Erase Everything on Your iDevice As You Need

Want to sell your old iPhone/iPad/iPod? Remember to erase everything thoroughly to avoid privacy disclosure. Your iPhone becomes slow becuase of no enough space? It's a good solution to wipe unnecessary documents and uninstall not frequently-used apps. Whether you need to erase all contents and settings on your iDevice permanently, or delete unnecessary documents and uninstall apps for more space, Aiseesoft FoneEraser can give you a hand!

Erase All Content and Settings on iPhone for Privacy Protection

You can trust Apeaksoft iPhone Earser to guard your private information by securely removing all the data, account information, settings, etc. from your iDevice permanently. No personal information can be tracked after you sell your old iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Delete Unnecessary Data/Apps for More iOS Space

If you find your iOS device runs slowly or becomes stuck, you should consider deleting some unnecessary or unimportant files and apps to free up more storage space. For example, you can delete old messages, repeated contacts,duplicated files, rarely-used apps, or some large videos, etc. to spare sapce on your iOS device quickly.

More iOS Space

Wipe Apple ID/Screen Passcode to Access Your iDevice Again

Purchased a second-hand iPad but locked out of the Apple ID of the ex-owner? Forgot your iPhone lock-screen passcode and cannot access it after many times of wrong attempts? Erase the Apple ID or lock-screen passcode to get control of your iDevice again!

What to Do If I Mis-Delete Important Information on My iPhone?

Back up Important Data bedore Erasing

It's of great significance and necessity to make a backup of the important data in your iPhone/iPad/iPod before you do a erasing, in case that any important information will be mis-deleted. We also recommend that you back up important information in your device regularly in case of any data loss.

Recover Lost Data with Professional iOS Recovery Tool

If you accidentally delete some important data in your iDevice, like messages, contacts, call history, or some app data, etc., just take it easy. Now with professional iOS data recovery tool, there is greate possibility that you can find back your lost data.