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RecoveryHow to Restore MacBook Pro to Factory SettingsRestore MacBook Pro
iOS Recovery Mode4 Easy Ways to Factory Reset iPad without Apple ID and PasswordReset an iPad without Apple ID
iOS Recovery ModeSimple 6 Ways to Get iPad mini/Air/Pro Out of Headphone ModeFix iPad Stuck in Headphone Mode
iOS Recovery ModeiPad Update Stuck – Your Comprehensive Guide to Fix ItiPad Update Stuck
iOS Recovery ModeHow Do I Get My Playlist Back on Apple Music? Here are The Best SolutionsHow to Recover A Deleted Apple Music Playlist
iOS Recovery ModeiPhone Water Damage Repair - Easy Ways to Check and Fix Water Damaged iPhoneFix Water Damaged iPhone


08.24.2023An Error Occurred While Preparing the Installation
A Comprehensive Guide to Fix An Error Occurred While Preparing the Installation on Mac

Cannot update or reinstall macOS due to ‘An Error Occurred While Preparing the Installation’? Don’t worry, try the 10 proven methods in this article.

08.24.2023iPad Update Stuck
iPad Update Stuck – Your Comprehensive Guide to Fix It

iPad get stuck on iOS 16/15/14/13/12 updating screen? Best solutions are offered to help you fix iPad update stuck issue with ease.

iOS Recovery Mode
08.17.2023Fix iPad Stuck in Headphone Mode
Simple 6 Ways to Get iPad mini/Air/Pro Out of Headphone Mode

You can get 6 EASY solutions to fix iPad/iPhone stuck in headphone mode of water damage, disabled headphone jack, etc. iPad Pro, mini, Air, etc. are supported.

iOS Recovery Mode
08.04.2023How to Turn Off Lock Screen iPhone
Ultimate Guide on How to Turn Off Lock Screen on iPhone

How do you disable Lock Screen on your iPhone 14? How can I turn off the dynamic lock screen? Learn two easy ways to turn off the lock screen on your iPhone.

08.03.2023Reset iPod
[2023 Guide] How to Reset iPod (to Factory Settings)

iPod frozen or non-responsive? Learn 4 ways here to reset iPod (soft reset and factory reset) with/without iTunes and with/without computer safely and quickly.

iOS Recovery Mode
08.03.2023Apple Music Not Playing on iPhone
How to Quickly Fix Apple Music Not Playing on iPhone

Apple Music says not playing? Here are quick 14 solutions to solve this problem in iOS 16/15/14/13/12/11 and play Apple Music smoothly on iPhone iPad again.

07.17.2023Reset a Stolen iPhone
Ultimate Guide to Reset a Stolen iPhone 6/7/8/X/XS/XR/11/12/13/14

Want to reset a stolen iPhone XR/11/12/13/14 but don't know how? This post shows solutions to help you reset a stolen iPhone and get all iOS data back.

iOS Recovery Mode
07.07.2023Reset an iPad without Apple ID
4 Easy Ways to Factory Reset iPad without Apple ID and Password

You can learn how to factory reset iPad without Apple ID or password in 5 ways from this post, even if Find My iPhone is on (iOS 16 on iPad supported).

iOS Recovery Mode
04.19.2023Turn Off Predictive Text iPhone
No More Annoying Suggestions: Turn Off Predictive Text on iPhone

Turning off predictive text on your iPhone is the best way to eliminate suggestions. This post will help you deal with keyboard settings.

04.19.2023Add Words to iPhone Dictionary
Save Time and Avoid Typos: Add Words to Your iPhone's Dictionary

Do you want to add words to your iPhone's dictionary? This post will tell you how to do it to text easily with customized words.

04.18.2023Crop Photos on iPhone
How to Crop Photos on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS Easily and Quickly

How to crop iPhone Photo of Person Portraits? Find no crop button on your iPhone? This post has offered you step-by-step instructions with powerful tools.

04.18.20233GP to MP4
5 Methods to Convert 3GP to MP4 Without Losing Quality

Can VLC convert 3GP to MP4? How do you change 3GP to MP4 online? This post shares five easy ways to convert 3GP to MP4 on Windows PC, Mac, and online for free.

Format Converter
04.18.2023M4V to MOV
Top 5 Methods to Convert M4V to MOV on Mac/Windows with Ease | 2023

What is the best tool to convert M4V to MOV? Is there any M4V to MOV converter online for free? This post has introduced top 5 methods of M4V to MOV conversion.

Format Converter
04.18.2023M4A to MP4
Top 5 Ways to Convert M4A to MP4 with High Quality

Can you convert M4A to MP4 with image online? How do you change M4A to MP4 on a Windows 10 PC? Learn five easy ways to turn M4A into MP4 without quality loss.

Format Converter
04.10.2023Zoom Microphone Not Working
Solutions | Zoom Microphone Not Working on My Devices

See the eleven solutions to fix the Zoom Mic Not Working Issue on All Your Devices and Establish Stable Participation in Your Zoom Meeting Again.

04.07.2023iTunes for Windows
How to Use iTunes for Windows to Backup iPhone to Computer

iTunes for Windows is one of the common backup tools for iOS users. Read how to use iTunes for Windows and get the best alternative in this article.

04.07.2023Turn off Auto Correct on iPhone
How to Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone with Step-by-step Instructions

When texting others, you may be annoyed by the autocorrect setting for unreadable information. This post will show you how to fix autocorrect on iPhone.

04.07.2023Call Failed iPhone
6 Ways to Resolve iPhone Call Failed Error in Minutes

You might have an iPhone call failed error and don't know what to do. This post will explain why you run into it and six ways to solve it.

02.15.2023Contacts Didn't Transfer To New Iphone
[Check Here] Why Contacts Didn't Transfer to New iPhone and How to Fix it

Are you upset when your contacts didn't transfer to your new iPhone? Click here to learn more about why it doesn't work and how to fix it!

02.13.2023Entity Relationship DRiagrams
What Is Entity Relationship Diagram and How to Create Your ERD

What is an ER diagram? What are entity relationship diagram symbols and meanings? Learn what an entity relationship diagram is and how to make your ER diagrams.

Mind Map
02.02.2023What Is a Mind Map
What Is a Mind Map And How to Create One

If you're looking into mind mapping, this post could be helpful for you to understand what mind map is, how to create it, and its advantages & disadvantages.

02.02.2023What is HEIC
What Is HEIC Image Format and How to Convert HEIC to JPG

HEIC is Apple's proprietary version of the photo format on iPhone since iOS 11. If you want to learn more about this concept, read our introduction directly.

02.02.2023Data Recovery Mac Software
Review of Top 10 Data Recovery Software for Mac

What is the best data recovery software for Mac? Here a top-10 list (free/paid) with review is to help you get the best one to recover data safely and quickly.

01.19.2023How to Shorten a Video on iPhone
Get 3 Easy Ways to Shorten a Video on iPhone

How do you cut part of a video on your iPhone? What is the best video cutter app for iPhone? You can learn three different ways to shorten a video on an iPhone.

Video Editing
01.19.2023What Is PERT Chart
What Is a PERT Chart and How to Make a PERT Chart like Professionals

Here is a comprehensive introduction of PERT charts for project managers and other professionals to visualize project management easily.

Mind Map
01.19.2023iPhone Vibrating Not Working
5 Helpful Tips to Fix iPhone Black Screen But Vibrates

When iPhone 14 stuck at a black screen, how to adjust and turn off its vibration? Get five tips to fix your iPhone vibration not working issue.

01.19.2023Nursing Concept Maps
What Is Nursing Concept Map and How to Make One like Professionals

If you are a nursing student, you will find our post helpful since it introduces everything you should know about nursing concept maps.

Mind Map
01.19.2023iPhone Not Sending Messages
5 Helpful Tips to Troubleshoot iPhone Not Sending Messages

Why is my iPhone not sending text messages? iPhone is not sending texts to Android? You can learn 5 helpful methods to fix iPhone not sending messages issue.

01.19.2023User Journey Maps
What Is User Journey Maps and How to Make a User Journey Map for Beginners

Want to learn user journey maps? This post offers everything you should know about this diagramming tool including how to make a user journey map.

Mind Map
01.17.2023Reset iPad
How to Reset iPad with/without Passcode

In this article, you can get easy ways to backup, reset and restore an iPad with no data loss. Moreover, it is also supported to reset iPad without password.

iOS Recovery Mode
01.17.2023iPod Stuck on Apple Logo
iPod Stuck on Apple Logo? Here is the Fix

iPod stuck in Apple logo without restoring/syncing or won't turn on/off? Just read this page and get the 4 solutions to fix Apple logo jam on iPod/iPhone/iPad.

iOS Recovery Mode
01.17.2023Hard Reboot iPhone
Tutorial to Hard Reboot iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s/SE/5/4

Here's how to hard reboot iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s, if the iPhone freezes, won't start up, or experiences other persistent problems.

iOS Recovery Mode
01.17.2023Add Songs to Apple Music
How to Add Music to Apple Music

In this post, you will learn how to add music from the Apple Music to your library and how to add your own songs to Apple Music with iTunes.

01.17.2023Restore from iCloud
[Solved] How to Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup with/without Reset

How to restore iPhone/iPad from iCloud? This article lists two easy ways to restore from iCloud with/without resetting iPhone 14/13/12/11 running in iOS 16/15.

01.17.2023iPhone Recovery Mode
How to Enter/Exit iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery Mode

iPhone recovery mode can fix many system issues on your iOS device. This post shows useful tips to put iPhone into recovery mode or get out of recovery mode.

iOS Recovery Mode
01.17.2023Fix an iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo
3 Best Methods to Fix an iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

iPhone stuck on Apple logo while updating to iOS 16? This post tells reasons and 3 ways to fix iPhone frozen on Apple logo and other related system errors.

iOS Recovery Mode
01.10.2023Upload Photos to iCloud from Mac
How to Upload Photos from Mac to iCloud to Access Library from Any Device

How to move your photos to iCloud for accessing them on other iOS devices? Read this guide with tips to move pictures from Mac to iCloud in several clicks.

01.09.2023iPhone Battery Draining
Why Is My Phone Battery Draining So Fast? 10 Solutions to Fix It [in 2023]

Find reasons and solutions in this article to fix 'why is my phone battery draining so fast'. and make your iPhone battery run normally.

iOS Recovery Mode
12.27.2022Soft Reset iPhone
How to Soft Reset iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6, etc.

This article explains what is iPhone soft reset and how to soft reset iPhone with different iOS models. Besides, you can restart iPhone with broken buttons too.

iOS Recovery Mode
12.15.2022Reset iPhone
Tutorial to Reset iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6, etc.

In this tutorial we show you how to reset an iPhone to factory settings, which is essential if you need to wipe the data from a device or solve software errors.

iOS Recovery Mode
12.12.2022Restore Disabled iPhone without iTunes
How to Restore Disabled iPhone without iTunes (iOS 16 Compatible)

How to restore iPhone without iTunes to fix a disabled iPhone? This page lists the 3 easy ways to restore iPhone to factory settings even without password.

12.05.2022Download iTunes
Freely Download the latest/Older iTunes for Windows 10/11 or Mac

How can I update iTunes to the latest version? Is it possible to revert to a previous version of iTunes? In this article, you will find all the answers.

11.21.2022Reset Jailbroken iPhone
Reset Jailbroken iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus and Earlier

Need to reset jailbroken iPhone? Here are solutions to reset a jailbroken iPhone with or without removing jailbreaking features.

iOS Recovery Mode
11.21.2022Restart iPhone without Lock Button
Multiple Methods to Restart iPhone without Lock Button on iOS 16/15/14/13/12

How to restart iPhone without using lock button? Here are multiple methods to restart iPhone without lock button by Assistive Touch and other features.

iOS Recovery Mode
11.21.2022Reset iPhone without iTunes
How to Reset iPhone Without iTunes (iOS 16 Supported)

How to factory reset iPhone without iTunes? This page shows 4 easy ways to reset (disabled) iPhone without iTunes, even without Apple ID/password/computer.

iOS Recovery Mode
11.17.2022Reset a Locked iPhone
Tutorial to Reset a Locked iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s and Earlier

This article shows you effective ways to factory reset iPhone without password easily. With the detailed guide, you will master it well. Please read carefully.

iOS Recovery Mode
11.17.2022iPhone Stuck on Update
iPhone Stuck on iOS 17/16/15/14/13/12 Update Screen: Here's How To Fix It

If your iPhone stuck during iOS 16/15/14/13/12/11/10 update, come and read this post. Get 3 different ways to fix the iPhone update frozen issue with ease.

iOS Recovery Mode
11.17.2022iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop
3 Easy and Safe Solutions to Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop (iOS 16 Included)

iPhone gets infinite reboot after iOS 13/14 update? Here are 3 safe ways to solve it and drag iPhone to normal from boot loop (iPhone 14/13/12/11 included).

iOS Recovery Mode
11.17.2022iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode
3 Easy Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck in DFU Mode Quickly

iPhone gets stuck in DFU mode and cannot restore or update? Here are 4 real fixes to solve this problem on iPhone 14/13/12/11, etc. running iOS 16 and earlier.

iOS Recovery Mode
11.17.2022iPhone Randomly Restarts
Best Methods to Fix iPhone Randomly Restarts on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8 and Earlier

Encounter the iPhone randomly restarting issue? The most reliable ways to stop the iPhone from randomly restarting are all in this tutorial.

iOS Recovery Mode
11.17.2022iPhone Get Hot
Why does My iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6, etc.Get Hot

Here are easy and safe methods to cool down your overheating iPhone. So if anybody ask 'Why does my iPhone get hot', just share this post.

iOS Recovery Mode
11.17.2022Hard Reset iPhone
How to Hard Reset iPhone iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s and Earlier

Here's how to hard reset iPhone when the device is not responding, stuck in headphone mode, black screen, frozen or facing other problems.

iOS Recovery Mode
11.17.2022Force Restart iPhone
Tutorial to Force Restart iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X and Earlier

Sometimes your iPhone can lock up completely and not respond to any input. In this case, force restarting iPhone is the easiest solution.

iOS Recovery Mode
11.08.2022Use iCloud on Windows
How to Use iCloud on Windows 11 and Earlier

Apple and Microsoft are making it easy to access and enjoy the benefits of their iCloud account. Here is a comprehensive guide of iCloud for Windows 11/10/8/7.

10.27.2022Review Venngage
Everything You Should Know about Venngage and the Best Alternative Tool

This is an unbiased review of Venngage - infographic making software. Following it, you will learn everything you should know before using the application.

Mind Map
10.27.2022Review Miro
Everything You Should Know about Miro and the Best Alternatives

Before using Miro, you'd better read our review and introduction so that you can make the best decision and save your money.

Mind Map
10.27.2022How to Fix Bad Quality Pictures
How to Retouch Photos and Portraits on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android

As an essential skill, we introduce the easiest ways to do photo retouching with AI technology as well as the concrete how-to.

10.27.2022Photo Editor
15 Best Photo Editing Applications You Should Not Miss on Computer and Mobile

If you are looking for an appropriate photo editor for your PC or mobile phone, here is the top list for both beginners and experienced people.

09.16.2022How to Enlarge a Picture for Printing
Learn 3 Simple Methods to Enlarge a Picture for Printing

Can you enlarge a picture to print on multiple pages? How to enlarge a picture for printing without losing quality? Learn 3 ways to enlarge a picture to print.

09.16.2022Image Quality Reducer
5 Best Image Quality Reducers to Lower the Quality of an Image

Can I reduce the MB of a picture for free? How do you reduce the quality of an image? Get 5 best image quality reducers to lower and decrease image quality.

09.16.2022AI Photo Editor
5 Best Image Editors to Edit Your Photos With AI Technology

Can AI edit photos? What is the best AI photo combiner? This post gives you a review of 5 best AI photo editor tools to offer instant real estate photo editing.

08.18.2022How to Scan Mac for Virus
How to Check Mac for Virus and Remove Virus from Your Mac

Does Mac have an inbuilt virus scanner? How can I tell if my Mac has a virus? How do you scan Mac for viruses? Learn how to scan and clear viruses on your Mac.

08.18.2022Everything about League of Legends on Mac
Comprehensive Tutorial to League of Legends on Mac

For beginners who try to handle the League of Legends on Mac, here you can learn tips on how to download, install, and uninstall Leagues of Legends on Mac.

07.19.2022Remove Firefox
4 Effective Solutions to Remove Firefox

How to completely remove Firefox from a MacBook? How to remove Firefox from Registry Windows 10? Get a detailed guide to uninstall Firefox on Mac and Windows.

Mac Cleanup
07.19.2022Uninstall Citrix Receiver on Mac
2 Easy Ways to Uninstall Citrix Receiver on Mac

Why do I have the Citrix Receiver app on my Mac? How do you uninstall Citrix Workspace? You can learn 2 effective methods to remove Citrix Receiver from a Mac.

Mac Cleanup
06.23.2022Retrieve Deleted Text Messages iPhone
How to Find and Restore Deleted Text Message from iPhone for Beginners

Delete an important text message on your iPhone? You are lucky since this guide tells you the easiest ways to get it back in various situations.

06.23.2022Adwcleaner Review
Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Review and Adware Remover for Mac

Is AdwCleaner legitimate? Is there an AdwCleaner version for Mac? Read the AdwCleaner review and learn 2 effective ways to remove adware from your computer.

Mac Cleanup
06.23.2022How to Uninstall Clean My Mac
The Detailed Guide to Uninstall CleanMyMac Completely

When you find some problems from CleanMyMac, or even the virus, here are the detailed steps to uninstall CleanMyMac completely.

Mac Cleanup
06.22.2022App Cleaner & Uninstaller Review
App Cleaner & Uninstaller for Mac Review and Its Best Alternative

Is App Cleaner by Nektony good for Mac? Is app Cleaner & Uninstaller safe? Read this App Cleaner & Uninstaller review and get its best uninstaller alternative.

Mac Cleanup
05.30.2022How to Uninstall Parallels on Mac
How to Completely Uninstall Parallels from Mac for Beginners

Here is a guide to follow to uninstall Parallels from Mac manually or using a one-stop solution, so that you can free up space and improve the performance.

Mac Cleanup
05.30.2022Antivirus for Mac
8 Best Antivirus Apps to Remove Malware from Mac without Data Loss

Here are top 8 best antivirus for Mac to help you keep away from viruses, remove malware, and control the internet behaviors efficiently.

Mac Cleanup
03.01.2022Safari Disappeared from iPhone
Ultimate Tips on How to Fix Safari Disappeared from iPhone Easily

Suddenly find your Safari app disappeared from the home screen or even the whole iPhone? Click here to learn five solutions and fix this issue.

02.23.2022Snapchat Crashing
How to Resolve the Problem that Snapchat Keeps Crashing

If Snapchat keeps crashing on your smartphone, here are a few quick solutions to get rid of this issue and you can use your social app as usual.

iOS Recovery Mode
02.23.2022Snapchat Camera not Working
How to Fix the Problem that Snapchat Camera Is Not Working

The causes of the Snapchat camera not working may be complex, but you can fix this problem by you own following our comprehensive troubleshooting.

iOS Recovery Mode
02.15.2022Brainstorm With Mind Map
How to Brainstorm with Mind Maps Easily

If you want to experiment with feasible methods on brainstorming with a mind map, check out this post to learn more techniques.

02.15.2022Snapchat Wont Login
5 Useful Tips to Solve the Snapchat Login Problem

Why does Snapchat not let me log in? How to recover deleted Snapchat account? Why Snapchat doesn't accept my password? 5 tips to solve Snapchat login problem.

iOS Recovery Mode
02.10.2022Turn Off HEIC on iPhone
Turn Off HEIC on iPhone and Convert HEIC Photos to JPEG

Why is my iPhone taking HEIC photos? How to stop iPhone from saving photos as HEIC? Learn how to turn off HEIC on iPhone and free convert HEIC to JPG or PNG.

01.13.2022iPhone Stuck on Turning off Screen
How to Get Rid of the Issue that iPhone Stuck on Turning off Screen

This comprehensive guide helps you to resolve the problem that an iPhone gets stuck on turning off screen. Then your handset can work normally.

iOS Recovery Mode
01.13.2022Recover Data from iPhone after Factory Reset
How to Get Back Contacts, SMS, and More after Factory Reset iPhone

This guide talks about how to recover photos, contacts, and other data from an iPhone after factory reset with or without iCloud/iTunes backup.

iOS Recovery Mode
12.02.2021Tinyumbrella Fix Recovery
Download Tinyumbrella and Fix Recovery Mode on iPhone

How to use TinyUmbrella fix recovery to get iPhone out of recovery mode? What to do when TinyUmbrella doesn't work? Just read and learn.

iOS Recovery Mode
10.14.2021iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode
How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

When your iPhone or iPad gets stuck in recovery mode, do you know how to fix it? If your answer is not, please keep on reading this article!

iOS Recovery Mode
09.18.2021Retrieve Google Backup Contacts
Best Methods to Retrieve Google Backup Contacts

Want to know how to retrieve Google Backup Contacts when you deleted them by accident? Don't worry! The article will help you solve this problem.

09.18.2021Restore Messages from iCloud
How to Restore Messages from iCloud without Resetting

Read and learn how to restore messages from iCloud without resetting. You can learn easy methods to get deleted or lost messages safely and selectively.

09.18.2021Restore iPhone without Updating
How to Restore iPhone/iPad without Updating

How to restore iPhone/iPad without updating? This article will provide you with several ways to help you achieve this goal.

09.18.2021Get Contacts from iCloud
How to Get Contacts from iCloud on Mac Computer

Need to get contacts from iCloud on new iPhone X/8/8 Plus? This article will show you how to get iCloud contacts selectively and easily.

09.18.2021Restart iPad
Tutorial to Restart iPad Pro/Mini 4/Mini 3/Mini 2/Air and Other Models

If you're experiencing issues with your iPad, whether it's unresponsive, apps randomly crash, or it's simply running slow, it might be time to restart iPad.

iOS Recovery Mode
07.29.2021Data Backup
How to Backup Data from Mac/Windows/iPhone/Android/Online

You can learn what data backup definition isand get 5 step-by-step solutions to backing up data from Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and online.

07.23.2021Recover iCloud Password
Step-by-step Guides to Recover iCloud Password

How do I recover my iCloud password? In this tutorial, we will show you how to recover iCloud password. And it is not hard to do iCloud password recovery.

06.21.2021Cannot Restore from iCloud Backup
Best Ways to Solve The Problem That Cannot Restore from iCloud Backup

The reason why you cannot restore from iCloud backup will be illustrated in this passage. You can also get the best solution from the article.

06.21.2021Cannot Restore iPhone Backup
Ultimate Gudie to Fix iPhone Cannot Restore Backup

What should you do if your iPhone XS/XR/X/8/8 Plus cannot restore backup? Here are the best solutions to fix iPhone cannot restore backup accordingly.

06.10.2021Android Recovery Mode
Android Recovery Mode- Things You Should Know About

Are your confused about Android Recovery Mode? This article introduces the Recovery Mode in detail, including the ways of booting and exiting.

05.21.2021iPad Stuck on Apple Logo
[Solved] How to Fix iPad Stuck on Apple Logo

iPad stuck on Apple logo and no responding? This post shows some effective solutions to fix this iPhone or iPad freeze on Apple logo issue.

iOS Recovery Mode
05.21.2021Card Data Recovery
How to Recover Data from Your SD Card

In order to recover data from your memory card, there are two effective ways. Using card data recovery or manually recovering data from SD card is feasible.

05.21.2021Restore iPhone from Backup
How to Restore iPhone from Backup Data

Losing data on iPhone is very usual by a lot of reasons, but actually, you can easily restore iPhone from backup data, it is convenient and effective.

05.14.2021Restore iPod
Most Efficient Methods to Restore iPod

When it comes to how to restore iPod, there are many different ways. And which one is more efficient. Click here to learn the details.

05.14.2021Forgotten iPhone Passcode
How Bypass a Forgotten iPhone Passcode with No Data Loss

iPhone passcode forgot? Get 4 methods to unlock iPhone to bypass a forgotten iPhone password and reset your disabled iPhone into normal.

iOS Recovery Mode
04.27.2021Fix iPhone Backup Corrupt
How to Fix iPhone Backup Corrupt

What should you do if iPhone backup corrupt? The article explains the reason and provides the best solutions to fix the error with ease.

04.16.2021Fix iPod
The Complete Guide of How to Fix an iPod touch

Here is your most comprehensive guide to fix iPod touch easily. You can read and get 9 different methods to fix iPod corruption errors.

iOS Recovery Mode
04.09.2021Restore MacBook Pro
How to Restore MacBook Pro to Factory Settings

How to restore MacBook Pro? It should be crucial when you need to wipe everything personal on it, restore it to factory settings or fix some issues.

03.30.2021Reset a Locked iPad
How to Reset a Locked iPad when Forgot Passcode

Read and learn how to reset an disabled iPad. Here are easy ways to reset a locked iPad without password. You can restore iPad with backup files selectively.

iOS Recovery Mode
01.13.2021Export iTunes Playlist
How to Export iTunes Playlists Quickly

ere are some simple but efficient methods that can help you keep your playlists organized and export your iTunes playlists without losing important data.

01.13.2021Access iPhone Backup
How to Access iPhone Backup from iTunes and iCloud

Where is the iPhone backup location? How to access iPhone backup? Here are 2 easy ways to access iPhone backup from iTunes/iCloud on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac.

01.13.2021Sharex For Mac
Best ShareX Alternative for Mac

Using ShareX on Windows and want an alternative for Mac? Here is the best alternative to ShareX for Mac. This article will show you the features and tutorials.

01.13.2021Reset All Settings on iPhone
All Tips You Must Know about Reset All Settings on iPhone

What happens when resetting all settings on iPhone? How to reset all settings on iPhone? Read this post to know all about "Reset All Settings".

iOS Recovery Mode
01.13.2021Fix Water Damaged iPhone
iPhone Water Damage Repair - Easy Ways to Check and Fix Water Damaged iPhone

Got a water damaged iPhone won't turn on? This article shows you a comprehensive guide to indicate and repair your water damaged iPhone easily.

iOS Recovery Mode