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The new star editor of Apeaksoft studio. A travel enthusiast that is always on the way. He likes photography, and has professional knowledge in photo processing, video editing, etc. Readers who have the same hobby as Benj Murray can find many useful tips and knowledge about photo/video editing in his posts.

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Audio EditingHow to Trim a Recording in Voice Memos on iPhoneHow to Trim Voice Memos
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TransferMoving Documents from iCloud One by One? Get Quick Methods NowHow to Move Documents from iCloud to Mac


12.05.2023Video Error 0c10100bf
Fix Can't Play Error 0xc10100bf Code Successfully in 4 Easy Ways

If you are running the 0xc10100bf video error code, then you will find this post helpful as it will reveal solutions to fix this error successfully.

Video Repair
12.05.2023Video Glitch
Feasible Approaches to Fix Video Glitch for Seamless Viewing

Are you constantly experiencing video glitches on your multimedia files? Read here to learn the capable tools and solve this video issue immediately.

Video Repair
08.17.2023Apple Music not Showing Album Artwork
How to Fix Apple Music Stopped Showing Album Artwork on Your iPhone

Why Apple Music not showing album artwork on your iPhone after updating the iOS? Just learn more about the best solutions to fix the problem with the article.

07.17.2023How to Recover A Deleted Apple Music Playlist
How Do I Get My Playlist Back on Apple Music? Here are The Best Solutions

If you lost or delete some Apple Music playlists by accident, you can learn more about how to recover the deleted Apple Music playlist with ease in the article.

iOS Recovery Mode
05.24.2023How to Add Text to Photo on iPhone
2 Easy Ways to Add Text to a Photo on Your iPhone

How can you add text to a photo on your iPhone for free? How do I put text onto an iPhone picture? Learn two easy ways to add text to a picture on your iPhone.

05.12.2023Blur Photo on iPhone
How to Blur Photo Background on Your iPhone and iPad Quickly

This tutorial tells you how to blur photo background on iPhone and iPad during and after taking the photo without extra apps.

05.12.2023Video Star Review
All about Video Star: Why Is It Such a Buzz & Video Star Alternatives

What is Video Star? Why is it so popular among iOS users? This post explains in detail the highlight of Video Star and offers you great alternatives for use.

Video Editing
03.02.2023Smart View on iPhone
How to Use Samsung Smart View on iPhone

Does iPhone have Smart View? How to use Samsung Smart View on iPhone? This post tells how to screen mirror your iPhone to a Samsung TV using the Smart View app.

Screen Mirroring
02.17.2023How to Ping iPhone from Apple Watch
How to Efficiently Ping iPhone from Apple Watch without Any Problems

This guide tells you how to ping your iPhone from your Apple Watch so that you can find and locate your lost phone nearby.

iOS Settings
02.03.2023GIMP Resize Image
Detailed Guide on How to Resize an Image in GIMP

Can GIMP resize an image without losing quality? Is there an image resizer tool in GIMP? You can learn how to resize image files in GIMP and its alternatives.

02.03.2023How to Unblur an Image
5 Easy Ways to Unblur Images on Different Devices

Is it possible to unblur text in an image? How do you unblur an image on Course Hero? Learn 5 ways to make a picture clearer on iPhone, Android, and computer.

02.03.2023Resize Photos for Facebook
3 Easy Ways to Resize Photos for Facebook and Twitter

Can I resize photo for Facebook cover without cropping? Is there a free Facebook profile picture resizer? Get 3 ways to resize photos for Facebook and Twitter.

02.02.2023MP3 to MP4
3 Different Methods to Convert MP3 to MP4 for Facebook or YouTube

It is the comprehensive guide about how to convert MP3 to MP4, whether you need to encode the file format or add images, which you can play the video directly.

Format Converter
02.02.2023Resize Photos on Mac
Resize a Photo on Mac – Here are 7 Best Methods You Should Know

Whether the photos are too large for uploading to your website, or sending with your email, here are the 7 ways to resize and compress a photo on your Mac.

02.02.2023How to Start Mac in Safe Mode
How to Start up Your Mac in Safe Mode to Do Troubleshooting

You can start a Mac in Safe Mode following our concrete tutorial. It is usually a starting point to fix a variety of software issues on Mac computers.

02.02.2023Instagram Notifications Not Working
How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working on Android Phone or iPhone

Why Instagram is not working on your iPhone/Android phone? Just learn these 5 easy and efficient ways to get rid of the problem with ease from the article.

02.02.2023Share Wi-Fi Password from iPhone to Android
How to Share Wi-Fi Password from Your iPhone to Android Phone

To download some videos to Android phone, you should know how to share a Wi-Fi password from your iPhone to Android phone. Learn more about the details here.

02.02.2023Album of Google Photos
The Ultimate Guide to Manage the Google Photos Albums on Your iPhone with Ease

When you have a large amount of files in Google Photos, you can learn about how to create/share/hide/embed and manage the Google Photos album from the article.

02.02.2023Google Photos video editor
2 Best Google Photos Video Editors to Make Stunning Movies as Profession

Is there a method to create movies with the photos and videos of Google Photos? Just learn about the Google Photos video editors to create a professional movie.

Video Editing
02.02.2023iMovie Compress Video
iMovie Compress Video – Best Method to Preserve the Optimal Video Quality

Want to upload some large files of iMovie online or share to social media? You should learn more about how to shrink and compress large videos with iMovie.

Video Editing
01.17.2023VLC Record Screen
VLC Record Screen – How to Record Screen with Audio on Windows with Ease

Want to use VLC to record screen with audio? You can learn more about the process and the best alternative to capture the desired recording from the article.

01.17.2023How to Make a Slideshow in iMovie
How to Make a Stunning Photo Slideshow with Music in iMovie

When you need to make a photo slideshow with music in iMovie, you can learn more details about the process as well as the iMovie alternative from the article.

Video Editing
01.17.2023Convert MP4 to MOV
MP4 to MOV Converter – How to Convert Your MP4 into MOV without Quality Loss

How to convert MP4 to MOV? When you need to convert a MP4 file for iPhone, iPad and more, you can learn more about the 4 best methods from the article now.

Format Converter
01.09.2023How to Clear SD Card on Mac
Detailed Guide on How to Clear and Format SD Card on Mac

Why can't I clear SD card on my Mac? How do you erase all data from an SD card on Mac? Get a detailed guide to format SD card and delete all of its data on Mac.

Mac Cleanup
01.09.2023How To Remove SearchMine from Mac
Is It Possible to Remove SearchMine Completely from Mac? Here is the Guide

When you want to remove SearchMine from Safari or Chrome on Mac, here are the workable methods you should know.

Mac Cleanup
12.16.2022Open or Remove Camera
Open/Disable Camera from Lock Screen on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11-Best Tips You Should Know

When you need to capture an image or use the flashlight on iPhone 14/15, you can learn to open and remove the camera from lock screen on iOS 16/17 in the post.

12.09.2022Unlock iPhone Without Passcode
5 Useful Methods to Unlock an iPhone Without a Password

Can I unlock iPhone without passcode or Face ID? What to do when you forget the iPhone lock screen password? Learn 5 ways to unlock an iPhone without password.

12.09.2022Unlock Apple Watch With iPhone
How to Unlock an Apple Watch with Your iPhone

Why won't my iPhone unlock my Apple Watch? Can you unlock an Apple Watch using your iPhone? Learn how to use your iPhone to unlock an Apple Watch in this post.

12.02.2022How to Connect Beats to iPhone
How to Set Up and Connect Beats Headphones to iPhone

Why won't my Beats connect to my iPhone? How do you connect Beats Wireless to an iPhone? This post tells how to set up and connect Beats headphones to iPhone.

iOS Settings
12.02.2022How to Use Find My iPhone from Computer
Steps to Learn How to Use Find My iPhone from the Computer

How to guard the safety of a lost iPhone? Learn the tips here to use Find My iPhone from the computer to solve the issue and protect your data.

12.02.2022iPhone Running Slow
Why Is My iPhone Running So Slow and 5 Ways to Make iPhone Faster

Why is my iPhone lagging? How do you speed up an iPhone? This post explains the main reasons why an iPhone is running slow and 5 solutions to troubleshoot it.

12.02.2022Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch
How to Unlock iPhone Using an Apple Watch

Why is unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch not working? Can I use an Apple Watch to unlock my iPhone? Learn how to unlock iPhone by Apple Watch from this post.

12.02.2022Org Chart Maker
Basic Knowledge about Org Charts and How to Draw One with Org Chart Templates

If you are troubled by how to present the company's structure vividly, consider learning how to draw an org chart with org chart templates here.

Mind Map
11.18.2022Online Video Cutter
Reviews of the 3 Best Video Cutters Online

Can you trim a video online without a watermark? What is the best video file splitter? This post recommends 3 best video cutters online for you to choose from.

Video Editing
11.18.2022How to Hide Photos on iPhone
How to Hide Photos Not Showing in Albums on iPhones and iPad

This tutorial tells you how to hide photos on iPhone running iOS 17 and other systems. So that you can keep your photos private.

11.18.2022Video Trimmer
Get 10 Best Video Trimmers to Cut Videos Without Losing Quality

Is there any free video trimmer app? How do you cut a video online without a watermark? Check the review of 10 best video trimmers for Mac/PC/iPhone/Android.

Video Editing
11.18.2022Cut GIF
Top 3 Ways to Cut Duration of Animated GIFs

How do you cut the duration of an animated GIF file? How to cut out part of a GIF? This post shares 3 simple methods to edit and cut GIFs on different devices.

11.11.2022Spider Diagram
What Is Spider Diagram and 3 Ways to Draw a Spider Diagram

What is a spider diagram? How do you make a spider diagram in Word? This post tells what a spider web diagram is and 3 easy methods to draw spider diagrams.

Mind Map
11.11.2022iPhone keyboard Not Working
Top 5 Solutions to Fix iPhone Keyboard Not Working

Why my iPhone simulator keyboard is not showing? How do I get my iPhone keyboard back to normal? Learn 5 useful methods to fix iPhone keyboard not working.

11.11.2022Can iPhones Get Viruses
3 Effective Solutions to Get Rid of Virus on Your iPhone

How do you tell if your iPhone has a virus? How to check an iPhone for viruses? This post tells how to get rid of viruses on an iPhone with 3 tested methods.

11.11.2022iPhone Headphones Not Working
Top 3 Solutions to Fix iPhone Headphones Not Working

Why are my iPhone headphones not working when I plug them in? How to get iPhone headphones to work? Check 3 tips to fix headphones not working on iPhone/iPad.

11.07.2022Fix the Problems of Face ID Not Working
How to Fix the Problems of Face ID Not Working on iOS Device

You picked up your iPhone, facing the display, but the face ID is not working? Here are 10 solutions to help you fix the problem of Face ID on your iPhone.

10.27.2022Ezvid Review
How to Download and Use Ezvid to Record and Edit the Videos on Windows and Mac

Where can you download Ezvid screen recorder and video editor for Windows and Mac? How to capture and edit the recording? Learn more details from Ezvid review.

10.20.2022Review Lucidchart
What Is Lucidchart Application and the Best Alternative Tools

We have tested Lucidchart in our lab and collected hundreds of users' report in order to share the unbiased review and concrete introduction in this article.

Mind Map
10.20.2022Semantic Map
What Is a Semantic Map and How to Create Semantic Maps

What is a semantic map? What is the semantic mapping strategy? Where to get semantic map examples? Check semantic mapping meaning and how to make semantic maps.

Mind Map
10.20.2022Instagram Story Video Length
Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Video Length

Can I post a 3-minute video on Instagram? How long can Instagram story videos be? Learn more about Instagram video length and cut videos for Instagram posting.

Video Editing
10.20.2022How to Trim Voice Memos
How to Trim a Recording in Voice Memos on iPhone

Can I edit a voice memo on my iPhone? How do you trim voice memos on an iPhone? You can read this post to learn how to edit and trim a voice memo on iPhone.

Audio Editing
08.18.2022Snagit VS Camtasia
What Should be Your Choice for Screen Recording, Snagit or Camtasia

Want to choose a desired screen recording software, Snagit or Camtasia? If you still have some queries for the right choice, find the answer from the article.

08.04.2022Uninstall Google Drive Mac
How to Uninstall Google Drive and Remove All Associated Files from Mac

You do not need the Google Drive app for backup files with the web interface. This guide tells you how to completely uninstall Google Drive app from Mac.

Mac Cleanup
08.04.2022Uninstall OneDrive Mac
How to Get Rid of MS OneDrive App from Your Mac without Leftover Files

This concrete guide tells you how to completely uninstall and remove MS OneDrive from MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, and more to free up your storage space.

Mac Cleanup
A Full Review of CamStudio – Pros, Cons, Price and Alternative

Before getting CamStudio to capture screen for free, read this review to see if it is worthy of downloading to your computer to record screen, video and audio.

07.08.2022ATF Cleaner Review
Everything You Should Know about ATF Cleaner before Downloading

ATF Cleaner is a free cleaning program for Windows XP/Vista/7. If you want to learn more information about it, read our honest review and introduction.

Mac Cleanup
07.08.2022Macbooster Review
Everything You Need to Know about MacBooster before Downloading

Before you download and buy MacBooster, we suggest you to read this unbiased review so that you can make the best decision and save your money.

Mac Cleanup
07.08.2022Avast Cleanup Review
Everything You Should Know about Avast Cleanup Before Downloading

Avast Cleanup is a tool that helps speed up and maintain your computer's performance. To learn the pros and cons, you should read this review carefully.

Mac Cleanup
06.09.2022Appcleaner Review
AppCleaner for Mac Review and Its Best Alternative

Is AppCleaner for Mac safe? Where to download AppCleaner? How to use AppCleaner to uninstall apps on your Mac? This post gives you a detailed AppCleaner review.

Mac Cleanup
06.09.2022CleanMyMac Review
Detailed CleanMyMac Review and Its Best Mac Cleaner Alternative

Is CleanMyMac safe for Mac? Does Apple recommend CleanMyMac? Is CleanMyMac X free or paid? Get a detailed CleanMyMac review and best Mac cleaner alternative.

Mac Cleanup
06.09.2022How to Remove Cisco Webex from Mac
2 Effective Methods to Remove Cisco Webex from a Mac

Where is Cisco Webex installed? How do you completely remove Cisco Webex from a Mac? Learn 2 useful methods to uninstall Cisco Webex meetings software on Mac.

Mac Cleanup
ActivePresenter Review & Rating – Best Method to Record Screencast for eLearning

When you want to record training, manuals or education videos with ActivePresenter, here is a complete review for you to learn more about it.

05.13.2022Action Recorder
Full Review of Action! Game Recorder and Its Best Alternative to Capture Games

If you want to record or stream gameplay videos on your computer, just read this review of Action Game Recorder and the best alternative from the article.

05.12.2022How Do You Unblock Someone on Facebook
Turn off Voice Control on iPhone – Here is the Simple Guide You Should Know

When Voice Control does not work on iPhone, here is the guide about turning off Voice Control on iPhone with the best troubleshooting.

05.12.2022How To Access iPhone Files on PC
View iPhone Files on Windows 10 – Here are the Best Methods You Should Know

How to access iPhone files on a PC, or even move them to your Windows 10? Here are the easy methods to manage the files.

05.12.2022FRP Bypass
FRP Bypass – How Do I Bypass Google Verification after Factory Reset

How do I bypass Google verification after a factory reset? Here are some workable FRP bypass methods from the article.

04.22.2022Record Clash Royale Gameplay Video
How to Record Clash Royale Gameplay Videos – 3 Best Methods You Should Know

How to record Clash Royale? When you want to share the gameplay videos on social media sites, you can learn more about the 3 Clash Royale recorders here.

04.22.2022Best Audio Recorder
Top 9 Best Online and Offline Audio Recorders Free to Use

Here are the best audio recorders to capture your voice with the best quality. These tools have unique and amazing features to use.

04.22.2022Find Facebook Hidden Messages
How to Find Facebook Hidden Messages and Clear Them

How can I see hidden messages on Facebook? How to retrieve a hidden conversation on Messenger? You can learn to find hidden messages on Facebook Messenger.

04.22.2022Secret Conversation Messenger
What Is Secret Conversation on Messenger and How to Use It

How can I tell if someone has a Facebook secret conversation? How to start a secret conversation on Messenger? Learn more about Messenger secret conversation.

03.29.2022Mac Malware Scanner
How to Use Mac Malware Scanner to Get The Best Protection

Can Mac detect malware? How do I scan my Mac for malware? Does Mac have a built-in malware scanner? You can learn how to identify and block malware in macOS.

Mac Cleanup
03.29.2022Mac Disk Space Analyzer
Top 3 Disk Space Analyzers for Mac to Use

How do I visualize my Mac disk space? Does Mac have a disk space analyzer and cleanup? Get the best disk space analyzer to manage your Mac storage and usage.

Mac Cleanup
03.09.2022How to Clear WhatsApp Cache on iPhone
How to Clear WhatsApp Cache on iPhone – The Ultimate Guide You Should Follow

What should you do to remove the WhatsApp cache on iPhone? Here are the 4 easy methods you should know from the article.

03.09.2022Snapchat Location not Working
How to Fix Snapchat Location Filters Are Not Working Quickly

Is Snapchat location not working for you? Here are a few things you can do to get the social networking app running properly on your iPhone or Android phone.

iOS Recovery Mode
02.16.2022Clash of Clans Screen Recorder
Clash of Clans Screen Recorder – How to Capture Gameplay Videos for Clash of Clans

Here we introduce 5 Clash of Clans screen recorders to capture smooth and stable Clash of Clans gameplay videos with high quality.

07.27.2021iMyFone D-Back Review
What Is iMyFone D Back and Whether It Is Worth You to Use

Does iMyFone D-Back actually work? Read this review carefully and then you will find the answer and more information that you should know about the software.

03.30.2021Burn iMovie to DVD
Burn iMovie to DVD – 3 Best Methods to Create DVD on Mac with Ease

When you need to export and burn the iMovie projects to DVD, what should you do if iDVD is not available? 3 different ways here will help you get through it.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Incognito Mode iPhone
How to Enable/Disable Incognito Mode on iPhone [Private Browsing]

How to disable Incognito Mode on iPhone? How to turn on iPhone Incognito Mode and private browsing on Safari? All questions will be answered in this post.

iOS Settings
01.13.2021Make a PDF Slideshow
3 Best Methods to Make PDF Files into a Slideshow on Windows and Mac

How to make PDF files into a slideshow that automatically progresses and loop the presentation? Just learn more details from the article now.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Delete Photos from Google Photos
How to Delete All Photos from Google Photos, Including the Google Profile Photo

When you need to remove all photos from Google Photos and delete a Google profile photo, you can learn the ultimate guide to delete Google Photos in the post.

01.13.2021Google photo sharing
Google Photos Sharing – How to Share Photos and Videos of Google Photos Safely

What are the best ways to share the photos and videos of Google Photos? Is there a safe method for Google Photos sharing? Just find the answer from this post.

01.13.2021How to Upload Photos to Google Drive
How to Upload Photos to Google Drive from Your iPhone or Android

If you have already captured some photos via your iPhone or Android phone, you can learn more about how to upload photos to Google Drive from iPhone or Android.

01.13.2021Audacity Record Computer Audio
How to Record Computer Audio with Audacity Audio Recorder on Windows and Mac

When you want to record some audio files from your computer, you can learn more about how to record computer audio files with Audacity from the article.

01.13.2021Soundflower Mac
How to Record Sound Files with Soundflower for Mac and Best Alternative

In order to record sound from system audio, microphone and more others with the Soundflower on Mac, you can learn more details from this article.

01.13.2021MP4 to WebM
MP4 to WebM Converter – How to Convert MP4 to WebM with Ease on Windows and Mac

When you want to embed the MP4 videos in HTML5 webpages, how to convert MP4 to WebM with ease? Just learn more about the 4 efficient methods from the article.

Format Converter
01.13.2021Compress Video for Email
Compress Video for Email – 3 Frequently Used Methods You Should Know

Most of the email servers have size limitations, when you need to compress the video for email, you should learn methods via your computer, mobile or online.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Share Calendar on iPhone
4 Methods to Share a Calendar with Others from Your iPhone

Want to share a business schedule on the Calendar on iPhone with your colleagues? Just learn more details about the best methods from the article.

01.13.2021Instagram not Working
Fix Instagram Not Working – 9 Best Methods You Should Know

If there are some unexpected troubles or error messages, how do you fix Instagram not working? Just learn more about the methods from the article.

01.13.2021Block a Number and Delete It
How to Block a Number and Erase the Blocked Numbers on Your iPhone

How to block a number on iPhone with ease? Whether you need to block an unknown one or one from your contact list, just learn more details from the article now.

01.13.2021Find Blocked Numbers on iPhone
Guide to See Blocked A Numbers on iPhone and Unblock It

How to see the blocked phone numbers on your iPhone? When you block a phone number by mistake, you can learn more about the methods step-by-step from the post.

01.13.2021Group FaceTime Not Working on iOS
How to Fix Group FaceTime Not Working on iPhone – Here's the Fix

When you are not able to have a FaceTime with a group of contacts on iPhone, here are the 9 easy ways to fix group FaceTime not working from the article.

01.13.2021Open iPhone in Finder on Mac
How to Open and Use iPhone in Finder on Mac in macOS Big Sur

Just read and get the detailed steps to use Finder on Mac. If you have updated to macOS Big Sur, you can get a new way to sync iPhone files. No iTunes any more.

01.13.2021Wi-Fi Password Not Sharing
Fix Wi-Fi Password Not Working – 8 Ultimate Solutions You Should Know

If the Wi-Fi password not working when you need to share the Wi-Fi password or enter the correct Wi-Fi password, Just learn these 8 best methods in this post.

01.13.2021How to Move Documents from iCloud to Mac
Moving Documents from iCloud One by One? Get Quick Methods Now

Mistakenly moved documents to iCloud? Check the post to access and download iCloud documents to your MacBook Air.