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TipsHow to Undo an App Update on iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8/7/6/6s and Android phoneUndo An App Update
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RecorderHow to Record Zoom Meeting without/with Permission on Desktop/iPhone/AndroidRecord Zoom Meeting
Format ConverterHow to Convert Google Photos from HEIC to JPGConvert HEIC to JPG
FixHow to Fix the Problem that Instagram Won't Upload VideosInstagram video wont upload
Tips[Fixed] How to Reset an iPad with Forgotten Restrictions Passcodeeset an iPad with Forgotten Restrictions Passcode


09.26.2023Screen Mirroring Mac
Ultimate Guide to Screen Mirroring Mac

How do you start the screen mirroring Mac to Samsung TV? How can I mirror an image file on my MacBook? Learn three ways to mirror your Mac screen to a TV.

Screen Mirroring
09.26.2023Control Android from PC
Top 3 Ways to Remote Control Android Phone from PC

How do you remote control your Android phone from a PC? Can I control Android from a PC with USB? Learn three easy methods to remote control Android from a PC.

Screen Mirroring
09.26.2023Best Android Emulator
Top 5 Android Emulators for Windows PC and Mac

Can I use an Android emulator to play games on my Mac? Is NOX better than BlueStacks? Check the reviews of the 5 best Android emulators for Windows PC and Mac.

Screen Mirroring
09.26.2023Anyview Cast
Full Anyview Cast Review and Its Best Alternative

What is the Anyview Cast app for iPhone? How do you mirror your phone to a Hisense TV using Anyview Cast? Check the Anyview Cast review to check related info.

Screen Mirroring
09.22.2023iPhone Screen Mirroring Not Working
iPhone Screen Mirroring Not Working - Why and How to Fix?

iPhone screen mirroring not working? Find out why and 10 quick fixes in this post. Whether your iPhone won't screen mirror to TV or computer, you can find solutions here.

Screen Mirroring
09.19.2023How to Leave a Group Chat
Leave a Group Chat on Android & iPhone: Before/After Tips

Are you wondering how to leave a group chat on iPhone and Android? Is there a way to manage or back up important information? Check this post for an answer.

09.19.2023How to Create Apple ID
How to Make a New Apple ID: Start from Scratch

Want to create a new Apple ID? What do you need to do for Apple ID sign-up? Is it possible to create an Apple ID online? Read this post to find your answers.

09.19.2023How to Empty Trash on Android
A Lead-in Tutorial to Emptying Trash on Android Devices

Still bothered by emptying Android trash? Want to get an effective and fast fix on Android trash empty? Look no further! This post has everything you need.

09.15.2023Forgot Gmail Username
Get Back Your Gmail Account When Forgot Gmail Username

Forgot Gmail username? Read and follow our step-by-step guides to recover your Gmail account when you cannot remember your Gmail username.

09.13.2023Mirror iPhone to Vizio TV
3 Easy Ways to Cast iPhone Screen to Vizio TV

Looking to enjoy your iPhone content on a big Vizio TV screen? Discover how to mirror iPhone to Vizio TV wirelessly or manually with this comprehensive guide.

Screen Mirroring
09.08.2023LoiLo Game Recorder
How to Record Gameplay with LoiLo Game Recorder and The Troubleshooting You Should Know

This article will lead you to the proper use of LoiLo Game Recorder to record your gameplay and provide solutions to common problems during recording.

09.08.2023iSpring Screen Recorder
Reviews of iSpring Free Cam Screen Recorder and Best Alternative

What is iSpring Screen Recorder, and how to better use it? This article will offer you a comprehensive review and introduce the best alternative for it.

09.08.2023Minecraft Screen Recorder
9 Best Minecraft Screen Recorders You Should Not Miss

Need the best Minecraft screen recorder? This post offers detailed overviews of 9 top Minecraft screen recorders. Read and find the most suitable choices here.

09.01.2023Mirror Android to PC
How to Mirror An Android Phone to Your Windows PC or Mac

If you are searching for applicable methods to mirror Android to PC or Mac, this article is your best choice. We will introduce detailed steps to help you.

Screen Mirroring
09.01.2023iPad Screen Mirroring Not Working
Why iPad Screen Mirroring Not Working and How to Fix

Why is iPad screen mirroring not full screen? How do you mirror your iPad screen to Apple TV? Learn reasons and fixes for iPad screen mirroring not working.

Screen Mirroring
09.01.2023Chromecast Mirroring Android
Detailed Guide to Chromecast Mirroring Android

Can I mirror my Android to Chromecast without WiFi? Why is Chromecast not mirroring my Android? Learn to mirror your Android to a Google Chromecast device.

Screen Mirroring
09.01.2023How to Control iPhone from PC
How to Control Your iPhone from the PC With No Lag

In this article, we will offer 3 simple tools for remote controlling an iPhone from the PC. Choose the one that suits you the best and follow our instructions.

Screen Mirroring
08.31.2023eset an iPad with Forgotten Restrictions Passcode
[Fixed] How to Reset an iPad with Forgotten Restrictions Passcode

Learn easy ways to reset/restore your iPad when you forgot a restrictions passcode for iPad. Of course, you can learn how to turn off restrictions on iPad too.

08.31.2023Mirror iPhone via USB
How to Mirror Your iPhone Screen to a Laptop or Smart TV Using USB

Do not have a web connection to do screen mirror? Don't worry. This tutorial tells you how to mirror iPhone screen to PC, Mac, or TV with USB properly.

Screen Mirroring
08.31.2023iPhone Mirror Selfie
Detailed Guide to Enable Mirroring Your Selfie on iPhone

In this article, you will learn about 2 practical ways to mirror your selfie on the iPhone. Now read and follow the steps to try the operation by yourself!

Screen Mirroring
08.31.2023Mirror Image Video on iPhone
How to Mirror Flip Photo or Video on iPhone

Whether you want to mirror an image or video on iPhone, or take selfie without mirror image on iPhone, you will find comprehensive guide in this article.

Screen Mirroring
08.31.2023Mirror iPhone to Chromebook
How to Mirror Your iPhone Screen to Your Chromebook Properly

If you are using a Chromebook and want to mirror iPhone screen to your Chromebook, you are lucky since this article shares four ways to do the job effortlessly.

Screen Mirroring
08.25.2023Cast iPhone to Chromecast
Comprehensive Guide - 3 Easy Ways to Cast iPhone to Chromecast

Wondering how to do Chromecast iPhone mirroring to display iPhone to a larger screen? Check the most comprehensive guide on how to mirror iPhone to Chromecast.

Screen Mirroring
08.25.2023Mirror iPhone to Firestick
Big-screen Entertainment: How to Mirror iPhone to Firestick

Mirroring your iPhone to Firestick could enjoy a big-screen visual experience. This post will tell you if you have yet to learn how to do it.

Screen Mirroring
08.25.2023Mirroring iPhone to Xbox One
3 Methods to Mirror iPhone to Xbox One on Different Devices

Ways to mirror iPhone to Xbox One are different when connecting to different devices. This post will tell you all the methods to do it.

Screen Mirroring
08.25.2023Mirror iPhone to LG TV
Stream Bigger: Mirror Your iPhone Content on an LG TV

Do you want to mirror your iPhone to LG TV to watch on a bigger screen? This post has two methods to help you do it quickly.

Screen Mirroring
08.25.2023Mirror iPhone to PS4
The Ultimate Guide to Mirror Your iPhone Screen to Your PS4

Do you want to mirror iPhone to PS4 console? If you want to see phone contents on your game console, this post will guide you how to do it.

Screen Mirroring
08.25.2023Screen Mirror iPhone to Sony TV
2 Best Methods to Screen Mirror Your iPhone to Sony TV

Want to know how to screen mirror your iPhone to Sony TV? We will offer you the most practical solutions and answer some common questions about this issue.

Screen Mirroring
08.25.2023Screen Mirror iPhone to Projector
How to Screen Mirror Your iPhone/iPad to Projector

Want to screen mirror your iPhone or iPad to a projector? Here we will recommend 3 top solutions for you to choose from. Read this article and explore with us.

Screen Mirroring
08.24.2023Mirror iPhone via Bluetooth
Wire-Free Methods to Screen Mirror iPhone via Bluetooth

Do you want to mirror your iPhone via Bluetooth? This post will give you some new ways to cast a screen, whether you have AirPlay or not.

Screen Mirroring
08.24.2023How to Mirror Android to TV
5 Easy Methods to Mirror Android to TV

Can you mirror your Android screen to a TV without WiFi? What is the best screen mirroring app for Android to TV? Learn 5 ways to mirror your Android to TV.

Screen Mirroring
08.24.2023Screen Mirror iPad to Chromecast
3 Easy Ways to Screen Mirror Your iPad to Chromecast

Can Chromecast mirror the iPad screen? How do you start a screen mirroring from iPad to Chromecast? Learn 3 easy ways to screen mirror your iPad to Chromecast.

Screen Mirroring
08.24.2023Screen Mirror iPad to Mac PC
How to Screen Mirror Your iPad to a MacBook and PC

How do you screen mirror your iPad Pro to your MacBook? Can I mirror from my iPad to a PC? This post shares 3 easy ways to make the iPad screen mirroring.

Screen Mirroring
08.24.2023Convert HEIC to JPG
How to Convert Google Photos from HEIC to JPG

How to convert HEIC photos in Google Drive or Google Photos to JPG? Here are 3 effective ways for you to get Google Photos from HEIC to JPG images.

Format Converter
08.24.2023Screen Mirroring iPad
Ultimate Guide to Screen Mirroring Your iPad

Why can't I mirror my iPad to my Samsung TV? How do you enable screen mirroring on your iPad? Learn to screen mirror from your iPad to a smart TV or laptop.

Screen Mirroring
08.18.2023Roku Screen Mirroring Android
How to Do Screen Mirror from an Android Phone to Roku Quickly

This guide talks about how to cast and mirror Android screen to a Roku TV so that you can enjoy your favorite multimedia content on the large screen.

Screen Mirroring
08.18.2023Mirror App for iPhone iPad
6 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for iPhones and iPad to PCs and Smart TVs

If you are looking for an app to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to a PC or smart TV, do not miss our top list of the best iPhone/iPad screen mirroring apps.

Screen Mirroring
08.18.2023Mirror iPhone to TV
How to Do Screen Mirroring from iPhone to TV without Quality Loss

This guide tells you the easiest ways to mirror your iPhone screen to an Apple TV, a Samsung TV, or other smart TVs wirelessly or with a cable.

Screen Mirroring
08.16.2023How to Mirror Phone to TV Without WiFi
Screen Mirroring Your Phone to TV Without WiFi

How to mirror an iPhone to a Samsung TV without WiFi? How do you screen mirror your phone to Roku without WiFi? Learn to cast your phone to TV without WiFi.

Screen Mirroring
08.16.2023Screen Mirroring iPhone iPad to Samsung TV
3 Methods for Screen Mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV

What to do if the screen mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV not working? How do you mirror iPhone to Samsung TV without WiFi? Learn to mirror iPhone to Samsung TV.

Screen Mirroring
08.16.2023Mirror iPhone to iPad
Detailed Guide How to Mirror Your iPhone to iPad

Can you screen mirror your iPhone to iPad? How can I mirror my iPhone to my iPad without Wi-Fi? This post tells how to mirror your iPhone screen to an iPad.

Screen Mirroring
08.16.2023Roku Screen Mirroring iPhone iPad
Ultimate Guide to Screen Mirroring iPhone to Roku TV

Why won’t my iPhone screen mirror to a Roku TV? Can you screen mirror your iPhone to Roku without Wi-Fi? Learn how to make the Roku screen mirror on iPhone.

Screen Mirroring
08.11.2023How to Restart iPhone When Frozen
How to Restart an iPhone with Frozen and Unresponsive Screen Easily

If you want to restart an iPhone with the frozen screen,read this guide and discover 3 best methods to re-access your frozen handset quickly.

08.11.2023iOS 16 Photo Cutout
What is iOS 16 Photo Cutout and How to Use It Smoothly

Try to figure out what iOS 16 Photo Cutout is and how to use it? This article will offer comprehensive instructions on it and detailed steps to help you.

08.11.2023How to Unblock a Number on iPhone
How to Unblock a Blocked Number on an iPhone or iPad Quickly

If you are looking for a way to unblock a blocked number on iPhone or iPad, you are lucky since this guide tells you the effective ways to do the job easily.

08.11.2023How to Mirror iPhone Wirelessly
Best Ways to Mirror iPhone Wirelessly to Computer or TV

Need to mirror your iPhone? We will introduce two highly feasible ways of mirroring iPhone to PC/MacBook/Smart TV wirelessly in this article to help you.

Screen Mirroring
08.04.2023How to Turn Live Photo into Video
Top 3 Ways to Turn a Live Photo into a Video

How do you make a live photo a video on iPhone? How can I turn a live photo into a video? Learn three ways to convert a live photo to a video on iPhone and Mac.

Format Converter
08.04.2023Edit Videos on iPhone
3 Ways to Edit and Make Amazing Videos on iPhone

This article recommends 3 easy-to-use video editing software for iPhone users and shows you how to use them to edit videos on iPhone.

Video Editing
08.03.2023Viber Call Recorder
How to Record Viber Calls

Come and get your best Viber call recorder app. This article will show you how to record Viber audio calls on Android and iPhone. Just read and follow.

08.03.2023Disable Home Button on iPhone iPad
How to Disable Home Button of iPone/iPad

If you are looking for a way to restrict touch input on your iOS device, read this post and learn how to disable the home button of iPhone.

08.03.2023Stop Echo on cell phone
Stop Echo on Cell Phone? Here Are 4 Solutions You Will Need Exactly

You can learn the cause of echoes and how to stop echo on cell phone in details. Want to get rid of echo problem forever? Then read this article to have a try.

07.21.2023How to Make a Custom Ringtone on iPhone
A Detailed Guide on Making Custom Ringtones for iPhone and Android

How do you add custom ringtones to your iPhone? How to customize your Android ringtones? Learn to make custom ringtones and add them to your iPhone and Android.

07.21.2023How to Turn off Find My iPhone
How to Turn off Find My iPhone on your Phone or Another Device Effortlessly

If you need to turn off Find My iPhone/iPad feature on your iPhone or iPad, you are lucky since we share three ways to do it in various situations.

07.17.2023Screenshot Google Maps
[Solved] How do I Take a Google Maps Screenshot on Computer

This tutorial shows how to take a Google Maps screenshot step by step. Thus, Windows and Mac users can screenshot Google Maps to save, share and edit easily.

07.12.2023How to Add AirPods to Find My iPhone
Detailed Guide on How to Add AirPods to Find My iPhone

Why won't my AirPods connect to Find My iPhone? How do you get your AirPods to show up on Find My iPhone? This post tells how to add AirPods to Find My iPhone.

07.12.2023Why Is My Phone Overheating
7 Useful Tips to Stop Your Phone from Overheating

Why is my phone overheating so quickly? What to do when your Samsung phone is overheating? This post explains why a phone is overheating and ways to fix it.

07.07.2023Delete Messages on Facebook
How to Delete Messages on Facebook on iPhone or Android

How do I delete Facebook messages? Here is the comprehensive guide to delete single/multiple/unseen FB messages and conversations at once, even from both sides.

07.07.2023Undo An App Update
How to Undo an App Update on iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8/7/6/6s and Android phone

Encounter a problem with an app as a result of updating on your phone? Learn how to undo/downgrade an app update on iPhone 14/13/12/11 or Android phone here.

07.05.2023How to Facetime on Android
Can You FaceTime on Android: Here Is How to Do with Alternatives

Do you know how to FaceTime on Android? This post will tell you if you can use it and what FaceTime alternatives are on your Android.

06.20.2023How to Change Ringtone on Android
Ultimate Guide on How to Change Ringtone on Android

How can I set my favorite song as a ringtone on a Samsung phone? How do you set custom ringtones on Android? Learn to change ringtones on your Android phone.

06.08.2023What Is Focus Status on iPhone
Learn What Is Focus Status on iPhone and How to Use It

What does share focus status on iPhone meaning? How do you turn off Focus mode on an iPhone? This post tells what Focus status on iPhone is and how to use it.

06.01.2023How to Save Battery on iPhone
7 Useful Tips to Save Battery Life on Your iPhone

How do you stop your iPhone battery from draining so fast? Is there a battery saver app? Learn to save battery on your iPhone and improve the battery life.

05.31.2023Add Text to Video iPhone
Captions, Titles, and Subtitles: How to Add Text to iPhone Videos

Do you need to add captions or subtitles to iPhone videos? This post has two methods to add text to iPhone videos on different devices.

Video Editing
05.31.2023Change Background Color on iPhone Video
Master Visual Aesthetics: Change Background Colors in iPhone Videos

Changing the background color of iPhone videos can enhance visual effects. This post will give you two ways with detailed steps.

Video Editing
05.30.2023Take iPhone Screen Shot
How to Take Screenshots on iPhone Easily (Compatible with All Models)

Want to take iPhone screenshots for message chats, gameplays or collages? With all iPhone models included, this post will show you how to screenshot on iPhone.

05.30.2023Record Audio on iPhone
[Updated] A Step-by-step Guide on How to Record Voice on iPhone Easily

Where is the voice recorder on my iPhone? What is the best voice recorder app for iPhones? You can learn to record voice on iPhone with the best tools here.

05.24.2023Does Apple Watch Work with Android Phone and How to Pair It
Learn to Pair an Apple Watch with Your Android Phone

Can Apple Watch work with Android devices? How do I pair my Apple Watch with a Samsung phone? Learn an easy way to pair your Apple Watch to an Android phone.

05.24.2023iPhone Filters
How to Use iPhone Camera Filters to Take More Creative Photos

Is there a beauty filter for iPhone Camera? How to get face filters on iPhone camera? Learn more about iPhone camera filters and to add filters to your photos.

05.24.2023How to Add Safari to iPhone Home Screen
Detailed Guide on How to Add Safari to iPhone Home Screen

How do I add Safari to my iPhone home screen? How to put Safari back on the iPhone home screen? Check this post to add Safari to your iPhone home screen easily.

05.23.2023Trust an App on iPhone
Stay Safe and Secure: How to Trust Apps on Your iPhone

Do you know why you need to trust an App on iPhone? This post will tell you why to do this and how to clean the risks on your iPhone.

05.23.2023Burst Photos iPhone
Capture the Moment: A Guide to Burst Photos on Your iPhone

Burst photos on iPhone can get multiple pictures by pressing once. This post will introduce this feature and how to transfer burst images.

05.22.2023iPhone Screen Recorder
Top 12 iPhone 14/13/12/11/X Screen Recorder Apps and Software

What is the best recorder to screen record your iPhone 14? Can I record iPhone screen on Mac or PC? You can get top 12 screen recorders for iPhone in this post.

05.19.2023MP3 Converters for iPhone
5 Best MP3 Converters for iPhone

How do you convert a video to MP3 on an iPhone? What is the best MP3 to iPhone ringtone converter app? Get 5 MP3 converters to convert videos or audio to MP3.

Format Converter
05.19.2023Change and Set Safari or Chrome as Default Browser on iPhone
How to Change Default Browser on Your iPhone

How do you make Chrome the default browser on iPhone? Can I change my default browser back to Safari? Learn to change and set the default browser on an iPhone.

05.19.2023How to Unsend a Message on iPhone
Learn to Unsend and Edit Messages on an iPhone

Can I unsend a message on my iPhone? How long do you have to unsend a message on an iPhone? Learn how to unsend a message on your iPhone so others can’t see it.

05.19.2023Convert iPhone Video to MP4
How to Convert iPhone Videos to MP4 without Losing Output Quality

Here is our actionable guide to help you convert your iPhone videos to MP4 files on your mobile device or a computer without losing quality.

Format Converter
05.19.2023How to Change Region on iPhone
How to Change Apple ID Country or Region on iPhone

Why can't I change my country region on iPhone? How do you fix this app currently unavailable in your country or region? Learn to change the region on iPhone.

05.19.2023Convert WebM and GIF
How to Convert WebM to GIF or Vice Versa without Quality Loss

If you are looking for a way to convert WebM to GIF, you are lucky since this tutorial tells you four ways to do the job in various situations.

Format Converter
05.19.2023Stop iTunes from Automatically Backing up My iPad
How to Stop iTunes from Backing up My iPad and iPhone Automatically

If you do not like the auto backup feature of iTunes, you can learn from this guide to stop iTunes from automatically backing up your iPad.

05.12.2023MP4 to WMV Converter
Top 5 MP4 to WMV Converters on Windows and Mac

This article introduces 5 best video format converters to turn MP4 into WMV for Windows or Mac. Let's explore its' pros and cons to pick the best converter.

Format Converter
05.12.2023Change Color on iPhone
How to Change Color on Your iPhone and Fix Cannot Change iPhone Screen Color

If you intend to change screen color on your iPhone, you are lucky since this guide tells you how to do the job and get your desired display.

05.11.2023How to Use Snipping Tool
A Lead-in Guide about How to Use Windows Snipping Tool [2023]

How to use snipping tools on Windows? What to do if the snipping tool is not working? Is there a snipping tool for Mac? You can find answers in this post.

05.11.2023iOS Screen Recorder
Top 12 iOS Screen Recorders for Your iOS Mobiles and Desktops

Wondering how to select a good tool to screen record on iPad or iPhone? Is there any software for your Mac? Read this post for more answers.

05.10.2023MPG VS MP4
Comparison Between MPG and MP4: Choose the One You Prefer

MPG and MP4 are very common, and each has strengths. This post will analyze their similarities and differences from several perspectives.

Format Converter
05.06.2023AVI Converter
7 Best AVI Converting Applications that You Should Not Miss

If you are looking for the best AVI converter, you are lucky since we identify a top list and review them to help you make better decision.

Format Converter
05.06.2023MKV Converter
7 Best MKV Converters for Online and Offline You Should Not Miss

This article identifies and reviews the top 7 best MKV converters online and offline so that you can make the best decision when converting your MKV videos.

Format Converter
05.06.2023WMV Converter
6 Best WMV Converting Applications to Convert between WMV and Other Formats

This article shares the top 6 best WMV converters to help you convert between WMV videos and other video or audio formats online or offline.

Format Converter
05.06.2023Convert MXF to MOV
How to Convert Your MXF Files to MOV Format without Quality Loss

If you are looking for the best way to convert MXF to MOV, you are lucky since we have collected the easiest online and offline ways and share the details.

Format Converter
05.06.2023How to Use Airshou
Tutorial: Use Airshou to Record iOS/Anorid Devices and Its Alternatives

Want to know more details about Airshou apk and its download? How to use Airshou to screen record your iOS devices? This article has all you need about Airshou.

05.06.2023Convert MOV and MPEG
How to Quickly Convert Your MOV Videos to MPEG Files or Vice Versa

To convert your MOV videos to MPEG files, you can read our guide, pick an appropriate method, and follow the steps to complete the job without any trouble.

Format Converter
04.28.2023Convert MTS to MP4
How to Convert MTS to MP4 on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android

Following our tutorial, you will learn four methods to convert your MTS files to MP4 format so that you can play and view them on any devices.

Format Converter
04.28.2023Convert SWF and MP4
How to Convert SWF and MP4 on Windows, Mac, and Linux without Quality Loss

If you are looking for the best way to convert SWF files to MP4 or vice versa, you are lucky since here is a concrete guide to do the job online and offline.

Format Converter
04.26.2023Convert 3GP to MOV
Top 3 Methods to Convert 3GP to MOV

How do you convert a 3GP file to MOV on a Mac? Can VLC convert 3GP to MOV? This post shares three easy ways to convert 3GP to MOV free on Mac and Windows PC.

Format Converter
AirServer - Turn Mac/PC into AirPlay Device

Don't know how to turn Mac/PC into AirPlay with AirServer? Don't worry. This article tells you what AirServer is and how to use AirServer and a good tool.

04.26.2023Screenshot on HP
How to Screenshot on HP Laptop Windows 11/10/8/7 with Easy Steps

Want to screenshot on an HP laptop? How to take a screenshot on HP laptop Windows 11? Both beginners and professionals can find solutions to screenshots here.

04.26.2023Screenshot on Toshiba
How to Take Screenshot in Toshiba Laptop on Windows 11/10/8/7

This article shows how to screenshot on a Toshiba laptop step by step. You can get 3 different choices here to screenshot on laptop/tablet on Windows 11/10/8/7.

04.26.2023Convert MOV to WebM
4 Ways to Convert MOV to WebM or WebM to MOV Without Losing Quality

Can HandBrake convert MOV to WebM? How to convert WebM to MOV online? This post tells 4 easy ways of MOV and WebM conversion on Mac, Windows, and free online.

Format Converter
04.26.2023MKV to MP3
Learn 5 Easy Ways to Convert MKV to MP3 with High Sound Quality

How do you convert MKV to MP3 online? What is the best MKV to MP3 converter for Linux? Learn 5 ways to extract MP3 audio from an MKV file, online and offline.

Format Converter
04.26.2023Share Screen Online
4 Ways to Share Desktop Screen and Windows Online with Others

Screen Sharing is everywhere in daily life. But how to achieve desktop screen sharing online or with software? This post has provided you four best choices.

04.17.2023How to Record Xbox 360 Gamepla
How to Record Gameplay Videos on Xbox 360

Want to record Xbox 360 gameplay? Read this post to find Xbox 360 gameplay recorders and learn the most comprehensive way to record game videos in high quality!

04.17.2023How to Record Voice Memo on Mac
How to Record Voice Memo on MacBook Pro and Air with Easy Steps

You can get the entry-level guide to record voice memos on Mac with online and offline tools in this article, and learn how to record internal audio on Mac.

04.17.2023How to Record a Webinar
How to Record a Webinar on PC/Mac/Online with Easy Steps

How to record a webinar on your computer? This page shows 3 ways to record a webinar on Mac, Windows 11/10/8/7 and online for free in step-by-step guides.

04.14.2023Change Time Zone on iPhone
How to Change Time Zone on iPhone and Fix Cannot Changing iOS Time Zone

This tutorial tells you how to change the time zone on iPhone manually or automatically, and you will know what to do when iPhone time zone cannot be changed.

04.14.2023How to Unsync iPhone from iPad
3 Easy Ways to Disconnect iPhone from iPad

Can I unlink my iPhone from my iPad? How do you stop syncing between Apple devices? Learn three ways to disconnect and unsync iPhone from iPad from this post.

04.14.2023iPhone Predictive Text Not Working
5 Helpful Tips to Troubleshoot iPhone Predictive Text Not Working

Why is my iPhone predictive text not working? Why did my predictive text disappear on my iPhone? Learn 5 tips to fix iPhone predictive text not working issue.

04.14.2023How to Search Messages on iPhone
Concrete Guide to Search a Specific Message on Your iPhone or iPad

Need to search for text or messages on your iPhone? We have demonstrated multiple ways to find your desired information on your handset in this guide.

04.14.2023Zoom Audio Not working
What You Can Do When Zoom Audio or Speaker Not Working

This piece of troubleshooting helps you resolve the problem that Zoom audio is not working during online meetings on your desktop and mobile device.

04.14.2023Zoom In Zoom Out on iPhone
How to Zoom In and Zoom Out on iPhone

Why is my iPhone screen zoomed in? How to turn off Zoom on an iPhone? This post tells how to zoom in/out on iPhone and ways to enable/disable the zoom feature.

04.13.2023Wi-Fi Direct on iPhone
How to Use Wi-Fi Direct on Your iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide

You may want to know if you can turn on Wi-Fi Direct on your iPhone. This post will give you all knowledge about this feature on iPhone.

03.31.2023Enable Cookies on iPhone
How to Enable Cookies on iPhone with iOS 16 And Before

How to enable cookies on iPhone with different iOS systems? Find the precise answer in this detailed tutorial and learn to enable cookies on your iPhone.

03.31.2023FLV to MP4
How to Convert Your FLV Files to MP4 Videos without Losing Quality

Here are the top 5 best methods to convert FLV videos to MP4 format on a computer or mobile device without losing video quality.

Format Converter
03.31.2023MP4 to WAV
Top 5 Ways to Convert MP4 to WAV with High Quality

Can Windows Media Player convert MP4 to WAV? How do you change MP4 to WAV file using iTunes? Learn 5 easy ways to turn MP4 into WAV on computers and online.

Format Converter
03.31.2023MPG to MP4
Top 5 Ways to Convert MPG to MP4 Without Losing Quality

Is there a free converter to change MPG to MP4? Can I convert MPEG to MP4 in Windows Media Player? Learn 5 easy ways to turn MPG into MP4 with high quality.

Format Converter
03.31.2023Convert VOB to MP4
4 Best Ways to Convert VOB to MP4 Without Losing Quality

How do you convert VOB to MP4 free in Windows 11? Can VLC Media Player convert VOB to MP4? Get 4 best video converters to turn VOB into MP4 with high quality.

Format Converter
Ultimate Guide on How to Convert MP4 to WMV

Can Windows convert large MP4 to WMV? How do you change MP4 to WMV for free? This post shares 5 effective ways to convert MP4 to WMV without losing quality.

Format Converter
03.29.2023How to Record Roblox
Roblox Game Recorder - How to Record on Roblox and Best Alternative Tools

How to screen record on Roblox and save game videos? Is there any good Roblox screen recorder? Here are 4 best tools to screen record Roblox videos with ease.

03.29.2023How to Record PS3 Gameplay
How to Screen Record PS3 Gameplay with/without Capture Card

How to screen record PS3 with/without a capture card? How to complete the PS3 screen recording on the laptop? All your questions will be solved with this post.

03.27.2023Record iPhone Screen
Quick and Easy Solutions to Record iPhone Screen

How to record screens on iPhone? How to screen record with sound on iPhone? This article lists 6 best methods for you on iPhone screen recording with ease.

03.27.2023How to Record in iMovie
[Tutorial] How to Record Video in iMovie with Easy Steps

How can I record videos in iMovie with ease? Here is the detailed information about how to make video recordings in iMovie and the best alternative methods.

03.27.2023Record Omegle Video Call
How to Record Omegle Video Call in A Breeze

In order to get HD Omegle video call recordings with others, the tutorial introduces effective methods for PC and Phone users for this target in a breeze.

03.24.2023Convert GIF to MP4
Ultimate Guide on How to Convert GIF to MP4

Can I turn animated GIF into MP4 video for free? Can Photoshop convert GIF to MP4 with transparent background? Learn to convert GIF to MP4 with high quality.

Format Converter
03.24.2023MKV to MP4 Converter
7 Best MKV to MP4 Converters of This Year

What is the best MKV to MP4 converter for Mac? How do you turn MKV into MP4 online? This post lists 7 best MKV to MP4 converters for computers and phones.

Format Converter
03.17.2023Set GIF as Wallpaper iPhone
Animated and Unique: How to Set a GIF as Your iPhone Wallpaper

Do you want to set a GIF as wallpaper on your iPhone? This post will show two ways to set the animated images as wallpaper.

03.10.2023Set Video as Wallpaper on iPhone
How to Make a Video as a Live Wallpaper on an iPhone or iPad Properly

To get personalized and attractive wallpaper on your iPhone, you can read our guide and set your favorite video as wallpaper on your handset easily.

03.10.2023Capcut Review
Editing Like a Pro: A Comprehensive Review of CapCut

The review of CapCut is a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of its features. And this post will give you 2 alternatives to CapCut.

Video Editing
03.10.2023MP4 to AVI
How to Convert MP4 Videos to AVI format without Losing Quality

Here we demonstrate four easy approaches to convert multiple MP4 video files to AVI format on a computer, online, or on an Android phone without losing quality.

Format Converter
03.06.2023Record A Voice Over
[Voice Over Recording] How to Record A Voice Over

How to record a voice-over for different uses? What is the best software to record a voice over? This post tells tips for a smooth voice over recording

03.06.2023How to Record a Voice Memo on iPhone
How to Record Voice Memos on Your iPhone Quickly within Your Reach

Looking for the best voice recorders on iPhone? Well, just follow this post and you will get thorough details on voice memos and audio recording on iPhone.

03.06.2023Record Phone Calls on iPhone
Top 5 Solutions to Record Phone Calls on iPhone [Free & Paid]

Want to record a phone call on iPhone or record incoming calls on iPhone without apps? This post shows you phone call recording on iPhone with/without apps.

03.03.2023How to Use iPhone Silent Mode
iPhone Silent Mode – Use Tips to Dig More about the Little Switch

Always distracted by the alert sound on your iPhone? Try the iPhone silent mode and use it to gain peaceful working or studying hours.

03.02.2023How to Know If Someone Blocked You on iPhone
5 Signs to Tell If Someone Blocked You on iPhone

Can I tell if someone blocked my texts? How to check if someone blocked your number on your iPhone? Check signs that someone blocked you on iPhone and iMessage.

03.02.2023Find My Android
What Is Find My Android and How to Use Find My Device on Your Phone

Can Find My Device track my phone if it's switched off? Where to access Find My Android? Get to know more about Find My Android feature in your Google account.

03.02.2023How to Tell if Your iPhone is Hacked
How to Tell If Your iPhone Is Hacked or Accessed by Others Remotely

If you are suspect your iPhone is hacked, you should read our guide carefully and check the signs that tell if your iPhone is hacked on your handset.

02.24.2023Gotomeeting Recording
3 Efficient Ways to Record GoToMeeting

Eager for meeting-recording tools on GoToMeeting? Want to know how to record GoToMeeting? Just follow this article for efficient ways now!

02.24.2023How to Create An Online Course
How to Create an Online Course and Sell It with Ease

Anybody can sell special skills through online courses teaching. Want to know how to make money by creating an online course? Just read easy tips here.

02.24.2023Free Webcam Recorder
Top 7 Free Webcam Recording Tools for Mac/Windows

Seeking for methods to record Webcam Online/Offline freely? Jump to this post that shares you with 7 best free screen and Webcam recorder for Windows and Mac.

02.24.2023Android Device Manager
What Is Android Device Manager and How to Use It for Your Android Device

This article introduces an important feature for every Android user, Google Android Device Manager. So that you can find and locate your phone easily.

02.24.2023Restart iPhone Without Screen
3 Methods to Turn Off and Restart iPhone Without Screen

How do you turn off an iPhone with unresponsive touch screen? How to force reboot iPhone? This post tells 3 tips to restart iPhone without touching screen.

02.24.2023How to Forward A Text on iPhone
How to Forward a Text on iPhone to another Device/Person

How to forward a text on iPhone? Manually select the messages or enable the automatic forwarding feature across your Apple devices.

02.24.2023How to Add Contact Websites to Favorites on iPhone
How to Add Favorites on iPhone for Websites and Contacts

You can reach contacts and sites quickly by adding contacts to Favorites on the iPhone and the sites. Keep reading to see the detailed steps.

02.20.2023Free Screen Recorder No Watermark
9 Best Screen Recorder without Watermark for Windows and Mac

Many people want to record videos without time limit and watermarks. Here are 9 best screen recorders that capture your screen on PC and Mac.

02.17.2023Turn Off Live Photos on iPhone
Tutorial of Turning Off Live Photos on iPhone

If you want to turn off Live Photos on your iPhone to free up more storage space, you can learn 3 easy methods with specific steps from this post.

02.17.2023Find Apple Watch from iPhone
Tutorial on How to Find Apple Watch from iPhone

With the Find My feature on your iPhone and Apple Watch, you can quickly find the Apple Watch from your iPhone and retrieve the misplaced watch.

02.17.2023Trim a Video on Android
How to Trim a Video on Android Devices Without Losing Quality

Looking for the best way to trim a video on your Android phone? You are lucky since we share a concrete guide.

Video Editing
02.17.2023Do not Disturb on iPhone
How to Set up and Turn on/off the Do Not Disturb Feature on Your iPhone

Before using the Do Not Disturb feature on your iPhone, you should read our guide carefully and understand it clearly.

02.03.2023Alternatives to Fraps
Top 7 Alternatives to Fraps to Help You Record Screen Online and Offline

Are you still looking for free alternative to Fraps? Just come here and get various choices of Fraps alternative software. You will not regret for your time.

02.03.2023Best Free Game Recording Software
6 Best Game Recording Software to Record Gameplay Without Quality Loss

If you love to record gameplay to share it on YouTube or other sites, read this article to pick up the best free game recording software as per your demand.

02.02.2023Record Desktop Sound
Best Desktop Audio Recorder Tools for Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac

For high quality audio recording you need to find a nice tool. This post shares top 6 ways to record and save high-quality sound/audio on your desktop.

02.02.2023Mac Virus Scan
8 Best Free and Paid Virus Scanning Applications for Mac Users

If you're concerned about viruses, malware, and the other nastiness on a Mac desktop or laptop, here are top 8 best virus scanning applications for Mac for you.

Mac Cleanup
02.02.2023Dxtory Usage and Alternative
Top 5 Dxtory Alternative to Record Streaming Gameplay

If you are tired of the Dxtory not working issue, you can try a new gameplay recorder. This article lists 5 best Dxtory alternatives for you to choose.

02.02.2023iRec App
How to Record Screen with iRec App

Have you ever wondered how to use iRec App to record a screen video? Do not worry, this post will show you how to record screen with iRec App.

02.02.2023SD Card Repair
How to Repair Damaged/Corrupted SD Card without Formatting

If you can't access Android files due to a damaged/corrupted SD card, you can read this article and follow this detailed SD card repair guide with no data loss.

02.02.2023Free Screen Recorder Windows
Top 10 Free Screen Recorders for Windows 10/8/7 (Pros & Cons)

These are top free screen recording software for Windows users. You can use any free screen recorder to record all video and audio activities on your computer.

02.02.2023Add Text to Video
How to Add Text to Video in iMovie (Title/Subtitle/Caption/Lyric…)

This is the tutorial to add text to video in iMovie, especially for subtitles and captions. Go and get an easy way to add SRT subtitle files to your video here.

Video Editing
02.02.2023Record Best Animes in 2023
Top 10 Anime and Anime Sites in 2023

Want to record animes? Just read this article to learn top 10 animes and anime sites in 2023, as well as how to record anime with the best screen recorder.

02.02.2023Burn CD to iTunes
2 Ways to Burn iTunes Music to a CD

Burn music to CD using iTunes is really not all that hard following our guide, if what you're looking for is a solution to burning your iTunes music to a CD.

02.02.2023How to Crop a Video on iPhone
How to Crop a Video on Your iPhone with the Best Video Quality

How to crop a video on iPhone, or even the get output videos with the best quality? This article just shares two simple approaches to get the desired files.

Video Editing
02.02.2023Crop a Video in iMovie
How to Crop a Video in iMovie on Mac/iOS with or without Aspect Ratio

Read and get the complete tutorial to crop a video in iMovie. Besides, you can get iMovie alternative here to crop your video on both Windows and Mac computer.

Video Editing
02.02.2023Skitch for Windows Alternatives
Top 3 Skitch for Windows Alternatives You Should Know

Skitch is unavailable for Windows. What can be the alternative to capture screenshot, edit/share images on a Windows computer? Read this post and you will know.

02.02.2023HEIF vs JPEG
Everything You Need to Know about HEIF and JPEG

If you want to know the differences between HEIF and JPEG and how to convert HEIF to JPEG. This article will tell you everything about that.

02.02.2023Free Slideshow Makers
8 Best Free Slideshow Makers Worth to Use on Desktop and Online

Here are top 8 free slideshow makers that can help you take your photos from still to animated, so you can watch them on large screen or share to social media.

Video Editing
01.17.2023Best Screen Recorders 2021
4 Best Screen Recorders for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android

If you want to get a conclusion of screen recorders for different platforms, you can read this article and know more information about these screen recorders.

01.17.2023Make Google Photos Slideshow
How to Make a Slideshow with Music Using Google Photos

This article will show you how to easily make a Google Photos slideshow on computer/iPhone/Android, so you can view and share your photo collections quickly.

Video Editing
01.17.2023Music Recorder
15 Best Music Recorders for You to Record Live Music on Computer and Mobile

True music enthusiasts know that a good music recorder is necessary. That is what you can get from this article, top 15 music recorders are prepared.

01.17.2023Adobe slideshow
How to Make a Slideshow Online with Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark)

To make a slideshow with music/pictures for free, you can use Adobe Spark (now Adobe Creative Cloud Express) and get 3 Adobe slideshow maker alternatives here.

Video Editing
01.17.20232018 Best 4k Recorders
Top 5 4K Recorders to Capture Videos in High Quality

Are you looking for a perfect 4K video recorder to capture videos in high quality? This post lists the best 4K recorder hardware and software for your desktop.

01.17.2023iMazing HEIC Converter
Latest iMazing HEIC Converter Review and 6 Best Alternatives

If you want to get the complete iMazing HEIC Converter review, you just come to the right place. Here're 5 excellent HEIC converter alternatives you can get.

Format Converter
01.17.2023MP4 to GIF
Top 3 Ways to Convert MP4 to GIF [Solved]

Want to convert MP4 to GIF but don't know how? This article shares 3 simple and effective ways to convert MP4 to GIF on your Windows PC and Mac.

Format Converter
01.17.2023iMessage for Windows
3 Effective Ways to Use iMessage on Windows 10/8/7 PC

Want to use iMessage app on Windows PC? Don't know how to rely on Chrome Remote Desktop or iPadian to get iMessages for Windows? This post will show you how.

Screen Mirroring
01.17.2023Edit Videos for Instagram
3 Best Instagram Video Editors to Edit Videos for Instagram

How do you edit videos for Instagram? This post shows 3 best Instagram video editors to help you edit videos like trim/crop/rotate for uploading to Instagram.

Video Editing
01.17.2023Game Recorder
Top 10 Free Game Recorders to Capture HD Gameplay in 2023

What is the best high-quality game recorder? Here are 10 best game recording software for pro gamers with HD quality.

01.17.2023How to Record Skype Calls
How to Record Skype Calls on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android

This article explains how to record Skype calls on PC, Mac, iPhone and Android, especially for beginners. You can also read and choose your Skype recorder here.

01.17.2023Vlog Editor
Best Vlog Editors for Beginners and Professionals

In this article we will recommend the best vlog editing software for vloggers, including free or paid vlog editors in desktop and iOS/Android version.

Video Editing
01.10.2023Upload iMovie to YouTube
[Updated Guide] How to Upload iMovie to YouTube from iPhone and Mac

How can I make my iMovie clips upload to YouTube? Here is the full guide to show you upload iMovie to YouTube from iPhone and Mac easily.

01.10.2023Samsung File Transfer Tool
Ultimate Comparison between Samsung Data Transfer Programs

Looking for the best Samsung file transfer tool? You can learn Kies for Samsung and how to use it transfer files from Samsung to computer in this post.

01.10.2023Find Archived Emails in Gmail
How to Find Archived Emails in Gmail On Android/Desktop

Through this article, you can learn where to find archived emails in Gmail on Android/iPhone/iPad/computer. Moreover, you can retrieve archived mails here too.

01.10.2023Delete Twitter Account
How to Delete Twitter Account Permanently

Wanna know how to delete Twitter account permanently on mobile or web browser? Just read and find the step-by-step solution right now.

01.10.2023Screenshot Lenovo
Fast Ways to Screenshot Lenovo Laptop in Windows 7/8/10/11

Read and get the simplest way to screenshot Lenovo laptop in high resolution. Also, you can get a powerful Lenovo screen capture tool to draw on the screenshot.

01.10.2023TinyTake Review
Updated TinyTake Review (Pros, Cons, Pricing and Best Replacement)

Here is the updated review of TinyTake, the desktop screen capture software. You can learn about the pricing, features, pros, cons and its best alternative.

01.10.2023ScreenFlow vs Camtasia
ScreenFlow vs Camtasia: Which Is Better?

Don't know whether ScreenFlow or Camtasia is better and more professional in recording, creating and editing video. Read this article to find which is better.

01.10.2023Movavi Screen Recorder Review
Movavi Screen Capture Reviews and Its Best Alternative

Movavi Screen Capture is a lightweight screen recorder for PC and Mac. Free download Movavi Screen Recorder and check its reviews and best alternative.

01.10.2023Screencastify Review
Ultimate Screencastify Review and Its Best Alternative

What is Screencastify? What are its features and shortages? What is the best alternative to Screencastify? Find all the answers in this article.

01.10.2023Record Zoom Meeting
How to Record Zoom Meeting without/with Permission on Desktop/iPhone/Android

If you are looking for a tool to record Zoom meeting on computer/iPhone/Android without the host's permission, check the detailed guide in this post.

01.09.2023Chrome Video Audio Recorder
5 Best Chrome Screen Recorders to Capture Videos and Audio

Get to know the best 5 screen recorder extensions for Chrome. Choose the most proper screen recorder software to capture screen via Chrome directly.

01.09.2023Camtasia Alternatives
[Top 5] Best Camtasia Alternatives for Windows PC and Mac

When Camtasia is not working, find the best 5 Camtasia similar alternatives to capture video and audio on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac computer without hassle.

01.09.2023Best Android Screen Recorder
Top 15 Android Screen Recorder You Should Try in 2023

In order to record Android screen in high quality, you can read this article and get the 17 best Android Screen Recorder from the article now.

01.09.2023Best Android Voice Recorder
Top 11 Android Voice Recorder to Capture Sound in High Quality

Want to download Android voice recorder on your device? Do you know how to choose the Android voice recorder? If not, just learn the information from this post.

01.09.2023Best MP3 Voice Recorders
8 Best Voice Recorders for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

Want to know the best MP3 recorder of different platforms? We list 8 best sound recorders to record voice for different devices in the article.

01.09.2023Snagit Alternatives
Top 10 Snagit Alternatives to Record Screen of Computer

What are the best alternative for Snagit? Here are the top 10 Snagit alternatives for Windows and Mac you should know.

01.09.2023Bandicam Screen Recorder
What Is Bandicam Screen Recorder and How to Use It on Windows

Bandicam is able to record gameplay, your screen and online videos. Before opening your wallet, read our unbiased review carefully and make the best decision.

01.09.2023Mac File Manager
Use Finder and Mac File Manager to Organize Your Mac Files

Does Mac have a file manager like Windows Explorer? What is the file manager in macOS called? Learn how to use Mac file manager to manage various data on Mac.

Mac Cleanup
01.09.2023Make an Image High Resolution in Photoshop
How to Increase the Resolution of an Image in Photoshop

Want to make an image high resolution in Adobe Photoshop but don't know how? This post gives a detailed guide to increase resolution of images using Photoshop.

01.09.2023Best Image Resolution Enhancer
Increase Photo Clarity with the 5 Best Image Resolution Enhancers

Looking for the fastest way to make images clearer? Use the online enhancers and here are the 5 best resolution enhancers with main features.

01.09.2023How to Fix a Blurry Picture
Learn 3 Effective Methods to Fix Blurry Pictures

How to make an image not blurry? How to fix blurry pictures on Android device? Learn 3 useful ways to fix low-resolution photos and make pictures less blurry.

01.09.2023Remove Boot Camp from Mac
How to Remove Boot Camp and Windows from Mac

How to delete Windows from Mac Boot Camp? How can I uninstall Windows 11/10 on my Mac? This post tells how to remove Bootcamp partition from a Mac step by step.

Mac Cleanup
01.09.2023Duplicate Photo Finder
Review of 3 Best Duplicate Photo Finders for Mac

Does Mac have a duplicate photo finder app? What is the best way to find duplicate photos on a Mac? Get 3 duplicate photo finders to clean up your Mac photos.

Mac Cleanup
01.09.2023Convert MP4 to MKV
Top 3 Ways to Convert MP4 to MKV on Windows/Mac/Free Online

Want to convert MP4 to MKV? This post shares 3 simple ways to help you make the video conversion from MP4 to MKV on Mac, Windows PC and free online.

Format Converter
01.09.2023Convert video to MP4
Top 5 Ways to Convert Video to MP4 [Solved]

Here we'd like to present 5 easy ways to help you quickly convert any video file to MP4 format on Windows, Mac, iPhone, as well as web.

Format Converter
01.09.2023iPhone goes straight to voicemail
[Solved] How to Fix iPhone Goes Straight to Voicemail without Ringing

This is the updated solution when your iPhone goes straight to voicemail without ringing. Get to know the reasons and ways of fixing this problem here.

01.09.2023Top Pokemon Games and How to Record
[How to Record] Top 10 Pokemon Games of 2023

If you are interested in Pokemon games but have no idea which one you should play first, you can get 10 Pokemon games and a simple way to record them here.

01.09.2023Free Camstudio Alternatives
Top 10 CamStudio Alternatives for Windows and Mac in 2023

Here are updated top 10 free CamStudio alternative software in 2023. Thus, you can record games and videos on Windows and Mac PC easily.

01.09.2023Voice Recorder for Mac
10 Best Voice Recorder Apps Available to Mac OS X/11 in 2023

Here are the 10 best voice recording applications for MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, etc. to help you record audio from apps and microphone.

01.09.2023Camtasia Screen Recorder
2023 Camtasia Screen Recorder Review: What Is Camtasia & How to Use It

We test TechSmith Camtasia to see how well it performs as a screen recorder and video editor. Read the review and make a decision to purchase the program.

01.09.2023Quicktime Recorder
Tutorial of QuickTime Screen Recording with Audio in 2023

This article explains detailed steps of QuickTime screen recording with audio. Thus, you can free record screen video on Mac, iPhone, iPad by using QuickTime.

01.09.2023Best Lecture Recorder
Best Voice Recorder 2023 for Lectures

Here, you can get the best digital recorders for lectures, as well as several useful lecture-recording apps. You can pick either one according to your need.

01.09.2023Skype Video Recorder
10 Best Ways to Record a Skype Meeting, Video or Audio Call in 2023

This article will provide you the best information about Skype video or audio call recording tools that are still working on Mac OS X/11 and Window 11/10/8/7.

01.09.2023Video Editors for Windows
10 Best Video Editors like iMovie for Windows in 2023

We list top 10 best iMovie equivalent applications for your Windows 10/8/7 with incredible effects, basic video editing features and bonus functionalities.

Video Editing
01.09.2023Dxtory VS Fraps VS Obs
[Updated in 2023] Dxtory VS Fraps VS OBS

Can't decide which screen recorder to use? Read this article to get the detailed comparisons of Dxtory VS Fraps VS OBS? You will not regret for your time.

01.09.2023Video compressor
7 Best Video Compressor Reviews in 2023 to Reduce Video Size Free

How to compress a MP4 video with the original quality for free? This post shows the best video compressors and free online video size reducer tools for you.

Video Editing
01.09.2023How to Share Sscreen on Skype
Smart Ways to Share Screen on Skype for Business/Meeting in 2023

Read and get complete steps of how to record screen on Skype with others easily. What's more, you can bypass Skype screen sharing not working problem here, too.

01.09.2023Facebook Notifications Not Working
Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working on iPhone and Android in 2023

Read this article with step-by-step guide of how to fix Facebook notifications not working. Both iPhone and Android users can get related solutions here.

12.30.2022How to Cut AVI Video File
2 Easy Ways to Cut AVI Videos on Different Devices

How do you cut an AVI video online? Can VLC trim AVI files? Where to get the AVI video cutter and joiner free download? Learn 2 easy methods to cut AVI videos.

Video Editing
12.30.2022MP4 Cutter Reviews
Review of 7 Best Video Cutter Apps for Computers and Phones

Is there any free online MP4 cutter? Where to get MP4 video cutter software free download? This post gives a review of 7 MP4 trimmers for different devices.

Video Editing
12.30.2022Split Video into Parts
3 Different Ways to Split a Video into Several Parts

Can you split a video into parts? How do you trim an MP4 video into parts? Get 3 different ways to split a video into parts on computers and mobile phones.

Video Editing
12.16.2022Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone
Tutorial on Transferring Data from iPhone to iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/8/7

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone? Here are the best solutions on transferring everything from iPhone to iPhone and you can get their guides.

12.16.2022Fix iCloud Lock
How to Fix iCloud Lock Permanently (iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8 Supported)

This article shows you 6 ways to fix iCloud lock error. Thus, you can bypass or remove the iCloud activation lock on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch quickly.

12.16.2022Touch ID Failed
How to Fix Touch ID Failed Error on iPhone & iPad after iOS Update

Read this article to get 5 common Touch ID failed solutions, and you can get an iPhone system recovery program to fix Touch ID not working safely and easily.

12.12.2022Record Music on iPhone
How to Record Any Music on iPhone (iOS 16/15/14/13 Supported)

Have no idea about how to record music on iPhone? Don't worry. We introduce 3 methods for you to record music yourself singing and currently playing on iPhone.

12.12.2022Ipad Screen Recorder
How to Record Your iPad Screen in iOS 16/15/14/13

When I upgrade iPad to iOS 14/13, what should be the best methods to record iPad screen activities? Here are the best iPad screen recorders you should know.

12.12.2022Delete Update on iPhone
How to Delete iOS Update on iPhone and iPad

If you cannot delete iOS update, you should not miss this article. It shows how to delete iOS update and software update on iPhone and iPad in easy ways.

11.19.2022Rotate a Video on iPhone
4 Easy Methods to Rotate a Video on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/X

How to rotate a video on iPhone if you have already recorded a video in the wrong orientation? The post shows you a guide on rotating videos with 2 easy ways.

Video Editing
11.19.2022Cut a Video on iPhone
How to Cut a Video on iPhone – Here are 3 Easy Methods for You

When you need to remove some unwanted video clips, you can learn more about the 3 frequently used methods to trim and cut a video on iPhone easily in the post.

Video Editing
11.19.2022How to Delete Bookmarks on Mac
How to Mirror/Flip a Video on iPhone – Here are 2 Simple Methods for You

Want to get the right orientation of your video clips or make a fun with your works? Learn how to flip and mirror the video on iPhone here.

Video Editing
10.21.2022Filmora Scrn
Updated Review of Filmora Scrn and Its Best Alternative

Is Filmora Scrn worthy of downloading to record screen? What is the price? How to use it? Check the updated review to make a smart decision.

10.21.2022Flashback Express Review
Reviews of FlashBack Express and Best Alternative

FlashBack Express is a free screen recorder that captures computer screen. Here, free download FlashBack Express and check its reviews and best alternative.

09.23.2022Enlarge JPG JPEG Images
How to Enlarge JPG/JPEG Images for Free [Windows/Mac/Online]

Follow the step-by-step guide here to learn how to enlarge JPG or JPEG images for free on the computer with the 4 best methods.

09.23.2022Make an Image Bigger
4 Feasible Ways to Make an Image Bigger and Reserve Quality

If your picture is too small to print, why not make it bigger? Here are the 4 workable methods to help you enlarge image without losing quality.

09.01.2022How to Enhance Zoomed Photos
How to Enhance Zoomed in Photos for Better Clarity

If you are troubled with blurry pictures after zooming in, here are the best methods you should see to enhance zoomed photos.

08.24.2022Increase Photo Resolution Free Online
Top 3 Image Upscalers to Increase Photo Resolution Online and Free

Can photo resolution be increased? How to enlarge images without losing quality online? You can get 3 image upscalers to free increase photo resolution online.

08.18.2022Best Webcam Recorder
8 Best Webcam Recording Software

Do not know how to select a suitable webcam recorder? We have listed 8 best webcam recorders online and offline to capture the high-quality video from webcam.

08.18.2022Minecraft for Mac
Learn to Download and Play Minecraft on a Mac

Minecraft won't open on Mac? Can I play Minecraft on Mac? How to download Minecraft to Mac? Learn about Minecraft for Mac, download, install, and uninstall it.

08.18.2022Download Ringtones for Android Device
How to Download Free Ringtones for Android Smartphone and Tablet

This guide provides the best apps to download free ringtones for Android phones and tablets. Please read and follow the guide carefully.

08.18.2022Desktop Screen Recorder
Top 10 Desktop Screen Recorders for Windows 11/10 PC and Mac

How do I record my desktop screen? Is there a free online screen recorder for Windows 10? Get 10 desktop screen recorder recommendations for Mac and Windows.

07.22.2022Best Google Voice Recorders
8 Best Google Voice Recording Applications on Mobile Devices and Computers

How can you record Google Voice calls? Here are the top 8 best Google Voice recorders for you to do it on iPhones, Android phones, PCs, and online.

07.15.2022Best Free Screen Recorder Reddit
What is the Best Free Screen Recording Software in Reddit Forum

This article sums up highly-recommended Reddit screen recorders. If you are looking for a free screen recording software in Reddit, just read and pick one here.

Best Method to AirPlay Videos from iOS devices to Smart TV

Don't know how to use Airplay to mirror your iPhone screen? Here we will show you how to use Airplay, as well as record iOS screen.

05.13.2022Screenshot Alcatel
[8 Ways] How to Screenshot on Alcatel One Touch

Read and get steps to screenshot on Alcatel One Touch. Moreover, you can get other 7 screen capture apps to screenshot Alcatel with powerful editing features.

04.22.2022Reset Macbook Pro
Tutorial of Factory Reset MacBook Pro with and without Touch Bar

There are a number of reasons that you may want to reset your MacBook Pro to its factory settings. Here is our tutorial to help you factory reset MacBook Pro.

04.22.2022Webex Recorder
Definitely You Can Record WebEx Meeting as A Participant

You can learn how to record WebEx meeting locally step by step. What's more, this article also shows best WebEx recorder software for Windows and Mac users.

04.22.2022Play and Record iOS Games on Computer
How to Play and Record iOS Games on Computer

Do you want to play iOS games on bigger screen, such as play iOS games on Mac? In this post, we will teach you how to mirror and record iOS games on computer.

04.07.2022Disk Full Mac
2 Kinds of Ways to Clear Mac Space When Disk Space Full

Why does Mac keep saying disk space is full? How to delete files when Mac disk is almost full? Learn 2 ways to free up storage space when disk is full on Mac.

Mac Cleanup
04.07.2022How to Free Up Space on Mac
5 Effective Tips to Clear Disk Space on Your Mac

Disk is full on your Mac? How to check and clear disk space on my Mac? How do you get more disk space on MacBook? Learn 5 easy ways to free up space on a Mac.

Mac Cleanup
03.22.2022How to Delete Reading List on Mac
Top 3 Ways to Delete Reading List on Your Mac

How to remove Reading List from Chrome on my Mac? How can I delete Reading List on Safari? Here you can learn 3 easy ways to delete Reading List on your Mac.

Mac Cleanup
01.13.2022How to Open HEIC File
Easy-Guide You Should Know to Free Open HEIC Files on Windows/Mac/Android

Fail to open HEIC files on Windows 10/7? Get the free HEIC viewer or converter to HEIC to JPEG/PNG for direct opening on Windows 10/8/7, Mac and Android.

Format Converter
12.09.2021Sync iPhone Messages to Mac
How to Sync iPhone Messages to Mac

How to sync iPhone messages to Mac? Here are 3 easy and quick ways to sync text messages and iMessages from iPhone to MacBook Air/pro, etc.

12.09.2021Transfer Photos from Samsung to Samsung
How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Samsung in 3 Easy Ways

Get a new Samsung Note 10 or S10? Here are 4 solutions about how to transfer photos, and other data from Samsung to Samsung phone or tablet.

12.09.2021Vlog Meaning
What Is a Vlog? How to Start a First Vlog? Check Your Answers Here

If you have no idea what is a vlog, you can take a look at this article. Here are useful tips and tricks for making your first vlog.

Video Editing
12.09.2021Vlog with GoPro
How to Vlog with A GoPro?

Want to start making vlogs? GoPro can be a good choice as a popular brand for action cameras. Learn how to vlog with a GoPro with all the instructions here.

12.09.2021Yahoo Account Recovery
Step-by-step Guides of Yahoo Account Recovery

If you have forgotten your Yahoo! Mail password, follow these steps to retrieve your forgotten Yahoo! Mail password and get Yahoo account recovery easily

12.09.2021Windows Wont Start
How to Fix Windows Won't Start

If you find the Windows won't start on your PC, you can read this post and learn the detailed steps to help you fix this issue.

12.02.2021Rundll Error
6 Easy Ways to Fix Rundll Error on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

If you have the message saying there was a problem starting, you can read this article and get the detail information to fix rundll error easily and safely.

12.02.2021Safe Alternative to Screencast O Matic
What Are The Safe Alternative Ways to Screencast O Matic

If you are worried about the safety of Screencast-O-Matic, you can read this passage and learn from the 5 best and safest alternatives from the article.

12.02.2021Screen Record on iOS 11
How to Screen Record on iOS 11/12/13/14 with 9 Best Methods

Don't know how to screen record on iOS 11? Don't worry. You can follow this article to record your screen with iOS device running on iOS 11.

12.02.2021Screen Recorder No Root
7 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android (No Root Access Requirement)

Screen recording on Android is simple if you have some good screen recorder apps. Here list top 7 best screen recorder apps for Android no root.

12.02.2021Screenshot and Record Diablo 3
Easiest Way to Record Diablo 3 Gameplay on Windows/Mac

Get complete tutorial of how to record Diablo 3 gameplay video here. Also, you can learn how to screenshot Diablo 3 during or after the recording.

12.02.2021Windows 7 Recovery USB
How to Build A Windows 7 Recovery USB

Apart from repairing your computer with a system recovery CD, you can also choose to create Windows 7 recovery USB.

12.02.2021Windows 7 Password Reset
Tutorial of Windows 7 Password Reset (with or without Disk Reset)

Forgot your Windows 7 login password? You can perform Windows 7 password reset with or without resetting disc following the guide in this post.

12.02.2021What is IMEI Number
What is IMEI Number

IMEI number is important to a mobile phone, but do you know clearly about IMEI number? Here we will tell you what is an IMEI.

12.02.2021Use iMessage on Windows
Tutorial of Using iMessage on Computer Running Mac and Windows

How to use iMessage on computer? Here are guides of connecting iMessage on Mac computers and Windows PCs simply and correctly.

12.02.2021Turn on Instagram Notifications
Tutorial of Turning on Instagram Notifications on iPhone and Android

Not receiving Instagram notifications on mobile phone? Here is how to turn on Instagram notifications and troubleshooting solutions for iPhone and Android.

12.02.2021Taskbar Disappeared
How to Fix Taskbar Disappeared on Windows 10/8/7

You can get 3 ways to fix taskbar disappeared Windows 10 error quickly. This article lists every step in detail, so it is quite easy to get the taskbar back.

09.18.2021Reset iCloud
Reset iCloud via Email/Security Questions/Two-step Verification

What should you do if you've forgotten the password for your iCloud account? If you have trouble signing into iCloud, just reset iCloud accordingly.

09.18.2021Reset Apple ID or Password
5 Effective Methods to Reset Apple ID or Password

What should you do if you've forgotten your Apple ID or password? Our tutorial shows you multiple methods to reset Apple ID and password

09.18.2021Remove a Photo Background
How to Remove a Photo Background in PowerPoint

Want to remove background from image PowerPoint? Just follow this article to learn how to remove Photo background in PowerPoint easily.

09.18.2021Recover Windows 8 Password
Tutorial to Recover Windows 8 Password

You can reset Windows 8 password with password hint and Microsoft account when forgot it. Here are step-by-step guides to get Windows 8 password recovery.

09.18.2021Recovery mode Mac
How to Enter and Use Recovery Mode on Mac

Recovery Mode on Mac is a build-in mode designed for recovering the Mac and repair disk problem. Here you will learn how to enter and use Recovery Mode on Mac.

09.18.2021Record Video Conference
Ultimate Solution about How to Record Video Conference

If you are looking for methods to record video conference in high quality, read the article to get the detailed process for 3 different methods now.

09.18.2021Record Android Phone Call
How to Record A Phone Call on Android

This post is focusing on 4 different ways to help you record a phone call on Android device. Keep on reading if you are interested in this topic

09.18.2021Reboot My Laptop
Tutorial to Reboot My Laptop Running Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista

Here's how to properly reboot my laptop running Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. Restarting the wrong way can corrupt files and cause damage to your PC.

09.18.2021Open Asd File
Guide to Open ASD File on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP

This tutorial shows you how to easily recover or open a .asd file to recover your lost Word document when encountering a forced quit or a sudden interruption.

09.11.2021How to Record League of Legends
Easiest Way to Record League of Legends

Still looking for a good League of Legends recorder? You can get the best way to record League of Legends game video effortlessly here.

08.30.2021iPhone Screen Mirroring
Best Ways for iPhone Screen Mirroring on Smart TV

Don't know how to mirror your iPhone screen on your computer or smart TV? Follow this article and get these ways of iPhone screen mirroring.

Screen Mirroring
07.30.2021iPhone IMEI
Tips and Tricks of iPhone IMEI

What is the iPhone IMEI and what are the functions of iPhone IMEI? This article will offer some detailed information about iPhone IMEI.

07.30.2021Home Button Replacement
[Tutorial] iPhone 5S Home Button Replacement

If you need to fix a broken Home button, then you can read this article and get detail information about iPhone 5S Home button replacement.

07.30.2021Intel Quick Sync Video Tech
Guide: Intel® Quick Sync Video Tech

Apeaksoft products are able to bring users super high converting speed with Intel Quick Sync Video tech.

07.30.2021Flash Drive not Recognized
Tutorial to Fix Flash Drive not Recognized on Windows and Mac OS

When you find your USB flash drive is not recognized by your computer, follow the guide in this article to fix this problem on Windows and Mac OS.

07.30.2021Video Enhancer
Video Enhancer – Video Quality Improver on Windows and Mac

Learn more info about this video enhancer software to enhance your video quality (reduce video shaky, remove video noise, rotate, etc.) on Windows and Mac.

07.30.2021Windows Password Recovery
Top Solutions of Windows Password Recovery

Here we'll show you the best ways to reset/recover Windows password easily and effectively, so that you could use Windows computer gain freely.

07.29.2021Differences between Text and iMessage
Differences between Text and iMessage and How to Use Them on iPhone

What are the differences between text and iMessage? Here is all knowledge you should know about sending and receiving text messages and iMessages on iPhone.

07.29.2021DFU Restore
How to Restore iPhone in DFU Mode

If you are confused about how to restore your iPhone, just read this article and put your phone in DFU mode to restore.

07.29.2021Ati Technology
6X Faster Speed with NVIDIA® CUDA™ Technology

With NVIDIA® CUDA™ Technology, Apeaksoft Studio can improve the video encoding & decoding performance tremendously.

07.29.2021Control iPhone from Computer
How to Control iPhone from Computer

If you want to control your iPhone from computer without jailbreak, this post will show you several great apps and tell you how to use them.

07.29.2021Connect Android to Mac
Tutorial to Connect Android to Mac via Android File Transfer

Looking for how to connect an Android phone to a Mac computer? Here are how to connect Android to Mac via Android File Transfer, Google Drive and SD card.

07.23.2021How to Record Google Hangouts
Ultimate Guide to Record Google Hangouts Video and Audio

How to record Google Hangouts? Read this article to find the best Google Hangouts video and audio recorder.

07.23.2021iMac Screen Goes Black
4 Methods to Fix iMac Screen Goes Black

My iMac screen goes black, what should I do? Don't worry. Just follow this article and fix your iMac black screen to normal.

07.21.2021Restore Deleted Contacts from Gmail
How to Restore Deleted Contacts from Gmail

Get step-by-step guide to restore contacts from Gmail. You can try another Gmail contacts restore app to get deleted contacts back to Android selectively.

07.21.2021Forgot iCloud Password
Best Recovery Methods When I Forgot iCloud Password

This guide will teach you what to do when you forgot iCloud password on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Follow the guides to reset iCloud password easily.

07.21.2021Find IMEI Number
7 Methods to Find IMEI Number

Are you confused about how to find IMEI number? Here we recommend some useful ways to get the IMEI information with ease.

07.21.2021Fitbit Wont Sync
Best Methods to Fix Fitbit Won't Sync

My Fitbit won't sync, what should I do? Don't worry. Just follow this article and get these methods to fix Fitbit won't sync.

07.21.2021Facebook Messenger Not Working
5 Easy Ways to Fix Facebook Messenger Not Working

Facebook Messenger app has stopped working? Read this article to learn how to fix Facebook messenger not working on iPhone/iPad/Android easily and quickly.

07.21.2021Error 503
Easy Ways to Fix HTTP Error 503 Service Unavailable

Feel confused about error 503? If you have no idea what HTTP error 503 service unavailable is and how to fix it, just read this article to find your result.

07.21.2021Error 400
8 Easy Ways to Fix HTTP Error 400 Bad Request

This is a complete guide on how to fix HTTP error 400 bad request. You can read and get the latest solutions to solve 400 bad request with ease.

07.21.2021Cerber Decryptor
Ultimate Solutions to Unlock Encrypt Excel File without Password on Windows PCs

How to open password protected Excel file without password? Learn how to unencrypt an Excel file when having no password or password forgotten.

06.21.2021Check iCloud Lock
How to Check iCloud Lock

If you want to check iCloud lock and determine whether iOS device is stolen or not, you can never miss this article with detailed guidance.

06.21.2021Record Audio on iPhone
How to Record Audio on iPhone

This article provides 5 best methods for you to help you record audio on iPhone. Just read and follow these professional ways.

06.10.2021Ati Technology
AMD OpenCL™ Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP)

With the help of AMD OpenCL™ Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP), the video converting speed will increase amazingly.

06.10.2021AMD Quick Stream Error
How to Fix AMD Quick Stream Error after Upgrading

This is your complete guide of what AMD quick stream technology is and how to fix AMD quick stream error. So you can get the detail information here.

06.10.2021AMD Graphics Driver
How to Download and Install AMD Graphics Driver

Read this post and learn how to download and install AMD Graphics Driver. Here is the detailed guide for you to correctly install the AMD Graphic Driver.

All Things You Should Learn about 3D

This article explains all things about 3D, including 3D, 3D movies, 3D TV, 3D glasses, etc. You will get the detailed information. Please read it carefully.

05.28.2021Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak
How to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreak

Many iPhone users ask how to record iPhone screen without jailbreak, fortunately, in this article, we list methods for you to refer.

05.28.2021Windows Password Key
Your Complete Windows Password Key Review

Forgot Windows Password? Want to recover and reset Windows password? You can get detailed steps from this Windows Password Key review.

05.28.2021Delete Game Center on iPhone
How to Delete Game Center on iPhone

Are you looking for a way to disable a game on iPhone? Read this post to learn how to delete a game from Game Center on your iPhone efficiently and easily.

05.21.2021YouTube 500 Internal Server Error
Tutorial to Fix YouTube 500 Internal Server Error Simply and Quickly

The YouTube 500 Internal Server Error is a generic error suggesting a problem with the website's server. Here is how to fix it in details.

05.21.2021iPhone Email Problems
iPhone Email Problems after Update and Other Issues

If your email app does not work on iPhone or you have other iPhone email problems, you can follow steps below to fix the non-working email app with ease.

05.21.2021Remove Widget
How to Remove Widget from Home Screen (iPhone and Android)

Can't remove widgets on Android? Read and learn how to remove widget from home screen on iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S, and other Android devices.

05.21.2021Delete icon
Tutorial to Delete Icons on Android Devices from Samsung, HTC and More

How to remove icons on Android's home screen? This tutorial tells you how to remove home screen shortcuts to apps from your Android phone.

05.14.2021Delete Most Visited Sites
How to Delete Frequently Visited Sites on Safari

Read and learn how to delete frequently visited sites in Safari. After that, nobody can view your browsing history without your permission directly.

05.14.2021Apple ID Server Down
Best 7 Solutions to Fix Apple ID Server Down

This article shows you how to check and fix Apple ID server down errors. Thus, when you get an error connecting to the Apple ID server, just take steps below.

05.14.2021This Accessory May Not Be Supported
Tutorial to Fix This Accessory May Not Be Supported on iPhone iPad

This accessory may not be supported? Quickly fix it if you encounter this charging error on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X,etc. iPad Pro/mini/Air, and iPod Touch.

05.14.2021Windows keeps restarting
Tutorial to Solve the Problem Windows Keeps Restarting Effectively

Windows continuously reboots after system update? Don't worry! This article will guide you to fix the problem that Windows keeps restarting.

How to Record iPhone/iPad/iPod with X-Mirage

Do you want to know more about X-Mirage? Just read this article and know X-Mirage and its alternatives better, as well as get the way to use X-Mirage.

05.14.2021Operating System not Found
Tutorial to Fix the Problem Operating System not Found on Windows

How to fix operating system not found error you are receiving on your Windows computer? Here is all knowledge you should know in this article.

05.14.2021Google Account Recovery
Tutorial of Google Account Recovery

Forgot the password for your Google account? Read the guide to recover Google account with email, phone number, security question or browsers' password manager.

05.14.2021Fix Sound on Computer
How to Fix Sound on Computer Easily and Quickly

This article helps you figure out sound not working problem clearly. Thus, you can get 7 different methods to fix no sound on computer of Windows 7/8/10/XP.

04.27.2021Mac Frozen
How to Fix My Mac Frozen

Have you ever met such a situation that your Mac gets frozen but don't know how to fix it? This page will show you a detailed instruction to solve this problem.

04.27.2021Apple ID Verification Failed
6 Easy Ways to Fix Verification Failed Connecting to Apple ID

Learn how to fix Apple ID verification failed errors, so that you can get rid of Apple ID verification failed error and go back to the normal state safely.

04.27.2021Save Facebook Messages
How to Save Facebook Messages on Computer/iPhone/Android

Look for an easy way to save Facebook messages, you can get 3 different ways of how to save Facebook messages on computer, iPhone or Android in this page.

04.27.2021Encrypt SD Card
The Ultimate Solutions to Recover Data from Encrypted SD Card on Computer and Phone

Here's the best solution of recovering data from encrypted SD card. Try it to retrieve encrypted files from your SD card effectively to avoid data loss.

04.27.2021iPhoto App
Learn Differences between Photos and iPhoto Apps on Mac in Detail

Photos and iPhoto are very different applications. And we show you the differences between Photos and iPhoto apps and how to use them in this tutorial.

04.16.2021Remove iPhone Sim Card
How to Safely Remove SIM Card from iPhone

When you want to remove SIM card from your iPhone, what will you do? Just follow this article to learn how to remove iPhone SIM card safely.

04.16.2021WhatsApp Not Working
How to Fix WhatsApp Not Working

WhatsApp always goes wrong when you use it? Don't worry, find the best solutions to address your problem in the article below.

04.16.2021Microsoft Screen Recorder
How to Use Microsoft Screen Recorder and Its Alternative Way

How much do you know about Microsoft screen recorder? In this article, you will know more information, as well as the best alternative to the program.

04.16.2021Record Video on PC
How to Record Video on PC (Windows 10/8/7)

Come here to learn how to record video on PC free with audio easily. Just do as it tell to record video games, online videos and other onscreen activities, etc.

04.16.2021Record Free Internet Radio
Best Way to Record Internet Radio from Free Internet Radio Stations

If you are looking for the best online radio station, come here and select one, and learn how to record free internet radio from these online radio stations!

04.16.2021Clear Autofill
Tutorial to Clear Autofill on iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/SE/5/5s/5c/4 and Mac

Have some incorrect or outdated autofill entries on your device? Here are some tips on getting rid of them on iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus and Mac.

04.16.2021Hotmail Passcode Reset
Tutorial to Reset Hotmail Password with or without Current Password

How to change a Hotmail account password with or without the old password? This tutorial will tell you how to do Hotmail password reset effectively.

04.09.2021Reduce PDF Size on Mac
How Do I Resize a PDF File on Mac? Here are 3 Free Methods You Should Know

How to reduce the PDF size on Mac if you cannot send PDF files via Email or other apps? Learn more about 3 efficient methods to help you out from the article.

04.09.2021AirDrop from iPhone to iPhone
Tutorial to AirDrop from iPhone to iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s/5

Share content from iPhone to iPhone? Here is tutorial to AirDrop from iPhone to iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s/5 and iPad Pro/Air/Mini.

04.09.2021How to Change IMEI Number
Is it Possible to Change IMEI Number

Is it possible to change IMEI number? If you are wondering how to change the IMEI number in your cell phone, read this passage and learn more details.

03.30.2021Forgot Gmail Password
Recover Your Password Easily When Forgot Gmail Password

Can't get into your Gmail account because you forgot Gmail password? Here's the guide for you to set a new Gmail password and recover account access.

03.30.2021Add Password on WhatsApp
Add Password on WhatsApp to Protect Messages

How can we add password in WhatsApp? Read this guide and follow it to get the best one of the multiple solutions to add password to WhatsApp.

03.30.2021Access Archived Messages on Facebook
Your Complete Guide to Access Archived Messages on Facebook

This post shows how to archive and unarchive Facebook messages easily. In addition, you can also learn how to access archived messages on Facebook here.

03.30.2021Bootmgr is missing
How to Fix Bootmgr Is Missing in Windows 7/8/10

Have no idea when you receive Bootmgr is missing error message? You can read this post to get 5 safe and easy ways to fix Bootmgr missing error.

03.30.2021Remove iCloud Activation Lock
iCloud Activation Lock Removal - How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock

How to remove iCloud activation lock? This shows detailed steps to make iCloud activation lock removal.

03.30.2021Clear Facebook Search History
3 Best Methods to Clear Facebook Search History on PC/Mac, iPhone and Android

Facebook keeps a record of everything you search for on its platform. Check out this guide for clearing Facebook search history on PC/Mac, iPhone and Android.

02.24.2021System Restore
Tips and Tricks about System Restore

Are you still confused when your computer stops working or you want to go back to the previous version you like best? You need System Restore now!

02.24.2021Remove PDF Password
Top 5 PDF Password Remover to Decrypt PDF Password

Want to decrypt password of PDF, but don't know good PDF password remover and how to remove? Don't worry. Just follow this article and get useful information.

02.24.2021Free Partition Recovery
What Should You Do for Free Partition Recovery

Do you want to recover lost or accidentally deleted partitions? This article will introduce what you should do for free partition recovery.

01.27.2021Format SD Card
Tutorial of Formatting SD Card and Formatted SD Card Recovery Quickly

This tutorial talks about what format SD card means and how to unformat SD card. Try it to recover lost data after formatting you SD card accidentally.

01.27.2021iPad Email Problems
How to Fix iPhone and iPad Email Problems

If you have no idea when you cannot send or receive emails on iPad, you should not miss this article. It explains how to fix iPhone and iPad email problems.

01.22.2021Reformat Damaged SD Card
How to Fix Damaged SD Card and Reformat SD Card

Top 5 methods to reformat or fix damaged SD cards and recover lost photos, audios, videos, documents and other files from it. Try all of them to get back data.

01.22.2021Screen Shot on iPad
How to Take Screen Shot on iPad

Only know one method to take screen shot on iPad? You can follow this article and get different ways to capture your iPad screen.

01.13.2021Create a Picture Slideshow with Music
How to Create a Picture Slideshow with Your Favorite Music Quickly

Slideshow is a fantastic way to share still photos in dynamic way, but they aren't always engaging. Check out our guide on how to make a slideshow with music.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Search Facebook Messages
How to Read & Backup & Search Facebook Messages

Complete guide of how to read old Facebook conversations, search Facebook messages and backup important Facebook chat history. Just read and learn.

01.13.2021Compress a Video
How to Compress a Video without Losing Quality

To properly compress a video, we need to find a powerful video compressor. This post tells you 5 ways to compress your video files without losing much quality.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Add music to a video iPhone
How to Add Music to a Video on iPhone without iTunes

Want to put some melodies on your video to make it attractive? Get this handy guide to efficiently add music into your video on iPhone without using iTunes.

Video Editing
01.13.2021How to Use Live Photos
The Ultimate Guide of Live Photos on iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5

Live Photos is an iPhone camera feature that brings your photos to animated images. Here is a guide of how to make and use Live Photos on your iOS device.

01.13.2021Snagit Editor
Snagit Editor Review and Best Alternative to It [Solved]

How to edit photos using Snagit? How to download and use Snagit to record and edit video? Read this review and you will know about Snagit and how to use it.

01.13.2021Delete Email Account on iPhone
How to Delete Email Account on iPhone

This post is focusing on how to delete all emails or a certain email account on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Keep reading and learn how to make it.

01.13.2021Remove Watermark from Video
How to Remove Watermark from Video

Have no ways to remove watermark from video? Just follow this article and remove watermark from any videos in an easy yet professional way.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Remove Hardcoded Subtitles
How to Remove Hardcoded Subtitles from MKV MP4 Videos

Want to remove hardcoded subtitles from your favorite videos? Just follow this post to get the best way to remove hardcoded subtitles from MKV, MP4, AVI videos.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Edit Your YouTube Videos
Ultimate Guide to Edit Your YouTube Videos

How to edit a video? Whether you want to use an online video editor, or choose other tools, you can find good editor and effective ways to edit videos here.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Print Screen on Mac
How to Print Screen on Mac Simply

You can print the entire screen, a window, or just a selected portion of your screen on Mac. Here are 8 methods to help you print anything on your Mac screen.

01.13.2021Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder
Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Review and Free Alternative

Read and get more details from the latest Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder review, you can know the pros, cons, user comments and free alternative of it.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Transfer iCloud Photos to Android
How Do You Transfer iCloud Photos to Android Smartphones Easily

Do you know how to transfer photos from iCloud to Android? Just read this post and have a try with the methods here to sync iCloud photos to Android.

01.13.2021How to Make a Slideshow on Facebook
How to Make a Slideshow on Facebook on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android

Read and learn how to make a slideshow on Facebook on your phone or computer. This article will show you the detailed steps and introduce a Slideshow Maker.

Video Editing
01.13.2021How to Add Music to a Slideshow
How to Add Your Own Music to a Slideshow with 5 Different Programs

Here is the tutorial to add music to a slideshow on Windows, iPhone, Photoshop Elements, YouTube and Keynote. Just read and create a slideshow with music here.

Video Editing
01.13.2021How to Make a Slideshow on iPhone
How to Make, Edit, Send and Share a Slideshow on iPhone with Ease

Here're the detailed steps to make a slideshow on iPhone with the Photos app. You can make/send/share a photo or video slideshow on all iOS models and devices.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Online Slideshow Makers
Top 10 Online Slideshow Makers to Create a Slideshow for Free

Read and get your best online slideshow maker. Here you can know the brief review of each online free slideshow maker. Just read and choose the one you like.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Play Instagram Videos
Tutorial of Play Instagram Videos on iPhone and Android Devices

How to watch videos on Instagram? Here you can learn about how to play Instagram videos on iPhone and Android devices and related troubleshooting.

01.13.2021How To Make A Wedding Slideshow
How to Make a Perfect Wedding Slideshow Using the Best Slideshow Maker

If you want to learn how to create wedding slideshows, this guide shows what you should do from wedding slideshow ideas to the best slideshow maker for wedding.

Video Editing
01.13.2021iCloud Error
5 Universal Solutions to Fix iCloud an Unknown Error Occurred on iPhone & Mac

(Unknown) errors occurred on iCloud like verification failed, disconnection, etc.? Just read this post to learn 5 easy solutions about iCloud error here.

01.13.2021How to Record Video Audio on Mac
2 Useful Ways to Record Video and Audio on Mac

Want to know how to record video or audio on Mac? In this article, we list 2 best ways to help you to get the video and audio capture on Mac easily.

01.13.2021SmartPixel Screen Recorder
SmartPixel Reviews and Its Best Alternative

SmartPixel is a free all-in-one screen recorder and video editor for Windows 10/8/7 and Android. Free download SmartPixel and check SmartPixel reviews.

01.13.2021Recover a Forgot Restrictions Passcode
5 Easy Ways to Recover a Forgotten Restrictions Passcode

Forgot restrictions passcode on iPhone/iPad? 5 easy and effective solutions are offered to help you reset or recover a forgotten restrictions passcode quickly.

01.13.2021Make a Slideshow on Instagram
How to Make a Slideshow on Instagram with Music (Create/Post/Download)

Read and use Instagram slideshow to make a slideshow of pictures and videos. You can also use a slideshow maker to make an Instagram slideshow with media files.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Screenshot and Record FaceTime
How to Record FaceTime Call on iOS/Windows/Mac

You can learn how to record Facetime call with audio on iOS, Mac and Windows. What's more, this article shows how to take Facetime screenshot too.

01.13.2021Remix song maker
Best 5 Music Remix Maker to Combine Music Online/Computer/Phone

How do you mix up two songs? Get the song remix makers to mix the songs together easily. Here are top 5 song remix maker for desktop software, online and phone.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Music Video Recorder
5 Best Methods to Record a Video with Music in The Background at Home

Which video camera to buy for making music videos? Save your money and learn the music video recorder software here, which turn your computer to music studio.

01.13.2021Voice Recorder Windows
8 Best Voice Recorders to Help You Capture Any Voice on Window

Whether you're headed to lecture or to a board meeting, it's good to record it while you take notes. Here you can learn the best voice recorders for Windows.

01.13.2021Forgot iPad Password
[Solved] How to Unlock an iPad When Forgot iPad Password

How to fix a disabled iPad if you forgot iPad password? This article shows you easy ways to bypass and reset an iPad without password quickly.

01.13.2021GIF Maker from Video
9 Best Video to GIF Makers to Convert Video to GIF

Is there any good video to GIF app? How to convert video to GIF file? This post makes a list of 9 best GIF creator apps to help you make GIF from video.

Format Converter
01.13.2021Convert HEIC to PDF
The Most Complete Guide to Convert HEIC to PDF

Want to convert HEIC to PDF to view it on all portable devices more conveniently? We will share 5 easy ways with you to convert HEIC to PDF for free.

Format Converter
01.13.2021Replace A Broken iPhone Screen
How to Replace A Broken iPhone 5s Screen

My iPhone 5s screen is broken, how to replace a damaged iPhone 5s screen? Just follow this article and replace it by yourself.

Monosnap Download and Review – Is It The Desired Screenshot Tool for You?

How to take snapshot for free on Windows or Mac? Just read this Monosnap review, and learn more about how to use Monosnap to take screenshots.

01.13.2021Vlog Recorder
How to Share Onscreen Activities for YouTube with the Best Vlog Recorder

Want to share the product review, testimony, tutorial, or even the gameplay as a Vlog on social? You can learn more about the best Vlog recorder in the article.

01.13.2021Merge iPhone Contacts
How to Merge/Combine Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

This page collects 4 easy solutions to merge iPhone contacts, so that you can easily manage contacts and find the correct person on iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4.

01.13.2021Any Video Recorder
How to Troubleshooting Problems When Any Video Recorder Not Working

When you download Any Video Recorder, but cannot use the program to record the desired files, here are the best solutions to fix the problems you should know.

01.13.2021Send Large Video Files via Email
Tutorial to Send Large Video Files through Email Attachment

Want to find an easy way to send large video files with email, such as Gmail, Outlook, and iCloud Mail Drop? We share the how-to in this post, just take a look.

01.13.2021How to Screenshot on Mac
How to Take and Edit Screenshot on Mac/MacBook Pro/MacBook Air/iMac

How to take a screenshot on your MacBook? In the post, we will share you quick solutions to take and edit screenshot with/without keyboard on Mac.

01.13.2021Snipping Tools on Mac
Top 5 Snipping Tools to Screenshot on Mac

Does Mac have a Snipping tool? No, but you could get a top-5 list of Snipping tools alternatives here to grab and take a screenshot on Mac easily.

01.13.2021Cancel App Subsciption on iPhone
100% Working Guide of How to Cancel App Subscription on iPhone

This article tells you how to cancel app subscription on iPhone 14/13/12/11 and get a refund for an iPhone subscription efficiently.

01.13.2021Calibrate iPhone Battery
Gold Standard Guide to Calibrate iPhone Battery on iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/6s

Your iPhone battery drains fast? In this tutorial, here are tips to show you how to calibrate iPhone battery to improve its performance on iPhone 14/13, etc.

01.13.2021Clean iPhone Speaker
Simple Methods to Clean iPhone Speaker without Damaging the Device

Your iPhone speakers can collect dust, lint, and all sorts of undesirable stuff, so we share multiple ways to clean iPhone speaker with step-by-step guides.

01.13.2021Partition a Hard Drive on Mac
Guide of Partitioning a Hard Drive on iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro/Air

Need to partition a hard drive on your Mac? This post shares the standard procedure of how to partition a hard drive on iMac, MacBook and other Mac computers.

01.13.2021Disk speed test
Blackmagic Disk Speed Test

What to know if your hard drive can store and play HD videos at a fast FPS? Blackmagic Disk Speed Test will help to test your hard drive and tell you results.

01.13.2021Hard Drive Speed Test
Do Hard Drive Speed Test with Top 10 tools on Your Windows/Mac

Hard drive helps to makes your computer operate smoothly. Want to test if your hard drive performs well? Get 10 hard drive speed testers here for Windows/Mac.

01.13.2021Edit a Voice Memo on iPhone
2 Easy Methods to Edit a Voice Memo on iPhone

How to edit a voice memo on iPhone directly? What is the best alternative to edit and manage multiple complicated voice memos? Learn more details from the post.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Online Camera Recorder
Online Camera Recorder – 5 Best Methods to Record Video with Your Webcam

Is there a method to take advantage of the webcam on your computer? Just learn 5 best online camera recorders to capture the desired files from the article.

01.13.2021Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder
Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder Review & Tutorial & Alternative

Read the latest Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder review, you will get the unbiased pros and cons of the free screen recorder, and other information.

01.13.2021GPU Acceleration
Apeaksoft Enables GPU Acceleration to Speed up File Conversion at 60X Faster

What is GPU acceleration? How to use it? Learn about GPU acceleration from this post to accelerate the video, DVD, Blu-ray and other media conversion with it.

01.13.2021Free Screen Recorder for Mac
Free Screen Recorder for Mac with Audio – Here are 7 Best Programs You Should Know

When you want to record the screen videos on your MacBook, you can learn about the 7 best free screen recorders for MacBook with audio files from the article.

01.13.2021Compress Video Size for WhatsApp
Compress Video Size for WhatsApp – 6 Best Methods You Should Know

When you need to send a large video via WhatsApp, you should know how to compress video size for WhatsApp according to the 16MB size limitation in the article.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Phone to Phone Tablet
Simple Ways to Mirror Phone to Phone/Tablet and Use Tablet As a Phone

Want to make phone calls from tablet? This post shows how to use Samsung Galaxy Tab as a phone and mirror Android phone to another phone or tablet with ease.

Screen Mirroring
01.13.2021Compress Video for Instagram Facebook and Vimeo
Compress Video for Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo -Here are the Methods and Tips

When you need to share a large video to social media sites, you can learn about how to compress video for Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo with ease in the post.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Video Compressors on Mac
Top 10+ Video Compressors to Compress Large Video File on Mac

This article is the latest review of 10+ online and offline video compressors, you can get the complete tutorial to compress large video files as well.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Compress Gopro Video
The Ultimate Method to Compress GoPro Videos for Facebook, Email and WhatsApp

When you have a large GoPro video on your computer, how to share and compress GoPro videos for Facebook, Email and WhatsApp with friends and family members?

Video Editing
01.13.2021Upload Live GIFs to Instagram
How to Share Animated GIFs to Instagram

Can't post animated GIFs on Instagram directly? You can look for this post to get answers. We will share 3 best ways to upload GIFs to Instagram.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Edit Videos in iMovie
Tutorial – How to Edit Videos in iMovie with Quick Editing Steps

This is the complete tutorial to edit videos in iMovie, you can get everything you want to know. Windows users can also get the best iMovie alternative here.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Headphones Are Plugged in
[How to Fix] iPhone Thinks Headphones Are Plugged in

Your iPhone 6/6s thinks headphones are plugged in but they aren't? This post will talk about iPhone stuck in headphone mode issue and help you recover it.

01.13.2021Remove Audio from Video
How to Remove Audio from Video with iMovie on Mac and iPhone

This is the complete tutorial to remove audio from video in iMovie on Mac and iOS devices, just get a workable way to separate audio from video with ease here.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Add Music to iMovie
How to Add Music to iMovie on Mac and iPhone (Including iTunes Music)

This article shows the complete process of how you can import your iTunes songs, audio recordings, and other audio clips to iMovie projects for further editing.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Display iPhone on Computer
Display iPhone Screen on Computer with 6 Best Ways

Want to display iPhone screen on computer? This post shows effective methods to mirror iPhone to PC.

Screen Mirroring
01.13.2021Compress Video for YouTube
How to Compress Videos for YouTube on Your Desktop or Online

You have to compress the large video files if you want to upload it to YouTube, here we shared the methods in this article and you can share video online.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Compress QuickTime Video
How to Compress QuickTime Videos and Make Files Smaller

To make a QuickTime video file smaller, you should read this guide carefully and learn 5 methods to efficiently compress QuickTime videos on desktop or online.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Rotate a Video in iMovie
How to Rotate a Video in iMovie on Your Mac/Windows/iPhone/iPad

This is the complete tutorial to rotate a video in iMovie on Mac and iPhone/iPad. You can also get 2 iMovie alternatives for Windows software here.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Delete Gmail Account
How to Delete a Gmail Account Permanently and Quickly

This article shows you how to delete a Gmail account from phone or web browser easily. Thus, you can delete the associated Google data as well.

01.13.2021Cut a Video in iMovie
Tutorial – How to Cut video in iMovie on Mac/Windows/iPhone/iPad

This is the tutorial to cut video in iMovie on Mac/iPhone/iPad. You can split videos into clips and remove unwanted segments with ease. Just read and follow.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Compress Videos for Web
How to Efficiently Compress MP4 or Other Video Files for Web

Just curious which tools you can use to compress video for web? Here are 4 ways to compress video files on your desktop or online for sharing or posting on web.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Instagram video wont upload
How to Fix the Problem that Instagram Won't Upload Videos

If you encounter the problem that Instagram video won't upload when sharing a video to Instagram. This article tells you how to get rid of the issue.

01.13.2021Instagram Video Editor
10 Best Video Editing Applications for Instagram on Computer and Mobile

Using the 10 best video editing apps for Instagram in this post, you can create a compelling story with your video clips and attract more attentions on social.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Ringtone Maker for Android
5 Best Ringtone Maker for Android Apps You Should Not Miss

Read and know where to download free ringtone songs. Moreover, you can get free ringtone maker for Android apps to make custom ringtones with ease.

01.13.2021Convert MOV to MP4
Best Ways to Convert MOV to MP4 On Mac and Windows

How to free convert MOV to MP4 on Mac or Windows? This post shows the best ways to do it with online converters, QuickTime and iMovie. Get simple ways you like.

Format Converter
01.13.2021Make a Travel Vlog
Full Guide to Create Your Own Amazing Travel Vlogs with 10 Free Tips

How to make travel vlogs to record your journey? Here is the guide to make your own personalized vlogs with practical 10 tips, and share them with other people.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Delete a Facebook Account
How to Delete a Facebook Account Permanently and Easily

Here are some useful tips and solutions about how to delete a Facebook account permanently. You can read and get rid of Facebook with ease.

01.13.2021Vlog Music
12 Popular Sites to Download Royalty Free Vlog Background Music

Still looking for some royalty free audio tracks for vlogs? Here you can get 12 sites to download vlog music for free in all genres. Just read and have a look.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Change Aspect Ratio in iMovie
How to Change Aspect Ratio in iMovie on Mac and iPhone (Step by Step)

Have no idea how to change aspect ratio in iMovie? Just read this tutorial to change a video's aspect ratio on Mac and iPhone with ease. Just read and follow.

Video Editing
01.13.2021Could not Activate Cellular Data Network
Tutorial to Fix the Problem could not Activate Cellular Data Network

How to fix the issue 'could not activate cellular data network' on iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus and earlier? Here are all the solutions you looking for.

01.13.2021MOV V.S. MP4
MOV V.S. MP4 – The Comparison Between MOV and MP4 Formats

When you need to choose an output video format, you can find the comparison between the popular two formats (MOV V.S. MP4) and the best conversion method here.

Format Converter
01.13.2021HEIC to JPG
How to Convert HEIC to JPG/PNG

Cannot open HEIC image files on Windows computer or Android phone? Learn from 5 ways here to convert HEIC to JPG/PNG online, on computer or mobile phone.

Format Converter
01.13.2021Game Screen Recorder Apps
Top 8 Game Screen Recorder Apps

Still looking for best screen recorder apps for gaming? This post shares 8 best options to record gameplay on your phone or computer.

01.13.2021Screen Recorder Mac
Top 10 Screen Recorders for Mac to Capture Screen (Free & Paid)

How to record screen video on Mac? Take the best 10 screen recorder software for Mac, including free and paid to capture video and audio on Mac efficiently.

01.13.2021Disk Boot Failure
How to Fix Disk Boot Failure on Windows 10/8/7

Have no idea how to fix 'Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter'? Take the 5 solutions to take the 5 real fixes on Windows 10/8/7 in this post.

01.13.2021Photo Stream not Syncing
What You Should Do When My Photo Stream not Syncing Photos on iOS

Is Photo Stream not syncing on your iPhone or iPad? This is all-in-one tutorial on how to fix My Photo Stream feature is not working as usual.