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One of the senior editors of Apeaksoft studio. Now he mainly writes posts about Android data. Whether you want to transfer Android files, or recover deleted Android data, you can get useful suggestions from his articles.

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Transfer DataHow to Send Large PDF Files from iPhone to Android or ReverselySend PDF From iPhone To Android
Recover DataHow to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages and ChatsRecover Deleted Facebook Messages
Root AndroidHow to Easily Root Your LG Device Using 6 LG Root ToolsLG Root Tool
Transfer DataSync Facebook Contacts and Pictures to iPhone 15/14/13/12/11Sync Facebook Contacts to iPhone
Erase DataHow to Access and Clear Clipboard on Android Phone [Latest]Access and Clear Clipboard
Recover Android SystemHow to Reset an RCA Tablet Running Android or WindowsReset An RCA Tablet


05.24.2024Transfer Music from Android to Android
Tutorial on Transferring Music from Android to Another Android Device

This post shows you how to transfer music files from one Android to another Android device using MobieTrans, Google Play Music, Bluetooth, NFC.

Transfer Data
05.16.2024Backup Messages iPhone
8 Ultimate Solutions You Should Know to Backup Messages on iPhone

What should you do to backup messages on iPhone? The article explains the ultimate 8 solutions to backup iPhone messages.

Back up Data
04.17.2024iPhone Screen Flashing
How to Fix iPhone Screen Flashing with Detailed Guide

Do you have trouble with some faulty iPhone screens, like the iPhone screen flashing? You can absorb four ways to fix this annoying glitch if you have.

Fix Device Issue
04.17.2024iBook Not Syncing
How to Fix iBooks Not Syncing across Apple Devices Error

Do you have trouble in syncing iBook collections or library across devices? Learn the best 6 fixes to solve the iBook not syncing issue from this post.

Fix Device Issue
04.09.2024Bricked iPhone
How to Revive a Bricked iPhone or iPad With or Without iTunes

Following our step-by-step guide, you can learn how to fix a bricked iPhone or iPad without losing photos, videos, and more.

Fix Bricked Phone
04.02.2024Recover Deleted Facebook Messages
How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages and Chats

This guide tells you how to efficiently recover deleted Facebook Messages on iPhones, Android devices, and computers with or without backup.

Recover Data
03.29.2024Unsupported/Blank SD Card
3 Tips to Fix Unsupported/Blank SD Card with Ease

Have you been trapped with a blank or unsupported SD card on Android? Now, you can find multiple tips to fix the issue and recover your data from this post.

Fix Device Issue
03.08.2024Apple ID Password Not Working
Complete Tutorial to Fix Apple ID Password Not Working – 100% Working

Read and learn how to fix the Apple ID password not working. No matter enter a wrong or correct Apple ID account/password, just get the related solutions here.

Unlock iOS & Android
02.29.2024How to Make iPhone Louder
How to Easily Make Your iPhone Volume Louder than Max

This guide shows you 8 ways to make music louder on your iPhone, including an ultimate way to fix the iPhone low volume problem.

Set up iOS
02.26.2024Delete Text Messages on Android
How to Delete Text Messages on an Android Phone or Tablet

This tutorial tells you how to delete unwanted text messages from an Android phone or tablet to free up space and improve performance.

Erase Data
02.23.2024Game Killer no Root
Download Game Killer No Root for Mobile Games on Android

Do you know that you can install Game Killer on your Android devices without root? Learn from this article to get Game Killer easily.

Root Android
02.22.2024Recover Deleted TikTok Videos
How to Recover Deleted TikTok Videos on PC/iPhone/Android

Have you ever accidentally deleted your precious TikTok videos? You are lucky! With this intuitive guide, you can recover deleted TikTok videos step by step.

Recover Data
02.07.2024Hide Root
How to Hide Root on Rooted Android Phone/Tablet Easily

Do you want to enjoy a rooted Android while accessing built-in Android services? This article tells you how to hide the root on your phone.

Root Android
02.07.2024LG Root Tool
How to Easily Root Your LG Device Using 6 LG Root Tools

How do I root my LG phone? This post shows 6 safe ways to root your LG phone with or without PC via KingoRoot, iRoot, KingRoot, Universal Androot, etc.

Root Android
02.07.2024Root iPad
Tutorial to Root iPad Pro/Air/mini Without Data Losing

Want to use iPad with ultimate authority? Here's our step by step guide on how to effectively and simply root iPad Pro/Air/mini without losing any data.

Root Android
02.02.2024Fix Windows Couldn't Load Correctly
Quickly Fix It Looks Like Windows Didn't Load Correctly

It looks like Windows didn't load correctly pops up and cannot access your computer. Here's a tutorial to fix this problem quickly.

Fix Device Issue
02.02.2024How to Empty Trash on iPhone
Tips on How to Empty Trash on iPhone/iPad/iPod (iOS 17)

Do you want to remove useless data and files from your iOS device permanently? Learn how to empty trash on your iOS device and save on space at once!

Erase Data
02.02.2024Wifi Hacker No Root
5 Best Wi-Fi Hackers (No Root) for Cracking Password of Wi-Fi around

Want to hack Wi-Fi networks around you without password? Here are top 5 best Wi-Fi hacker no root apps to help you connect to Wi-Fi network effectively.

Root Android
01.26.2024Reset An RCA Tablet
How to Reset an RCA Tablet Running Android or Windows

Simple guides to reset an RCA tablet running Android or Windows when it is crashed, not responding, locked or suffering software issues.

Recover Android System
01.25.2024Root Kindle Fire
Professional Guide of Rooting Kindle Fire with Kindle Fire Utility

If you want to install apps from sources other than Amazon and use Android on your Kindle e-reader, here is a step by step guide on how to root Kindle Fire.

Root Android
01.25.2024Android Process Media Has Stopped
Android.Process.Media Has Stopped? Here are Updated 5 Solutions

This article shows how to fix the process has stopped error in 5 easy ways for your Samsung Galaxy S/Note, or Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.

Set up Android
01.19.2024Sync Facebook Contacts to iPhone
Sync Facebook Contacts and Pictures to iPhone 15/14/13/12/11

Do you want to sync Facebook contacts to your iPhone? Check 4 ways to sync contacts and pictures, etc. to iPhone 15/14/13/12, etc.

Transfer Data
01.19.2024Access and Clear Clipboard
How to Access and Clear Clipboard on Android Phone [Latest]

This post shows all related information about clipboard contents and how to clear clipboard on Android phone carefully. Just read and follow.

Erase Data
01.12.2024FaceTime Photos Not Saving
Why FaceTime Photos Is Not Saving and How to Resolve This Error

Encounter the problem of FaceTime photos not saving? Follow our troubleshooting to fix this problem on your device quickly.

Recover Data
09.22.2023Transfer Files from Mac to iPhoneipad
How to Transfer Files from Mac to iPhone/iPad

How to transfer files and data from your Mac to an iPhone/iPad? This article provides 6 ultimate solutions to do that easily.

Transfer Data
08.31.2023Root Huawei
Effective Tutorial of Rooting Huawei Tablets And Smartphones Simply

This article will show you how to root Huawei devices step by step. Spend a few minutes to read and follow it to get root access privilege on your Huawei.

Root Android
08.16.2023How to Clear History on Safari
How to Clear Your Safari History on iPhone and Mac

Whether you want to clear browsing history on Safari from iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer, you can find the fastest and most efficient methods from this article.

Erase Data
07.07.2023Sync iPhone/iPad
[Solved] How to Sync An iPhone/iPad/iPod to Computer

This post shows three ways to sync iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch data to computer. Spending a few minutes, you can grasp multiple ways to sync iPhone to iTunes.

Transfer Data
06.08.2023Contacts Recovery App
Top 5 Apps to Recover Lost or Deleted Contacts

Want to recover deleted or lost phone contacts accidentally on Android or iPhone? You can free download the best phone contacts recovery software here.

Recover Data
05.31.2023Photo Recovery Apps
7 Ways to Restore Deleted or Lost Photos from Android

If you have accidentally deleted pictures from your Android phone, we will offer 7 practical ways to help you recover them fluently.

Recover Data
05.31.2023Android SMS Recovery
Top 6 Apps to Recover Android Deleted Messages for Phones and Desktops

Accidentally delete your short Android messages and barely know solutions? This post will introduce 6 tools for Android SMS recovery on mobiles and computers.

Recover Data
05.10.2023Reboot Android Phone
Tutorial to Reboot Android Phone with and without Power Button

Want to learn about how to reboot a phone without power button for Android? Here is the tutorial to restart an Android phone with and without the power button.

Recover Android System
04.26.2023How to Switch iPhones
How to Switch to a New iPhone from Your Old Mobile Phone

Here are 100% working methods to switch to a new iPhone from an old iOS device or an Android smartphone without data loss. You can also acquire valuable tools.

Transfer Data
02.22.2023Video Length For Social Media
Check and Adjust Video Length for Different Social Media Platforms

How long should a TikTok video be in 2024? What is the Twitter video length limit? Check the video length for TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Edit Video
02.22.2023How to Connect Apple Watch to iPhone
Ultimate Guide on How to Connect Apple Watch to iPhone

Apple Watch is not syncing with iPhone? How do you pair Apple Watch with a new iPhone? This post will tell you how to set up and connect Apple Watch to iPhone.

Set up iOS
02.22.2023Cut A Clip In After Effects
Detailed and Clear Steps about How to Cut a Clip in After Effects

Can After Effects cut a video clip? What is the shortcut to cut a clip in After Effects? You can get a detailed guide on how to cut clips using After Effects.

Edit Video
02.22.2023Audacity Split Audio Track
Detailed Guide on Audacity Split Track

Is Audacity free? Can Audacity split audio track? How do you split an audio track using Audacity? This post tells how to cut, trim, or split audio in Audacity.

Edit Audio
02.02.2023Root Uninstaller
Everything You Should Know about Root Uninstaller App for Android

Looking for an effective approach to manage apps on your rooted Android device? Here we share one of the file managers for rooted Android, Root Uninstaller.

Root Android
02.02.2023How To Delete Voice Memos
Tutorial of Deleting Voice Memos on iPhone

The voice memo app on iPhone is very practical and you love it. However, you should read our post carefully since it tells you how to delete voice memos simply.

Erase Data
02.02.2023Fix iPhone Screen Dark
How to Fix iPhone Screen Dim Dark/Low Brightness

iPhone screen is dim dark than usually but working? Here are 6 real solutions to stop your iPhone 15/14/13 screen from dimming when hot or after replacement.

Fix Device Issue
02.02.2023Backup Samsung Galaxy S4
How to Backup Samsung Galaxy S4 (for All Samsung Android Phones)

This article shows how to backup the data like apps, contacts and images on Samsung Galaxy S4. Learn more Android data backup tools here to copy Android files.

Back up Data
02.02.2023Recover Google Photos
How to Recover Google Photos for Android

Lose some important Google photos? Look for simple ways to recover Google photos after Android restore? This post lists solutions to find Google photos back.

Recover Data
02.02.2023Delete Duplicate Photos on Mac
How to Delete Duplicate Photos on Mac [2024]

How to remove duplicate photos on Mac? This post will share 3 simple ways to help you quickly find the duplicate photos on your Mac and delete them.

Clean Mac
01.17.2023Send PDF From iPhone To Android
How to Send Large PDF Files from iPhone to Android or Reversely

This article will show you detailed steps to transfer PDF files (in batch or individually) to your Android phone in 2 different ways.

Transfer Data
01.17.2023Contacts Backup
Contacts Backup Apps to Backup Your iPhone or Android Phone With Ease

How to backup contacts? Which contacts backup app you should use? This post lists contacts backup apps to back up contacts on iPhone and Android device.

Back up Data
01.17.2023Remove Android Virus
How to Get Rid of Viruses on Android Phones

How to detect and remove virus from Samsung mobile or other Android phone? Just find the ultimate solutions of virus removal for Android phone.

Erase Data
01.17.2023Transfer Apps from Android to iPhone
Can I Transfer My Apps between Android Phone and iPhone

Get troubles in transferring apps between Android and iPhone? This post will tell you it is possible, it will also provide you the feasible steps to make it.

Transfer Data
01.17.2023Backup Android to PC
[Solved] How to Backup Android Phone to PC

How to backup Android phone to PC before factory reset or free up space? This page lists 3 ways help you to backup data from Android phone to PC in minutes.

Back up Data
01.17.2023Recover Deleted Files from Unrooted Android
How to Recover Deleted Files from Android Unrooted

Can you recover deleted files from Android without rooting? Yes, you can, and this page shows a way to recover deleted files from Android unrooted in 3 steps.

Recover Data
01.17.2023Android Photo Backup
Android Photo Backup – Back Android Photos to PC

This post is aimed at introducing 5 ways of Android photo backup. You can back up photos to PC by one click. And you can also set auto backup to cloud storage.

Back up Data
01.17.2023Recover Data from Western Digital Hard Drive
How to Get Western Digital Data Recovery from External Hard Drive

How to recover data from Western Digital (WD) external hard drive? This page shares the easiest way to get data recovery from WD in 100% success.

Recover Data
01.17.2023Delete Everything on iPhone
How to Delete Everything on iPhone

This post is about how to delete everything on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch before you send it for repairs or resale. Read on and learn the detailed steps here.

Erase Data
01.17.2023Achieve Samsung Contacts Recovery from Phone
How to Achieve Samsung Contacts Recovery

Samsung contacts are deleted or lost? Follow 3 ways here to get a quick and safe contacts recovery from Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7, Note 9, etc. in simple steps.

Recover Data
01.17.2023Free Android Data Recovery
Top 5 Free Android Data Recovery for Mac/PC

Lose important data on Android and look for the best Android data recovery? 5 Android data recovery tools listed here to help you find your Android files back.

Back up Data
01.17.2023Transfer Samsung to iPhone
How to Transfer Files from Samsung to iPhone

Just upgrade from Samsung to iPhone? The article shows 6 ways to transfer data (contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, etc.) from Samsung to iPhone easily.

Transfer Data
01.10.2023Lenovo Recovery
How to Use Lenovo Recovery on Windows 11/10/8/7

What is Lenovo Recovery and how to recover files from Lenovo desktops, laptops and tablets using Lenovo Recovery? Find answers in this post.

Recover Data
01.10.2023Best Data Recovery Software
Top 10 Data Recovery Software for Mac and Windows

What is the best data recovery software for Mac/Windows? This page collects the review of top 10 files recovery tools (free & paid) to help you make decision.

Recover Data
01.09.2023How to Uninstall Outlook on Mac
2 Ways to Completely Uninstall Microsoft Outlook on Mac

How to completely remove Outlook from Mac? How do I uninstall and reinstall Outlook on Mac? Learn 2 easy ways to uninstall Microsoft Outlook on Mac thoroughly.

Clean Mac
01.09.2023Uninstall Wacom Driver Mac
2 Different Ways to Completely Uninstall Wacom Driver on Mac

How to uninstall a Wacom driver on MacBook? How to reset a Wacom tablet on Mac? This post tells you 2 different solutions to remove Wacom drivers from Mac.

Clean Mac
01.09.2023How to Uninstall Opera on Mac
2 Effective Ways to Uninstall Opera on Mac

Why can't I delete Opera from Mac? How to stop Opera from starting automatically? How do you uninstall Opera on a Mac? Get 2 ways to remove Opera from Mac.

Clean Mac
01.09.2023How to Fix Low Resolution Photos on iPhone
Learn 2 Easy Ways to Fix Low-Resolution Photos on iPhone

How to change photo resolution on iPhone 11/12/13? Can I increase the resolution of images on iPhone? Learn how to fix low-resolution photos on your iPhone.

Edit Photo
01.09.2023Delete Documents and Data on iPhone
How to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone

What's the easiest way to delete Documents & Data on iPhone? This post shows the best solutions to remove iOS data on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

Erase Data
01.09.2023Pin Lock Screen
Everything You Need to Know about Pin Lock Screen for Android Devices

In this guide, we show you everything about Pin Lock Screen, like whether it is worth to use, what it can do, how to use it and alternatives.

Set up Android
01.09.2023Best iPhone Cleaner Apps
[2024] Best 10 iPhone Cleaner Apps to Wipe out Data Permanently

Here we list you best 10 iPhone data cleaner apps to help you erase data completely on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR to free up space and boost speed.

Erase Data
01.09.2023Samsung Cloud Backup
2024 Overview of Samsung Cloud Backup

What is Samsung Cloud Backup? How to use Samsung Cloud Backup? This post shows you the full guide of Samsung Cloud Backup to backup and restore data easily.

Back up Data
01.09.2023HTC Backup
[2024] Full Guide of HTC Backup

This post shows the complete HTC backup guide to help you backup HTC contacts, photos, messages, call logs, videos, etc. to HTC cloud/Google Drive/PC with ease.

Back up Data
01.06.2023iPhone Settings Icon Missing
How to Get Settings Icon Back to Your iPhone Home Screen Efficiently

If you encounter the problem that iPhone Settings icon is missing, you can follow our solutions to get it back to your home screen or any appropriate location.

Fix Device Issue
01.06.2023How to Loop a Video on iPhone
How to Make a Loop Video on iPhone with or without an App

Wish to loop a video on your iPhone? You are lucky since this guide tells you multiple ways to do it and the comprehensive how-to for each of them.

Edit Video
01.06.2023Turn Off Emergency Alerts on iPhone
How to Turn Off Emergency Alert on iPhone

The emergency sound on the iPhone is appallingly loud. See the tutorial here to learn how to turn off the emergency alerts on the iPhone.

11.19.2022Transfer Data from HTC to iPhone
How to Transfer Data from HTC to iPhone 15/14/13/12/11

How to transfer data from HTC to iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X? Here is our tutorial on transferring contacts, photos and other data to iPhone.

Transfer Data
11.19.2022Apple ID Greyed out
How to Fix Apple ID Greyed Out on iPhone (Including iOS 17)

Want to sign out Apple ID with a restriction, or the fix the grayed out Apple ID in Settings? Here are 4 methods to fix the related problem from the article.

Unlock iOS & Android
11.02.2022Clean iPhone Screen
How to Clean iPhone Screen on iPhone 15/14/13/12 Easily

Looking for the effective way to wipe off fingerprints on your screen? Here we share the gold standard tutorial of how to clean iPhone screen without damages.

Erase Data
09.08.2022Video Speed Controller
Top 8 Greatest Video Speed Controllers for Your Device

Are you looking for a great and reliable Video Speed Controller? This article is the best place for you! We will give you some helpful software you can use.

Edit Video
09.08.2022Change Resolution of a Picture on Android
How to Change Resolution of a Picture on Android Online and Offline

If your photo resolution is too high or low, you are lucky since this tutorial tells you multiple ways to change resolution of a picture on Android devices.

Edit Photo
09.08.2022How to make a Photo HD
3 Free Methods to Make a Photo HD

Can you make a regular picture HD? How to increase the resolution of a picture and make it look more HD? Learn 3 free ways to make a photo HD from this post.

Edit Photo
08.24.2022How to Uninstall Blackhole Mac
Uninstall BlackHole Audio Driver on Mac without Leftover

If you want to get rid of BlackHole virtual audio driver on Mac, you are lucky since we demonstrate multiple ways and complete procedures in this guide.

Clean Mac
08.24.2022How to Delete Bluestacks on Mac
How to Completely Delete BlueStacks on Mac without Leftover

To completely uninstall BlueStacks Android emulator platform from Mac without leftover, you can read and follow our guide.

Clean Mac
08.18.2022Uninstall Kaspersky on Mac
2 Ways to Completely Uninstall Kaspersky on Mac

Can I delete all traces of Kaspersky? How to completely remove Kaspersky security suite from Mac? You can learn 2 effective ways to uninstall Kaspersky on Mac.

Clean Mac
07.19.2022How to Turn Off Sleep Mode on Mac
3 Solutions to Turn Off Sleep Mode on a Mac

How do you prevent Mac from going to sleep? Where to turn off sleep mode on a Mac? Learn 3 easy ways to disable sleep mode and keep Mac screen on all the time.

07.19.2022Get Rid of Yahoo Redirect Virus on Mac
3 Feasible Ways to Get Rid of Yahoo Redirect Virus on Your Mac

Why does my MacBook keep redirecting to Yahoo? How do you stop Yahoo hijacking Chrome browser? You can learn 3 ways to get rid of Yahoo search virus on a Mac.

06.16.2022Discord for mac
How to Download and Use the Discord App on Mac Properly

Can I install Discord on Mac? How to fix the problem that Discord for Mac corrupt when installing? This article will answer these questions in detail.

05.26.2022The Sims on Mac
Get to Know How to Download, Play, and Uninstall Sims 4 on Mac

Can you play the Sims 4 on a Mac? How to get Sims 4 on your MacBook? This post gives you a detailed guide on how to download, play, and uninstall Sims 4 on Mac.

04.25.2022What is Malware
What Is Malware and How to Get Rid of Malware from Computer or Mobile

As one of the biggest threats to the security of your computer, tablet, phone, etc., this article talks about what is malware and other relative knowledge.

04.25.2022Mac CPU Usage
How to Check and Lower Mac CPU Usage in Various Situations

To view the CPU usage on your MacBook over time, you can read this concrete guide and follow the steps and suggestions to get the information quickly.

Clean Mac
04.07.2022Accidentally Deleted Canlendar App on iPhone
Restore the Accidentally Deleted Calendars on iPhone 15/14

Accidentally deleted the Calendar app on your iPhone 15/14/13/12? Don't worry. Here are 4 workable methods you to restore the app in this article.

Erase Data
03.16.2022How to Delete Mail on Mac
How to Manage Mail Storage and Delete Mail on Mac

How can I delete multiple Mac emails? How to permanently delete emails from Mail on Mac? How to bulk delete emails in Apple Mail? Learn to delete emails on Mac.

Clean Mac
Professional Tutorial of Framaroot to Root Android Phone and Tablet

This guide focuses on a popular method to get rid of root access restrictions by using Framaroot. Read the details to easily get root access on your Android.

Root Android
03.01.2022Concept Map
Concept Maps - What Is Concept Map and How to Make One

Do you know what is a concept map? This article will walk you through everything you need to know about it. Reda this article and learn to make one yourself.

03.01.2022How to Control Alt Delete on Mac
Control Alt Delete on Mac – 3 Ways to Force Quit Software on Mac

How to use Control Alt Delete on Mac to force quit software when it crashes? Here are detailed guides for Mac users who used to use Windows.

Clean Mac
01.21.2022HEIC from iPhone to PC
How to Transfer HEIC Images from Your iPhone to Your PC

Cannot transfer HEIC images from iPhone to PC? The most direct way to solve the troublesome is by following our comprehensive guide.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Save PDF to iPhone
3 Methods About How to Save PDF to iPhone/iPad

Have you ever considered putting a vital PDF file into your iPhone for convenience? Read and learn how to get PDF files on iPhone through 3 different ways here.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Sync Fitbit with iPhone
[Solved] How to Sync Fitbit with iPhone

Want to set up and sync Fitbit to iPhone? Do not know how to fix Fitbit not syncing with iPhone? Just read and follow this article to get the solutions.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Sync Google Calendar with iPhone
How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone

Want to sync Google calendar with iPhone but don't know the detailed process? You can follow this article to learn both basic and professional solution.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Sync iBooks
How to Sync iBooks Between Apple Devices

Want to sync iBooks between different Apple devices? You can follow this article and get these guides to sync iBooks, bookmarks and notes between devices.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Sync iCal with iPhone
3 Ways to Sync iCal with iPhone

Want to sync iCal but don't know how to sync iCal with iPhone? Simply read and follow this article. Here we list 3 ways to help you solve this problem.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Sync iPhone Calendar with Mac
3 Useful Ways to Sync iPhone Calendar with Mac

Want to sync iPhone Calendar with Mac but don't know how? This guide will tell you how to sync calendar from Mac to iPhone in 3 different ways.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Sync iTunes Playlist to iPhone
How to Sync iTunes Playlist to iPhone

Do you have trouble in adding your favorite playlists from iTunes to iPhone? Do not worry, this post will tell you two different ways to solve your issue.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Sync iTunes to Android
5 Best Methods to Sync iTunes to Android

Don't know how to sync iTunes to Android? It is easy for you to finish the process if you read and follow this article.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone
How to Sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone

If you like to keep track of your schedule with Outlook, sync Outlook calendar with iPhone would be a good choice. Follow this article to learn syncing ways.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Sync Outlook Contacts with iPhone
How to Transfer Outlook Contacts to iPhone

Want to sync your Outlook contacts to your iPhone but do not know how to do it? Read this post and learn the best 4 solutions to get the contacts on iPhone.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Guide about System Recovery Options
Full Guide about System Recovery Options on Windows 10/8/7

System Recovery is a repair and diagnostic tool and has many detailed functions. If you want to learn more info and the full guides about it, keep reading.

Back up Data
12.09.2021Transfer Bookmarks to Another Computer
How to Transfer Bookmarks to Another Computer

Are you looking for effective ways to move favorite bookmarks from one computer to another? Read three different ways here to export browser bookmarks.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Transfer Camera Photos to iPad
How to Transfer Camera Photos to iPad

Want to transfer photos from a digital camera to the iPad? This post will tell you 2 ways to transfer camera photos to iPad. Read and learn more details.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Android
How to Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Android

Want to move your contacts from Blackberry phone to Android? In this post, you will learn 3 different methods to transfer contacts for different devices.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Transfer Files Between PC and Mac
How to Transfer Files from PC to Mac

Want to transfer files from PC to Mac but do not know the detailed process? Read this post and learn the best 5 ways to sync files between computers with ease.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Transfer Files from Android to iPhone
Full Guide to Send Files from Android to iPhone Efficiently

Just get a new iPhone 15/14/13? Here are best 3 ways to transfer text messages, contacts, photos, music and other data from Android to iPhone without data loss.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Transfer Files from Mac to Mac
How to Transfer Files from Mac to Mac

If you need to share files from one Mac to another, this post will tell you the best 5 ways to transfer files between Mac computers in different situations.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Transfer Files from PC to PC
How to Transfer Files from PC to PC

How to transfer files from PC to another PC? The article shares 5 excellent methods that you can transfer data between different computers with easy process.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Transfer Files from Windows Phone to Android
How to Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to Android

Get troubles in transferring your phone contacts from Windows to Android? This post shows 2 ways to transfer contacts from Windows phone to Android with ease.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Transfer iTunes from PC to Mac
How to Transfer iTunes Library from PC to Mac

Have troubles in transferring iTunes library from PC to Mac? Don't worry! This post will share 3 different methods to sync files between Windows PC and Mac.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Transfer MP4 to iPad
3 Efficient Ways to Transfer MP4 to iPad

When you want to enjoy some MP4 files, which only downloaded on your computer with iPad, you need to follow this article to transfer MP4 to iPad firstly.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Transfer Music between Windows Media Player and iTunes
How to Transfer Music from Windows Media Player to iTunes

Since the compatible formats for iTunes and Windows Media Player are different, you can find two ways to transfer music between iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Transfer Data
12.09.2021Transfer Straight Talk Number
How to Transfer Straight Talk Number

Can I transfer my Straight Talk number to a new cell phone? If you have such a query, read this post and learn more information about how to solve this issue!

Transfer Data
12.09.2021View Clear Internet Explorer History
Tutorial to View and Clear Internet Explorer History

This concrete tutorial explains how you can view and clear your browsing history in Internet Explorer web browser on your Windows or macOS.

Erase Data
12.09.2021Wipe Cache Partition
Tutorial to Efficiently Wipe Cache Partition on Android Smartphone

Through this article, we are going to show you how to wipe cache partition on Android smartphone and all details that you need to know related to clear it.

Erase Data
12.02.2021Root Android
Tutorial of Rooting Android Devices without Data Losing

Learn how to root your Android phone/tablet and be able to modify your system? Here is our step by step guide on rooting Android with or without computer.

Root Android
12.02.2021Root Apps
Top 12 Root Apps for Getting Root Access on Android

The android phone should be rooted if try getting more high access to uninstall or install apps. Here are some root apps for Android waiting for you to pick up.

Root Android
12.02.2021Root Cause Analysis Template
The Full Guide of Root Cause Analysis Template

Want to solve problems quickly and easily? Here are top 10 best root cause analysis templates available to find the solution of any problems for free.

Root Android
12.02.2021Root Browser
Everything You Need to Know about Root Browser and How to Use It

This is a complete guide of Root Browser. From this tutorial, you can learn everything you should know about Root Browser, such as what it is and how to use it.

Root Android
12.02.2021Root Explorer
[Ultimate] Tutorial to Root Android Device with Root Explorer Easily

Root Explorer is a powerful tool that allows you to access the entire file system after rooted. This post tells you what Root Explorer can do and how to use it.

Root Android
12.02.2021Root File Manager
10 Best Root File Managers for Rooted Android Tablets and Smartphones

How to manage files, folders and apps after you rooted Android phone? Here are top 10 best root file manager applications for managing file systems simply.

Root Android
12.02.2021Root Genius
Everything You Need to Know about Rooting Android with Root Genius

Root Genius is one of the leading free Android rooting tools on the market. Here you should know about how to safely root Android phone with Root Genius.

Root Android
12.02.2021Root HTC
How to Root HTC One with And without a Computer

Looking for the best way to root HTC One and other phone models? Use our step by step guide to gain root access on your HTC One device effectively and easily.

Root Android
12.02.2021Root King
Professional Tutorial to Root Android Devices with King Root Simply

Looking for a simple way to root Android tablet or smartphone? Here we share one of the best Android rooting tools, King Root, to help you get what you want.

Root Android
12.02.2021Root Master
Everything You Should Know About Rooting Android with Root Master

This post concentrates on the rooting tool of Root Master, such as what Root Master is, what it can do, whether it is worth to try and how to use it correctly.

Root Android
12.02.2021Root Motorola Xoom
Professional Tutorial of Rooting Moto E/G/X without Data Losing

How to get root access on Moto E/G/X? Here we share the best methods to root Moto E/G/X with or without a computer while protect all of your data effectively.

Root Android
12.02.2021Samsung Backup APP
How to Use Samsung Backup APP to Backup Samsung Data

Come and learn different types of Samsung backup apps. You can back up any Samsung data or app selectively and flexibly without data loss.

Back up Data
12.02.2021Back up Samsung Contacts
How to Back up Samsung Contacts to Computer, Gmail or SD Card Easily

This tutorial shows you the easiest ways to backup contacts on Samsung to keep all the contents on your device safe under different situations.

Back up Data
12.02.2021Samsung Factory Reset
Perform Samsung Factory Reset via Settings Menu and Recovery Mode

If you want to sell your Samsung device or encounter some problems on your device, you'll need to perform Samsung factory reset with our guides.

Recover Android System
12.02.2021Samsung Hard Reset
Perform Samsung Hard Reset with Settings App and Hardware Buttons

We show you how to perform Samsung hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/Note 8 and other Samsung device models quickly and effectively.

Recover Android System
12.02.2021Samsung messages backup
Best Ways to Backup Samsung Messages

In order to backup Samsung messages, you can learn more details about the best methods from the article.

Back up Data
12.02.2021Save Notes from iPhone
Tutorial to Save Notes from iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8 Plus/8

If you want to backup all notes on iPhone, iTunes/iCloud could be good choices. To selectively save notes from iPhone, you may need other ways. Learn them here.

Back up Data
12.02.2021SD Card Backup
Tutorial to Do SD Card Backup and Retrieve Data from Broken SD Card

If you prefer to take videos with Android phone, you know how frustrating it can be when it tells no enough space. SD card backup is a good solution.

Back up Data
12.02.2021What If Root Failed
How to Fix Root Failed and Recover Data from Android

This is a step-by-step guide to show you the reasons why Android root failed. You can know more about rooting Android devices correctly here.

Root Android
The Complete Guide to Root Android Tablet and Smartphone with vRoot

To help you root your Android device using vRoot, we have come up with this comprehensive guide about rooting Android tablet and smartphone using vRoot.

Root Android
12.02.2021Verizon Backup
Tutorial of Verizon Backup And Knowledge You should Know about It

This tutorial tells you how to get and use Verizon Backup Assistant and Verizon Backup Cloud for backing up data on a Smartphone or tablet.

Back up Data
12.02.2021Transfer Whatsapp to New iPhone
Tutorial to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to New iPhone Quickly

If you just get your new iPhone, here are multiple methods on how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone 15/14/13/12/11 simply.

Transfer Data
12.02.2021Transfer SMS from Android to iPhone
Tutorial to Transfer Messages between iPhone and Android Phone

If you're making the move between iPhone and Android, you can transfer messages/SMS between iPhone and Android following our step-by-step guides simply.

Transfer Data
12.02.2021Transfer Photos from Samsung to PC and Mac
3 Methods to Transfer Photos from Samsung Phone to Mac

This article shows you how to transfer photos from Samsung Galaxy phone to Mac. You can learn 3 simple method to send Android photos to Mac from here.

Transfer Data
12.02.2021Music on Android to PC
4 Methods to Put Music on Android to Windows and Mac

Just spend a few minutes to learn four easiest ways to put music on your Android device, including via USB cable, Bluetooth, OTG drive and Android backup tool.

Transfer Data
12.02.2021Tenorshare Android Data Recovery
Tenorshare Android Data Recovery: Help You Avoid Android Data Lost

Check the guides for recovering Android data with Tenorshare Android Data Recovery and best alternative way to get back lost data.

Recover Data
12.02.2021Super Root APK
Professional Tutorial of Super Root APK to Root Android Devices Simply

What is Super Root APK, what it can do, whether it is worth to try or how to use? In this tutorial, we answer these questions about Super Root APK in detail.

Root Android
12.02.2021Super One Click Root
Everything You Should Know about Super One Click Root in One Article

If you are looking for how to root your Android device using Super One Click Root, here is a complete tutorial of SuperOneClick to help you obtain root access.

Root Android
10.14.2021Iphone Keeps Restarting
How to Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting Issue

iPhone keeps restarting? Or iPhone keeps rebooting when charging or plugging in headphones? Read this post to fix this problem simply.

Fix Device Issue
09.18.2021Restore Deleted Photos from Android
Restore Deleted Photos on Android (Internal Storage/SD Card)

You can restore deleted photos from Android phone selectively. Just read and learn how to undelete photos from Android internal storage or SD card right now.

Recover Data
09.18.2021Restart Android Phone
Restart Android Phone (Power Key/Safe Mode/Force Restart)

Are you having problems with your mobile phone? A quick restart phone can solve problems ranging from apps freezing up to Android crashing.

Recover Android System
09.18.2021Restore Android Phone
How to Restore Android Phone with Ease

Annoyed with the losing data in Android phone? Just learn more detail about the top 3 ways to restore Android phone with ease.

Recover Android System
09.18.2021Reset Samsung Tablet
3 Ways to Reset Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet to Factory Settings

What is soft reset and hard reset? How to reset my Samsung tab? We have provided you 3 best solutions to do the reset your Samsung device.

Recover Android System
09.18.2021Restart HTC Phone
Tutorial to Restart HTC Phone through Normal Reboot or Force Restart

How to restart HTC phone, such as HTC One series? Here are the correct methods to restart a HTC phone with Power button or when it is frozen.

Recover Android System
09.18.2021Reset LG Phone
Tutorial to Reset LG Phone Using Key Combinations or Settings Menu

It is kind of tricky to reset LG phone without losing any data. In this article, we are going to tell you how to reset your LG phone to factory status.

Recover Android System
09.18.2021Reset a Samsung Phone
Tutorial to Reset a Samsung Phone without Losing Data and Information

This guide introduces how to reset a Samsung phone when the device operates normally and when it is not responding, locked, crashed or black screen.

Recover Android System
09.18.2021Reset an Android Phone
Reset an Android Phone When Locked by Recovery Mode and Google ADM

Our step-by-step guides demonstrate how to easily reset Android phone when locked with Recovery Mode or Google's Android Device Manager.

Recover Android System
09.18.2021Reset Android Password
Reset Android Password via Android Device Manager and Recovery Mode

If you forgot your Android device lock screen password or PIN, here are multiple methods you can quickly reset Android password safely and remotely.

Recover Android System
09.18.2021Reset an Android Phone
Lossless Reset an Android Phone with Settings Menu and Button Commands

Whatever the reason, here's how to factory reset Android phone through the built-in settings menu or under the recovery mode quickly and effectively.

Recover Android System
09.18.2021Repair Drive in Windows 10
100% Working Methods to Fix Bad Sectors on Hard Drive Windows 10

Hard drive corrupted? Find bad sectors on it? Here's our step-by-step tutorial on how to repair hard drive on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP effectively and quickly.

Fix Device Issue
09.18.2021Recover Samsung Account
Tutorial to Recover Samsung Account on Mobile Device and Computer

This tutorial helps you recover Samsung account when you forgot Samsung account ID or password on your Samsung device and computer quickly and effectively.

Recover Android System
09.18.2021Recover Deleted Phone Numbers
How to Recover Deleted Phone Numbers on Android Phones Effectively

Want to recover deleted phone numbers but don't know how? Follow the tutorial below to easily recover deleted phone contacts with or without backup.

Recover Data
09.18.2021Recover Deleted Files from SD Card
Recover Deleted Files from SD Card on Android Phone

The article aims to explain how to recover deleted files from SD card. Your deleted photos, notes, videos and other items can be recovered fast and safely.

Recover Data
09.18.2021Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive
Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive on Windows PC and Mac

Accidentally formatted your hard drive and lost all important data in it? Our guide can help you recover data from formatted hard drive with ease.

Recover Data
09.18.2021Recover Contacts
Ultimate Guide to Recover Contacts from Android Phones

This tutorial shows how to recover contacts from Android phones. Please follow the step-by-step guide to restore deleted/lost Android contacts.

Recover Data
09.18.2021Restore Recently Deleted Apps
Restore Recently Deleted Apps from iPhone and Android

Delete your favorite apps on Smartphone mistakenly? We'll show you how to restore recently deleted apps on iPhone and Android.

Recover Data
09.18.2021Print Text Messages from iPhone
3 Best Ways to Print Text Messages from iPhone With Ease

Read and learn how to print text messages from iPhone with or without computer. You can get both free and professional solutions for even court usages.

Transfer Data
09.18.2021Phone Data Recovery
How to Achieve Phone Data Recovery

It is upset when you lose some important data of Android phone, here are the best solutions for phone data recovery.

Recover Data
09.18.2021Online Root
10 Best Online Root Toolkits for Rooting Android Tablet and Smartphone

Looking for an excellent way to obtain root access? Here we list top 10 best online root toolkits to help you root Android tablets and smartphones effectively.

Root Android
08.20.2021One Click Root
One Click Root - Root Android Devices Effectively

One Click Root is a simple way to root Android devices in a single click. Here we share some tips and full guide of One click Root to help root Android.

Root Android
08.20.2021Odin Root
Everything You Should Know about Odin Root for Samsung Galaxy Devices

What Is Odin Root? Here's everything you should know about Odin Root for obtain root access on Android devices from Samsung and other manufacturers.

Root Android
08.20.2021No Root Firewall
7 Best No Root Firewall Applications for Android

In this article, we concentrate on how to control internet access permissions for each app on Android. Spend a few minutes to learn best no root firewall apps.

Root Android
08.20.2021Nexus Root Toolkit
Root Nexus 10/7/6/5/4 with Nexus Root Toolkit Simply

Here we discuss how to root Nexus10/9/7/6/5/4 and other Nexus tablets and phones with the general method and simple solutions, such as Nexus Root Toolkit.

Root Android
08.20.2021Kingo Root
Full Tutorial of Kingo Root for Rooting Android Tablet and Smartphone

Here's everything you need to know about rooting your Android tablet or smartphone with Kingo Root Android on Android phone as well as computer.

Root Android
08.20.2021Kies Backup
Tutorial of Samsung Kies Backup and The Best Kies Backup Alternatives

With Kies Backup, you can create backups of the content on your Samsung devices. Here is how to use Kies Backup on your Samsung Galaxy device.

Back up Data
07.30.2021Iphone Keeps Crashing
What to Do When iPhone Keeps Crashing with or without iTunes

There are many things that can go wrong to cause your iPhone keeps crashing. You can learn multiple common ways to fix this problem in a few minutes.

Fix Device Issue
07.30.2021iPhone Calendar Not Syncing
4 Useful Methods to Fix iPhone Calendar Not Syncing

Do you want to fix your iPhone Calendar not syncing? The article lists the best solutions that you can read and follow fix the related problems with ease.

Fix Device Issue
07.30.2021Root ZTE
The Complete Guide of Rooting ZTE Devices without Data Loss

Want to get root access on a ZTE device? Here we share a step by step guide on how to root ZTE phone with or without a computer while without losing data.

Root Android
07.30.2021Backup Android Phone
How to Backup Android Phone in an Easiest Way

How do you back up Android phone or tablet? This article introduces to you the best Android backup method.

Back up Data
07.30.2021Recover Deleted Photos
How to Recover Deleted Photos Pictures from Android/SD Card/iPhone

How to recover my deleted photos? You can learn how to recover deleted photos on Android, SD card, and iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4 in this post.

Recover Data
07.29.2021Transfer Photos from Samsung Android to PC
Proven Ways to Import Photos from Samsung to your Computer

Want to download pictures from your Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S7 to your PC/Mac? Read and find multiple ways to do that.

Transfer Data
07.29.2021Delete History on Android
How to Clear History on Android (Google Chrome & Firefox & More)

Need to clear your browsing history and cookies right now? Luckily, this article shows how to clear history on Android for all popular web browsers.

Erase Data
07.29.2021Delete Contacts in Android
How to Delete One/Multiple/All Contacts in Android

This guide introduces how to delete phone contacts in Android completely, so that you can get 4 easy ways to delete phone numbers freely.

Erase Data
07.29.2021Contacts from Android to Android
How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

This post shows you how to transfer contacts from Android to Android using Bluetooth, Gmail, SIM card, and the best phone transfer app.

Transfer Data
07.23.2021iBackup Viewer
How to Use iBackup Viewer to Extract Data from iPhone/iPad/iPod

Where to download iBackup Viewer? How to use iBackup Viewer to extract data from iPhone, iPad or iPod? Check out the ultimate guidance for iBackup Viewer here.

Back up Data
07.23.2021How to Transfer iTunes Library to Another Computer
How to Transfer iTunes Library from One Computer to Another

Just learn more detailed information about how to transfer iTunes music from one computer to another. You can get the 3 methods to transfer files with ease.

Transfer Data
07.23.2021How to Tell If My Phone is Rooted
Best Solutions on How to Tell If My Phone is Rooted Simply and Quickly

Not sure whether your Android device is rooted or not? We focus on how to tell if my phone is rooted using multiple methods effectively and easily.

Root Android
07.23.2021How to Save Text Message
Tutorial to Save Text Messages from Android to Computer Quickly

How to save Android text messages? Here are our step-by-step guides on saving text messages from Android to PC or SD card simply and quickly.

Transfer Data
07.23.2021How to Root Your Phone
Effective Guide to Root Android Phone/iPhone/Kindle Fire HD

How to root device? Here we share a step by step guide on rooting Android devices, iPhone/iPad, Kindle Fire/Fire HD/Fire HD Pro effectively and simply.

Root Android
07.23.2021How to Root Samsung Note3
100% Working Tutorial to Root Note 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 without Data Losing

Learn to safely root your Samsung Galaxy Note devices? Here we tell you 100% working tutorial on how to root Samsung Note 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 without data loss.

Root Android
07.23.2021Root Android Phone with KingRoot
How to Root Android Phone with KingRoot

Want to root Android phone? This article introduces two ways to help you root Android phone with KingRoot on your PC or Android devices.

Root Android
07.23.2021Root Samsung Devices with PingPong Root
How to Root Samsung Devices with PingPong Root

Do you want to safely root Samsung devices? This article will show you how to root Samsung S8/S7/S6/S6 Edge with PingPong Root.

Root Android
07.23.2021Root Android Phone with Kingo Root
How to Root Android Phone with Kingo Root

How can you root Android phone? Kingo Root can be a great choice. Here we show you how to root Android with Kingo Root.

Root Android
07.23.2021Root Android Phone with iRoot
How to Root Android Phone with iRoot on Computer or Device

Do you want to know how to root your phone safely? This article shows you how to root Android devices with iRoot in an easy way.

Root Android
07.23.2021How to Fix the Directory Name is Invalid
Tutorial to Fix The Directory Name is Invalid Error on Windows 10/8/7

In this tutorial we will show you how to fix the directory name is invalid error. Then you can open your disk normally and access data on your computer.

Fix Device Issue
07.23.2021Delete Hangout History
Delete/Recover Google Hangout Messages on iPhone/Android

How to delete Message on Google Hangout? Here is the full guide to delete Hangout messages and conversations on iPhone, Android and computer if you regret it.

Erase Data
07.23.2021Import Google Contacts to iPhone
How to Import Google Contacts to iPhone

Want to import Google Gmail contact to iPhone? In this article, we will introduce two ways to help you import Contacts from Gmail to iPhone.

Transfer Data
07.21.2021Helium Backup
Tutorial of Helium Backup and The Best Helium Backup Alternatives

We create a lot of data on our Android devices, like pictures and videos we took. Looking for an Android backup app? Helium Backup may be a good option.

Back up Data
07.21.2021Fix Windows 10 Green Sscreen of Death
Step-by-step Tutorial to Green Screen of Death on Windows 10 Quickly

Green screen of death on your Windows 10 may occur at any time. Here's our step-by-step guide on how to fix green screen of death on Windows 10 computer.

Fix Device Issue
07.21.2021Fix Invalid Value For Registry
How to Fix Invalid Value for Registry Error on Windows 10/11

Many Windows users complained they cannot open photos due to the error ’Invalid value for registry’. We share a tutorial to fix this error on Windows 11/10/8/7.

Fix Device Issue
07.21.2021Fix Invalid System Disk Error
Solutions to Fix Invalid System Disk Error on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP

An invalid system disk error has several possible causes. Luckily, you can fix this issue on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP with this tutorial within a few minutes.

Fix Device Issue
07.21.2021Fix Bricked Android Phone
How to Fix a Bricked Android Phone

Get a brick phone and can't use it anymore? This post will tell you why, and show a way to fix broken Samsung device, you are able to recover data from it then.

Fix Bricked Phone
07.21.2021External Hard Drive Not Showing Up
Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing up on Windows 11/10

If the drive doesn't show up in File Explorer, follow our step-by-step tutorial to fix external hard drive not showing up in Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP quickly.

Fix Device Issue
07.21.2021Excel Not Responding
8 Easy Ways to Fix Excel Not Responding Windows 11/10/8

This tutorial is created to help troubleshoot hanging crashing and not responding issues while using Excel. There are best methods to fix Excel not responding.

Fix Device Issue
07.21.2021DVD to iPad
How to Transfer DVD to iPad and Watch DVD on iPad

Do you know how to play DVD on iPad? Or do you know how to transfer DVD to iPad? If not, just read the detailed information to get files of DVD on iPhone.

Transfer Data
07.21.2021DU Screen Recorder
DU Screen Recorder – Record PC And Android Phone Screen

If you want to learn how to record PC and Android phone with DU screen Recorder, this post will show you the most detailed info about this screen recorder.

Record Video & Audio
06.24.2021Back Up Computer to iCloud
How to Back Up a Windows/Mac Computer to iCloud

It is quite easy to make a copy of both your Windows and Mac PC with iCloud. This article can show you how to backup computer to iCloud step by step.

Back up Data
06.21.2021Clear Cache Data on Android
How to Clear Cache Data on Android

This article shows what is cached data and how to clear cache Android. Thus, you can free up space and speed up your Android phone easily.

Erase Data
06.21.2021Clear Phone Storage Space on Android
How to Clear Phone Storage Space on Android Easily

If your phone storage is full, then just read and learn how to clear phone storage to free up more storage space on Android here.

Erase Data
06.21.2021CF Auto Root
100% Working Guide of CF Auto Root for Rooting Android Mobile Devices

It is the full guide of CF Root for almost all models of Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy phone, so you can customize files, folders, and apps.

Root Android
06.21.2021Blue Screen of Death
How to Fix Blue Screen of Death

If you encounter a blue screen of death on your computer but do not know how to fix it, find the best methods to solve it from this page.

Fix Device Issue
06.21.2021Best Cloud Backup
15 Best Cloud Backup Services for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android

Whether an accidental deletion or software crashing, losing files is easy to do. The best cloud backup plans could protect your data on computer and Smartphone.

Back up Data
06.21.2021Reset HTC Phone
Tutorial to Reset HTC Phone with Settings Menu and Hardware Buttons

If your HTC One has a persistent problem that cannot be solved, you can perform a factory reset HTC phone following the guides in this article.

Recover Android System
06.10.2021Backup Android Contacts
How to Backup Android Contacts to PC, Google and SD card

Want to find the best way to backup Android contacts ? You can learn more details about backing up Android contacts to PC, Gmail account and SD card.

Back up Data
06.10.2021Auto Backup
8 Best Auto Backup Applications for Windows and Android

Perform auto back on your digital devices to protect files and avoid data loss? Here are the best Auto Backup Apps for Windows and Android devices.

Back up Data
06.10.2021Fix Android Recovery Mode Not Working
How to Fix Android Recovery Mode Not Working

You ever been upset when the Android Recovery Mode not working? Don't worry, this article will show you how to fix Android Recovery Mode not working.

Recover Android System
05.28.2021Delete Bookmarks on iPad and iPhone
2 Best Methods to Delete Bookmarks on iPhone and iPad

Learn how to clear bookmarks on iPad and iPhone in our step-by-step tutorial. We will teach you how to organize bookmarks on iPhone and stay organized.

Erase Data
05.28.2021Windows 7 Startup Repair
[Fixed] Get Rid of Windows Startup Repair Loop without Data Loss

Windows 7 stuck in Startup Repair loop without stopping? Here's our tutorial to get rid of startup repair loop and recover lost data after troubleshooting.

Fix Device Issue
05.28.2021Clear iPhone to sell
Tutorial to Clear iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/X/8/7/6 to Sell

If you got a new iPhone or iPad, you may have an old one that you're ready to sell for a bit of extra cash. Here's how to clear iPhone before selling.

Erase Data
05.28.2021Transfer Android to USB Flash Drive of Computer
3 Simple Methods to Transfer Android to USB Flash Drive

How to transfer Android to USB Flash Drive of computer? Here's our tutorial to transfer photos, contacts, music and other files from Android to USB flash drive.

Transfer Data
05.28.2021Sync and Save iPhone Text Messages
Sync and Save iPhone Text Messages/iMessages to Computer

Back up messages from iPhone to computer? Here's our tutorial to help you sync and save iPhone text messages/iMessages to Mac and Windows simply.

Transfer Data
05.28.2021SD Card Stopped Working
Ways to Solve SD Card Stopped Working

Are you fretting about the not-working SD card on your Android phone? No need to worry, read the post that will help you fix it.

Fix Device Issue
05.28.2021Locked SD Card
Things You Should Know to Recover Data from a Locked SD Card

Do you want to recover locked SD card pictures and files? Check the lock switch position and follow our guides to recover files from locked SD card.

Fix Device Issue
05.28.2021WhatsApp Backup
Make WhatsApp Backup and Restore WhatsApp Backup on Android

Your WhatsApp chats are automatically backed up and saved if you set it up. Learn how to make WhatsApp backup on Android phone and how to restore backup.

Back up Data
05.28.2021Phone Flashing
3 Excellent Methods to Do Phone Flashing on Android Devices

In this guide we'll show you multiple ways you can do phone flashing on your Android phone or tablet, and make your phone customized and personalized.

Fix Device Issue
05.28.2021iPhone Black and White
Here Is The Real Fix for iPhone Black and White

If you find that your iPhone screen gets black and white unexpectedly, this guide will show you the most helpful solutions to solve this frustrated problem.

Fix Device Issue
05.28.2021Custom Lock Screen
Top Ways to Set Custom Lock Screen on Android Smartphones and Tablets

Want to create personalized lock screen? Here we tell you how to set lock screen with Settings app or the bets custom lock screen apps for Android devices.

Set up Android
05.28.2021SSD Not Showing up
How to Fix SSD Not Showing up and Recover Data from SSD on Windows 10

Encounter SSD not showing up in computer or Disk Management in Windows 10? Don't worry, and here is our step-by-step guide to fix it and get back your data.

Fix Device Issue
05.28.2021SD Card not Reading
Fix SD Card Not Reading or Not Detected by Computer

When SD card not showing up after connecting to computer or smartphone, here's the tutorial to fix this problem and get back all your data on the SD card.

Fix Device Issue
05.28.2021iPhone Red Screen
4 Best Methods to Fix iPhone Red Screen of Death

Are you facing the situation that iPhone red screen of death? We list 4 best methods to fix iPhone red screen issue in this page.

Fix Device Issue
05.21.2021iCloud Backup for Android
Tutorial to Use iCloud Backup for Android Devices via Email and Notes

How to use iCloud Backup for Android devices? Here are multiple ways to sync contents from iCloud Backup to Android via Email, Notes and third party apps.

Back up Data
05.21.2021Backup iPhone Photos
Backup iPhone Photos without iTunes? That's All You Need

There are 5 detailed solutions to backup iPhone photos without iTunes. Thus, you can backup photos from iPhone to Windows or Mac computer quickly and easily.

Back up Data
05.21.2021Android File Manager
10 Best Android File Managers to Browse And Organize Files on Android

From optimizing your phone's storage to back up your device with the cloud services, we share 10 best Android file manager apps for managing files simply.

Root Android
05.14.2021Transfer Texts to New Phone
How to Transfer Text Messages to New Phone

Want to transfer some important text messages from old phone to new one? This post shows simple ways to transfer texts from Android to Android device.

Transfer Data
05.14.2021Recover Photos on Android Samsung
How to Recover Photos on Android Samsung

When your photos are lost on Samsung smartphone, you can choose some Samsung photo recovery tools to restore lost photos.

Recover Data
05.14.2021Recover deleted files Android internal storage
How to Recover Deleted Files from Android Internal Storage

Files are deleted from Android internal storage? Read this page to recover the deleted files from internal storage on Android easily.

Recover Data
05.14.2021Backup Android Phone to Google
How to Backup Android Phone to Google Drive

To ensure the security of your Android data, you had better backup phone to Google account. And this post also shows steps to back up a phone to Mac or PC.

Back up Data
05.14.2021Delete Mac App
How to Delete Apps on Mac

How to uninstall program on Mac quickly and safely? Here we introduce some professional methods for you to easily delete apps on Mac.

Erase Data
05.14.2021Google Phone Backup
FAQs about Google Phone Backup

The article has collected frequently asked questions and related answers about Google phone backup. Come and read to get any information you need.

Back up Data
05.14.2021iPhone White Screen
How to Fix iPhone White Screen

Are you still looking for ways to fix iPhone white screen? Just follow this article and get these methods to fix the problem.

Fix Device Issue
04.27.2021Root Samsung with One Click Root
How to Root Samsung with One Click Root

How to root Android phone with One Click Root? This article will tell you the detailed information about how to root Android phone with One Click Root.

Root Android
04.27.2021Toshiba External Hard Drive not Showing up
Tutorial to Repair Toshiba External Hard Drive not Showing up on PCs

When a Toshiba external hard drive becomes unresponsive when connected to a computer, here are multiple solutions to fix it without data loss effectively

Fix Device Issue
04.27.2021iPhone Won't Sync with iTunes
iPhone Won't Sync with iTunes, Here Is The Fix

What to do if your iPhone won't sync with iTunes? Do not worry, this article will give you a comprehensive instruction to help you solve this problem.

Fix Device Issue
04.27.2021Unroot Android
Top 5 Ways to Unroot Android Tablets and Smartphones Effectively

Want to give up the root access privilege? In this tutorial, we tell you multiple methods to unroot Android smartphones and tablets with or without PC.

Root Android
04.16.2021Memory Card Corrupted
Fix Memory Card Corrupted and Recover Data from Memory Card

Here are 4 best ways to fix memory card corrupted issues and get back your lost pictures, music, videos, documents and other files from the corrupted card.

Fix Device Issue
04.16.2021Android Process Acore
5 Easy Ways to Fix Android.Process.Acore Has Stopped

When you see the process android.process.acore has stopped, you can read this article to fix the android process acore error easily and quickly.

Set up Android
04.16.2021Samsung Smart Switch
How to Use Samsung Smart Switch for PC to Transfer Files for Samsung

Transfer content from a PC to your Galaxy phone? Samsung Smart Switch for PC is a utility to back up, restore and sync Samsung Galaxy phone to Windows PCs.

Back up Data
04.16.2021iPhone Emojis for Android
The Best Way to Get iPhone Emojis for Android Phone/Tablet

Want to use iPhone emojis on your Android phone? Here is our tutorial on how to get iPhone emojis for Android, including the rooted and unrooted Android phone.

Transfer Data
04.16.2021Backup Android to Mac
The Most Useful Ways to Backup Android to Mac

This article shows the complete guide to backup Android to Mac optionally. Thus, you can transfer contacts, photos or entire Android files to Mac with ease.

Back up Data
04.16.2021How to get videos off iPhone
Tutorial to Send Large Videos from iPhone to Mac/Windows PC

Do you need to transfer large videos from iPhone to Mac/PC? Spend a few minutes to learn our guides about moving videos from iPhone to computer.

Transfer Data
04.16.2021Delete History on iPhone
5 Ultimate Solution About How to Delete History on iPhone

How to delete history on iPhone, including Internet history, cookies, call history and so on? Read this article and learn the way to delete history with us.

Erase Data
04.16.2021Samsung Photo Backup
4 Method for Samsung Photo Backup

What should you do to backup photos on Samsung? Just learn more detail about the excellent methods from the article.

Back up Data
04.09.2021iPhone Backup Unlocker
3 Best iPhone Backup Unlocker Software on Windows/Mac

In this best iPhone backup unlocker software review, we will share 3 iPhone backup unlocker applications for Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7/XP and Mac computers.

Back up Data
04.09.2021How to Root Galaxy S4
How to Root Samsung Tablet and Galaxy S4 Quickly and Easily

Android devices can be as open as you want. Here's our step-by-step guide on how to root Samsung tablets and Galaxy S4 smartphones easily and effectively.

Root Android
04.09.2021Remove Apps from Android
How to Remove Apps from Android

There are so many useless apps in my Android device, how to delete unwanted apps from Android device? Here introduce four best ways to solve this problem.

Erase Data
04.09.2021Restore Apps on Android
Different Ways to Backup and Restore Apps on Android

Want to backup and restore Apps on Android? You can check out the methods below to solve the problem from the article.

Recover Data
04.09.2021Fix Windows Cannot Access the Specified Device Path
Easy Fix Windows Cannot Access The Specified Device Path or File

Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file error appears on your screen? Follow our step-by-step guides to fix it and access file normally.

Fix Device Issue
04.09.2021Button Savior
Detailed Review of Button Savior (Root V.S. Non Root) App

Button Savior is a popular software button app for Android devices. Know about this Button Savior (root vs non root) and how to use it from this page.

Root Android
04.09.2021Clear Master APK for Android
Top 10 Alternatives of Clean Master APK for Android Devices

Is Clean Master for Android trust to use? Here's our review for Clean Master app and tutorial on how to use it on your Android phone to keep storage clean.

Erase Data
04.09.2021Delete Skype Messages
A Complete Guide of How to Delete Skype Messages

Learn how to delete Skype messages on Windows 10 and iPhone easily and successfully from this page. This article shows common solutions and you can try them.

Erase Data
04.09.2021Google Cloud Backup
Tutorial of Using Google Cloud Backup for Android Devices Effectively

This page shows how to use Google Cloud Backup to back up and restore Android devices like Samsung, LG, HTC, Moto, Lenovo, Huawei, and more.

Back up Data
04.09.2021Missing Dill Files
Tutorial to Restore Missing DLL Files on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista

The only way to permanently fix DLL errors is to fix the underlying cause of the issue. Here's our tutorial on how to restore missing DLL files and fix errors.

Fix Device Issue
04.09.2021Recover Deleted Audio Files
Recover Deleted Audio Files from Android Internal Storage

Lost some important audio files on your Android device? This post shows 2 easy ways to recover deleted audio files from Android phone and tablet.

Recover Data
03.30.2021Phone Wont Turn On
How to Fix Phone Won't Turn On

Are you afraid when your Android phone won't turn on? Don't worry! This article lists some good methods for you to fix this problem.

Fix Device Issue
03.30.2021Recover Deleted Data from SanDisk Card
How to Recover Deleted Data from SanDisk Card

Feel regretful to delete some data from SD card? This tutorial will tell you the best solution for SanDisk recovery to retrieve deleted data.

Back up Data
03.30.2021Android File Transfer Not Working
How to Fix Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac

Android File Transfer not working on Mac? Here are simple ways to fix this issue. Moreover, you can find best alternative app to Android File Transfer here.

Fix Device Issue
03.30.2021Delete Files on Android
How to Delete Files on Android Permanently and Quickly

If you are looking for any clean Android phone app, then you should not miss this article. It shows easy ways to delete files on Android without root.

Erase Data
03.30.2021Free in App Purchases
Guide to Get Free in App Purchase without Rooting Android

In this tutorial, we will show you how to effectively get free in app purchases on any Android tablet and smartphone devices with no root access needed.

Root Android
02.24.2021Backup Photos with Google Photos
How to Backup Photos with Google Photos

Have you ever heard about Google photos? Do you know how to backup photos using Google photos? Read on and learn more at this article.

Back up Data
02.24.2021Viber Backup
100% Working Tutorial to Make Viber Backup and Restore Backup to Viber

If you have a Viber account and can't back up your messages through your app for any reason, you can follow our step-by-step guides to make Viber backups.

Back up Data
02.24.2021Best Phone Cleaners for Android
15 Best Phone Cleaners for Android from Samsung, HTC, Sony, and more

Android phones get slow overtime? Here's our review for 15 best phone cleaner apps for phone from Samsung, HTC, Sony, and more to improve Android performance.

Erase Data
02.24.2021Transfer Data from LG to Samsung
Tutorial to Transfer Data from LG to Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6

Looking for LG to Samsung transferring tools? Here are multiple ways on transferring data from Samsung to LG or LG to Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6/Note 8/Note 6.

Transfer Data
02.24.2021Android Recycle Bin
Android Recycle Bin - A Simple Way to Recover Data on Android

Is there any Android recycle bin to retrieve the deleted files back? Just check out the best solution as for the recycle bin alternative on Android.

Recover Data
01.29.2021Apple ID Not Working on iPhone
How to Fix Apple ID Not Working on iPhone (Due to Password Forgotten)

Follow these steps to fix Apple ID not working on iPhone 15/14/13/12 and earlier models. You can bypass the disabled Apple ID and password by yourself easily.

Unlock iOS & Android
01.27.2021Video Chat Android to iPhone
15 Best Video Chat Apps for Android and iPhone 15/14/13/12/11

Making video chat between iPhone and Android? Here are top 15 best video chat apps available to both Android and iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/X.

Transfer Data
01.27.2021Phone Wont Charge
How to Fix Phone Won't Charge (8 Solutions)

What should you do when your phone won't charge? Check out the ultimate solution to fix the problem from the article.

Fix Device Issue
01.22.2021Move Apps to SD Card
Tutorial to Move Apps to SD Card on Android Smartphones and Tablets

If your Android phone comes with a small amount of internal storage, here's how to move Android apps to SD card and free up more internal storage.

Transfer Data
01.22.2021Convert Cassette to Mp3
How to Convert Cassette to MP3

Do you want to save these old cassette decks for digital files? This post is going to teach you how to record cassette to MP3 on computer step by step.

Transfer Data
01.22.2021Transfer Everything to New Phone
3 Methods to Transfer from Samsung HTC to New Phone

Looking for the best way to transfer everything to new Android phone? Here you can learn multiple simple methods to transfer everything to new phone quickly.

Transfer Data
01.22.2021Transfer Music from iPhone to Windows/Mac
3 Ultimate Solutions to Transfer Music from iPhone to Windows/Mac

Here's a quick tutorial on how to transfer music from iPhone, iPad or iPod to the PC or Mac with iTunes, iCloud and professional iPhone transferring app.

Transfer Data
01.22.2021Delete Contacts on iPhone
How to Delete Contacts on iPhone

This passage is focusing on how to delete contacts on iPhone/iPad from iCloud. If you are interested, please keep on reading and learn it.

Erase Data
01.22.2021USB Device not Recognized
Fix USB Device Not Recognized by Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP

Do you get a ‘USB device not recognized’ error whenever you plug in a USB device? You can learn multiple solutions to fix this problem and get your data back.

Fix Device Issue
01.22.2021Fix Bad Pool Header Error
Step-by-step Tutorial to Fix Bad Pool Header on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP

What to do with a Windows stop BAD_POOL_HEADER error? All you need to do is to follow our step-by-step guides to fix bad pool header on Windows 10/8/7.

Fix Device Issue
01.22.2021Delete Photos from Android
How to Delete Photos from Android Permanently

This article shows how to delete photos from Android permanently. And you can get 4 easy ways to delete photos from different aspects.

Erase Data
01.15.2021How to Hack Sscreen Time on iPhone
How to Hack Screen Time on An iPhone and iPad with/without Password

How to hack screen time on an iPhone/iPad? Will you need to jailbreak the iPhone if there is a password? Just learn more about the process from the article.

Unlock iOS & Android
01.13.2021Transfer Data from HTC to Samsung
Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. HTC U11, Which Should be Your Choice

This article is written to introduce how to transfer data from HTC to Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/S8/S8+/S9 with USB cable, Smart Switch, Gmail, and more options.

Transfer Data
01.13.2021Clear Data on iPhone
Tutorial to Clear Documents and Data on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS

Have you been wondering about how to remove Documents and Data stored on your iPhone/iPad? Here's how to clear documents and data on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11.

Erase Data
01.13.2021How to Delete Messages on iPhone
How to Delete Messages on iPhone

How to delete all text messages on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? This post shows best ways to remove iPhone messages with ease.

Erase Data
01.13.2021Blackberry Backup
Tutorial of Blackberry Backup and Knowledge You Should Know About

This tutorial provides information and guides on how to do Blackberry backup on Blackberry 10 with BlackBerry Link or Blackberry 7.1 via Blackberry Software.

Back up Data
01.13.2021Transfer photos from Android to iPhone
How to Transfer Android Photos to iPhone with (out) Computer

How to transfer photos from Android to iPhone? We share the best 3 ways to help you complete this task within a few minutes with or without computer.

Transfer Data
01.13.2021Unlock Android Password
What to Do if I Forgot My Android Lock Screen Password?

How to unlock my Android phone if I forgot the password/pattern? Is there any way to unlock Android without any data loss? Read this post to find an answer.

Fix Device Issue
01.13.2021Memory Card Errors
Step-by-step Guide to Fix Memory Card Errors and Recover Data Easily

Is your memory card acting with weird errors? Check out this tutorial for fixing memory card errors in a variety of situations and get back your data.

Fix Device Issue
01.13.2021Hard Drive Recovery
Top 10 Hard Drive Recovery Software for Windows and Mac PC

Lose files from hard drives? Here's our recommendation of top 10 hard drive recovery software for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP and Mac computers quickly and easily.

Recover Data
01.13.2021Clean Virus Out of Phone
How to Delete Virus from Android Phone

You can learn how to delete virus from phone in easy ways. Moreover, this article introduces methods to check Android phone for viruses as well.

Erase Data
01.13.2021Recover Deleted Files from Android
[Solved] How to Recover Deleted Files on Android

How to recover deleted files from Android? 3 ways here are to recover deleted photos, contacts, SMS, call logs, WhatsApp, etc. from internal storage or SD card.

Recover Data
01.13.2021Restore Deleted Contacts
[Solved] How to Restore Contacts on Android Phone

Contacts are deleted on your Android phone? Take the 2 easy ways to restore contacts from Android phone memory and SD card in simple steps.

Recover Data
01.13.2021Recover Your Deleted Text Messages
Best Ways to Recover Your Deleted Text Messages from Android or iPhone

Whether you mistakenly delete text messages on Android or iPhone, you can find the best way to restore deleted messages from this post.

Recover Data
01.13.2021SMS Backup & Restore
[Review & Guide] SMS Backup & Restore on Android Phone

This post shows the review and guide of SMS Backup & Restore, letting you back up and restore (erased) SMS/MMS text messages and call logs on Android easily.

Back up Data
01.13.2021Hard Reset Android
Hard Reset Android with the Settings Menu and Recovery Mode

Is your Android smartphone slow, freezing or not responsive? Follow our guides to hard reset Android and access your device as usual again.

Recover Android System
01.13.2021Delete Voicemail Messages
How to Delete Voicemail on iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

Learn how to delete voicemails from iPhone and Android device from Samsung, HTC, Moto, Sony, Google and other manufacturers.

Erase Data
01.13.2021Delete Spotlight Search
Tutorial to Delete Spotlight Search on iPhone

This is a detailed tutorial on how to delete Spotlight Search history on iPhone and free up internal storage.

Erase Data
01.13.2021Recover Deleted Pictures
Ultimate Guide to Recover Deleted Pictures on Computer

Mistakenly delete some important pictures on computer? Need the best solution to recover deleted pictures from Windows 11/10 PC and Mac? Just read this page.

Recover Data
01.13.2021Transfer SIM Card to New Phone
How to Transfer SIM Card to New Phone

Want to transfer your SIM card to the new cell phone, but do not know the detailed methods? Just read this post to learn more about how to transfer SIM card.

Transfer Data
01.13.2021Android Power Button Not Working
All Effective Ways to Fix Android Power Button Not Working

Is it a torture to use an Android phone when the Home button or Power button not working? Read the passage to fix Android Power button not working.

Fix Device Issue
01.13.2021Fix Smart Switch Not Working
Ways to Fix Smart Switch Not Working

Find your Samsung Smart Switch is not working? Calm down and read the post, which can address all your problems with smart switch not working.

Fix Device Issue
01.13.2021Reset a Huawei Phone
Tutorial to Reset a Huawei Phone with Settings Menu and Recovery Mode

This article will introduce 3 best solutions to reset a Huawei phone to factory settings and get rid of various software issues.

Recover Android System
01.13.2021Ibackup Bot
iBackupBot Introduction, Download, Review, How-to and Best Alternative

iBackupBot is able to backup or manage your iOS files without iTunes. You can learn more about iBackupBot, how to use it and its best alternative in this page.

Back up Data
01.13.2021iPhone Frozen
How to Fix iPhone Frozen

Are you still confused about how to fix iPhone frozen? Don't worry, follow this article and get these solutions to solve it.

Fix Device Issue
01.13.2021Reboot Samsung Galaxy
Full Guide to (Hard) Reboot Samsung Galaxy Phone

How to reboot Samsung Galaxy to speed up or fix frozen phone? This page shows the full guide to reboot and hard reboot Samsung Galaxy S/Note series device, etc.

Recover Android System
01.13.2021Sync iPad and iPhone Calendar
How to Sync iPad and iPhone Calendar

In order to sync iPad and iPhone calendar, you need to get the detailed guide to teach you how to sync iPhone and iPad calendar professionally and easily.

Transfer Data
01.13.2021iPad Keeps Restarting
[Solved] How to Fix iPad Keeping Restarting

iPad keeps restarting over and over? Here are 10 solutions to fix iPad keeping restarting during restore/update running on iOS 17/16 efficiently.

Fix Device Issue
01.13.2021Samsung Backup
[Full Guide] How to Backup and Restore Data on Samsung

How to backup Samsung phone data? This page shows the full guide to backup Samsung photos, contacts, messages, etc. to cloud/computer and restore backup easily.

Back up Data
01.13.2021Fix iPhone Says Searching
How to Fix iPhone Says Searching Issue

Why is iPhone saying No Service or Searching in the upper-left hand corner of your iPhone? This article will tell you all the details and fixes.

Fix Device Issue
01.13.2021Photo Recovery Tools
10 Photo Recovery Tools to Recover Lost Photos on Phones

Losing photos on our phone is really painful. Fortunately, there are 10 photo recovery tools for iPhone and Android that can help you to recover your photos.

Recover Data
01.13.2021Recover Deleted Videos from Android
How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android

How can I recover deleted videos from Android? This page lists 2 easy and efficient ways to help you retrieve videos from Android phone and Google Photos.

Recover Data
01.13.2021LG Cloud Backup
The Complete Guide of LG Cloud Backup and Restore

This page shows the step-by-step guide of LG Cloud Backup software, which backs up and restore settings, apps, contacts and Home screen for LG G8/G7/G6/G5/G4.

Back up Data
01.13.2021Motorola Backup
How to Backup Motorola Z/X/G/E

This tutorial shows you 3 ways to backup Motorola contacts, messages, photos, apps, videos, call logs, etc. to computer, cloud and another phone in minutes.

Back up Data
01.13.2021Fix Location Is Not Available
How to Fix Location not Available/Access Denied Error

'Location is not available'error occurs, but the location is on this PC, how to fix it? 5 solutions here to solve error that access is denied on Windows 11/10.

Fix Device Issue
01.13.2021Fix Whea Uncorrectable Error
100% Working Tutorial to Fix Whea Uncorrectable Error on Windows

If you receive the blue screen with an uncorrectable error appears on a Windows 11, you may need our step-by-step guide to fix this issue and get back the data.

Fix Device Issue
01.13.2021Transfer Videos from Android to Computer
Best Solutions to Transfer Videos from Android to Computer Simply

How to sync or transfer videos from Android to computer? In this tutorial, we will show you multiple methods to do it using USB cable or message services.

Transfer Data
01.13.2021Fix Unmountable Boot Volume Error
Fix Unmountable Boot Volume on Windows 11/10 Easily

If you are encountering Unmountable Boot Volume Error in Windows 10, we list out all the possible solutions step-by-step guides to deal with it quickly.

Fix Device Issue
01.13.2021Delete Messages on iPhone
Tutorial of Deleting Messages on iPhone

Need to delete messages on iPhone to free up space? Here's a step-by-step guide to show you how to achieve the task without losing any data on iOS device.

Erase Data
01.13.2021Backup Mac
How to Backup Mac to External Hard Drive or Cloud

It is your complete guide of how to backup Mac with Time Machine and cloud programs. Just read and learn how to backup your MacBook Pro/Air with ease.

Back up Data
01.13.2021How to Wipe Android Phone
Tutorial to Erase Android Phone Completely

Try these if you want to wipe your Android phone/tablet efficiently when you prepare to put your old phone to another hand or bright it to the factory status.

Erase Data
01.13.2021App Not Installed
Fix App Not Installed or Application Not Installed Error

Application not installed error appears when you want to open an app? This post list 8 effective ways to fix app not installed on Android.

Fix Device Issue
01.13.2021Fix Scanning and Repairing Drive Stuck Problem
Guide to Get Rid of Scanning and Repairing Drive Error in Windows

Some Windows 10 users reported that Windows was stuck on scanning and repairing drive while booting. Here's our tutorial to get rid of this problem.

Fix Device Issue
01.13.2021Android System Recovery
Your Complete Guide to Get Out of Android System Recovery 3e Error

Android system recovery helps users to fix system errors. And this post is your best guide to get out of the abnormal Android system recovery 3e error safely.

Recover Android System
01.13.2021Mac Uninstaller
8 Mac Uninstallers - Uninstall Apps and Optimize Your Mac

When you need to clean up the Mac application, optimize the macOS and maintain Mac in a good status, you can learn these 8 best Mac uninstallers in this post.

Clean Mac
01.13.2021Uninstall Avast Antivirus Utility
How to Completely Uninstall Avast Antivirus Utility from MacBook Pro

Want to remove Avast on your Mac entirely? You can learn more about the four methods to uninstall Avast from your Mac from the article.

Clean Mac
01.13.2021Uninstall McAfee
How to Uninstall McAfee on Mac Completely and Safely

How to remove McAfee security suit for your Mac completely? Learn more about the 3 efficient methods to uninstall McAfee from Mac with ease from the article.

Clean Mac
01.13.2021Odin Mode
How to Fix Samsung Stuck in Odin Mode

Are you ever stuck in Samsung Odin Mode? Today, we recommend you some methods to solve Samsung stuck in the Odin mode.

01.13.2021Backup Text Messages on Android
How to Backup Text Messages on Android: in 3 Easy Ways

Worry about your text messages got lost? Just follow 3 ways here to backup text messages and MMS on Android to computer, Google or SD card with/without an app.

Back up Data
01.13.2021Excel File Corrupted
How to Repair and Recover Excel File Corrupted

Excel file is corrupted and cannot be opened? Follow the tips here to repair and recover Excel file (Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 supported.) right now.

Fix Device Issue
01.13.2021Phone Keeps Restarting
Tutorial to Fix Android Phone Keeps Restarting Effectively

Samsung/Android phone keeps restarting? Learn why this problem happens and what to do when your phone is stuck at the reboot loop in this post.

Set up Android
01.13.2021How to Block a Number on Moto X
How to Block a Number on Moto X in 4 Solutions

If you are wondering how to block a number on your Moto X, read this post and learn the detailed steps to achieve it.

Set up Android
01.13.2021Delete Documents on Mac
Top 4 methods to Delete Documents on Mac Immediately

Want to delete the useless documents on your Mac quickly? Here we will introduce 4 easy ways to help you delete one or multiple documents on Mac quickly.

Clean Mac
01.13.2021Optimize Mac Performance
How to Optimize Your Mac Performance with Top 10 Tips

How to optimize your Mac? Here are 10 proven steps to clean, optimize and keep your MacBook Pro/Air or iMac in good performance.

Clean Mac
01.13.2021Call Log Backup
How to Backup Call Logs on Android with Apps

Worrying about call log loss? Just backup call log on Android to Google Drive, computer, SD card, Dropbox or elsewhere with the best call log backup apps.

Back up Data
01.13.2021Transfer Apple Music
How to Transfer Apple Music from iPhone to iPhone with/without iTunes

Here we show 5 quick ways to transfer Apple Music between iPhone. If you want to switch all your music to the new iPhone, you just come to the right place.

Transfer Data