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12.02.2022Turn iPhone into Landscape Mode
How to Use Landscape Mode on iPhone and Turn It off as You Wish

If you want to view content in wide screen, you are in the right place since this guide tells you how to turn to landscape mode on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/8/7/6 and earlier.

iOS Settings
12.02.2022Buy Music on iTunes
How to Purchase Songs from iTunes Music Store on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS

How to buy music on iTunes 2018? Why I can’t purchase songs on iTunes? This post shows you detailed steps to buy music from iTunes music store.

12.02.2022Turn on or Turn off iPhone Safe Mode
How to Turn on or Turn off iPhone Safe Mode

How do I put my iPhone in safe mode? How to exit safe mode on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS, etc.? This article introduces simple ways for you to boot in or turn off safe mode on iPhone, including the latest iOS 16.

iOS Settings
11.24.2022Clean Charging Port iPhone iPad
How to Clean iPhone Charging Port without Damaging Your Device

Wish to clean your iPhone or iPad charging port? You are at the right place since this guide tells everything about this task and the full guide.

11.24.2022iPhone Notification Not Showing on Lock Screen
How to Resolve iPhone Notifications Not Showing on Lock Screen

If your notifications are not showing on your iPhone lock screen, you can follow our solutions to get rid of this issue quickly.

11.24.2022Bubble Maps
What Is Bubble Maps and How to Draw a Bubble Map for Beginners

If you want to learn bubble maps, you will find our article helpful. We introduce bubble maps with details including the best examples and how-to.

Mind Map
11.24.2022Does Find My iPhone Still Work When Phone Is Dead or Offline
Efficient Guide to Find a Dead, Turned Off, or Offline iPhone Quickly

This article answers the questions does Find My iPhone still work when the phone is dead, offline, or out of power. Plus, it tells you how Find My app works.

11.24.2022Change Alarm Sound on iPhone
How to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone (iOS 16 Supported)

Be bored with Apple’s default alarm sound and want to change a personal one? Is there any way to set the alarm sound on iPhone with my favorite music? Why my iPhone alarm is silent? Get all the answers in this post.

iOS Settings
11.24.2022How to Add Contacts to iPhone
Solved – How to Add Contacts to iPhone 14/13/12 Quickly and Easily

Read and learn how to add contacts to iPhone with all contact information preserved. You can add, manage, transfer and edit both new and existing contacts with ease.

iOS Settings
11.24.2022How to Create an Album on iPhone
How to Create a Photo Album on iPhone (Common/Private/Shared)

Read and get the detailed steps to create an album on iPhone. Here you can make a private or shared photo album on iOS 13/14/15/16 within the Photos app easily.

iOS Settings
11.24.2022Create Contact Group on iPhone
iPhone Contact Groups – 3 Best Methods to Create and Edit Them with Ease

How to make a contact group on iPhone, or even edit the contact groups? Learn more about the methods to contact and send message to a group of contacts on iPhone now.

iOS Settings
11.22.2022Change an Album Name on iPhone
2 Ways to Change an Album Name on iPhone 14 (iOS 16 Supported)

It is time to organize masses of photos and albums on iPhone. Firstly, you can change the album name on iPhone to create personalized photo albums. It really matters for sorting out iPhone photos in different types.

iOS Settings
11.11.2022How to Make a Video a Live Photo
Make a Video into a Live Photo – It is Easier than Your Imagination

Get some funny videos and need to turn videos into Live Photos on iPhone? Here are the best method you should know to make a video to a Live Photo from the article.

Format Converter
11.07.2022iPhone iMessages not syncing to Mac
[5 Hands-on Solutions] How to Fix iMessages Not Syncing on Mac

What to do if iPhone iMessages are not syncing on Mac? Here are 5 quick solutions to fix the problem and sync the received and sent iMessages on Mac in time.

11.04.2022Iphone Unlocker
Top 5 iPhone Unlockers to Unlock Carrier-Locked iPhone

If you are wondering how to choose an easy but useful iPhone unlocker, you have to read this post that offers a detailed comparison of the top 5 iPhone unlockers.

Ultimate Guide of iExplorer and Best Alternatives to iExplorer

What is iExplorer? Where to download the latest version of iExplorer? How do I use iExplorer? Is there recommended iExplorer alternative? Get all the answers in this ultimate guide.

iMobie AnyTrans Review Based on Lab Test and Customer Reports

iMobie AnyTrans is a comprehensive file management program that works with the entire range of iOS devices. This article shares an unbias review of AnyTrans and its best alternatives.

11.04.2022How To Turn Off Google Photos
2 Easy Ways to Turn Off Google Photos Auto Backup [Solved]

How do I Turn off Google Photos backup? How to stop Google Photos backing up photos? This post shows 2 simple ways to stop syncing photos to Google Photos.

11.04.2022Google Photos VS iCloud
What Is the Best Way to Back up Photos Google Photos or iCloud?

This article compares Google Photos and iCloud in various aspect. Read it carefully, so you can pick up the best photo backup service for your iPhone or other device.

11.04.2022Airdrop iPhone to Mac
[Comprehensive Guide] How to Use AirDrop to Transfer Files from iPhone to Mac

How do I use AirDrop from iPhone to Mac? Follow the ultimate guide here to transfer funny photos, videos, and more from iPhone to Mac via AirDrop easily.

11.04.2022Bypass LG lock screen without reset
How to Bypass LG Lock Screen without Reset

In this post we have listed the most comprehensive methods to bypass LG lock screen if you forgot your password, and there is no need to reset your device at the cost of losing all your precious data.

11.04.2022How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to New Phone
2 Easy Ways to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to New Phone

Will I lose my WhatsApp conversations if I change phones? How do I transfer my WhatsApp chat history to my new phone? This post shares 2 easy ways to transfer WhatsApp messages to new phone.

11.04.2022Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone
Ultimate Guide to Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to iPhone

How to move WhatsApp messages from Android phone to a new iPhone? Is there any free way to restore WhatsApp messages backup from Google Drive to iPhone? This post tells 2 methods to transfer WhatsApp chats from old Android phone to a new iPhone.

11.04.2022WiFi Analyzer Tools
Top 5 WiFi Analyzer Tools for Mac OS X/11 You Should Know in 2022

Want to check your WiFi status and improve it? In this post, you will get the top 5 WiFi analyzer apps for macOS Big Sur, Catalina, macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra.

11.04.2022Convert MOV to GIF on Mac
3 Easy Ways to Convert MOV to GIF on Mac

How do you make a GIF from a video on Mac? Can you convert MOV to GIF? This post shares 3 simple ways to help you convert MOV to GIF on Mac.

Format Converter
11.04.2022 MKV converter for Mac
Top 5 MKV Converters for Mac to Convert MKV to MOV or MP4

Can you play MKV files on Mac? How to convert MKV files on Mac? How to convert MKV to MOV on Mac? This post shares 5 best Mac MKV converters to help convert your MKV video to MP4 or MOV for playback.

Format Converter
11.04.2022Backup WhatsApp Messages on iPhone
Backup WhatsApp Messages on iPhone With or Without iCloud

How can I backup WhatsApp messages in iPhone without iCloud? How can I get my old WhatsApp messages on my iPhone? This post shares 2 ways to backup and restore WhatsApp messages on iPhone with or without iCloud.

11.04.2022MKV to MP4
Top 5 Ways to Convert MKV to MP4 Free Online/Mac/Windows

How to convert MKV to MP4 without quality loss on Mac? What is the best MKV to MP4 converter? This post shares 5 simple and effective ways to help you make the video conversion from MKV to MP4 on Mac, Windows PC and free online.

Format Converter
11.04.2022Restore Mac from Time Machine
How to Restore Individual Files and macOS from Time Machine to (New) Mac

How to use Time Machine to restore Mac? Here is the full guide to restoring individual files from Time Machine to another new Mac, and restoring macOS to an earlier date.

10.14.2022How to Trim a Video
Learn 3 Useful Methods to Trim an MP3 File

How to trim an MP3 file using Windows Media Player? How do you cut MP3 files in Windows 10? Get 3 easy ways to trim an MP3 file on Windows 10/11/8/7 PC and Mac.

Audio Editing
10.14.2022How to Trim a Video
Detailed Tutorials on How to Trim a Video on Different Devices

How do you cut a part of a video? What is the best video trimming software? Read this post to get detailed guides on how to trim a video online and on computer.

Video Editing
10.14.2022Review Xmind
Everything You Should Know about XMind before Opening Your Wallet

Before you use XMind, we suggest you to read our introduction and review so that you can learn this app’s features, advantages, shortcomings and more.

Mind Map
08.18.2022Make a Ringtone
How to Make a Ringtone via MobieTrans

You can know how to make a ringtone for iOS and android device via MobieTrans in this tutorial. The methods here are without limitation. Please read carefully.

08.04.2022Debut Video Capture
NCH Debut Video Capture Review – Is It Worthy of Recording Screen

Read the detailed Debut Video Capture review here. You can get all info to see whether NCH Debut Video Capture and Screen Recorder software is worth to use.

07.25.2022How to Stop Mac from Overheating
5 Useful Tips to Stop Mac from Overheating

Why does Mac overheat so fast? How to quickly cool down a Mac? This post explains why your Mac get so hot and tells 5 useful tips to stop Mac from overheating.

06.28.2022AVG Tuneup Review
What Is AVG TuneUp and More Information You Should Know about It

As a reliable and versatile system optimizing software, AVG TuneUp does its job well and comes with a lot of useful features. This is a honest review for beginners.

Mac Cleanup
06.28.2022Combo Cleaner Review
Everything You Need to Know about Combo Cleaner before Purchasing

Combo Cleaner is an advanced antivirus application that is designed to remove all kinds of threats from Mac. Read our full review before you download this application.

Mac Cleanup
06.28.2022Resinall Mac OS
How to Erase and Reinstall macOS without Losing Any Data

Reinstalling macOS won't remove data from your Mac but an important way to fix a variety of software issues. Therefore, this guide tells you how to do it properly on MacBook Pro/Air and iMac.

Mac Cleanup
05.06.2022Mac Malware Removal
How to Check and Remove Malware from MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, and More

This tutorial shows you how to remove malware from MacBook and introduces a top list of the best malware removal tools for Mac users.

Mac Cleanup
05.06.2022How to Clear Facebook Cache
Ultimate Guide to Clearing Facebook Cache on Different Devices

How do you clear cache on Facebook app? How to clear Facebook cache for website on a Mac? This post tells how to clear Facebook cache on iOS/Android and PC/Mac.

05.06.2022iPhone Activation Error
5 Useful Tips to Fix iPhone Is Not Activated Error

What does iPhone is not activated contact your carrier mean? Why activation server cannot be reached on my iPhone? Get 5 ways to fix iPhone activation error.

03.22.2022How to Delete Mail App on Mac
How to Completely Delete the Mail App on Mac Computers and Laptops

By default, Apple doesn't allow you to delete the Mail app on Mac. However, you can uninstall it following our guide and use a third-party mail application.

Mac Cleanup
03.22.2022Mac Wont Turn on
5 Useful Tips to Fix Mac Won't Turn On

How to fix Mac won't start? How do I force Mac to start? What to do when Mac screen is black and won’t turn on? Get 5 tips to fix the issue and turn on Mac.

03.09.2022Mind Map Examples
10 Brilliant Mind Map Examples – Get You Inspired

Mind mapping is a great tool to organize your life. Want to get to know more usage of the mind map? Read this article and see what you can get.

03.09.2022How To Remove Music Player from Lock Screen iPhone
How to Remove Music Player from The Lock Screen iPhone [Solved]

What should you do if the music still plays on a locked iPhone? Here is the guide to removing the music player from a lock screen iPhone.

02.15.2022iForgot Apple Unlock
Unlock Your Apple ID With or Without iForgot Apple Service

Having trouble signing in iforgot apple com? Need iForgot to make Apple ID password reset? Learn how to unlock your Apple account and reset Apple ID password.

01.27.2022How to Unlock iPad
Professional Tutorial to Unlock iPad 5/4/Pro/Air/Mini and Earlier

How to unlock iPad? In this tutorial, we show you multiple ways to bypass or remove the lock screen and access your iPad device without any block simply.

12.30.2021How to Get Into a Locked iPhone
[Full Guide] How to Get into a Locked iPhone

iPhone is locked out for password-forgotten or error input for many times? Here are 5 efficient ways to get into a locked iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4 (without password or Siri).

12.30.2021How to Unlock iPod Touch
How to Unlock Disabled iPod touch without Password

How to unlock an iPod touch that is disabled? This page collects 5 ways to help you unlock a disabled iPod touch, even without password or iTunes.

12.09.2021Share Music on iTunes
2 Best Ways to Share iTunes Music

Can I send an iTunes music to a friend? How do I share my music library with my family? How to share iTunes music? Why I can’t purchase songs on iTunes? This post shows 2 best ways to share music in iTunes.

12.09.2021Transfer Contacts to iPad
How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPad with Ease

If you want to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad, you can learn more about 3 methods here to transfer contacts between iPhone and iPad.

12.09.2021Transfer ePub to iPad
Best Method to Transfer ePub Books to iPad from Noble/Sony/Kobo/Google Play

When you want to read ePub eBooks on iPad from Noble, Sony, Kobo or Google Play, you can find different methods about how to transfer ePub book to iPad from the article.

12.09.2021Transfer Files PC to Ipad
7 Ultimate Ways to Transfer Files from PC to iPad Pro/Air/Mini

Hey, still looking for the best iPhone transfer software? You can get the detailed tutorials to transfer files from PC to iPad wirelessly or via a USB cable here.

12.09.2021Transfer iBooks iPad to iPad
5 Workable Ways to Transfer iBooks from iPad to Another iPad

Read and get 5 easy ways to transfer iBooks from iPad to another iPad with ease. You can transfer all kinds of books stored on your iPad safely and quickly.

12.09.2021Transfer iPad Data to Anther One
Transfer iPad Data to Another – Best Methods You Should Know

What should you do to transfer iPad data to another with ease? The article explains different methods to export data from iPad data to another iPad with ease.

12.09.2021Transfer iPad Files to PC
4 Safe Methods to Transfer Files from iPad to PC without iTunes

It is time to say goodbye to iTunes. From this tutorial, you can get 4 easy methods to transfer files from an iPad to your PC without iTunes safely and quickly.

12.09.2021Transfer iBooks to PC
[Guide] How to Transfer iBooks from iPad to Computer with/without iTunes

How to transfer iBooks from iPad to computer? When you need to export the iBooks for backup or preview, you can find 3 methods to do that with or without iTunes.

12.09.2021Transfer iPad Music to PC
How to Transfer Music from iPad to Computer with/without iTunes

Is there any way to transfer music from iPad to computer easily? Come here to transfer all music from your iPad to computer with iTunes replacement.

12.09.2021Transfer iPad Photos to PC
How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Computer without iTunes

Come here and get the latest 6 solutions to transfer photos from iPad to computer without iTunes. This article shows 6 easy-to-use iPad transfer software alternative to iTunes.

12.09.2021Transfer iPad Videos to PC
How to Transfer Videos from iPad to PC Windows 10/8/7 Safely

Come here and learn how to transfer videos from iPad to PC step by step with Windows Explorer, iTunes or ultimate iPad transfer software here.

12.09.2021Transfer Music to iPad
Transfer Music from Computer to iPad with 3 Excellent Methods

The article explains 3 best methods to transfer music files from computer to iPad with ease. You can read the article to get a solution according to your need.

12.09.2021Transfer Music to iPhone
How to Transfer Music from iPad to iPhone

When you need to transfer music from an iPad to an iPhone, the article shares the most frequently-used 5 methods to sync iPad songs, playlists and albums to iPhone.

12.09.2021Transfer Music to iPod
iPod Music Transfer – How to Transfer Music from iPad to iPod

Is there a direct method to transfer music from iPad to iPod? When you want to get the music files and playlists from iPad, you can read on the article to get detailed information now.

12.09.2021Transfer PDF to iPad
Transfer PDF Files to iPad – 3 Easy Methods You Should Know

Want to read some PDF files on iPad? This article provides 3 different methods to transfer PDF files to iPad with or without iTunes.

12.09.2021Transfer Music to iPad
Transfer Music from iPhone to iPad – Simple Methods You Should Know

Need to transfer music files to iPad? You can find 3 best methods to transfer music files from iPhone to iPad. Learn more details from the article now.

12.09.2021Transfer Photos to iPad
How Do I Get My Pictures from Old iPad to New iPad

In order to transfer photos from one iPad to another, the article explains 4 different methods to transfer pictures between iPads with ease and efficiency. Just read on the article to get the desired information.

12.09.2021Transfer Photos to iPad
How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPad mini/Pro/Air

When you need to enjoy the photos on iPad, you can find the 5 free methods to transfer photos from PC to iPad mini/Pro/Air from the article now.

12.09.2021Transfer Videos to iPad
How to Transfer Videos/Movies from iPhone to iPad

When you are looking for the best method to transfer video files from iPhone to iPad, you can find the right answer here from 5 optional ways.

08.20.2021Lock Screen Wallpaper
Ultimate Guide to Set Lock Screen Wallpaper on Android Phones and Tablets

Lock screen is the first scene of smartphone. Here we share a complete guide to set lock screen wallpaper with your favorite picture on Android devices.

08.20.2021LG Bypass Activation
How to Bypass LG Activation

If you want to bypass activation on your LG device, read this post and learn the most comprehensive guide to make it.

07.23.2021HTC One M8 Unlocked
3 Efficient Ways to Unlock HTC One

Want to get your HTC One M8 unlocked? This article lists three useful methods to help you unlock HTC One M8 with ease.

07.23.2021Huawei Bootloader Unlocked
How to Make HUAWEI Bootloader Unlocked

If you are looking for a way to make a custom to your HUAWEI phone, read this post and learn how to make HUAWEI bootloader unlocked.

07.23.2021How to Unlock Android Phone
Full Tutorial to Unlock Android Devices

Forgot your password and locked out of your phone? We share guides to unlock Android phone by carrier unlock, Android screen and more.

07.23.2021How to Unlock a Disabled iPhone
100% Working Guide to Unlock A Disabled iPhone 12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6

iPhone gets disabled after many incorrect passcode entries? This post shows you multiple ways to unlock a disabled iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s and earlier.

07.23.2021How to Bypass iPad Passcode
How to Bypass iPad Passcode without Restoring

If you forget password of your iPad, do not worry, this post will tell you two different ways to bypass iPad passcode without restoring.

06.21.2021Flashlight Not Working on iPhone
12 Methods to Fix the iPhone Flashlight Not Working

How to deal with iPhone flashlight not working? This article will introduce 12 methods to fix the problem.

06.10.2021Android SIM Unlock
Top 7 SIM Unlock Service for Android

Looking for an easy way to unlock SIM card from the current carrier? This post offers the 7 best Android SIM unlock APKs to help you get Android SIM unlocked.

06.07.2021Syncios Review
Syncios Review – Is Syncios Your Best Data Transfer Manager to Use

Read the latest Syncios review to find answers about Syncios Data Transfer. What are the advantages and drawbacks of Syncios? Can Syncios take over for iTunes completely? Just read and check.

05.28.2021Pattern Lock
3 Things You Can Do If You Forgot Your Android Pattern Lock

Want to find some ways to unlock your Android device pattern lock? Just follow this article and find 3 things you can do after you forgot your pattern lock.

05.28.2021Unlock App
Top 10 Unlock Apps for Android (Free and Paid)

This passage lists top 10 unlock apps for Android, including paid ones and free ones. Choose one from the 10 great Android unlock apps and get your phone unlocked!

05.21.2021Best Unlocked Phones
Learn Best Unlocked Phones and Benefits of Unlocked Android Phones

Search for best unlocked phones? Here we share the benefits of unlocked Android phones and top 10 best unlocked phones from Samsung, LG, and other brands.

04.16.2021HTC Unlock Bootloader
How to Unlock HTC Bootloader

This article shows you how to unlock HTC Bootloader in detail. Learn more about HTC unlock code generator and simple way to unlock your HTC phone.

04.16.2021How to Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone
Effective Tutorial to Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone 12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7

How to unlock iCloud locked iPhone? Here we share multiple effective solutions to unlock iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 12/11/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus and earlier.

04.16.2021Iphone Screen Broken Cant Unlock
How to Unlock an iPhone with Broken Screen

Have you ever look for a way to unlock your iPhone with broken screen? This post share three easy but effective solutions for you to achieve it!

04.09.2021How to Post Live Photos on Facebook
[Tutorial] How to Post Live Photos on Facebook from the Beginning

This is the complete tutorial to post live photos on Facebook in 3 different ways. You can get the detailed steps and explanations to share Facebook live photos with your iPhone or computer easily.

04.09.2021Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked
4 Best Ways to Unlock Samsung Phones

Don’t know how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5? Just follow this article to get your Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 or Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked.

04.09.2021Samsung Reactivation Lock
Ultimate Instructions of Samsung Reactivation Lock

If you want to know how to enable and disable Samsung reactivation lock, as well as how to bypass it, you can read and follow this article.

03.30.2021Fingerprint Lock
8 Best Fingerprint Lock Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Looking for fingerprint lock app for your Android device? Here is the list of best apps to lock WhatsApp, apps and home screen on your Android phone or tablet.

03.30.2021How to Delete Google Photos Account
Delete Google Photos Account – The Ultimate Guide You Should Know

If you do not want to use the Google Photos now, how to remove photos from Google Photos account, or even want to delete Google account permanently? Just learn more details from the article.

03.29.2021Create a GIF on Mac
How to Create a GIF on Mac – 3 Workable Ways to Create An Animated GIF

When you want to create a GIF on Mac, you can simply convert a video into GIF format, make a GIF from a video file, or screen capture the GIF files according to your requirement.

Format Converter
03.29.2021Convert QuickTime to MP4
MOV to MP4 Conversion – How to Convert QuickTime to MP4 Effectively

When you want to play QuickTime videos on Windows or Android devices? Learn more details about the best methods to convert QuickTime to MP4 from the article.

Format Converter
03.29.2021How to Play MP4 on Mac
The Ultimate Guide on How to Play MP4 on Your MacBook Easily

If you have downloaded encrypted MP4 video files on a MacBook Air, here are the detailed procedures about how to play MP4 on your Mac that you should know.

Format Converter
03.11.2021Backup WhatsApp Messages iPhone
2 Ways to Backup WhatsApp Messages and Contacts on iPhone Completely

Read and get 2 easy ways to backup WhatsApp messages on iPhone. You can export unlimited messages, contacts, and other WhatsApp data from the iPhone to your Windows or Mac computer.

03.11.2021Save Stickers on WhatsApp
Save Stickers on WhatsApp on iPhone and Android Completely/Selectively

Here’re easy steps to save stickers on WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android. You can save stickers sent from others into favorites. Moreover, you can transfer WhatsApp stickers from your old phone to a new phone completely.

02.20.2021Save WhatsApp Audio
How to Save WhatsApp Audio on Android, iPhone or PC: A Complete Guide

Looking for an easy way to save WhatsApp audio? Here we will introduce several ways to save WhatsApp audio files to your PC or your device’s local storage directly.

02.20.2021Save Video from WhatsApp
How to Save Video from WhatsApp on iPhone/Android/Windows/Mac

Don’t know how to save WhatsApp videos to your device? Here we’ll show you helpful tips to help you save and download WhatsApp videos to your iPhone, Android, Windows PC, and Mac.

02.20.2021WhatsApp Stuck on Preparing Backup Android
5 Ways to Fix WhatsApp Stuck on Preparing Backup Android

How do I fix a stuck WhatsApp backup? Why is my WhatsApp not backing up Android? How do I stop WhatsApp backup in progress android? This post tells 5 effective ways to fix WhatsApp stuck on preparing backup on Android.

02.09.2021Export WhatsApp Chats
Step-by-Step Guide: How to Export WhatsApp Messages

If you looking to export chat history in WhatsApp to a file, here is how it can be done. The step-by-step instructions on your computer are included here.

01.29.2021Apple ID Locked
[Solved] How to Bypass the Apple ID Has Been Locked for Security Reasons

Why the Apple ID locked on your iPhone, such as security reasons? Moreover, you can learn more about the ultimate way to fix the problem from the article.

01.29.2021How to Remove Restriction Passcode
Disable Restriction Passcode – How to Bypass the Parent Control on iPhone

When you need to remove and turn off the restriction passcode of Parent control on an iPhone, you can learn more about the most efficient way from the article.

01.29.2021Touch ID Passcode Forgot
Touch ID Passcode Forgot - How to Bypass Screen Passcode on Your iPhone

What should you do if you forgot the Touch ID passcode, or Touch ID fails to work on iPhone or iPad? Here is the most efficient way to remove the Touch ID passcode.

01.27.2021Samsung Unlock Code
3 Useful Methods to Unlock Samsung with Samsung Unlock Code

Don’t know how to unlock Samsung phone with Samsung Unlock code? Don’t worry. Just read and follow this article to unlock your Samsung phone easily.

01.22.2021Samsung Lock Screen
Ultimate Guide about Samsung Lock Screen

Do you know how to set up and turn off Samsung lock screen, remove ads from it, or bypass it? If you don’t know, just follow this article.

01.20.2021How to Play AVI Files on Mac
How to Play AVI Files on Mac

Can’t play AVI files on your MacBook? This post shows 3 efficient solutions to convert AVI to Apple supported formats or play AVI file with the best AVI Player for Mac.

Format Converter
01.20.2021Convert MP4 to GIF on Mac
2 Easy Ways to Turn MP4 Video into GIF on Mac

How to convert MP4 to GIF on Mac? Is there a GIF maker that can help me turn a video into GIF? In this post, we will give you the easiest ways to convert MP4 to GIF with high quality.

Format Converter
01.15.2021Bypass Trust This Computer on iPhone
How Can You Bypass “Trust This Computer” on iPhone to Connect to Computer

How to bypass “Trust This Computer” on iPhone? When you are not able to connect iPhone to computer with the error message, here are the fixes you should know.

01.15.2021Apple ID not Found
Apple ID Disabled/Not Found – 6 Most Efficient Methods You Should Know

Is there a real fix for “Your Apple ID has been disabled”? Just learn more about the 6 excellent methods to unlock Apple ID disabled or not found from the article.

01.13.2021Verizon Content Transfer app
How to Use Verizon Content Transfer App to Transfer Data to New Phone

Looking for the tool to transfer your stuff between various device manufacturers and operating systems? Verizon Content Transfer app can meet your need and you can learn its guide in this article.

01.13.2021Transfer Photos to Computer
4 Methods to Transfer iPhone Photos to Computer without iTunes

Are you looking for a more flexible way to transfer iPhone photos to your PC or Mac computer without iTunes in order to free up more space on iPhone? You can get all possible methods in this article.

01.13.2021How to Make a Playlist on Apple Music
How to Make and Share a Playlist on Apple Music from the Beginning

Read and learn how to make a playlist on Apple Music step by step. No matter which phone or computer you use, you can make a collaborative Apple Music playlist with ease.

01.13.2021How to Share Apple Music Playlist
How to Share Apple Music Playlist with Anyone between Devices

No matter you want to share playlist on Apple Music with subscribers or nonsubscribers, you can get the detailed steps here. This article also shows how to share Apple Music playlist between devices.

01.13.2021Sync Photos from iCloud
3 Methods to Sync Photos from iCloud to Android

To access your iCloud photos on an Android requires a workaround that isn't perfect. Here are 3 methods to view iCloud photos on Android under various situations.

01.13.2021Share Photos on iCloud
What Is iCloud Photo Sharing and How to Use It?

How to share your photos on iCloud? This is a comprehensive guide to show you how to enable and utilize iCloud Photo Sharing functionality to share photos quickly.

01.13.2021Screencast O Matic
Everything about Screencast-O-Matic You Need and Want

In this article, we have conducted a review of the services and features you would need when you use Screencast-O-Matic. They will help you a lot in recording and editing.

01.13.2021Save GIFS on iPhone
3 Simple Ways to Send GIF on iPhone 2019

Saving an animated GIF to your iPhone makes it possible to use the image at a later time. This article shares 3 efficient methods to send GIFs to your iPhone or iPad.

01.13.2021Obs Screen Recorder
Details and the Best Alternative to OBS Screen Recorder

OBS Screen recorder is a popular open-source solution for streaming your screen smoothly and easily. This article will help you know more about it and its alternatives. url: /recorder/obs-screen-recorder.html

01.13.2021Save Videos from Google Photos
Google Photos Video – How to Save/Download/Upload Videos to Google Photos Easily

Does Google Photos save videos? When you want to manage, save, upload or download Google Photos video, you can learn more details about the process from the article.

01.13.2021Move Google Drive Google Photos
How to Move Photos from Google Drive to Google Photos, or Vice Versa

How do you move photos from Google Drive to Google Photos, or vice versa? Just learn more about 2 efficient methods to transfer the files with ease from the article.

01.13.2021Post a Live Photo on Instagram
Efficient Methods to Post a Live Photo on Instagram

Apple's Live Photos are difficult to add on Instagram or other social networks, so we share this concrete guide to help you post an iPhone Live Photo to Instagram.

01.13.2021Flickr and Google Photos
Flickr V.S. Google Photos, Which is the Better Photo Cloud Service

When you need to choose a photo storage service, which is a better choice, Flickr or Google Photos? Just learn more details about the differences between them from the article.

01.13.2021Google photos not showing all photos
5 Best Methods to Fix Google Photos Not Showing All Photos with Ease

What should you do if Google Photos not showing all photos in your smartphone? Just learn more about the 5 best methods to fix the problem with ease from the article now.

01.13.2021Change Alarm Sound on iPhone
Professional Guide to Change Alarm Sound on iPhone

Many of us rely on the iPhone as an alarm clock these days, but the default alarm clock sound is boring. This article tells you multiple ways to change your alarm sound quickly.

01.13.2021How to Use the Move to iOS App
Concrete Tutorial of Apple’s Move to iOS App

Here we’ll guide you through the use of Move to iOS app, which is a simple data transfer when you switch Android to iOS device. What you need is to read our guide and follow it to get what you want.

01.13.2021Move Google Photos To Another Account
2 Simple Ways to Transfer Google Photos to Another Account [2020]

How do I move photos between 2 Google Photos accounts? Is there any simple way move Google Photos to another account? This post shares 2 simple ways to transfer your pictures from one Google account to another.

01.13.2021Google Photos Storage
3 Simple Ways to Free up Google Photos Storage [Solved]

What is Google cloud photo storage? What is the Google Photos storage limit? How much does Google Storage cost? How to free up Google cloud storage? All questions will be answered in this post.

01.13.2021iTunes Alternative
Top 5 Alternatives to iTunes to Manage iOS Data

Looking for the best iTunes alternatives for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chrome OS and Ubuntu? Here is the top list of iTunes alternatives to help you sync and manage data on iOS.

01.13.2021Google Photos Download
How to Download Photos from Google Photos to PC, Mac, iOS and Android

Looking for a quick and easy way to download all your pictures and videos from Google Photos? This concrete guide shows you how to do the job on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.

01.13.2021Amazon Photos VS Google Photos
Everything You Need to Know about Amazon Photos and Google Photos

When it comes to cloud storage for backing up our photos, Google Photos and Amazon Prime Photos stands tall. You’d better read this comparison before opening your wallet.

01.13.2021Google Photos Wont Upload
How to Fix Google Photos Won’t Upload on iPhone and Android Device

Why my photos and videos won’t upload to Google Photos? Here we share 5 verified solutions to help you fix this problem quickly and you can back up your media files as usual.

01.13.2021Export Text Messages From iPhone To PDF
How to Export iPhone Text Messages and iMessages to PDF

This is the detailed guide to export text messages and iMessages from iPhone to PDF. You can read and keep the important iPhone messages in an easy way via the PDF format.

01.13.2021iPad Video Format
100% Working Guide on How to Watch Any Format Videos on iPad

If you get a new iPad, you’d better read this article to learn what video formats iPad prefer to and follow our step-by-step guide to watch any video formats on your iPad.

01.13.2021How to Unlock iPhone 6
Professional Guide to Unlock iPhone 6 and other iPhone Models Quickly

There are more than one way available to unlock iPhone 6/6s and other iPhone models. Learn how to unlock iPhone devices by contacting carrier or online service.

01.13.2021Turn Live Photo into GIF
How to Convert Live Photos to GIF Pictures

It is difficult to use Live Photos for sharing or on other devices, so you need to convert Live Photos to GIF images. Here are multiple ways to achieve it without losing any frames.

Format Converter
01.13.2021Sim Network Unlock Pin
Fix SIM Network Unlock Pin with Best SIM Network Unlock Pin Generator

Encounter error message related to SIM network unlock Pin? Here is a tutorial to fix this problem and get best SIM network unlock pin generators.

01.13.2021See Incognito History on Google Chrome
Guide of Seeing Chrome Incognito History on Windows or Mac

This guide is a complete solution for who have turned on the incognito mode to see incognito history onGoogle Chrome for Windows 10/8/7 and macOS 11.

01.13.2021How to Unlock a Verizon-phone
Tutorial to Unlock a Verizon Phone with Carrier or Online Service

Have a Verizon locked phone and want to jump to another network? In this tutorial, we share the best methods to unlock a Verizon phone without data loss.

01.13.2021Format External Hard Drive
How to Format External Hard Drive

This post tells you how to format external hard drive on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac OS X/11, so you can use it to store data on your computer with the right file system.

01.13.2021Set up And Use iTunes File Sharing
How to Open And Use iTunes File Sharing

iTunes is not just for music. The iTunes File Sharing feature allows you to quickly and easily transfer files back and forth between your iPhone and PC or another iOS device.

01.13.2021Set up And Use iCloud Family Sharing
How to Set up And Use iCloud Family Sharing

iCloud Family Sharing makes it easy for you and family members to share purchased media files and subscription. This is a complete guide for Family Sharing feature.

01.13.2021Android Music Manager
2019 Top 5 Music Manager for Android

How to sync music among Android device, computer and iOS device to enjoy your favorite music anytime and anywhere? You need a powerful Android music manager. Read this post to find the best 5 music manager for Android.

01.13.2021Clone an iPhone Data
How to Clone off Data from iPhone to Another iPhone/Android (Remotely Supported)

Whether you get a new iPhone/iPad/Android, or iPhone is not at hand, you could clone all data off iPhone safely and easily in 3 ways, even without touching your iPhone.

01.13.2021iPhone Video Format
iPhone iPad Video Format and Convert/Transfer Video to iPhone

What video format does iPhone support? Why I can't play downloaded YouTube videos on iPhone? This post tells you detailed steps to convert video to iPhone and iPad supported video formats.

01.13.2021Move PDF from iBooks to iCloud
Transfer PDF from iBooks to iCloud Drive and iPhone/iPad

Where are iBooks stored in iCloud? How to transfer PDF files from iBooks to iCloud drive? This post shows 2 effective ways to sync iBooks PDF to iCloud and transfer PDF from iBooks to iCloud drive.

5 Best iCopyBot Alternatives to Transfer iOS Data

What is the iCopyBot iPod to computer transfer? Is there any simple way to quickly transfer music, videos, and more data from iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer or iTunes library? This post lists 5 great alternatives to iCopyBot to help you move iOS data.

01.13.2021Photo Slideshow Maker With Music
17 Best Photo Slideshow Makers with Music on PCs, Mac, iPhone and Android

A powerful photo slideshow maker app can simplify the workflow of transforming photos to animated show. Here is a top list of 17 best photo slideshow apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Whatsapp Backup Stuck iPhone
WhatsApp iCloud Backup Stuck on iPhone? Here are the 8 Methods You Should Know

When you want to backup WhatsApp to iCloud, but only find the WhatsApp backup stuck between the processes. Just follow the 10 methods to fix the problem accordingly.

01.13.2021Change and Customize Notification Sound
Updated Guide to Change (App) Notification Sounds on iPhone and Android

How to change the notification sounds on your iPhone or Android? How do I customize notification sounds for Twitter, Facebook, Insgtram, etc.? Here is the detailed guide.

iOS Settings
01.13.2021Reviews about Wondershare TunesGo
Updated Reviews about Wondershare TunesGo and Best Alternative to It

What does Wondershare TunesGo do? Is it safe to download? How much does it cost? Will it be worthy of trying? Make the decision after reading the reviews.

01.13.2021Export Safari Bookmarks from iPhone
Three Solutions to Export Safari Bookmarks from iPhone

How to export your Safari bookmarks from iPhone to your computer or other browser in order to access to your frequently-visited websites on any device? Find full guide in this article.

01.13.2021Recover Deleted Whatsapp Images
Tutorial of Deleted WhatsApp Images Recovery on iOS and Android

Looking for how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp? This article shares the easiest and fastest methods to get your WhatsApp images back from iPhone or Android.

01.13.2021Google Photos Movie Maker
How to Use Google Photos Movie Maker to Create Professional Looking Movies

Creating a movie with your smartphone footage can be tricky. Fortunately, you can get a comprehensive guide of the Movie Maker functionality in Google Photos app. URL:

Video Editing
01.13.2021Google Photos Rotate Video
A Step-by-step Guide on Rotating a Video in Google Photos App

This guide teaches you how to rotate videos in the Google Photos app for iPhone and Android phone, so you can correct the orientation of your videos on mobile quickly.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Restore Backup to New iPhone
Best Ways to Restore Backup to New iPhone 2019

You can set a new iPhone or get back lost data with the choice of restoring apps, data, and settings from your most recent iCloud or iTunes backup following our concrete guide.

01.13.2021Photo Slideshow App
8 Best Video and Picture Slideshow with Music Apps for iOS and Android

Instantly create amazing slideshows on your iPhone or Android phone? Here are top 8 best photo slideshow with music apps for you to turn your still photos into animated slideshows with computer.

Video Editing
01.13.2021App Store Keeps Asking for Password
Top 5 Solutions to App Store Keeps Asking for Password in iOS 14/13/12/11

Why does the App Store keep asking for my password? How do I stop App Store asking for password? Why won't the App Store accept my password? This post shares 5 effective solutions to fix the App Store keeps asking for password issue.

01.13.2021How to Airdrop From Mac to iPhone
Tutorial of Using AirDrop from Mac to iPhone XR/XS/X/8/7

Apple's AirDrop file-sharing feature debuted with the release of OS X Lion and allowed users to transfer files from Mac to iPhone conveniently. Here is a step-by-step guide of AirDrop from Mac to iPhone.

01.13.2021How To Make A Slideshow On Mac
How to Create a Photo Slideshow on Mac with Photos or Preview App

If you just need to know how to make a slideshow with music on your Mac, read this guide carefully and you can complete the task in the pre-installed utilities.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Add Song to Playlist on iPhone
Tutorial of Add Songs to Playlist on iPhone 2019

Want to quickly add a song or several songs to a playlist on iPhone? We share a concrete guide for you to add music to playlist on iPhone XR/XS/X/8/7/6s/6 and Earlier.

01.13.2021How To Make A Slideshow On Powerpoint
How to Make Create a Loop Slideshow in PowerPoint and Set It up with Timing

Want to loop a PowerPoint presentation? Here is a detailed guide on how you can make a PowerPoint loop slideshow to continuously repeat with slide transitions and timing.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Free iPhone File Manager
Free iPhone File Managers – Best Tools to Organize and Manage iOS Files

What should be the best iPhone file managers to organize, transfer, delete and manage the files on iPhone? Here are the 8 best free programs you can take into consideration.

01.13.2021Wondershare MobieTrans
A Comprehensive Review of Wondershare MobieTrans and Best Alternatives

Wondershare MobieTrans is phone to phone transfer software. Here, we will list its reviews, and best alternatives on Windows or Mac. You can free download it.

01.13.2021Play WAV on iPhone
WAV on iPhone – How to Play WAV Files on iPhone with Ease

Can iPhone Play WAV audio files? In order to playback the audio files on iPhone without problem, you can find 3 best methods to convert and play the lossless audio files on iPhone with ease.

01.13.2021Watch iTunes Movies on Android
4 Simple Ways to Watch iTunes Movie on Android Device

How to watch iTunes movies on Android? This post shares simple ways to transfer and view iTunes videos on Android device.

01.13.2021Leawo iTransfer
Check Updated Reviews of Leawo iTransfer and Find Best Alternatives to It

Would you pay money to get Leawo iTransfer to manage your iPhone data instead of free iTunes? Check the reviews about it and get the real best alternatives.

01.13.2021Enable USB Debugging For Android
How to Enable USB Debugging on Android

What is USB debugging on Android phones? How to enable USB debugging? Read this article to enable USB debugging for Android mobile phones.

01.13.2021System Integrity Protection
How to Disable System Integrity Protection (SIP) on Mac

Get a message that Operation not permitted while System Integrity Protection is engaged and don't know what to do? This post shows you how to enable and disable system integrity protection on Mac.

01.13.2021Get Free Movies on iTunes
How to Get Free Movies on iTunes 2019 [Solved]

How to get free movies on iTunes no jailbreak? Is there a list of free movies on iTunes in 2019? This post shows detailed steps to get free movies on iTunes.

01.13.2021Icecream Screen Recorder
Is It Worth to Buy Icecream Screen Recorder? Check This Latest Review

Read and get the latest Icecream Screen Recorder review. You can know whether it is worth to buy Icecream Screen Recorder Pro full version with the sufficient investigation.

01.13.2021Save Contacts to SIM Card from iPhone
3 Ways to Save Contacts to SIM Card from iPhone without Jailbreak

This is the complete tutorial to save contacts from iPhone to SIM card in 3 different ways. You can preview, select and transfer iPhone contacts to Android freely and quickly.

01.13.2021Send Large Photos via Email
How to Send Large Photos by Email over 25MB (Up to 15GB) Unlimitedly

How to send a lot of large photos over 25MB on Gmail? Here are 3 workable ways to send large images via all email services unlimitedly up to 15 GB.

01.13.2021Send Large PDF Files via Email
How to Free Send Large PDF Files via Any Email Services Unlimitedly

How to send a large PDF file through email over 30MB? Here are 4 free workable ways to send larger PDF files by reducing the size and using cloud service.

01.13.2021How to Edit Contacts on iPhone
How to Edit, Delete, De-duplicate, Backup and Restore iPhone Contacts

No matter you want to edit one or more iPhone contacts, you can get the complete tutorial here. This article shows detailed steps to edit contacts on iPhone, as well as other powerful features. Just read and follow.

01.13.2021Transfer Playlists from iPhone to iTunes
2 Quick Ways to Transfer a Playlist from iPhone to iTunes 12

Read and get the latest tutorial to transfer a playlist from iPhone to iTunes in 2019. You can add any music playlist to iTunes library on your Windows or Mac computer effortlessly.

01.13.2021iTunes Podcast for Android
3 Ways to Listen to iTunes Podcasts on Android (Totally Free)

Want to enjoy your favorite podcasts anywhere? Here’re 3 proven ways to listen to iTunes podcasts on Android. You can download and stream any podcast on Android for free.

01.13.2021How to Share an Album on iPhone
How to Share an Album on iPhone with iCloud Photo Sharing and More

By creating a shared album, you can share any photo and video publicly or privately. Here is the complete tutorial to share an album on iPhone with families, friends and anyone else.

01.13.2021Rearrange Photos in an iPhone Album
How to Rearrange Photos in an iPhone Album (iOS 14 Supported)

If your iPhone photos are out of order, you can get easy ways to put everything in order here. This article shows the complete tutorial to rearrange photos in iPhone albums. Just read and follow.

01.13.2021How to Organize Photos on iPhone
How to Organize Photos on iPhone with the Super Easy iPhone Manager

There is a simplified and powerful iPhone manager you should not miss. The program can help you organize photos on iPhone in all formats. You can sort out, backup and transfer any iPhone photo and album with ease.

iOS Settings
01.13.2021How to Upload Podcast to iTunes
The Complete Guide on How to Upload Podcast to iTunes with the Original Quality

How to upload Podcast to iTunes with the best quality? The article shares 3 different methods to add and upload Podcast from different sources with ease.

01.13.2021Download Galaxy Live Wallpapers
Top 5 Live Wallpaper Apps to Download HD Galaxy Live Wallpapers

This is the complete review of top 5 live wallpaper apps in 2019. You can download the trending and newest Galaxy live wallpapers in different types here.

01.13.2021How to Use iMessage on Mac
How to Use iMessage on Mac Step by Step [Tutorial for Beginners]

This article introduces how to turn off, delete, set up, transfer and sign out of iMessage on Mac step by step. If it is the first time you use iMessage on Mac, you can get the detailed tutorial here.

iOS Settings
01.13.2021How to Make a Voice Memo into a Ringtone
How to Make a Voice Memo into a Ringtone on iPhone in 5 Minutes

Why not make a voice memo a ringtone on iPhone by yourself? You can record any sound you like and assign it as iPhone ringtone for free. Here’re 2 proven ways you can have a try.

Format Converter
01.13.2021Download Voice Memos from iTunes
2 Ways to Download Voice Memos from iTunes Selectively and Safely

What to do to get voice memos off iTunes? From this article, you can get the detailed steps to download voice memos from iTunes to your computer safely and easily.

01.13.2021iPhone Live Wallpaper Download
iPhone Live Wallpaper Download – Best Websites and Apps to Download Live Wallpaper for iPhone

When you need some special wallpaper, such as download iron man live wallpaper for iPhone, you can learn more about websites and apps to get the desired files from the article.

01.13.2021Live Wallpaper Android
How to Download and Customize Live Wallpaper for Android

How to get desired live wallpapers for your Android phone? Whether you need to get them from Android apps, download files online, or custom one for yourself, learn more details from the article now.

01.13.2021iMessage not working on Mac
iMessage Not Working or Syncing on Mac – Here is the Ultimate Fixes

When iMessage not working on Mac, such as files not syncing between Mac and iPhone, not showing contact names on Mac, here is the ultimate troubleshoots you should know.

01.13.2021Convert Voice Memos to MP3
Convert Voice Memos to MP3 – 4 Best Methods You Should Know

How to convert a voice memo to an MP3 file for other devices, such as Android phone or computer? Just learn more about the 5 different methods for the voice memo conversions from the article.

Format Converter
01.13.2021Email a Voice Memos on iPhone
How to Email a Voice Memos on iPhone – 2 Simple Methods You Should Know

How to send a voice memo from iPhone via Email? What should you do in order to send large voice memo files? Just learn more about the solutions from the article.

01.13.2021Add a Voice Memo to iMovie
Step-by-step Guide for Adding a Voice Memo to iMovie on iPhone/iTunes/Mac

When you need to add voice memos to iMovie on iPhone or Mac for further editing, you can learn more details about the two simple methods from the article now.

01.13.2021AirPlay iPhone to Mac
AirPlay iPhone to Mac – How to Mirror Music/Photo/Video from iPhone to Mac

When you need to enjoy the media files with a large screen, AirPlay iPhone to Mac should be a great option. Just learn more about the best methods from the article now.

Screen Mirroring
01.13.2021Find manage audiobooks on iphone
How to Buy, Download, Find, Listen to Audiobooks on Your iPhone

If you are new to audiobooks, you should not miss this article. It explains how to buy, download, listen and find audiobooks on your iPhone. Moreover, you can get a powerful tool to recover iPhone audiobooks here.

01.13.2021Best vr apps
10 Best VR Apps for iPhone and Android

If you're getting started with VR on your smartphone, here is our list of top 10 virtual reality apps available to iPhone and Android users to enjoy VR contents with their mobile devices.

01.13.2021How to Get and Play Games on iMessage
A Complete Guide on How to Get and Play Games on iMessage

It seems that few iPhone users know that they can play games with their contacts within iMessgae with iOS 10 and later. Here we will show you how to get and play iMessage games on iOS 10/11/12.

01.13.2021How to Print from My iPhone
[Solved] How Do I Print from My iPhone with or without AirPrint

Actually, you can print photos and documents from your iPhone or iPad directly. This article aims to show you easy ways to print from your iPhone to a wireless printer. Just read and follow.

iOS Settings
01.13.2021How to Sync iPod to iTunes
Sync iPod to iTunes – Best Methods to Copy Music Files to iTunes Library

When you need to sync music files from iPod to iTunes, here is the detailed solution, the troubleshooting and the best alternative you should know from the article.

01.13.2021MP4 to MP3
How to Convert MP4 Video Files to MP3 Format without Losing Quality

In this tutorial, we are going to show how to convert MP4 to MP3 with Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC Media Player and more applications on Windows and Mac.

Format Converter
01.13.2021How To Uninstall Adobe On Mac
How to Uninstall Adobe on Mac – The Ultimate Solutions You Should Know

Why you are not able to remove the Adobe program from your Mac? Here are the reasons you should know and the ultimate methods about how to uninstall Adobe on Mac.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Uninstall Malwarebytes Mac
How to Uninstall Anti-Malware Malwarebytes on Mac

When you need to uninstall malwarebytes on Mac, you should learn more about the detailed methods to remove the anti-malware completely from your MacBook with ease.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2021Share Wi-Fi Password
How Do You Share Wi-Fi Password from iPhone or iPad? Here are the Easy Methods

How to share the Wi-Fi password from iPhone to iPhone with your friends and family? Just learn more details about the process and alternative from the article now.

01.13.2021Transfer iMovie Videos from iPhone to Mac
How to Transfer iMovie Videos and Projects from iPhone to Mac

Here’re the detailed steps to transfer iMovie from iPhone to Mac. If you want to edit your iMovie file on Mac with a larger display screen, you just come to the right place.

01.13.2021Transfer Contacts to iPhone
3 Best Solutions to Transfer Contacts from iPad to iPhone

To easily transfer contacts from iPad to iPhone, you can learn more detailed information about 3 best solutions from the article.

01.13.2021Encrypt Files on Mac
2 Simple Ways to Encrypt Files on Mac [2019]

Want to better protect your Mac data but don’t know how to encrypt files on Mac? This post will show you how to encrypt files on Mac using terminal. Moreover, you will learn a better way to password protect a file on Mac.

01.13.2021Export iMovie to MP4
Tutorial – 3 Easy Ways to Export iMovie to MP4 Online and Offline

Both Mac and iOS users can get easy ways to export/convert iMovie videos to MP4. Read and get the complete tutorial to quickly export iMovie to MP4 format here.

Format Converter
01.13.2021Unlock SIM Card iPhone
How to Unlock SIM Card on iPhone

This passage shows you four easy and efficient ways to unlock your SIM card when your iPhone gets locked. Read on and learn more details.

01.13.2021Galaxsim Unlock
How to Use Galaxysim Unlock

If you are looking for a way to unlock your Samsung phone, read this passage and learn how to download and use Galaxysim Unlock to solve your problem.

01.13.2021Change Ringtone on iPhone
How to Set and Change Ringtone on iPhone

How to change ringtone on iPhone 6/7/SE/8/X/XR/XS? How to create your own ringtone and add it to iPhone? This post shows best way to set iPhone on iPhone. Also, you can learn how to make iPhone ringtones with your own songs.

01.13.2021Moto G Unlocked
Best Way to Unlock Moto G and Retrieve Data

Don’t know how to unlock your Moto G? Don’t worry. Just follow this article and learn the useful way to finish the Moto G unlock process.

01.13.2021How to Unlock LG Phone
3 Best Methods to Unlock LG Phone

Don’t know how to unlock LG phone? Just read and follow this article to get into a locked LG phone follow the 3 methods we listed in this article.

01.13.2021Find My Friends iPhone without Them Knowing
Best Way to Find My Friends iPhone without Them Knowing

How to find my friends iPhone without them knowing? Is there any way to track my friend’s iPhone secretly? This post shows 1 effective way to locate your friend’s iPhone without them knowing.

01.13.2021How to Recover Screen Time Passcode
How to Recover/Reset Screen Time Passcode on iPhone/iPad

Forgot Screen Time passcode and iPhone disabled to use? This post is the detailed guide to recovering Screen Time passcode on iOS devices running in iOS 14/13/12/11/10 and before.

01.13.2021How To Unlock Sony Xperia
How to Unlock Sony Xperia

This article is focusing on providing you three different solutions to unlock your Sony Xperia so that you can change all kinds of SIM card on your mobile phone.

01.13.2021Get Free Audiobooks for iPhone
10 Best Sites and Apps to Get Free Audiobooks for iPhone

How to get and download free audiobooks on iPhone? Is there any good audiobooks sites to get audio books free? This post shows 5 free audiobooks sites and 5 apps to help you find and get the audiobooks you need for iPhone 6/7/8/X/XS/XR.

01.13.2021Sync Notes
How to Sync Notes from Mac to iPhone with/without iCloud?

Want to sync notes from your Mac to iPhone/iPad for viewing and editing freely wherever you are? You need to know how to transfer notes from Mac to iPhone with or without iCloud. Read this article to get complete guide.

01.13.2021Unlock AT&T Phone
Step-by-Step Guide to Unlock AT&T Phone by Carrier and Online Service

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to unlock AT&T phone by submitting a request on AT&T device unlocking website or using an online unlocking service simply.

01.13.2021Add Family Member to Apple Music
How to Add Family Member to Apple Music to Share Family Subscription

How to add family members to Apple Music for sharing the song catalog? Here is the comprehensive guide to adding someone to Apple Music you should follow.

01.13.2021Show Hidden Files on Mac
[Latest Tutorial] 4 Ways to Show All Hidden Files and Folders on Mac

Apple hides some system files by default. If you want to show all hidden files and folders on Mac, you should not miss this post. Here’re 4 workable ways to unhide files on Mac.

01.13.2021How To Turn Off Lock Screen
100% Working Tutorial to Turn off Lock Screen with and without Password

This tutorial shows you how to turn off lock screen with lock screen password and how to disable it when forgot your password on Android phones and tablets.

01.13.2021Turn off Screen Time
How to Turn off Screen Time on iPhone/iPad and Mac

How to turn off Screen Time on Apple devices? This post is the comprehensive guide to disable Screen Time on iPhone, iPad and Mac with or without passcode, even your child’s phone.

01.13.2021Lock Screen Widgets
8 Best Lock Screen Widgets for Android Smartphone and Tablet Devices

Want to customize your lock screen with widgets? Here we list top 8 best lock screen widgets app to help you decorate lock screen on Android phones and tablets.

01.13.2021Bypass Android Lock Screen
5 Efficient Ways to Bypass Android Lock Screen

If you are searching for ways to bypass Google locked phone, you can follow this article to learn these good methods.

01.13.2021About iTunes Wi-Fi Sync
What is iTunes Wi-Fi Sync and How to Use It?

Syncing your iPhone or iPad does not mean that you have to plug your handset into your computer. This post shares everything you should know about iTunes Wi-Fi sync functionality.

01.13.2021T-Mobile Content Transfer APP
What Is T-Mobile Content Transfer and How to Use It Properly

T-Mobile Content Transfer allows you to easily transfer your contacts, pictures and videos from your old phone to your new phone. Read this article to get a complete guide of the content transfer app.