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02.27.2019Delete Photos from iPhone
[Solved] How to Deleted Photos from iPhone But Not iCloud

Limited storage space for iPhone? You can delete photos from iPhone but not iCloud to get more space for the iPhone from the article.

01.28.2019Uninstall Skype on Mac
How to Uninstall Skype/Skype for Business on Mac Completely

Have no idea how to uninstall Skype on Mac cleanly? Here you can get traditional and simplified ways to delete Skype and Skype for Business app from your Mac computer.

01.28.2019Delete Reminder Lists on iPhone
Delete Reminder Lists on iPhone – How to Remove Reminders Permanently

Once you complete the reminder lists, you will want to delete reminders from iPhone. Read on the article to learn the detailed information about how to remove iPhone reminders.

01.22.2019Uninstall Google Chrome
Completely Uninstall Google Chrome on Android/iPhone/Windows/Mac

If you have no idea how to uninstall Google Chrome completely, you can follow the tutorial to remove or reset Google Chrome browser on any device easily.

01.21.2019Uninstall iTunes
Completely Uninstall iTunes on Windows PC and Mac (Step by Step)

Learn how to uninstall iTunes completely on Windows or Mac. You can get different ways to uninstall iTunes and related app components.

01.21.2019Uninstall Spotify
The Ultimate Tutorial to Uninstall Spotify on Mac Completely

Looking for methods to uninstall Spotify from your Mac computer completely? If you have similar problems, you can find the solutions from the article now.

01.21.2019Erase a Hard Drive on Mac
How to Erase a Hard Drive on Mac without Losing Data as a Pro

If you want to securely erase Mac hard drive, you just come to the right place. This article also shows the easiest way to monitor, speed up and clean up your Mac computer.

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01.18.2019Delete Podcasts on iPhone
Delete Podcasts on iPhone – 3 Smart Methods to Remove iPhone Podcasts

When you want to remove some unwanted podcasts on iPhone while keeping something important, you can learn 3 best methods to delete podcasts on iPhone from the article.

01.18.2019Uninstall Dropbox
Ultimate Guide to Uninstall Dropbox on Mac Completely and Easily

You can get 2 different methods to uninstall Dropbox on Mac with or without deleting files. Even though you get the Dropbox error message, you can still delete Dropbox app with ease.

01.18.2019Delete Cookies on iPad
How to Clear Cookies on iPad in Safari/Chrome/Firefox Easily

It is a good habit to clear cookies on iPad regularly. You can remove browsing history and free up storage space effectively. Just read and learn how to manage and delete cookies on iPad with ease.

01.18.2019Delete Phone Calls History
Delete Phone Calls on Android (Samsung/LG/Motorola/Google/Asus/HTC)

You can delete phone calls or the entire call history list with ease. No matter what Android phone devices you are using like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Asus, HTC, Google, etc.

01.18.2019Delete Calendar on iPhone
[Solved] How to Delete Calendars on iPhone/iPad with No Recovery

Cannot delete calendar on iPhone? Here are 4 workable ways that can help you delete events and calendars from your iPhone or iCloud. Just read and follow.

12.21.2018How to Delete Downloads on Mac
How to Delete Downloads on Mac Permanently and Easily

This article explains how to delete downloads on Mac with easy-to-understand steps. And you can clean up Mac with Mac Cleaner easily as well.

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12.18.2018How to Delete iPhoto Library
How to Delete Duplicate iPhoto Library Photos in One Click

You can delete iPhoto library after the migration easily here, and Mac Cleaner can help you find and delete all duplicate photos effortlessly.

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12.13.2018Delete Ringtones from iPhone
How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone with Top 3 Methods

Many iPhone users like to add custom ringtone from iTunes or iTunes Store to set their favorite music as the iPhone Ringtone. But how to delete an unwanted custom ringtone? Here we have prepared a complete guide for you.

12.13.2018Clear All Notifications on iPhone
How to Clear All Notifications on iPhone in iOS 12/11/10

Feel annoyed with an iPhone full of notifications from messages, calls, and apps? Here we have prepared a complete guide for clearing all the notifications on your iPhone quickly.

12.11.2018How to Delete a User on Mac
How to Delete a Standard/Admin User Account on Mac

This article shows how to delete a user on Mac in easy ways. And you can also know why you can’t delete a standard or admin user on Mac here.

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12.07.2018Delete Movies and Videos on iPhone
How to Delete Movies and Videos on iPhone/iPad Easily

Nowadays more and more people like to download and watch movies on iPhone or iPad, but movies or videos will eat up your storage quickly. Here we will teach you how to clear movies/videos on iOS devices in an easy way.

12.07.2018How to Clear Cookies on Mac
How to Clear Cookies on Mac in 2018 (Safari/Chrome/Firefox)

Wanna delete cookies on Mac permanently? This is your complete tutorial of how to clear cookies on Mac (Safari/Chrome/Firefox).

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12.04.2018Private Messaging Apps
Top 6 Private Messaging Apps for Android & iOS

People are becoming increasingly concerned about their privacy. In order to keep your messages secure and protect your privacy, here we collected 6 best private messaging apps for you.

12.04.2018SMS Schedule
10 Best SMS Schedulers for Android and iOS

Want to avoid forgetting to send messages to your loved ones on important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays? You need an SMS scheduling app to send the messages for you at scheduled time automatically.

11.29.2018How to Delete Videos from iMovie
How to Delete Videos from iMovie on Mac/iPhone/iPad

Read and learn how to delete videos from iMovie here. And you can get Mac Cleaner software to free up more space on Mac easily.

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11.21.2018Clear Mac Cache
How to Clear Cache on Mac Thoroughly

The is the full guide to clear cache and temporary files on Mac Air/mini/Book including browsing, app and system cache, to free up more space and protect your privacy.

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09.17.2018Speed up slow safari
Best Solutions to Speed up Slow Safari on Mac

In this article, we will explain the reason why Safari getting slower and slower, and show you how to speed up it as well. We will give you solutions for speeding up Safari on Mac, or other iOS devices.

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09.14.2018Empty Trash on Mac
How Do I Empty Trash on Mac Securely and Permanently? Here Are 6 Solutions

How to empty Trash on Mac securely and permanently? This page lists 6 ways to help you to get Trash empty on Mac, even if the item is in use or locked.

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09.14.2018Speed up Your Mac
9 Simple Ways to Speed up Your Mac

Why is my Mac running slow and how to speed up my Mac? 9 best ways are told here to help you speed up your Mac with ease.

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07.12.2018How to Delete Files on Mac
How to Easily and Permanently Delete Files on Mac in 2018

Read the step-by-step guide to learn how to delete files on Mac permanently, and you can find and delete duplicate files easily here.

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