mode on Android phone? Your Samsung phone stuck in safe mode? This post shows how to fix phone freeze on safe mode.

01.13.2021Fix iPhone Stuck on Spinning Wheel
Top 4 Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Spinning Wheel Quickly and Safely

Here’re 4 workable ways you can use to stop spinning wheel on your iPhone. You can use any solution to fix iPhone stuck on spinning wheel with black screen and more symptoms successfully.

01.13.2021Import CSV Contacts to iPhone
4 Simple Ways to Import CSV Contacts to iPhone

CSV is one common file format to store various contact information. Here, we will show detailed solutions to import CSV contacts to iPhone, with/without iTunes/iCloud.

01.13.2021Fix iPhone Volume Button Stuck
8 Ways You Can Use to Fix iPhone Volume Button Stuck in All Aspects

No matter how your iPhone volume button stuck, you can get the related solutions here. Just read and see what to do when the volume button is stuck or not working.

01.13.2021Fix iPhone Stuck on Updating iCloud Settings
Latest 8 Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Updating iCloud Settings

If it takes too long to update iCloud settings, there must be something wrong. Don’t worry about that. Here’re 8 easy ways to fix iPhone stuck on updating iCloud settings. Just read and follow.

01.13.2021Fix iPhone Lock Button Stuck
What You Can Do to Fix iPhone Lock Button Stuck Temporary/Permanently

Read and get the detailed steps to fix iPhone lock button stuck on all iPhone models and iOS versions. If your lock screen button is hard to press or not responding, you can solve the problem here.

01.13.2021What is other on Mac Storage
“Other” Storage Is Taking up Your Mac and You Must Know How to Take It Back

Have you noticed that “Other” files take too much storage on your Mac? Well, we will tell you what are “Other” files and provide you 5 solutions to remove them.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Mac system monitor
What is Activity Monitor on Mac and How to Use it

Activity Monitor to Mac is equivalent of Task Manager to Windows computer. Here in this post we will tell you everything you need to know about this Mac system monitor: Activity Monitor on Mac.

01.13.2021Turn off Safe Mode
How to Enable or Turn off Safe Mode on iPhone

What is iPhone safe mode? How to enables safe mode feature? How to turn off safe mode on iPhone XS/XR/X/8/SE/7/6/5/4? All questions will be answered in this post.

iOS Settings
01.13.2021How to Delete an Album on iPhone
Why You Cannot Delete an Album on iPhone? Here are the Solutions You Should Know

Why you cannot delete an album on iPhone? How to delete an album on iPhone? Just learn more about 3 easy methods to remove the photos from the article.

01.13.2021Best Duplicate File Finder Apps on Mac
How to Find And Remove Duplicate File on Mac OS X/11

To free up more space on your Mac, you need to remove unless duplicate files. And this article will recommend you the 3 best duplicate file finders for Mac to help you solve this issue.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Find Large Files on Mac
How to Find Large Files on Mac with 3 Efficient Solutions

Have you ever wanted to clear out some unless files and free up more storage space? Read this article and learn three efficient methods to find and remove large files on your Mac.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Check Storage Space on Mac
How to Check Storage Space and Clear up It on Mac

Want to check the hard drive storage space on Mac? Here you will find how to check and clear up the hard drive storage with feasible ways.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Empty Trash on Mac
How Do I Empty Trash on Mac Securely and Permanently? Here Are 6 Solutions

How to empty Trash on Mac securely and permanently? This page lists 6 ways to help you to get Trash empty on Mac, even if the item is in use or locked.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Speed up Your Mac
9 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Mac

Why is my Mac running slow and how to speed up my Mac? 9 best ways are told here to help you speed up your Mac with ease.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Speed up slow safari
Best Solutions to Speed up Slow Safari on Mac

In this article, we will explain the reason why Safari getting slower and slower, and show you how to speed up it as well. We will give you solutions for speeding up Safari on Mac, or other iOS devices.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Recover Voice Memos on iPhone
How to Recover Voice Memos on iPhone with/without Backup Efficiently

How to recover voice memos on iPhone? Whether you have backed up the files to iTunes or iCloud, you can get the desired files from iPhone with ease from the article.

01.13.2021Private Messaging Apps
Top 6 Private Messaging Apps for Android & iOS

People are becoming increasingly concerned about their privacy. In order to keep your messages secure and protect your privacy, here we collected 6 best private messaging apps for you.

01.13.2021Delete Movies and Videos on iPhone
How to Delete Movies and Videos on iPhone/iPad Easily

Nowadays more and more people like to download and watch movies on iPhone or iPad, but movies or videos will eat up your storage quickly. Here we will teach you how to clear movies/videos on iOS devices in an easy way.

01.13.2021How to Clear Cookies on iPhone
How to Clear Cookies from Safari on iPhone

Cookies in Safari can slow down your iPhone. How to erase them? In this post, we will offer you 4 solutions to clear cookies on iPhone 11/X/XR/8/7/6/5/4.

01.13.2021How to Wipe a Mac
How to Reset Mac to Factory Settings for Sell and Give Away

Want to erase your MacBook before selling it or giving to others? In this post, we will share 2 methods to wipe your MacBook and reinstall macOS.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021How to Wipe a Mac
How to Delete Bookmarks and Favourite Items on Mac (Safari & Chrome & Firefox)

How to delete bookmarks on Mac to remove the invalid items? Here is the full guide to get rid of a or multiple bookmarks, even the bookmark folder from Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on Mac.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Flush DNS Cache
Clear Your DNS Cache in macOS – Here are the Easy Methods You Should Know

When you need to flush DNS cache on MacBook Pro, is it the only method to remove the files via Terminal? Just learn more method to clear up the files with ease from the article.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Uninstall Office on Mac
Uninstall Office on Mac – Here are the Best Methods You Should Know

In order to uninstall Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote from your MacBook, here are the best methods to uninstall Office 2016/2011 on Mac with ease.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021How to Uninstall Safari on Mac
Uninstall Safari on Mac – 3 Easy Methods to Remove Safari in macOS

How to uninstall Safari on Mac completely? When you need to remove the pre-installed Safari on Mac, you can learn more about the 3 easy methods from the article.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Uninstall TeamViewer on Mac
Uninstall TeamViewer on Mac – 2 Ultimate Methods to Remove TeamViewer Completely

When you need to unsubscribe the TeamViewer service and uninstall TeamViewer on Mac completely, you can learn more about 2 professional methods from the article.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021MOV to MP4
How Can You Convert MOV Files into MP4 on Windows and Mac with No Quality Loss

How to convert QuickTime MOV to MP4 for playing? This post tells 8 ways to transcode MOV to MP4 on Windows, Mac and online in simple clicks.

Format Converter
01.13.2021WebM to MP4
4 Easy Ways to Convert WebM to MP4 Free Online/Mac/Windows

Want to convert WebM to MP4 with FFmpeg but don’t know how? How to convert WebM to MP4 free online? This post shares 4 simple and effective ways to help you make the video conversion from WebM to MP4 on Mac, Windows PC and free online.

Format Converter
01.13.2021Clear Mac Cache
How to Clear Cache on Mac Throughly

The is the full guide to clear cache and temporary files on Mac Air/mini/Book including browsing, app and system cache, to free up more space and protect your privacy.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Delete Phone Calls History
Delete Phone Calls on Android (Samsung/LG/Motorola/Google/Asus/HTC)

You can delete phone calls or the entire call history list with ease. No matter what Android phone devices you are using like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Asus, HTC, Google, etc.

01.13.2021How to Delete Videos from iMovie
How to Delete Videos from iMovie on Mac/iPhone/iPad

Read and learn how to delete videos from iMovie here. And you can get Mac Cleaner software to free up more space on Mac easily.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Delete Cookies on iPad
How to Clear Cookies on iPad in Safari/Chrome/Firefox Easily

It is a good habit to clear cookies on iPad regularly. You can remove browsing history and free up storage space effectively. Just read and learn how to manage and delete cookies on iPad with ease.

01.13.2021Erase a Hard Drive on Mac
How to Erase a Hard Drive on Mac without Losing Data as a Pro

If you want to securely erase Mac hard drive, you just come to the right place. This article also shows the easiest way to monitor, speed up and clean up your Mac computer.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021How to Delete Files on Mac
How to Easily and Permanently Delete Files on Mac in 2018

Read the step-by-step guide to learn how to delete files on Mac permanently, and you can find and delete duplicate files easily here.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021How to Delete iPhoto Library
How to Delete Duplicate iPhoto Library Photos in One Click

You can delete iPhoto library after the migration easily here, and Mac Cleaner can help you find and delete all duplicate photos effortlessly.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Free Video Capture Software
Top 10 Free Video Capture Software on Window/Mac/Linux (No Watermark)

You can find the answer of what is the best free video capture software here. This article collects and analyzes top 10 free video screen capture software. Just read and choose your favorite one.

01.13.2021Use iMac as Monitor
How to Use iMac as an External Display Monitor for Big Screen

Have an old iMac? Use iMac as the external display for PC, other Mac computers, even iPhone and iPad to enjoy the big screen monitor freely.

Screen Mirroring
01.13.2021Delete Podcasts on iPhone
Delete Podcasts on iPhone – 3 Smart Methods to Remove iPhone Podcasts

When you want to remove some unwanted podcasts on iPhone while keeping something important, you can learn 3 best methods to delete podcasts on iPhone from the article.

01.13.2021Fix Facebook Not Loading
How to Fix Images/Videos Not Loading on Facebook

Can’t load a picture or video on Facebook? This post will share all efficient tips to fix Facebook photos or videos not loading on iPhone/Android/PC/Mac.

01.13.2021What is Screencast
What Is Screencast and How to Make a Screencast on Your Computer

This article introduces what is screencast in details. Moreover, you can also get easy steps to record a screencast video on Windows, Mac and online quickly.

Screen Mirroring
01.13.2021Delete Reminder Lists on iPhone
Delete Reminder Lists on iPhone – How to Remove Reminders Permanently

Once you complete the reminder lists, you will want to delete reminders from iPhone. Read on the article to learn the detailed information about how to remove iPhone reminders.

01.13.2021iRec Screen Recorder
iRec (EveryCord) Screen Recorder – Capture iOS/Android Phone Screen Video with Internal Audio

How to install the iRec screen recorder to capture your iPhone screen? Just learn more about the features of the iOS screen recorder and the best alternative from the article.

01.13.2021Record on Nextiva
How to Record Voicemail on Nextiva Phone without Losing Information

This guide tells you three approaches to change and record voicemail greeting for Nextiva phone, no matter you are close to the phone or far away from it.

01.13.2021Delete Photos from iPhone
[Solved] How to Deleted Photos from iPhone But Not iCloud

Limited storage space for iPhone? You can delete photos from iPhone but not iCloud to get more space for the iPhone from the article.

01.13.2021Delete Instagram Account
How to Delete Instagram Account on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android

If you are tired of Instagram, you can delete the Instagram account to take a break. Moreover, you can also get ultimate ways to delete Instagram search history, downloaded photos and caches permanently here.

01.13.2021Erase iPhone from Find My iPhone
Detailed Steps on How to Erase iPhone from Find My iPhone

What does erase iPhone do on Find My iPhone? How to erase all personal data from lost/stolen iOS device? This post shows detailed steps to erase iPhone from Find My iPhone app.

01.13.2021Safe Finder Removal on Mac
[Latest] All You Want to Know about Safe Finder Removal on Mac

Have questions about Safe Finder removal on Mac? This is your complete tutorial to remove Safe Finder and delete all associated files on Mac. You can keep your Mac safe and clean again easily.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Clear Cache on iPad
Concrete Guide to Clear Cache on iPad

It doesn't take long for caches to fill up on iPad, though the tablet has large internal memory. Don’t worry! You can learn how to clear cache data on iPad to free up space.

01.13.2021Remove Apps from iPad
Full Tutorial of Removing Apps from iPad

Have accumulated a lot of apps and your iPad notifies you there are not enough space? Here is a step-by-step guide to show you how to remove apps from iPad to free up space.

01.13.2021Delete iMessages on Mac
Step-by-step Guide of Deleting iMessages on MacOS

iMessage on Mac keeps track of all the messages that are sent and received on the your computer and iOS device. This post tells you how to delete iMessage chat history on Mac quickly.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Delete Emails on Mac
100% Working Guide to Delete Emails on iPhone

With simple gestures you can manage your inbox and delete one or multiple emails. This tutorial tells you how to delete emails on iPhone XR/XS/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s/5 and more.

01.13.2021How to Create an iPhone Ringtone with an iTunes Song
How to Create an iPhone Ringtone with an iTunes Song

Get tired of default iPhone ringtone and want to customize your own iPhone ringtone with your favorite music? You can get what you want on iTunes for free. Read the complete guide in this article.

01.13.2021Hide Files on Mac
Step-by-step Tutorial to Hide Files and Folders on Mac Quickly

You can take full advantage of the Mac file hiding feature to hide files on Mac here. In spite of Terminal and Filevault, there is also a powerful file hiding Mac app you can get.

01.13.2021Recover Deleted Facebook Photos on iPhone
5 Methods to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Facebook on iPhone

When you deleted some vital photos from Facebook on the iPhone, here are some essential steps you have to follow to restore the deleted photos or albums from Facebook on iPhone.

01.13.2021Mac Write to NTFS
How to Enable NTFS Drive Writing on Mac (Free & Paid Solutions)

Can a Mac write to NTFS? No, Mac can only read NTFS drive. To enable NTFS writing on Mac, you should format NTFS, install NTFS driver and turn to other 3rd apps.

01.13.2021Recover Deleted Wechat Messages iPhone
Concrete Tutorial to Recover WeChat History on iPhone

Deleted or lost important WeChat messages, contacts or photos on your iPhone? You can learn how to recover deleted WeChat history from iPhone XR/XS/X/8/7/6/6s and earlier.

01.13.2021Transfer music from Computer to iPhone without iTunes
3 Solutions on How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4 without iTunes

Want to transfer music from computer to iPhone without iCloud smoothly? This article will provide you 3 ways to sync MP3 files to your iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4.

01.13.2021Uploade Videos to Snapchat
Concrete Guide of Uploading Long Videos on Snapchat

We show you how you can efficiently upload long videos more than 10 seconds on Snapchat from your camera roll or photo gallery without losing any quality.

Format Converter