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12.30.2019Wi-Fi Password Not Sharing
Fix Wi-Fi Password Not Working – 8 Ultimate Solutions You Should Know

When you need to share the Wi-Fi password or enter the correct Wi-Fi password, you might find the Wi-Fi password not working. Just learn more about the 8 best methods from the article.

12.30.2019How to Move Documents from iCloud to Mac
Moving Documents from iCloud One by One? Get Quick Methods Now

Mistakenly moved documents to iCloud? Check the post to access and download iCloud documents to your MacBook Air.

12.20.2019Open iPhone in Finder on Mac
How to Open and Use iPhone in Finder on Mac in macOS Catalina

Just read and get the detailed steps to use Finder on Mac. If you have updated to macOS Catalina, you can get a new way to sync iPhone files. No iTunes any more.

12.20.2019Group FaceTime Not Working on iOS
How to Fix Group FaceTime Not Working on iPhone – Here’s the Fix

When you are not able to have a FaceTime with a group of contacts on iPhone, here are the 9 easy and ultimate methods to fix group FaceTime not working from the article.

12.17.2019Instagram Notifications Not Working
How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working on Android Phone or iPhone

Why Instagram is not working on your iPhone or Android phone? Just learn more about 5 easy and efficient troubleshooting to get rid of the problem with ease from the article.

12.17.2019Find Blocked Numbers on iPhone
Guide to See Blocked A Numbers on iPhone and Unblock It

How to see the blocked phone numbers on your iPhone? When you block a phone number by mistake, you can learn more about the methods step-by-step from the article.

12.13.2019Open or Remove Camera
Open/Disable Camera from Lock Screen on iPhone 11/XR/X/8/7 –Best Tips You Should Know

When you need to capture an image or use the flashlight on iPhone 11/X/XS/XR/8/7, you can learn more open and remove the camera from lock screen on iOS 13/12 from the article.

12.12.2019Block a Number and Delete It
How to Block a Number and Erase the Blocked Numbers on Your iPhone

How to block a number on iPhone 11/X/XS/XR/8/7/6 with ease? Whether you need to block an unknown one or one from your contact list, just learn more details from the article now.

12.10.2019Share Calendar on iPhone
4 Methods to Share a Calendar with Others from Your iPhone

When you have a business schedule on the Calendar, how do you share Calendar on iPhone to your colleagues? Just learn more details about the best methods from the article.

12.10.2019Resize Photos on Mac
Resize a Photo on Mac – Here are 7 Best Methods You Should Know

Whether the photos are too large for uploading to your website, or sending with your email address, here are the 7 methods to resize and compress a photo on your Mac.

12.10.2019Instagram not Working
Fix Instagram Not Working – 9 Best Methods You Should Know

Is Instagram down right now? If there are some unexpected troubles or error messages, how do you fix Instagram not working? Just learn more about the methods from the article.

12.10.2019Fix the Problems of Face ID Not Working
How to Fix the Problems of Face ID Not Working on iOS Device

You picked up your iPhone X, face on the display, but Face ID is not working? Here are 10 solutions to help you fix the problem for Face ID on your iPhone from the article.

11.28.2019How to Make a Slideshow in iMovie
How to Make a Stunning Photo Slideshow with Music in iMovie

When you need to make a photo slideshow with music in the iMovie, you can learn more details about the process as well as the iMovie alternative from the article now.

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11.28.2019Burn iMovie to DVD
Burn iMovie to DVD – 3 Best Methods to Create DVD on Mac with Ease

When you need to export and burn the iMovie projects to DVD, what should you do if iDVD is not available? Just learn more about the 3 different methods from the article.

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11.28.2019Share Wi-Fi Password from iPhone to Android
How to Share Wi-Fi Password from Your iPhone to Android Phone

In order to download some videos to Android phone, you should know how to share a Wi-Fi password from your iPhone to Android phone. You can learn more about the details from the article.

11.06.2019Compress Video for Email
Compress Video for Email – 3 Frequently Used Methods You Should Know

Most of the email servers have size limitations, when you need to compress the video for email, you should learn more about the methods via your computer, mobile or online.

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11.04.2019iMovie Compress Video
iMovie Compress Video – Best Method to Preserve the Optimal Video Quality

When you need to upload some large files of iMovie online or share to social media, you should learn more about how to shrink and compress large videos with iMovie.

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