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One of the senior editors of Apeaksoft studio. Now she mainly writes articles about data recovery/backup/transfer, provides solutions or suggestions to fix problematic iOS devices/iTunes errors, etc. Recently she is studying mind map tools. You can get professional suggestions to better manage your data and ideas from her posts.

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09.19.2023TikTok Keeps Crashing
TikTok App Crashes: Understanding Causes and Effective Solutions

Your TikTok got crashed over and over again? What gave rise to this issue? Explore all possible causes and find your solutions in this comprehensive guide here.

09.19.2023AirDrop Stuck on Waiting
Troubleshooting Guide: AirDrop Stuck on Waiting - Causes and Solutions

AirDrop says waiting for a long time? Have no idea what to do? No more hassle here! You can solve this thorny problem with proven effective and quick solutions.

09.15.2023Change your text message background
How to Change Backgrounds for Text Message on iPhone & Samsung

Can I change text message background color or pictures? Yes. This page shows 3 free ways to customize text background wallpaper or themes on iPhone and Samsung.

09.14.2023Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone
Useful 4 Ways to Recover Deleted Notes on Your iPhone

How to recover deleted notes on your iPhone? This article offers 4 practical methods to help you find deleted notes on the iPhone with or without backup.

08.24.2023AirDrop iBooks
Tutorial to AirDrop iBooks between iPhone/iPad and Mac

How to use AirDrop to share iBooks on Mac and iOS device? Here is the definite guide to use AirDrop to transfer PDF/ePub iBooks between iPhone, iPad and Mac.

iOS Settings
08.17.2023Lexar USB Driver
[Solved] Lexar Jump Drive Troubleshooting without Data Loss

How to recover data from Lexar Jump drive? Here is our tutorial on Lexar Jump drive troubleshooting and how to recover data from Lexar Jump drive simply.

08.16.2023Move to iOS Not Working
Fix Errors Encountered During the Move to iOS Transfer

Get a Move to iOS transfer error? Why is the Move to iOS app stuck on calculating time remaining? Learn to troubleshoot various Move to iOS not working issues.

08.04.2023Last Line No Longer Available
How to Fix the Last Line No Longer Available Error on iPhone

You may encounter the Last Line No Longer Available error on your iPhone. Luckily, this post will give you six ways to solve this issue.

08.04.2023Google Maps App Not Working
12 Helpful Tips to Fix Google Maps Not Working on Android and iPhone

Why is Google Maps not talking? How to fix Google Maps voice and sound not working? Get twelve tips to fix Google Maps not working issues on Android and iPhone.

08.04.2023How to Mirror iPhone Front Camera
A Detailed Guide to Help You Set iPhone Mirror Front Camera

How to enable or disable iPhone mirroring front camera? In this article, we'll detail the method for solving this issue and the best tool to mirror iPhone.

Screen Mirroring
08.04.2023Fix System UI Not Responding
Top 7 Ways to Fix System UI Not Responding

What to do when the system UI is not responding? How do you fix unfortunately the process Android system UI has stopped? Learn to fix system UI not responding.

08.04.2023Fix iPhone Has No Sound on Videos
Best Methods & Tools to Solve iPhone Has No Sound on Videos

Finding iPhone has no sound on videos? This article will provide 7 ways and 2 practical utilities to solve this problem. Come and find out what works for you!

08.04.2023Restore Bookmarks in Safari
Comprehensive Guide on Restoring Deleted Bookmarks in Safari

Can Safari bookmarks be recovered? How do you recover deleted bookmarks from Safari? Learn how to restore deleted bookmarks in Safari on your iPhone and Mac.

08.03.2023Slide to Unlock Not Working
How to Fix Slide to Unlock Not Working

iPhone won't slide to unlock? Here we recommend some best ways to solve iPhone or iPad won't slide to unlock problem.

iOS Settings
07.28.2023Android Battery Drains Fast
Understand Android Battery Drain to Juice Battery Up

Does your Android battery drain fast? If you want to charge only a few times daily, this post will help you solve this issue.

07.28.2023Samsung Touch Screen Not Working
Samsung Touch Screen Not Working: Common Culprits and Fixes

Do not panic when your Samsung touchscreen is not working! This post will tell you why you meet this issue and how to solve it with five methods.

07.26.2023SOS Only on iPhone
Why Does iPhone Say SOS Only on iPhone and How to Fix the Issue

This piece of troubleshooting helps you to get rid of the SOS Only error on your iPhone or iPad, so that you can make normal phone calls as usual.

07.26.2023iPhone Attempting Data Recovery
How to Fix the iPhone Attempting Data Recovery Error without Data Loss

If your iPhone gets stuck in the attempting data recovery loop after update, follow the solutions shared in this post and resolve the problem effortlessly.

07.26.2023Fix Unable to Check for Update
Troubleshooting iPhone and iPad Unable to Check for Update Issues

An error occurred while checking for a software update? Why is my iPad unable to check for updates? Learn to fix iPhone iPad unable to check for update errors.

07.21.2023My Phone Is Frozen and Won't Do Anything
How to Get Rid of My Phone Is Frozen and Won't Do Anything without Data Loss

If you encounter the problem that your phone is frozen and won't turn off, you are lucky since the troubleshooting helps you fix it quickly.

07.21.2023iPhone Alarm Not Going off
10 Helpful Tips to Fix iPhone Alarm Not Going Off

Why is the alarm not going off on my iPhone? Will my iPhone alarm go off on Do Not Disturb mode? Learn to troubleshoot the iPhone alarm not going off issue.

07.21.2023FaceTime Not Working
A Comprehensive Guide to Fixing FaceTime Not Working

Why is the FaceTime camera not working on my iPhone 14? How do you share screens on FaceTime? Check the common causes and fixes for FaceTime not working issues.

07.21.2023Fix Phone Says No SIM Card Error
5 Helpful Tips to Fix iPhone and Android Phone Say No SIM

Why my iPhone says no SIM card installed when there is one? What to do when my phone keeps saying no SIM card? Learn to fix the no SIM card detected issue.

07.14.2023Samsung Camera Failed
From Failure to Success: Resolve Samsung Camera Failed Issue

Have you encountered a Samsung camera failed issue? This post will explain why you meet it on your Samsung and how to fix it.

07.14.2023Samsung Screen Rotate Is Not Working
Troubleshoot Steps to Fix Samsung Screen Rotate Not Working

If your Samsung Screen Rotate is not working, this post will help you. You can learn the reasons that cause your problem and how to fix it.

07.14.2023How to Fix Ghost Touch on Android Phone
Comprehensive Guide on How to Fix Ghost Touch Screen on Android

Have you met the ghost touch? Do you know how to fix ghost touch on Android phones? This post will give you everything you want to know.

07.12.2023Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo
Ultimate Guide on How to Fix Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo

Why is my Apple Watch stuck on the Apple logo after hard resetting? Check the main reasons why your Apple Watch froze on the Apple logo and ways to fix it.

07.12.2023iPhone Unavailable
5 Helpful Tips to Bypass iPhone Unavailable Screen

What to do when you get the iPhone unavailable screen? Can I fix my iPhone unavailable without a computer? Learn 5 ways to fix the iPhone unavailable issue.

07.07.2023Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android
Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android [Tutorial]

Want to recover deleted messages on Android? How to do that with/without apps? This post provides five ultimate solutions and a good way to manage messages.

07.07.2023iTunes Keeps Asking for Password
[7 Easy Ways] How to Get Rid of iTunes Keeping Asking for Password

iTunes keeps asking for Apple ID password on iPhone/pc/Mac? Just take the 7 simple ways to get iTunes to stop asking for your password in this 2023 guide.

07.07.2023Send Videos from Android to iPhone
How to Send Large Videos from Android to iPhone Without Losing Quality

How to Send videos from Android to iPhone? 6 solutions are offered here to help you easily transfer large videos without losing quality from Android to iPhone.

07.07.2023WhatsApp Recovery
Tips for WhatsApp Messages Recovery on iPhone & Android

Want to know how to see and recover deleted WhatsApp messages? This article offers everything you need to know and the best tools for iPhone and Android.

07.07.2023Fix One Airpod Not Working
8 Practical Ways to Fix One AirPod Not Working Properly

Want to know what to do if one AirPod is not working? This post will offer 8 top methods to fix one AirPod not working when connected to other devices.

07.07.2023Recover Deleted Files on Mac
A Tutorial Guide to Help You Recover Deleted Files on Mac

If you accidentally deleted files on your Mac and tried to recover them, this article will provide 5 practical solutions. Read on and explore with us.

07.05.2023iPhone Disabled
How to Fix the iPhone Is Disabled Error on Any iPhone like Experts

The troubleshooting helps you to get rid of the problem that iPhone is disabled in various situations, so that you can access your mobile phone again.

07.05.2023iPhone Cellular Data not Working
What You Can Do When Your iPhone Cellular Data Is Not Working

Follow this comprehensive guide to troubleshoot the cellular data not working issue or cellular update failed error on your iPhone.

06.30.2023iPhone Power Button not working
What You Can Do When Your iPhone Power Button Not Working

If your iPhone Power button is not working or gets stuck, read our troubleshooting carefully and follow the solutions to get rid of the problem.

06.30.2023How to Reset Apple Watch
How to Reset Your Apple Watch to the Factory Settings Properly

If you are looking for the right way to reset your Apple Watch, you are lucky since we shared three actionable methods to do the job in various situations.

06.30.2023iPhone Speaker not Working
What You Should Do When Your iPhone Speaker Is Not Working

This piece of troubleshooting helps you to get rid of the issue that the speakers are not working on your iPhone or iPad without losing data.

06.28.2023Samsung Phone Is On But the Screen Is Black
Don't Panic: How to Fix Samsung Phone Is on But Screen Is Black

Have you encountered your Samsung phone being on, but the screen is black? This post will give you some causes and tell you how to fix them.

06.28.2023iPhone Camera Won't Focus
[Fixed] Guide to iPhone Camera Not Focusing Issue

To fix the iPhone not focusing problem, you can learn 9 effective ways in this article. Just find the reason and then pick up the best solution here.

06.28.2023Colored Lines on iPhone Screen
Troubleshoot Colored Lines on Your iPhone Screen When Colors Run Amok

Colored lines on your iPhone screen could be very annoying. Luckily! This post will give solutions to fix it based on different reasons.

06.28.2023iPhone Transferring Data Stuck
Why Your iPhone Data Transferring Stuck and How to Fix This Issue

Have you encountered iPhone data transferring stuck issue? This post will tell you why meet the problem and give you solutions to fix it.

06.28.2023iPhone Flashlight Greyed Out
Why Is iPhone Flashlight Greyed Out: Solutions to Regain Access

Have your iPhone Flashlight greyed out? And you need to learn how to fix it? Do not worry! This post has seven solutions for you.

06.22.2023Vertical Horizontal Lines on iPhone Screen
8 Effective Ways to Fix Lines on iPhone Screen

This guide will share some potential reasons for lines across iPhone screens. And it will help you to fix the screen issue with 8 easy methods.

06.20.2023Text Recovery
Top 3 Solutions for Corrupted or Lost Text Files Recovery

Can't open or find your important text document? To help you, we offer 3 ways and the best tool for recovering corrupted or lost text files in this article.

06.20.2023Fix iPhone Turns On and Off Repeatedly
7 Practical Methods to Fix iPhone Keeps Turning On and Off

iPhone turn on and off constantly? Then you've come to the right place. Here we offer 7 powerful ways, including the best repair tool, to solve your problem.

06.15.2023One AirPod Louder Than The Other
5 Methods to Troubleshoot One AirPod Louder Than the Other

Why does one AirPod sound louder than the other? Why is one of my AirPods muffled? Learn why one AirPod sounds louder than the other and five tips to fix that.

06.15.2023Why Won’t My iPhone Update
5 Helpful Tips to Fix iPhone Won’t Update

Why won’t my iPhone update to iOS? Why am I unable to check for updates on my iPhone? This post shares five useful tips to fix the iPhone won’t update issue.

06.15.2023Account Has Been Disabled in App Store and iTunes
5 Helpful Methods to Fix Account Disabled in App Store and iTunes

Why has Apple ID not been used in the iTunes Store? How can I enable Apple account in App Store? Get 5 helpful tips to fix the account has been disabled issue.

06.14.2023iTunes Error 0xE80000A
7 Helpful Tips to Fix iTunes Could Not Connect to This iPhone

iTunes could not connect to this iPhone, an unknown error occurred 0xe80000a? This post shares seven helpful tips to fix the iTunes not detecting iPhone error.

06.14.2023Recover Deleted Video on iPhone
Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone: 4 Methods are Provided to Assist You

Accidentally delete a video from your iPhone? In this article, we will list four ways to solve this problem for you that apply to different scenarios.

06.14.2023SD Card Data Recovery
6 Best SD Card Data Recovery Software to Help Restore Lost Files

The SD card is broken, causing files to be lost? We list 6 best free SD card data recovery tools to help you recover deleted files from memory cards in minutes.

06.14.2023Apple Watch Won't Turn on
Ultimate Guide on How to Fix Apple Watch Won't Turn On

Apple Watch won't turn on after being dead? How to turn on the Apple Watch Series 7? This post explains why Apple Watch won’t turn on and tells tips to fix it.

06.08.2023iPhone Stuck on Emergency SOS
5 Helpful Tips to Fix iPhone Stuck on Emergency SOS

How do you turn off Emergency SOS mode on your iPhone? How to get an iPhone out of Emergency mode? Learn 5 methods to fix iPhone stuck on Emergency SOS.

06.08.2023Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector
5 Helpful Tips to Fix Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector

Liquid has been detected in the lightning connector? How to get water out of your charging port? Learn 5 tips to fix Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector.

06.08.2023Lost Contacts on iPhone
How to Restore Contacts on iPhone [3 Ways]

Accidentally deleted contacts but don't know how to recover it? This post shares 3 ways to restore iPhone contacts via iCloud, iTunes, and third-party software.

06.08.2023iPhone SMS Recovery
Top 5 SMS Recovery Tools for iPhone

Want to recover iPhone deleted SMS? This article free shares 5 iPhone messages recovery tools to get your messages back. Read and get one now!

06.08.2023iPhone Camera Shaking
5 Verified Ways to Fix iPhone Camera Shaking

Why does my iPhone 14 camera shake? Why is my iPhone 14 camera blurry? Learn 5 helpful ways to fix iPhone camera shaking, blurry, won’t focus, and other issues.

06.08.2023iPhone Not Receiving Calls
7 Effective Solutions to Fix iPhone Can’t Receive Calls

Why can't I receive calls on my iPhone? Why am I not getting calls on my iPhone 12? This post explains why an iPhone can't receive calls and 7 ways to fix it.

06.01.2023iPhone Green Screen
5 Helpful Methods to Fix iPhone Green Screen

Why does my iPhone have a green screen of death? How to get rid of the iPhone green screen issue? Learn 5 helpful ways to troubleshoot iPhone green screen.

05.31.2023Connect iPhone to iTunes
Best 10 Ways to Solve the Problem of iPhone Cannot Connect to iTunes

If you are experiencing problems with your iPhone not connecting to iTunes, you have come to the right place. This article will sort out 10 ways to help you.

05.23.2023iPhone Won't Turn On After A Screen Replacement
5 Helpful Tips to Fix iPhone Won't Turn On After Screen Replacement

Why does my iPhone have a black screen of death after screen replacement? What to do if iPhone won’t turn on after a screen replacement? Get 5 tips to fix that.

05.23.2023Why are My Android Camera Take Blurry Pictures
Reasons Why Android Camera Takes Blurry Pictures and How to Fix Them

Do you know why your Android camera takes blurry pictures? This post will tell you the reasons and solutions for your blurry photos.

05.10.2023Recover Deleted Videos
5 Easy Methods to Recover Deleted Videos from PCs and Mobiles

Want to retrieve permanently deleted videos? This post gives you 5 ways to restore videos from iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac with or without backup.

05.10.2023White Lines on iPhone Screen
What Causes White Lines on Your iPhone Screen and How to Fix It

Do not panic when white lines are on your iPhone screen. This post will tell you what causes this issue and how to fix it.

05.10.2023Can't Call Out on Android
Android Call Failed: What to Do When You Can't Call Out on Android

Why can't I call out on my Android phone? What are the best solutions to fix this problem? This post will explain the reasons and offer you practical methods.

05.06.2023SIM Card Not Working iPhone
Don't Panic When SIM Card Not Working on iPhone: Here Are Solutions

Do you encounter the SIM card not working on your iPhone issue? This post will tell you why you met this issue and how to solve it.

04.18.2023Zoom Share Screen Not Working
Why Zoom Screen Sharing Isn't Working: Common Issues and Solutions

Some people may meet Zoom screen sharing needs to be fixed in a meeting. And this post will tell you why and how to solve it.

04.18.2023My Apps Didnt Transfer to New iPhone
Why Didn't My Apps Transfer to New iPhone and How to Solve It

In this guide, you will know why transferring your apps to new iPhone is failed. And you can get 5 solutions to fix this issue here. Read and learn more now.

04.13.2023Zoom Camera Not Working
Why Your Zoom Camera Isn't Working and How to Get It Working Again

Do you have the Zoom camera not working problem? This post will tell you common reasons and how to fix them with multiple solutions.

03.31.2023Why is Top Left of iPhone Screen Blurry
Explain Why the Top Left of the iPhone Screen is Blurry and Solve it

If you need to know why is the top left of the iPhone screen blurry, this post will tell you why. And this post has four ways to solve it.

03.31.2023Why are My Imessages Green
How to Solve the iPhone iMessage Green Text Issue

Most iPhone users don't know why iPhone iMessages turn green. In this post, we share some reasons and 3 ways to help you change the green iMessages on iPhone.

03.24.2023iPhone Stuck on Preparing Update
5 Helpful Tips to Fix iPhone Stuck on Preparing Update

How long should iPhone say preparing update? Why is iPhone stuck on preparing update to iOS 16/15? Get 5 useful tips to fix the iPhone preparing update issue.

03.24.2023Pinterest Not Working on iPhone
6 Ways to Fix Pinterest Not Working on iPhone

Why is Pinterest not working on iPhone? How to fix this issue quickly and easily? Get 6 helpful tips to fix Pinterest not working in this post.

03.24.2023iPhone Error 4013
Fix iPhone Error 4013 During Updating or Restoring iOS

This article describes What is iPhone error 4013 and how to fix it easily when you encounter this issue. Read here and follow the 7 best ways.

03.24.2023iPhone Yellow Screen
How to Solve the iPhone Yellow Screen Issue

Have you noticed that your iPhone screen is turning yellow? Perhaps it is wrongly set or having some issues. Here are 6 fixes to repair iPhone's yellow screen.

03.17.2023WhatsApp Web Not Working iPhone
Why Is WhatsApp Web Not Working on Your iPhone and How to Fix It

If WhatsApp Web is not working on your iPhone, this post will explain why and how to fix it. And there is a tool to fix all iOS issues.

03.17.2023Recover Bing Search History
The Quick and Easy Way to Recover Bing Search History on Your Phone

Do you want to recover Bing search history when you lost them? This post will give you three methods to do it on iPhone and Android.

03.10.2023Ghost Touch on iPhone
How to Get Rid of Ghost Touch on iPhones without Losing Data

Looking for the troubleshooting to get rid of ghost touches on your iPhone or iPad? This post demonstrates the verified solutions to fix this issue efficiently.

03.10.2023Health App Not Tracking Steps iPhone
How to Fix Health App Not Tracking Steps and Step Counter Issue on an iPhone

If you encounter the problem that Health app does not track steps on your iPhone, you are lucky since here are the solutions to fix it quickly.

03.10.2023Unable to Load Photo iPhone
How to Get Rid of the Problem that Cannot Load Photos on iPhones

Here is the verified troubleshooting that helps you to fix the unable to load photo error on your iPhone or iPad efficiently.

03.03.2023How to Fix Green Lines on iPhone Screen
Get 5 Helpful Tips to Fix Green Lines on iPhone Screen

What causes green lines on iPhone? How do you get rid of green lines on your iPhone? Check 5 solutions to fix green lines on iPhone screen after drop or water.

03.03.2023Not Getting Emails on iPhone
How to Get Rid of the Problem Not Getting Emails on Your iPhone

If you are suffering the problem that cannot get emails on your iPhone, you are lucky since here are the actionable solutions to resolve this problem quickly.

02.02.2023Backup iPhone to Mac
How to Backup iPhone to Mac: 3 Easy Ways (iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR, etc. Supported)

Learn common ways back up iPhone to Mac via iTunes/iCloud. Also, you can get a versatile tool to backup iPhone to Mac without iTunes or iCloud in one click.

02.02.2023MiniTool Power Data Recovery
MiniTool Power Data Recovery Review in 2023

Here you can know what MiniTool Power Data Recovery is, how to free download and use it. Besides, you can get its best alternative to recover deleted/lost data.

02.02.2023Recover Orphaned File
How to Recover CHKDSK Orphaned Files on Windows 10/8/7

Orphaned files are deleted and programs cannot work normally? Take the easiest way here to recover CHKDSK orphaned files in simple 3 steps on Windows 11/10/8/7.

02.02.2023Delete Duplicates in iTunes
[Ultimate Guide] How to Remove Duplicates in iTunes and Cleanup Your iTunes Library‎

Are you looking for an iTunes Duplicate Remover? Follow this guide to remove duplicates in iTunes to free up the hard drive space on your Windows PC or Mac.

02.02.2023Put Movies on iPad
How to Put Movies on iPad With/Without iTunes

In this article, we will show you how to put movies on iPad from PC/Mac with or without iTunes. Follow the step-by-step guides to enjoy videos on iPad freely.

02.02.2023iCloud Backup Extractor
2023 List of Top 5 iCloud Backup Extractors | Download Data from iCloud & iTunes Backup on iPhone

Read this article to get the top 5 iCloud backup extractors to download and extract data from iCloud or iTunes backup on iPhone with ease on Windows and Mac.

01.29.2023Genogram Examples
What Is Genogram and How to Make a Genogram like Professionals

To learn the genogram, you can read our article carefully so that you will understand what it is and how to make a genogram like professionals.

Mind Map
01.29.2023Imglarger Review
Imglarger Review – Does It Upscale Image Quality for Real

How much do you know about Imglarger? Before purchasing, check out the unbiased Imglarger review to know its main feature, pros, and cons.

01.29.2023Resize Images in Illustrator
How to Resize Images in Illustrator Professionally

How to resize the image in Illustrator without distortion? You should see the detailed tutorial here to find out the answer.

01.17.2023Photo Recovery
6 Best Photo Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Photos on Windows & Mac

This page collects the best 6 photo recovery software (free/paid) for Windows/Mac, so that you can restore deleted pictures from computer safely and quickly.

01.17.2023Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac
How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac Efficiently

This guide will teach you 4 best ways to sync contacts from iPhone (iOS 16 supported) to Mac using iTunes, iCloud, AirDrop and iPhone transferring application.

01.17.2023iOS Data Recovery
4 Best iOS Data Recovery to Help You Restore iPhone Data

Best iOS data recovery software can get deleted or lost iOS data back selectively in easiest and safest way. This article lists 4 data recovery for iOS device.

01.17.2023iPhone Backup Extractor
Top 5 iPhone Backup Extractor (iOS 17 Supported)

What is the best iPhone backup extractor to extract data from iTunes/iCloud backup? In this page you will learn how to retrieve files from backup easily.

01.17.2023Recovering Unsaved Excel Files
How to Recover Deleted or Unsaved Excel File

This page collects the best 3 ways to help you recover unsaved Excel files on Windows and Mac. Office Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, etc. are supported.

01.17.2023Recover Deleted Viber Messages
Tutorial of Recovering Deleted Viber Chat History on iPhone

This page shows you how to recover deleted or lost Viber messages on your iPhone 14/13/12/11/XR/XS/X/8/8 Plus and earlier without losing any conversations.

01.17.2023Samsung Data Recovery
Tutorial for Samsung Data Recovery to Get Deleted/Lost Files Back

Here is one powerful Samsung data recovery software for you. Consequently, it is just a piece of cake to recover deleted or lost files from your Samsung Galaxy.

01.17.2023iPhone No Sound
Best 7 Solutions to Fix iPhone No Sound

iPhone have no sound on videos, calls and other cases? This article can help you fix iPhone sound not working and get out of headphone mode with ease.

iOS Recovery Mode
01.17.2023Recover Deleted Voicemails
How to Recover Deleted Voicemails on iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4

whether the deleted voicemails can be recovered depends on the method you use. This post shares 4 approaches to recover lost voicemails with or without backups.

01.17.2023Backup iPhone to iTunes
Easy Ways to Backup iPhone with or without iTunes

How to backup iPhone to iTunes? This guide shows how to backup your iPhone data. Also, you can get an alternative if your iPhone cannot be recognized by iTunes.

01.17.2023How to Find iPhone Contacts in iTunes
That's How I Find and Restore My iPhone Contacts in iTunes Backup

In this article, you will learn how to find iPhone contacts in iTunes. Moreover, you can restore iPhone contacts from iTunes backup selectively and safely.

01.17.2023Backup WhatsApp Android
How to Backup WhatsApp Android to PC/Google Drive

Get an easy way to backup WhatsApp from Android to PC safely. Or you can choose Google Drive as your WhatsApp backup tool to transfer to the new phone.

01.17.2023Delete Photos from iPhone
How to Delete Photos from iPhone

Want to know how to delete/remove photos from iPhone, as well as how to remove photo from iPhone to computer? Just follow this article to get these methods.

01.17.2023iTunes Error 4005
How to Fix iPhone Error 4005 with Top 5 Solutions

Get iPhone error 4005 on your iPhone 14/13/12? This post lists 5 solutions to help you fix this iPhone error and get your iOS device back to normal condition.

01.17.2023Put Music on iPhone
Tutorial on Putting Music on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6/6s/5s/5c/5

This is step-by-step guide on how to transfer music from computer to iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8/7 quickly and simply using iTunes or without iTunes.

01.17.2023Transfer Notes from iPhone to Android
How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to Android

If you get a new Samsung Galaxy S10 and want to transfer notes from iPhone to it, this post will share 7 ways to transfer notes from iPhone to Android.

01.17.2023iTunes Slow
10 Free Tips to Make Slow iTunes Faster (12.9/12.10/12.11/12.12)

iTunes runs really slow? Get the 10 easy solutions to make iTunes open/download faster on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac (iTunes 12.9/12.8/12.7 supported) right now.

01.10.2023Send Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone
How to Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4

Want to share your favorite ringtones to a new iPhone? Get the free 5 ways here to transfer iPhone ringtones to iPhone with or without iTunes/computer directly.

01.10.2023Snapchat Recovery
Snapchat Recovery – Full Guide to Recover Snapchat Photos Videos Messages

Snapchat messages/pictures are deleted and want to get them back? This post shows you ways to restore your missing Snapchat data on iPhone/Android with ease.

01.10.2023Best Free Offline Music Apps
10 Best Free Offline Music Apps for iPhone and Android (No Wi-Fi)

Come here and get overviews of 10 free offline music apps for iPhone and Android. What's more, you can transfer music from PC to iPhone for offline listening.

01.10.2023Online Data Recovery
3 Best Online Data Recovery Available to Recover Files Online Simply

Looking for the best online data recovery apps? Here we identify and share top 3 best online data recovery for documents, photos, and other files recovery.

01.09.2023onyX Mac Cleaner Review
OnyX Review and Its Best Mac System Utility Alternative

How to use OnyX on a Mac? Is OnyX for Mac safe? Does OnyX remove viruses and malware? Learn pros, cons, and other info about OnyX through the OnyX Mac review.

Mac Cleanup
01.09.2023DaisyDisk Review
Full DaisyDisk Review and Its Best Mac Disk Analyzer Alternative

Is DaisyDisk malware? Is DaisyDisk safe? How do you use DaisyDisk on a Mac? Get a full DaisyDisk review and find the best Mac disk space analyzer alternative.

Mac Cleanup
01.09.2023Delete a Playlist on iTunes
How to Delete a (Duplicate) Playlist on iTunes 11 and iTunes 12

Whether you want to delete duplicate playlist, or remove playlist without deleting songs on computer/iPhone, you can find a solution in this guide with 3 ways.

01.09.2023Mac Cleaner
8 Best Mac Cleaner Applications for MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, and More

Here are top 8 best Mac cleaner applications in 2023 that you can use to free up space for free or with affordable price.

Mac Cleanup
01.09.2023 Recover Deleted iMessages
How to Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone (with & without Backup)

Read the 2023 guide here and get 4 efficient ways to recover deleted iMessages and text messages with or without backup on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR, etc.

01.09.2023FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Review
FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery Review 2023

FonePaw has a powerful iPhone Data Recovery program for Mac/PC. If you want to buy it, read our unbiased review first, and then you can make better decision.

01.09.2023Android Lock Screen Removal
5 Best Android Lock Screen Removal Reviews in 2023

Is there any good Android lock screen removal? How to bypass Android lock screen? This post shows 5 best apps to help you remove lock screen on Android phone.

01.09.2023iPhone Backup Password
Full View of iPhone backup password – 2023 Edition

How to set or turn off iPhone backup password? Forgot iPhone backup password? Remove all your confusion and get the Troubleshooting tips here.

01.09.2023Backup APP
Top 5 Best Backup APPs to Backup Android Applications in 2023

Get the best Android backup apps to back up your data and applications on Android phone to avoid data loss.

01.05.2023No Emergency Alerts On iPhone
[Fixed] Why am I Not Getting Emergency Alerts on My iPhone

Why am I not getting emergency alerts on my iPhone and can't receive important notifications? Don't panic and see the solutions here.

01.05.2023How to Hide Messages on iPhone
How to Hide Messages on iPhone without Deleting

Don't want your girlfriend to see particular messages on your iPhone? Learn the 4 solutions here for how to hide messages on iPhone.

iOS Settings
01.05.2023Cut WMV Video Files
[4 Methods] How to Cut WMV Video Files in a Quick Manner

Quickly browse through the article here to get tips for beginners on how to cut WMV video files on your Windows and Mac.

Video Editing
12.16.2022Block No Caller ID on iPhone
2 Easy Ways to Block No Caller ID on an iPhone

What does No Caller ID mean on iPhone? How do you block No Caller ID numbers on an iPhone? This post tells effective solutions to block No Caller ID on iPhone.

12.16.2022Resize Image
Top 7 Apps to Resize Images Without Losing Quality

Can I resize an image file without losing quality on my phone? How do you resize an image in Photoshop? Learn 7 ways to resize an image on different devices.

12.16.2022Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac
3 Ultimate Solutions to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

How to transfer photos from iPhone 14/13/12 to Mac? This post shows 3 solutions to copy photos from iPhone to Mac before removing them from your iOS device.

12.16.2022Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone
Tutorial to Transfer Photos from iPhone to 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7

What should you do to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone? Here are the best ways to share photos from one iPhone to another simply.

12.16.2022Transfer iPhone Contacts
Full Guide to Export iPhone Contacts (iOS 17 Supported)

Worry about contacts loss? Just export iPhone contacts to iPhone, computer, iTunes, iCloud, Gmail, and Android phone for backup and storage free-up.

12.16.2022Download Ringtones on iPhone
[Best Way] How to Download Ringtones on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X

How to download ringtones on iPhone? Here are multiple ways to add custom ringtones to iPhone with or without iTunes simply and quickly.

12.16.2022Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone
How to Transfer Music from Old iPhone to New iPhone [5 Free Ways]

This page lists 5 free ways to transfer music from old iPhone to new iPhone 14 with (out) iTunes/computer, or share music between iPhone devices wirelessly.

12.16.2022Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone
Tutorial on Transferring Messages from iPhone to iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7

To transfer messages to new iPhone, all you need to do is to spend a few minutes to read our post and learn how to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone.

12.16.2022Transfer Voice Memo
How to Get Voice Memos off iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X

This page shows you 5 easy ways to get off voice memos off iPhone, and save the exported voice memos on PC, Mac, iPhone, or Google Drive with or without iTunes.

12.16.2022Transfer Notes
Tutorial on Transferring Notes from iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X to Computer

Searching for the best ways about transferring notes from iPhone to Mac/PC? Here are our step-by-step guides to import your notes from iPhone to Windows PC/Mac.

12.16.2022Transfer Music from Android to iPhone
A Simple Guide to Transfer Music from Android to iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7

Here are some tips for transferring your music from Android to iPhone. If have troubles on this task, you will find our guides and suggestions helpful.

12.16.2022Get iPhone Ringtones
Tutorial to Make Any Song or Background Music as iPhone Ringtone

Want to download special iPhone ringtones? Here you can get free ringtones for iPhone and learn how to set any song as ringtone from 8 online sites.

12.12.2022iPhone Notes Disappeared
How to Recover Disappeared Notes on iPhone (iOS 16 Supported)

If your iPhone notes were disappeared without knowing why, then you can read this article to learn 5 easy methods to get notes back with ease.

12.12.2022Photos Disappeared from iPhone
[Solution] Photos Disappeared from iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR

Many people complain that photos disappeared from iPhone after iOS 16/15 update. So this post offers detailed ways to find disappeared/missing photos back.

12.12.2022Recover Deleted Files from iPhone
Recover Deleted Files from iPhone without Backup (iOS 16 Supported)

Even though your iPhone is locked because of forgotten password, damages or deletion by mistake, you can recover deleted files from iPhone easily.

12.12.2022iTunes Not Recognizing iPhone
Tutorial to Solve iTunes Not Recognizing iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/8/7 and Earlier

Here is a tutorial on what to do if iTunes not recognizing iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/8/7 when you plug it in with a Lightning cable.

11.30.2022iMessage not Delivered
Tutorial to Fix iMessage Not Delivered Error on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR, etc.

Get a 'not delivered' error message while using iMessage? How to fix iMessage not delivered? All solutions are offered here.

iOS Settings
11.30.2022Photos not Uploading to iCloud
How to Fix Photos Are Not Uploading to iCloud (iOS 16 Supported)

Photos are not uploading to iCloud from iPhone or iPad? Take 5 solutions here to sync photos from iPhone to iCloud, iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/8, iPad supported.

iOS Settings
11.30.2022iPhone GPS Not Working
How to Fix iPhone GPS Not Working (iOS 16 Supported)

Have your ever meet iPhone GPS not working when you need it? Here we introduce some ways to solve this question.

iOS Settings
11.30.2022iPhone Maps Not Working
How to Fix iPhone Maps Not Working

Don't know how to fix iPhone Maps not working? Fortunately, this article introduces some best methods to help you solve this problem.

iOS Settings
11.30.2022iMessage Waiting for Activation
Tutorial to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS, etc.

Are you getting iMessage Waiting for Activation error in iOS 16 or earlier on iPhone? Learn how to fix this problem on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS, etc. here.

iOS Settings
11.30.2022iPhone Says No Service
What should You Do When Your iPhone Says no Service

iPhone says no service or searching? Get the 7 efficient solutions to fix your iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8/7/6 (iOS 16 supported) (Hardware and software solutions).

iOS Settings
11.30.2022iPhone Photos Not Showing up
Tutorial to Effectively Solve iPhone Photos Not Showing up

iPhone photos not showing up when connected to computer? Here are 5 fixes to get rid of the trouble (iOS 16 supported) on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac.

iOS Settings
11.30.2022iPhone Not Showing Up on Computer
How to Fix iPhone not Showing up on Computer

iPhone is not recognized or showing up on computer? Here are 5 real fixes to remove this trouble on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac quickly and easily.

iOS Settings
11.22.2022Can't Watch Videos on iPhone
Tutorial to Solve Can't Watch Videos on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6, etc.

Learn what to do if you can't watch videos on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6, etc. with or without a Wi-Fi network or cellular connection.

iOS Settings
11.22.2022Cannot Download Apps on iPhone
Tutorial to Solve the Problem can't Download Apps on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X, etc.

The common problem happening on iOS is that users can't download apps on iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6, etc. Follow the guides in this post to fix it.

iOS Settings
11.19.2022Sync Google Contacts
Tutorial to Sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail (iOS 16 Supported)

Try to import Google sync from iPhone contacts? Here are 3 easy methods to help you sync contacts from iPhone to Gmail with/without iCloud.

11.17.2022iPhone Update Problems
Best 10 Solutions for iPhone Update Problems

This article collects common iPhone update problems and solutions in detail. It helps a lot due to thousands of new iOS 16 update problems reports.

iOS Recovery Mode
11.17.2022iPhone Software Update Failed
Best 5 Solutions to Fix iPhone Software Update Failed

Get 5 safest ways to solve iPhone software update failed error with ease. You can learn how to fix iOS 11 update failure and other system problems here.

iOS Recovery Mode
11.11.2022Photos Wont Download from iCloud
[Updated Guide] How to Fix Photos Won't Download from iCloud to PC/iPhone

Looking for the solutions to fix photos not downloading from iCloud? Here are 7 ways to download iCloud photos to your PC or iPhone running iOS 16 and earlier.

11.07.2022iPhone Glitch
How to Fix iPhone I Glitch [Solved]

How to fix iPhone i glitch, iPhone FaceTime glitch, iPhone keyboard/screen glitch and more? This post will show you all ways to fix the iPhone glitch easily.

11.07.2022iPhone Blue Screen
How to Fix iPhone Blue Screen of Death (iOS 17 Included)

iPhone is dead of blue screen? Here are 4 efficient ways to fix your blue screen iPhone for water damage, loop reboot, Apple logo, etc. (iOS 17 supported).

11.07.2022nnot Add Music to iPhone
What You Should Do When Can't Add Music to iPhone 14/13/12/11/Xs/Xr/X/8/7/6/5

Have trouble on adding music to iPhone? Our guide tells you how to fix can't add music to iPhone and the best way to add music to iPhone without iTunes.

11.02.2022Delete Data from iCloud
How to Delete Data from iCloud to Free up Storage

iCloud storage is full? Get the 5 solutions here to delete data (photos, documents, old backups, etc.) from iCloud on iPhone/iPad to free up storage.

11.02.2022Delete Downloads on iPad
How to Delete Downloads to Free-up Space on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7

Want to quickly delete downloads on iPhone or iPad? Here is the full guide to delete songs, PDF documents, videos, and other files from your iPhone and iPad.

11.02.2022iPhone Backup Viewer
5 Best iPhone Backup Viewer for iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR and Earlier

Want to open, view and extract data from iPhone backups? Here are top 5 best iPhone backup viewers to help you better manage your iOS files.

10.28.2022iPhone Backup Software
Best 10 iPhone Backup Software (iOS 17 Supported)

What is the best iPhone backup software to backup iPhone data? This page lists the top 10 iPhone backup software (free and paid), for Windows and Mac users.

10.28.2022iCloud Backup Could Not Be Completed
How to Fix (Last) iCloud Backup Not be Completed or Failed

The last iCloud backup could not be completed or failed? Take the 7 quick fixes and remove the problem of enalbing iCloud backup (iOS 17 supported) right now.

09.30.2022Review Google Drawings
What Is Google Drawings and How to Use It

Does Google have a diagramming program? How do I get Google Drawings? How do you draw on Google Drawings? Check the Google Drawings review to solve your puzzle.

Mind Map
09.30.2022Review Drawio Review - Pros & Cons, Pricing, Download, and Alternative

Is there a download for Windows 10? Is free and open source? Is trustworthy? Check the review to know all related information.

Mind Map
09.30.2022MP3 Video Converter
Reviewing 11 Video MP3 Converters for Online, PC, and Mobile Usage

Let us convert video to MP3, and MP3 to video with ease using whatever device you have. We will show you the best 13 converters for online, PC, Mac, and mobile.

Format Converter
09.01.2022How to Uninstall Nomad Mac
Step-by-Step Guide – How to Uninstall NoMAD on Mac without Any Leftovers

This article offers you three methods on how to uninstall NoMAD on mac completely and ensure no associated files are left behind.

Mac Cleanup
08.30.2022Cause and Effect Fishbone Diagram
What Is Cause and Effect Fishbone Diagram and How to Make It

Looking for a comprehensive guide for cause and effect diagram? Our post can meet your need and tell you what is it and how to make a cause effect quickly.

Mind Map
08.30.2022How to Make a Flowchart
What Is Flowchart and The Easiest Way to Make a Flowchart for Beginners

If you are looking for a way to make a flowchart as professionals, you are lucky since this complete guide tells everything you need to know about this diagram.

Mind Map
08.30.2022Uninstall Flash Player for Mac
How to Completely Remove Flash Player from MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, and More

Do not need Flash Player anymore? You'd better learn how to uninstall Adobe Flash Player plugin from your Mac following this comprehensive guide.

Mac Cleanup
08.24.2022View Deleted History on iPhone
How to View Deleted Safari History on iPhone/iPad Safely and Easily

Accidentally deleted Safari history on iPhone? Just check 4 ways here recover your deleted iPhone browsing history, the latest iPhone 14 series supported.

08.10.2022Remove Bitdefender
2 Effective Ways to Remove Bitdefender from Mac

Is Bitdefender free? How to disable Bitdefender and uninstall it on Mac? Can I disable Bitdefender without uninstalling it? Get 2 ways to remove Bitdefender.

Mac Cleanup
08.10.2022How to Uninstall Origin on Mac
How to Delete Origin on Mac Completely to Gain More Space

This article offers you two solutions on how to delete Origin on Mac and one of them frees your hands and helps you get rid of the software entirely.

Mac Cleanup
08.10.2022Uninstall Google Drive Mac
How to Remove GlobalPotect from Mac Completely

If you no longer use the GlobalProtect anymore, you should see the two useful methods here to uninstall GlobalProtect on Mac to gain more space.

Mac Cleanup
08.10.2022Adwcleaner Review
Two Efficient Methods on How to Get Rid of Adware on Mac Completely

Troubled by the Mac adware with surprise pop-ups? Here are two useful methods for you on how to remove adware from Mac completely.

Mac Cleanup
08.10.2022How to Uninstall Zoom on Mac
How to Uninstall Zoom on Mac Permanently [Easy Guide]

This article offers you two possible solutions to uninstall Zoom on Mac, which can help you get rid of the software and the Zoom files completely.

Mac Cleanup
08.10.2022Onesafe Mac Cleaner Review
OneSafe Mac Cleaner Honest Review and the Best Alternative

Honest review of OneSafe Mac Cleaner. Discover everything you need to know about this software along with its best alternative.

Mac Cleanup
08.10.2022Disk Clean Pro Review
Features You Should About Disk Clean Pro Before Purchase [Overall Review]

This post offers you an overall review of Disk Clean Pro with detailed features, pros, and cons and recommends the best alternative.

Mac Cleanup
08.10.2022Drive Genius Review
Drive Genius 5/6 Review – Features, Pro, Cons, and Price

Drive Genius claims to give you total control of the Mac but is it worth the price? See the review to know more features and its best alternative.

Mac Cleanup
07.14.2022Advanced Mac Cleaner Review
Advanced Mac Cleaner Review – How to Remove Viruses and Pop-ups Completely

To get rid of pop-ups and viruses from Advanced Mac Cleaner, here is the ultimate guide for removing them from your MacBook.

Mac Cleanup
07.14.2022iMyMac Review
iMyMac Review - Free Up Mac Disk Space and Speed Up Mac

Is there any free Mac cleaner? Is iMyMac Cleaner safe? This post gives you a detailed iMyMac review and shows the best Mac cleanup alternative to PowerMyMac.

Mac Cleanup
07.14.2022iBoostUp Review
iBoostUp Review and Best Mac Cleaner Alternative

What is the iBoostUp app? Is iBoostUp safe for Mac? Where to download and use iBoostUp? This post gives a detailed iBoostUp review to learn everything about it.

Mac Cleanup
07.14.2022Super Mac Cleaner Review
Check the Detailed Super Mac Cleaner Review

Is Mac Cleaner Pro any good? Where to download Super Mac Cleaner? How much does Super Mac Cleaner cost? Learn more about Super Mac Cleaner from this review.

Mac Cleanup
07.14.2022MacCleaner Pro Review
MacCleaner Pro Review and Best Mac Cleanup Alternative

Is MacCleaner Pro safe? How to uninstall and remove Mac Cleaner Pro? This post gives a full Mac Cleaner Pro review and shares its best cleanup alternative.

Mac Cleanup
06.30.2022Delete Apple Account
Your Complete Guide of How to Delete ID Apple Account

Want to delete old Apple ID on iPhone/iPad/iPod/Mac? Have no idea how to delete Account ID without password? Find solutions here.

06.16.2022Dr. Cleaner Review
Dr. Cleaner Review - Learn More About Mac Cleanup App

Is Dr. Cleaner better than CCleaner? Is Dr. Cleaner the old Cleaner One Pro for Mac? Get to know more about Dr. Cleaner and Cleaner One Pro from the review.

Mac Cleanup
06.16.2022Mackeeper Review
MacKeeper Review – Is It Good Enough for Your MacBook

Before opening your wallet and purchasing MacKeeper, you'd better read our introduction and honest review to make the best decision.

Mac Cleanup
05.26.2022Uninstall Docker on Mac
Top 3 Ways to Remove Docker from Mac Completely

Docker is running slowly on Mac? How do you remove Docker from Mac completely? This post gives 3 simple methods to help you uninstall Docker desktop for Mac.

Mac Cleanup
05.26.2022Uninstall Anaconda Mac
How to Completely Delete and Uninstall Anaconda from Your Mac

How to remove Anaconda from Mac manually? We demonstrate the concrete steps and a one-stop solution to get rid of Anaconda on Mac without technical skills.

Mac Cleanup
05.26.2022Turn Off Pop up Blocker on Mac
How to Remove and Disable Pop up Blocker in Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Mac

If you want to receive the pop-ups, you are lucky since this guide tells you how to turn off pop-up blocker on Mac in Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

Mac Cleanup
05.26.2022How to Clean Mac
How to Clean up Mac Hard Drive and Free up Space for Beginners

You can clean up temporary files easier and much safer if you follow our comprehensive guide and suggestions to clean Mac hard drive.

Mac Cleanup
05.13.2022Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone
How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6

Just switch your Android phone to a new iPhone? Here are multiple ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone simply and quickly.

04.25.2022Disk Manager for Mac
5 Best Disk Managers for Mac Users to Keep Computer Performance

What is the best disk manager applications for Mac computers and laptops? Here is a top list for each Mac users to optimize disk usage easily and quickly.

Mac Cleanup
04.25.2022How to Delete Partition on Mac
How to Delete and Remove a Hard Drive Partition on Mac Easily

How to delete a hard drive partition on your Mac? This tutorial will tell you a way to do it as well as the concrete steps for beginners and non-tech savvy.

04.22.2022Jailbreaking iPhone
How to Jailbreak iPhone on Windows with Checkra1n

Want to know how to jailbreak your iOS devices to unlock them without password? Being worried about the data on your iPhone before jailbreaking? View this page!

iOS Settings
04.12.2022Mac Security and Privacy
How to Change Mac Security and Privacy Preferences

Why is Mac security and privacy accessibility not working? What is the best privacy eraser software? Learn how to set Mac privacy settings and protect privacy.

Mac Cleanup
03.16.2022Snapchat Microphone Not Working
Troubleshoot Snapchat Microphone Not Working Issue

Which microphone does Snapchat use? How to turn on and enable microphone on Snapchat? You can learn 5 ways to fix the Snapchat microphone not working issue.

iOS Recovery Mode
03.16.2022Snapchat Notifications Not Working
Top 5 Ways to Fix Snapchat Notifications Not Working on Android and iOS

How to turn on notifications for Snapchat? Why do I not get Snapchat notifications? Learn 5 tips to troubleshoot the Snapchat not sending notifications issue.

iOS Recovery Mode
03.16.2022Snapchat Not Sending
5 Useful Tips to Fix the Snapchat Not Sending Issue

Why is my Snapchat text not sending? Snapchat not sending messages, videos, snaps, or verification code? Get 5 tips to solve the Snapchat not sending problem.

iOS Recovery Mode
03.01.2022Cannot Remove Music from iTunes
Why Cannot Delete Songs from iTunes – Here is the Ultimate Guide to Follow

What should you do if you cannot delete songs from your iTunes? Here are 3 efficient methods to remove the songs completely.

03.01.2022CCleaner for iPhone
How to Erase Virus Files with CCleaner for iPhone and Its Best Alternative

Does CCleaner for iPhone work to clean temporary files and optimize your iPhone, read the review and find its best alternative.

12.09.2021SSD data recovery
Ultimate Tutorial of Data Recovery from SSD Hard Drives under Various Situations

Suddenly lose some data on SSD? Don't know how to recover deleted/lost data from SSD hard drive? Find three solutions here.

12.09.2021Sync iPhone and iPad Text Messages
2 Best Ways to Sync iPhone and iPad Text Messages (iMessages)

How to sync iPhone and iPad text messages to Mac with iCloud? How to sync iMessage between iOS devices? Here we show you how to manage and transfer messages.

12.09.2021Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone
Tutorial to Transfer Contacts from Old iPhone to New iPhone Effectively

Get a new iPhone XS/XR? Then do not forget to read this post to transfer contacts from one iPhone to new iPhone for backup, with iTunes, iCloud and Bluetooth.

12.09.2021Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad
How to Transfer/Send Photos from iPhone to iPad Easily and Quickly

Here's the detailed tutorial about how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad Pro/Air/mini with iCloud wirelessly or without iCloud using Bluetooth/cable.

12.09.2021Undisable an iPhone
Tutorial to Undisable an iPhone Without iTunes When iPhone is Disabled

This article shows you multiple ways to undisable an iPhone without iTunes when you locked out or forgot lock screen password for your device.

iOS Recovery Mode
12.09.2021Meaning of Restoring iPhone
What is the Meaning of Restoring iPhone

What does restore iPhone mean? What happens when restore iPhone? Is it good to restore your iPhone? Get to know more details about restore iPhone in this page.

12.09.2021Wondershare Data Recovery
Wondershare Data Recovery: Overall Introduction and How to Use It

Wondershare Data Recovery is a professional data recovery solution for hard drive. Learn about this program and its guide in details below.

12.02.2021Safari Keeps Crashing
Tutorial to Fix Safari Keeps Crashing on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Why Safari keeps crashing? Here you can learn about possible reasons and step by step guides to fix this problem on iPhone 14/13/12/11/X.

iOS Settings
12.02.2021Safari Slow
Tutorial to Fix Safari Slow Issues on Mac, iPhone, and iPad Quickly

Safari is slow and not loading pages? Here are possible reasons why Safari's running slow and how to fix a slow Safari on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

iOS Settings
12.02.2021Save Contacts to Gmail
Easy Methods to Save Contacts to Gmail

Are you still saving contacts to Gmail to one by one? There are 3 methods for both iPhone and Android users to save and backup contacts.

12.02.2021Save Kik Messages on iPhone or Android
3 Methods to Save Kik Messages on iPhone or Android

If you are frustrated about how to save Kik messages, you can learn more details about some solutions to save messages of Kik.

12.02.2021Siri Not Working
Siri Not Working, How to Fix It

Are you still looking for some ways to fix your iPhone Siri not working? This article recommends some best ways for you.

iOS Settings
12.02.2021Seagate Data Recovery
Tutorial of Data Recovery Seagate External Hard Drive Effectively

Need to recover data from Seagate external hard drive? Here is the best Seagate external hard drive recovery app to help you find lost files back.

12.02.2021Windows Recovery Tool
15 Best Windows Recovery Tools for Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista Easily

Looking for the best way to recover files on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista? Here is our latest review of 15 best Windows recovery tools, paid and free ones.

12.02.2021Windows Media Player Not Working
What Should You Do When Windows Media Player Not Working

What should you do when the Windows Media Player not working? Just check out the 10 best solutions to solve the problem.

12.02.2021View All iCloud Backup Files
How Do You View All iCloud Backup Files

Looking for a way to check iCloud backup files? Here are some easy but effective methods to view iCloud backup with all the content.

12.02.2021Unlock iPhone from Vodafone
Get Cheapest and fastest way to Unlock iPhone from Vodafone

Hey, want to unlock iPhone from Vodafone permanently? Come here and find 3 easy ways to Vodafone unlock iPhone without jailbreak (iOS 11 supported).

iOS Lock
12.02.2021Video Recovery Software
Best Video Recovery Software – Overviews of Disk Drill

This page collects the overview of the best video recovery software, Disk Drill Pro, and how to use it to recover the deleted videos on iOS/Android/Windows/Mac.

12.02.2021Unlock Orange iPhone
Solutions to Unlock Orange iPhone

Still have no idea about unlocking Orange iPhone when you want to change your provider? This passage will show you the easiest way to unlock your Orange iPhone.

iOS Lock
12.02.2021Unlock iPhone Vodafone AU
Safe and Easy Ways to Unlock iPhone Vodafone AU

It is easy to unlock iPhone Vodafone AU as soon as possible. And your Telstra iPhone can be unlocked remotely within 24 hours in quite low price.

iOS Lock
12.02.2021Unable to Backup iPhone
Unable to Backup iPhone – Check out The Solutions

What should you do if you are not able to backup iPhone? The article provides some easy solutions to help you out.

12.02.2021Unlock Three iPhone
Top 5 Best Methods to Unlock Three iPhone Safely

You can complete Three unlock iPhone request with few clicks, and then follow steps to unlock iPhone immediately. No jailbreak and get unlock status hourly.

iOS Lock
12.02.2021The Last Backup Could Not Be Completed
How to Fix "The Last Backup Could Not Be Completed"

The article is about how to solve the problem when the last backup could not be completed. Check out the detail solution from the article.

12.02.2021iCloud Backup
There Was a Problem Enabling iCloud Backup: How to Fix It

There was a problem enabling iCloud backup? Don't worry about it. This article will help you to enable iCloud backup.

12.02.2021Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery
Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery: Introduction and Best Alternative

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery enables you to recover data from your crashed iPhone. Check out how to use it and its best alternative.

10.14.2021iPhone Won't Connect to Wi-Fi
How to Fix iPhone Won't Connect to Wi-Fi

My iPhone won't connect to Wi-Fi, what should I do? Don't worry, follow this article and get these easiest methods to fix your iPhone won't connect to Wi-Fi.

10.14.2021iPhone Wont Rotate
How to Fix iPhone/iPad Won't Rotate

Have you ever encounter the situation that your iPhone or iPad won't rotate? This post will teach you to fix it in an efficient way.

10.14.2021iPhone volume not working
How to Fix iPhone Volume Not Working With Top 4 Methods

When your iPhone volume is not working, what should you do? This article lists some best ways to help you fix iPhone volume not working.

iOS Settings
10.14.2021iPhone Won't Activate
How to Fix iPhone Won't Activate with 4 Best Solutions

Confused about how to fix iPhone won't activate? Read this article and follow these methods to solve this problem.

10.14.2021iPhone not Showing up in iTunes
Tutorial to Fix iPhone not Showing up in iTunes

A quick fix if you are finding your iPhone not showing up in iTunes despite it being plugged in. Follow this post to connect iPhone to iTunes normally.

iOS Settings
10.14.2021iPhone Not Ringing
6 Best Ways to Fix iPhone Not Ringing

When your iPhone does not ring, don't worry, just read this article and learn these ways to fix your iPhone not ringing.

iOS Settings
10.14.2021iPhone Notes Not Syncing
Tutorial to Fix iPhone Notes not Syncing

iCloud can be very finicky, especially when it comes to syncing notes. In this post, you can get the troubleshooting solutions when iPhone notes not syncing.

10.14.2021iPhone Not Responding
Guide to Resolve The Problem iPhone Not Responding Effectively

If you encounter the problem iPhone not responding or not operating, these tips in this article will usually resolve most device issues.

10.14.2021iPhone not Charging
Effective Solutions When You Encounter the Problem iPhone not Charging

You plug your iPhone into the wall or your computer, and discover iPhone is not charging. In this article, we share multiple ways to fix this problem quickly.

iOS Settings
10.14.2021iPhone Microphone Not Working
How to Fix iPhone Microphone Not Working

Still don't know how to fix iPhone microphone not working? This article teaches you the best ways to fix this problem.

iOS Settings
09.18.2021Retrieve Deleted Emails on iPhone
[Tutorial] 4 Easy Ways to Retrieve Deleted Emails on iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4

Wanna retrieve deleted emails on iPhone immediately? Here are easy and powerful solutions for retrieving both accidently and permanently deleted iPhone emails.

09.18.2021Restore iPhone
Find The Best Way Here to Restore iPhone

How to restore iPhone from backup or iCloud? This guide will show you how to restore iPhone to factory settings easily.

09.18.2021Restore Chrome Bookmarks
Step-by-step Guide to Recover Deleted Bookmarks Chrome

Chrome can restore bookmarks you've deleted, but not make it easy. Here is a step-by-step guide to tell you how to restore Chrome bookmarks effectively.

09.18.2021Reflector Mac
How to Record Mac with Reflector

Want to use Reflector to create a professional video tutorial but do not know what to do? Don't worry, this post will show you how to record Mac with Reflector.

Screen Mirroring
09.18.2021Recover Unsaved Word Document
Ultimate Guide to Recover Unsaved Word Document

The Word document may be lost due to accidental deletion or other issues. Check how to recover unsaved word document from this page.

09.18.2021Recover Trash on Mac
Recover Trash on Mac with Best Deleted File Recovery Tools

Accidentally deleted important files by emptying Trash Bin? You can recover them from your Mac actually. This guide tells how to recover Trash on Mac.

09.18.2021Recover Sticky Notes
Full Guide of Recovering Sticky Notes on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP Quickly

Sticky Notes program cannot save the notes that you created? Here is our guide to recover Sticky Notes on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP.

09.18.2021Recover Shift Deleted Files
Tutorial to Recover Shift Deleted Files on Computer Effectively

Prefer to Shift + Deleted combination to clean up disk? You may need to learn how to recover Shift Deleted files with our effective and simple solution.

09.18.2021Recover PPT Files
Step-by-step tutorial to Recover Unsaved PowerPoint Quickly and Easily

Lose the PowerPoint file that you're working hard on because of a sudden interruption or wrong behavior? Here's a step-by-step guide to recover PowerPoint file.

09.18.2021Recover iPhone Photos Without Backup
How to Recover iPhone Photos After Restore Without Backup Easily

If you just restored iPhone and lost some important photos, you can learn more details about how to recover iPhone photos after restore without backup.

09.18.2021Recover Gmail
Recover Deleted Emails from Gmail under Various Situations

This guide article tells how to recover deleted emails. If you encounter deleting important email files, relax and just follow to restore deleted email.

09.18.2021Recover Excel Files
How to Recover An Excel File That Was Saved Over And Overwritten

How to recover an excel file that was saved over? Just retrieve your data when Excel files are overwritten or closed without saving.

09.18.2021Whatsapp Messages
Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on iPhone and Android

Lose some important WhatsApp messages and want to get them back? This post shows all effective solutions to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone/Android.

09.18.2021Recover Deleted Photos
How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone or Android

Learn how to recover your deleted photos on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android phone, tablet from this article.

09.18.2021Recover Deleted Kik Messages
Ultimate Guide to Recover Deleted Kik Messages [iPhone and Android]

How to recover deleted Kik messages? This question must have exhausted you. Check out the guidance to get back the deleted messages.

09.18.2021Recover Deleted Folder in Outlook
How to Restore Missing Outlook Folders in Outlook 2016/2013/2010

Cannot find a folder in your Outlook account? Here's our guide on how to recover deleted folder in Outlook 2016/2013/2010 and earlier versions quickly.

09.18.2021Recover Deleted Files from Flash Drive
How to Recover Deleted Files from Flash Drive on Win/Mac

You can recover deleted files from USB flash drive easily. And there are also additional free to use tools to manage and keep Mac's healthy.

09.18.2021Recover Deleted Email
Tutorial to Recover Deleted Emails from Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail and More

When you accidentally delete an email message from your Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo account, you will find our guides on how to recover deleted emails helpful.

09.18.2021Recover Contacts on iPhone
5 Methods to Recover Contacts on iPhone

This post shows you 5 methods to recover deleted contacts from your iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4 directly and restore contacts from iTunes/iCloud backup easily.

09.18.2021Raw Drive Recovery
How to Recover Data from RAW Drive With Ease

How to recover the data from RAW hard drive? Here's the best way to fix RAW drive and get back lost files from internal and external drive when it turns to RAW.

09.18.2021PST Repair
Step-by-step Guide to Repair PST Files with the Best PST Repair Tools

If you cannot open your Outlook emails or suspect that the email is corrupted, follow our guides below to recover PST files and get back emails quickly.

09.18.2021PDF Recovery
Tutorial to Repair PDF Files on Local Hard Drive and External Storage

The article explains how to recover data from a corrupted or damaged PDF documents on computer and online. Spend few minutes to get the best PDF recovery tools.

08.20.2021O2 iPhone Unlock Solutions
O2 iPhone Unlock Solutions

Want to unlock your O2 iPhone to change a better network? Check out the introduction and solutions to get the OS iPhone unlock from the article.

iOS Lock
08.20.2021Ntfs Undelete
Easy to Make NTFS Undelete on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP

Looking for NTFS Recovery? Here are the best NTFS Undelete programs to avoid data loss and make NTFS undelete on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP effectively and quickly.

08.20.2021Mirror iPhone to Mac
How to Mirror iPhone to Mac

If you are looking for methods to mirror your iPhone to Mac, this passage will show you 3 different ways to sync iPhone content to Mac.

Screen Mirroring
08.20.2021Memory Card recovery
How to Make Memory Card Data Recovery on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP

To make photo recovery from memory card, you need a professional tool. Here is the guide on best memory card recovery software and more options.

08.20.2021Media Recovery
Tutorial to Recover Media File from Local and External Hard Drives

Lose some media files from your local hard drive or external storage devices? Here you can learn the best way to make media recovery effectively and quickly.

08.20.2021Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery
Maxtor Hard Drive Recovery in Various Situations

How recover files from a Maxtor external hard drive? Here is our tutorial covering all simple ways of Maxtor hard drive recovery effectively and simply.

08.20.2021Lost Dir Recovery
Tutorial to Use The Best LOST.DIR Recovery Tool to Recover Files

This post simply introduces what is LOST.DIR folder in Android devices and how to recover lost or missing files from LOST.DIR folder effectively and easily.

08.20.2021Lock Notes
How to Lock Notes with Password or Touch ID

Want to lock notes? You can use password or Touch ID to keep private notes safely Learn how to lock notes from this page.

iOS Lock
08.20.2021Lacie Data Recovery
Tutorial to Recover LaCie Hard Disk with Best LaCie Data Recovery

What if you lost crucial data on LaCie hard drive without having a backup? In this tutorial, you can learn the best way to make LaCie data recovery easily.

08.20.2021Kik Recovery
How to Achieve Kik Recovery on iPhones and Android Phones Effectively

Effective methods for Kik recovery are available here to help you get lost Kik messages and photos restored on Android phone and iPhone.

08.20.2021Keepsafe Recovery
How to Recover Keepsafe Photos on iPhone and Android Phone Easily

Check the following tutorial and find how to recover deleted Keepsafe photos from iPhone or Android phone effectively with Keepsafe Recovery.

08.20.2021JPEG Repair
Top Ways to Repair Corrupted JPEG Pictures on Computer and Online

The JPEG pictures show up abnormal or fragmented? Here we show you how to repair corrupted JPEG pictures with the best desktop and online JPEG repair software.

08.20.2021Restore iPhone/iPad from iTunes
How to Restore iPhone/iPad from iTunes

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for iTunes restoring. You can learn from this tutorial to restore and backup iPhone with iTunes.

08.20.2021iTunes Password Reset
Tutorial of iTunes Password Reset and iTunes Backup Password Reset

Thankfully, there's no need to panic if you forgot your iTunes password. Here you can learn about how to perform iTunes password reset.

08.20.2021Get iTunes Password Recovery
Get iTunes Password Recovery with Multiple Ways

There is nothing to worry when you forgot iTunes password. Here are multiple effective methods to achieve iTunes password recovery quickly.

08.20.2021iTunes Match Not Working
Ways to Fix iTunes Match Not Working

Find iTunes Match not working after updating to the latest version? Read on the passage and you will find the best solution to tackle it.

08.20.2021iTunes Library.itl
iTunes Library.itl Cannot Be Read? Here's the Fix!

Have no idea how to fix the iTunes Library.itl cannot be read error? This article can be your best guide to downgrade iTunes or get the best iTunes alternative.

08.20.2021Error 4014
How to Fix iTunes Error 4014 on iPhone X/8/7/6/5/SE

Want to fix iTunes error 4014 and similar iTunes error codes? Find real cause of iPhone error 4014 and effective solutions here.

08.20.2021iTunes Error 21
8 Easiest Ways to Fix iTunes Error 21

If you see iTunes error 21 but do not know how to fix it with or without data loss, you can read this article to learn 8 different ways.

08.20.2021iTunes Error 14
Complete Guide to Fix iTunes Error 14

Get iTunes error 14 but don't know how to fix? This post shows the best way to fix iTunes error 14, you can also get an iTunes alternative to restore data here.

08.20.2021iTunes Error
The Full Guide of iTunes Error

You can get the detailed information about iTunes error from this post. You can also learn causes of common iTunes error codes here.

08.20.2021iTunes Data Recovery
How to Recover Data from iTunes

When you delete files from iPhone by accident, you should know different methods about how to recover data with iTunes from the article.

08.20.2021iTunes Backup Password
Everything about iTunes Backup Password

What is iTunes backup password? Is it the same as the iTunes password? Read this post to learn more.

08.20.2021iTunes Backup Location
How to Locate iTunes Backup Location and Manage iTunes Files

Can't find iTunes backup location and manage iTunes backup files? Learn more details about the methods to locate and manage iTunes files.

08.20.2021iSkysoft Data Recovery
iSkysoft Data Recovery – All Things You Should Know

Looking for an effective way to recover lost data from internal or external hard drives? Learn about iSkysoft Data Recovery from the article.

08.20.2021iPod Keeps Restarting
Multiple Ways to Fix iPod Keeps Restarting without Losing Data

This particular article would show you what you can do when your iPod keeps restarting. Follow the guide to solve this problem in a few minutes.

iOS Recovery Mode
08.20.2021iPhone Wont Turn On
What to Do When iPhone/iPad Won't Turn On

If your iPhone/ipad won't turn on, but you do not know how to deal with it, this passage will show you five efficient ways to fix it.

08.20.2021iPhone Wont Turn Off
How to Fix iPhone Won't Turn Off Problem

If you have troubles in how to fix iPhone won't turn off, you can read this post and learn best methods to solve it.

07.30.2021iPhone Cellular Data Not Working
How to Fix Cellular Data Not Working on iPhone

Are you still confused about how to fix iPhone cellular data not working? Here we recommend the best way.

iOS Settings
07.30.2021Encrypted Backup
The Complete Guide about iPhone Encrypted Backup

Read and learn how to encrypt your iTunes backups and turn off iPhone encrypted backup without the password. It is what you need of iTunes encryption backup.

07.30.2021iPhone Call History
3 Effective Ways to Make iPhone Call History Recovery

How to get deleted/lost iPhone call history back? You can get 3 great solutions to recover call history on iPhone easily from this page.

07.30.2021iPhone Black Screen
How to Fix iPhone Black Screen

Why is my iPhone screen black? Don't worry. Just read this article and get these methods to fix your iPhone black screen.

07.30.2021Get iPhone 6s/5s Unlocked
How to Get iPhone 6s/5s Unlocked

Do you want to unlock your iPhone 6s/5s and change it to a new network? This passage will give you a detailed tutorial to help you to solve the problem.

iOS Lock
07.30.2021iPad Not Charging
All Things You Can Try When iPad Not Charging Due to Various Reasons

You may have noticed that iPad not charging even with the iPad charger. Here are several solutions to help get rid of this problem quickly.

iOS Settings
07.30.2021iPad is Disabled
Here are All Knowledge You should Know When You iPad is Disabled

iPad is Disabled, how to fix it? This tutorial shows you various ways to solve iPad disabled problem with iTunes and iCloud in a few minutes.

07.30.2021iPad DFU Mode
Easy Ways to Put/Exit iPhone/iPad/iPod in DFU Mode

This is your complete guide of what DFU mode is, how to enter and exit iPad DFU mode (iPhone & iPod). In addition, you can get a DFU mode alternative here.

iOS Recovery Mode
07.30.2021iPad Disabled Connect to iTunes
What to Do When You See the Message iPad Disabled Connect to iTunes

iPad disabled connect to iTunes? This post shows how to quickly get rid of this disabled connect to iTunes problem on iPad Pro/mini/Air.

07.30.2021Restore iPhone from iTunes
How to Restore iPhone from iTunes

you lost data on iPhone and have no idea to recover lost data, restore iPhone from iTunes is the first method you should choose.

07.30.2021Control Computer with iPhone
How to Control Computer with iPhone

Have you ever wanted to control computer with an iPhone? Do not worry, this post will show you the best four apps and how to use them.

07.30.2021Face Time Not Working
How to Fix Face Time Not Working on Mac/iPhone/iPad

Don't know how to fix Face Time not working on Mac/iPhone/iPad? The article shares the 9 best ways with to solve the problem.

07.30.2021Clear Instagram Search History
How Do You Clear Instagram Search History on iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/5

This article shows you how to clear Instagram search history on iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/5/5s/5c/4. Just spend a few minutes to get multiple ways to complete it.

07.30.2021Recover AOL Emails
[Solved] How to Recover Deleted AOL Email Messages

Did you accidentally delete a file, photo or MP3 in AOL emails? Don't worry! Here's the best way to recover deleted AOL emails even it is permanently deleted.

07.30.2021Delete Snapchat Conversations
Tutorial to Delete Snapchat Conversations on iPhone and Android

In this tutorial we show you how to delete Snapchat conversations, stories or messages at once on iPhone and Android devices properly.

07.29.2021Downloads Folder
Tutorial to Recover Download Folder on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista Easily

Need to restore or repair Download folder in Windows 10/8/7/XP or Mac OS? You can learn multiple simple solutions in this post to get what you want.

07.29.2021Download iCloud Backup
Best Ways to Download iCloud Backup Files

What should you do to download iCloud backup? The article explains different methods to extract files from iCloud backup files.

07.29.2021Delete TV Shows from iCloud
Tutorial to Delete TV Shows from iCloud to Free up Space

This tutorial teaches you how to manage limited iCloud storage and delete TV shows from iCloud in order to free up space effectively and simply.

07.29.2021Delete Unwanted Songs from iCloud
Tutorial to Delete Unwanted Songs from iCloud to Free up Storage

How to delete songs from iCloud? Here are our guides to help you manage iCloud storage andclean music from iCloudto free up storage simply.

07.29.2021Delete Old iCloud Backups
How to Delete Old iCloud Backups

5GB free iCloud space might be not enough for you to backup data, you can use some methods to deleted old iCloud backup to clean up iCloud space.

07.29.2021Delete Movie from iTunes
How to Delete a Movie or TV Show from iTunes

This is your complete guide of how to delete a movie from iTunes on iPhone or Mac. You can delete purchased TV shows from iTunes, too.

07.29.2021Delete Unwanted Movies from iCloud
Tutorial to Delete Unwanted Movies from iCloud to Free up Storage

Here provides you multiple methods on how to delete movies from iCloud or hide movies on iCloud. Follow it to manage and free up storage of iCloud.

07.29.2021Delete iTunes Backup
How to Delete iTunes Backup on Computer

Too many files in iTunes might waste space and make your iTunes confused. So, you have to delete iTunes backup to clean room and make iTunes backup order.

07.29.2021Delete iCloud Backup
How to Delete iCloud Backup

Backup files with iCloud is very popular but not convenient with a limited free space. Check out how to delete iCloud backup to release more space.

07.29.2021Delete APP from iCloud
Tutorial to Delete Apps from iCloud on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11 and Computer

This tutorial teaches you multiple ways to delete apps from iCloud on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8, Windows or Mac simply and quickly.

07.29.2021Delete Account from iCloud
Tutorial to Delete iCloud on iPhone iPad Windows Mac

Get the alert said no enough storage available in iCloud? We show you multiple ways on how to delete from iCloud and free up space simply.

07.29.2021Dcim Folder
Ultimate Tutorial to Recover DCIM Folder on Windows 10/8/7/XP and Smartphone

DCIM folder is perhaps the most important folder of any Android phone, as it contains all of your photos. Here are the best ways to recover DCIM folder.

07.23.2021iCloud Backup Failed
Best Solutions When iCloud Backup Failed

Why is iCloud backup not working? You can learn more detail about the reasons and solutions from the article now.

07.23.2021How to Tell If iPhone is Unlocked
How to Tell If Your iPhone Is Unlocked

If you have any problems on how to tell if your iPhone is in locked status, read this post to check if iPhone is unlocked in 5 different methods.

iOS Lock
07.23.2021Recover Notes
How to Recover Notes from iCloud Easily

Want to recover recently deleted or old notes from iCloud backup? You can learn to recover notes from iCloud safely and easily from this page.

07.23.2021Put Music on iPhone
Tutorial to Transfer Music from CD to iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/5/5c/5s/4

It is too costly to always purchase songs on your iPhone. In this tutorial, you can learn how to transfer music from CD to iPhone quickly and easily.

07.23.2021How to Delete iCloud Email
Tutorial to Delete iCloud Email Account and Manage iCloud Alias Properly

In this tutorial, you can learn how to delete iCloud email account from an iOS device, Windows or Mac, and the way to manage iCloud alias.

07.23.2021Delete iCloud Storage on iPhone
Tutorial to Delete iCloud Storage on iPhone iPad Windows Mac

It is easy to use up your 5GB of free iCloud storage, so we shared several methods to manage and delete iCloud storage on iOS device and computer.

07.23.2021Hotmail Recovery
Guide of Hotmail Email Recovery from Delete Items Folder and More

How to recover deleted emails Hotmail? Here's our step-by-step guide of Hotmail email recovery with Delete Items folder and the best email recovery tool.

07.23.2021iMessage Not Working
Tutorial to Fix iMessage Not Working on iPhone and iPad

iMessage not working? Don't despair. From messages not being delivered to effects not working, here we will teach you to fix common problems on iPhone/iPad.

iOS Settings
07.23.2021IMEI Unlock
100% Working Guide of IMEI Unlock on T-Mobile iPhone

Want to unlock your iPhone with a locked iCloud account? Here is a 100% working guide of IMEI unlock on iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6s/6 and earlier models.

iOS Lock
07.22.2021Split Screen Video
How to Make a Split Screen Video on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android

Whether you need to make a split screen video on computer or mobile phone, you can find easy-to-use split screen video editors here.

Video Editing
07.21.2021Hitachi Hard Drive Tools
Best Hitachi Hard Drive Diagnosis and Data Recovery

Looking for the best way to diagnose and fix problems of Hitachi hard drive and recover data from it? Here we share multiple best Hitachi jard drive tools.

07.21.2021Get iPhone out of Recovery Mode
How to Get iPhone/iPod out of Recovery Mode

If you have no idea about how to get iPhone out of recovery mode, this post will recommend some useful methods to solve this problem.

iOS Recovery Mode
07.21.2021Flash Drive Recovery
10 Best Flash Drive Recovery Applications for Windows and Mac OS

Lost or accidentally deleted important data from flash drive? Here are top 10 best Flash Drive Recovery applications for flash drive recovery on Windows/Mac.

07.21.2021Factory Unlock iPhone
How to Factory Unlock iPhone for All Modes (iPhone X/8/7 Plus/7/6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4)

Read this tutorial to get 3 ways to factory unlock iPhone to change your cell phone providers, and resale on Amazon and save money during international travels.

iOS Lock
07.21.2021Extract Contacts from iPhone Backup
Tutorial to Extract Contacts from iPhone Backup, iTunes Backup or iCloud

The article will show you the best ways to extract iPhone contacts from iPhone backup, iTunes backup or iCloud backup.

07.21.2021Excel Ttemp Files
3 Simplest Ways to Recover Excel Temp Files from Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP Easily

A copy of open excel file is stored in TEMP folder. Here's our step-by-step guide about recovering excel temp files on Windows 10/8/7 and macOS effectively.

07.21.2021Wondershare Dr. Fone
Everything You Should Know about Wondershare Dr. Fone

Wondershare Dr.Fone full version can help you avoid data lost on Smartphone. Read our guide and get back deleted data from iPhone or Android with Dr.Fone.

06.21.2021Clear iPhone Cache
(6 Efficient Ways) How to Clear iPhone Cache for More Storage and Fast Speed

This post collects 6 best solutions to clear iPhone cache, history and cookies. You can follow the step-by-step guide to make your iPhone run faster.

06.21.2021Change iTunes Backup Location
What Should You Do to Change iTunes Backup Location

What should you do if you need to change iTunes backup location? Just learn more details about the solutions from the article.

06.21.2021Recover Deleted Call History
[Tutorial] Recover Deleted Call History from Android Easily

Feel worried to delete the call logs before you save the contacts? Just recover deleted call history from your Android quickly in this article.

06.21.2021Buffalo Data Recovery
How to Recover Data from Buffalo Disk with Buffalo Data Recovery

Need to get access to the data on your Buffalo? Read the tutorial and follow our effective guides on how to make Buffalo data recovery in various situations.

06.21.2021iPhone voicemail not working
How to Fix iPhone Voicemail Not Working

Many iPhone users can't listen to voicemail on iPhone after iOS upgrade. This article teaches you how to fix iPhone voicemail not working.

iOS Settings
06.21.2021iTunes Error 2005
How to Fix iTunes Error 2005 While Restoring

Read and learn how to fix iTunes error 2005 with detail steps. As a result, you can restore iPhone with iTunes as usual successfully.

06.21.2021Unlock iPhone EE
3 Solution to Unlock iPhone EE

Still wonder how to unlock iPhone EE when you are distressed about the high roaming fees? Go through this article and you will find answers to the question.

iOS Lock
06.21.2021Unlock iPhone 5/5s/5c
Best Methods to Unlock iPhone 5/5s/5c

Get the trouble that you cannot use other iPhone 5/5s/5c network services in a travel abroad? Learn how to unlock iPhone 5/5s/5c from the article.

iOS Lock
06.21.2021iPhone Password Not Working
How to Fix iPhone Password Not Working

It is a terrible thing to find your iPhone password not working or your iPad passcode not working. Don't worry, this article can help you.

iOS Settings
06.21.2021Backup and Restore WhatsApp
The Way to Backup and Restore WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

Want to backup and restore WhatsApp data on Android or iPhone? Just read the passage below that guides you solve the problem.

06.21.2021Restore iPad to Factory Settings
How to Restore iPad to Factory Settings

Want to restore iPad Pro/Air/mini and reset iPad to factory settings. Learn how to reset iPad in this post.

06.21.2021Access and Manage iCloud Backup
How to Access and Manage iCloud Backup

How to access iCloud backup to check all iOS files? Learn different methods to access iCloud backup from the article now.

06.10.2021Backup Photos on Mac
How to Backup Photos on Mac

Ever heard about Google photos? Do you know how to backup photos using Google photos? Read on and learn more at this article.

06.10.2021Backup Music to iCloud
Tutorial to Backup Music to iCloud Manually or with iTunes Match

Many users choose to backup music to iCloud. This post shows best solutions to help you backup music to iCloud Music Library.

06.10.2021Backup iPhone to iCloud
How to Backup iPhone to iCloud Quickly and Easily

How to backup iPhone to iCloud? Learn to set up an iCloud account, enable iCloud backup and make a copy easily.

06.10.2021Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive
2 Easy Ways to Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive

Want to free up more space for iPhone? You can backup iPhone to external hard drive on Windows PC or Mac. Here are 2 easy ways to backup iOS data to hard drive.

06.10.2021Backup iPhone to Computer
How to Backup iPhone to Windows/Mac Computer with Ease

This article shows 4 ways of how to backup iPhone to computer. So you can get easy solutions to backup an iPhone or iPad wirelessly or automatically.

06.10.2021Backup Notes on iPhone
Backup Notes on iPhone with Different Methods

Notes are important for one to remember, and when it comes to backup notes on iPhone, you can check out the solutions from the article.

06.10.2021Back up Contacts on iPhone
4 Easy Ways to Backup Contacts on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR

Want to backup iPhone contacts? Here are the easiest ways to save iPhone contacts with iTunes, iCloud or best iPhone contacts backup tools.

06.10.2021Backup iPhone APPs
3 Methods to Backup APPs and APP Data on iPhone

You can backup iPhone apps and then restore on another iOS device by iTunes, iCloud or one comprehensive iOS Data Backup & Restore app selectively.

06.10.2021Backup iPhone
How to Backup iPhone in the Easiest Way

How to backup iPhone? Here is an easiest way for you to back up iPhone files without hassle, including contacts, photos, messages, videos, WhatsApp data, etc.

06.10.2021Backup iPad
Step-by-Step Guide to Backup iPad iPhone

There are 3 easy ways to backup iPad data safely. Thus, you can make an iPad backup with iTunes, iCloud and iOS Data Backup according to your demands.

06.10.2021Backup iMessages
What Are the Best Methods to Backup iMessages

Have no idea to selectively backup your iMessages to the computer, or export them back to your iPhone? This article will help you to solve it.

06.10.2021Apple Music App Not Working
How to Fix Apple Music App Not Working

Apple Music app not working on your iPhone? Don't worry, take these methods in this article to fix this problem.

iOS Settings
06.10.2021AirPlay Not Working
How to Fix AirPlay Not Working

Have no idea to fix your AirPlay not working? Read this article and follow these methods to fix this problem.

iOS Settings
06.10.2021AirDrop Not Working
How to Fix AirDrop Not Working

My AirDrop doesn't work, how to fix it? In this article, we list some best methods for you to fix AirDrop not working.

iOS Settings
05.28.2021MP4 Recover
The Ultimate Solution to Make MP4 Recovery When Videos Deleted from Hard Drive

Suffer from MP4 files loss? MP4 file can be easily back with the right way. Here is the step-by-step guide, introducing the best MP4 recovery software.

05.28.2021iPhone Won't Send Pictures
How to Fix iPhone Won't Send Pictures

Have no ideal about how to fix iPhone won't send pictures? Follow this article and get these ways to fix this problem.

05.28.2021Recover Photos from SD Card
Tutorial to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card Effectively and Easily

Do you save pictures on your SD card and cannot find them? If you have not backed up photos, follow our tutorial to recover deleted pictures from SD card.

05.28.2021Cannot Connect to The App Store
Solutions You Should Try When You Cannot Connect to The App Store

One of the most annoying errors users encounter is cannot connect to App Store on iPhone and iPad. Here we will guide you to resolve the issue.

iOS Settings
05.28.2021Recover Photoshop File
How to Recover Photoshop File on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP Easily

Lost Photoshop image files and don't how to get them back? Here is the detailed guide of Photoshop file recovery.

05.28.2021Cant Delete Photos from iPhone
Solutions to Fix can't Delete Photos from iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/5/5c/5s/4

Can't delete photos from iPhone or can't find the trash bin icon in the Photos app? Here are multiple ways to fix this problem and delete photos from iPhone.

05.28.2021Compact Flash Data Recovery
Top Compact Flash Data Recovery Solution That Everyone Should Know

Is it possible to recover data from Compact Flash card? Yes. Here's a great solution for CF card data recovery. Take the steps to get back your data quickly.

05.28.2021Delete Music from iPhone
How to Delete Music from iPhone/iPad/iPod

Want to delete music from iPhone, iPad or iPod? Just follow this article to remove songs/albums/all music/playlists from iPhone with 3 simple solutions.

05.28.2021Toshiba Hard Drive Recovery
Guide of Toshiba Hard Drive Recovery in Various Situations Simply

Delete your important files on Toshiba hard disk drive without backup? Follow our step-by-step guides to make Toshiba hard drive recovery effectively.

05.28.2021Restore Apps on iPhone
Best Methods to Restore Apps on iPhone

Just deleted some Apps by accident or some Apps were missing, you can check out the methods for how to restore Apps on iPhone.

05.28.2021Notifications iPhone Not Working
7 Ways to Fix Push Notifications iPhone Not Working

Want to fix push notifications iPhone not working but have no idea? This article helps you do this job.

iOS Settings
05.28.2021SDHC data recovery
Top Solution for SDHC Data Recovery under Various Situations Effectively

This article introduces you the best SDHC data recovery tool, and you can use it to recover your lost, deleted or formatted files in SDHC card effectively.

05.28.2021Delete Downloads Android
Tutorial to Delete Downloads on iPhone and Android Quickly and Simply

Looking for the proper method to delete downloads on smartphone? We shared multiple ways to remove downloaded files from iPhone or Android.

05.28.2021iPhone Photos Not Showing up in iPhoto/Photos on Mac OS
How to Fix iPhone Photos Not Showing up in iPhoto/Photos on Mac

iPhone photos not showing up in iPhoto/Photos app on Mac after connecting? There are multiple useful solutions you can follow to fix this problem.

iOS Settings
05.21.2021Back up Contacts to iCloud
Tutorial to Back up Contacts to iCloud and Restore Them to Your iPhone

This tutorial teaches you how to back up iPhone contacts to iCloud so that you can easily restore them or use contacts sync separately from the iCloud.

05.21.2021iPhone Not Making Calls
Fix the Problem for iPhone Not Making Calls

Having problems making or receiving calls? Read this tutorial and follow the guides to resolve the problem that iPhone not making calls.

iOS Settings
05.21.2021What Does iCloud Backup
What Does iCloud Backup [Access iCloud Backup Data]

What does iCloud backup? If you need to check more details about iCloud backup, check out the solutions from the article.

05.21.2021iTunes Wont Open
How to Fix iTunes Won't Open on Windows

What if your iTunes won't open on the Windows computer? Do not worry, this article will give you a comprehensive instruction to help you solve this problem.

05.21.2021iTunes Backup
Quick Guide About iTunes Backup

What does iTunes back up on earth? If iTunes can back up all important files? Learn more details about iTunes backup from the article.

05.21.2021Reset Network Settings
What Happens When You Reset Network Settings on iPhone Xs/Xr/X/8/7/6

If you encounter problems with your cellular network or Wi-Fi network, then you can reset network setting on iPhone. Learn how to do it in this page.

05.21.2021Remove Device from iCloud
Guide to Delete Device from iCloud to Free up Storage

If you're no longer using an iOS device, you'd better delete it from your iCloud account. And here are methods to delete device from iCloud properly.

05.21.2021iPhone Alarm Not Working
Ultimate Guide to Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working

Have no idea about how to fix iPhone alarm not working? This article can help you to solve this iPhone issue.

iOS Settings
05.21.2021Bricked Phone
How to Fix a Bricked Phone and Recover Lost Data

This is a complete guide of how to fix a bricked phone with ease. Moreover, you can get bricked phone data recovery to recover lost Android data without backup.

05.21.2021Boot into Recovery Mode
How to Boot into Recovery Mode on Android/iPhone

If you are looking for how to boot into Recovery Mode, you can read this article and learn the ways of booting into Recovery Mode.

iOS Recovery Mode
05.21.2021Remove iPhone from iCloud
How to Remove iPhone from iCloud

This post will tell you how to remove an iCloud account from iPhone without password. If interested, please read on and learn the detailed steps.

05.21.2021Update Server Could Not Be Contacted
Tutorial to Solve iPhone Software Update Server Could Not Be Contacted

Follow our step by step guides in this post to fix the problem iPhone software update server could not be contacted due to various reasons.

iOS Settings
05.20.2021Delete APPs from iTunes
How to Delete APPs from iTunes on iPhone/PC/Mac

Get 4 easy ways to delete apps from iTunes account permanently. And you can manage downloaded apps on iPhone, PC and Mac easily.

05.20.2021Delete Zoosk Account
How to Delete Zoosk Account Permanently from iPhone/Android or Computer

Learn how to delete Zoosk account permanently on Android, iPhone and computer. You can get rid of Zoosk since then completely.

05.14.2021Retrieve Deleted Photos
Ways of Retrieving Deleted Photos on iPhone and Android

Want to get back deleted photos on your iPhone/Android? You can check out methods below for how to retrieve deleted photos.

05.14.2021Delete auto backup pictures
Delete Auto Backup Pictures Manually or Permanently

Figure out what Samsung Auto Backup is, and how to delete auto backup pictures from gallery with different levels. Just read and follow.

05.14.2021Unlock Fido Canada iPhone with IMEI
Fastest Ways to Unlock Fido Canada iPhone with IMEI

Unlock your iPhone from Fido Canada carrier without jailbreak. Here are top 3 methods that you can get Fido Canada iPhone unlock in the best way.

iOS Lock
05.14.2021Recover Deleted Notes
Tutorial to Recover Deleted Notes on iPad Pro/Air/mini and Earlier

Are you searching for a simple way to get back lost notes on your iOS device? We shared 4 methods to recover deleted notes on iPad.

05.14.2021iPad Apps Keep Crashing
How to Fix iPad Apps Keep Crashing on Your iPad Pro/mini/Air Easily

How to fix the problem that iPad apps keep crashing? Here are multiple ways to help you get rid of this problem on iPad Pro/mini/Air in a few minutes.

iOS Recovery Mode
05.14.2021Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone
How to transfer contacts from Blackberry to iPhone

How to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone? The tutorial tells you multiple best ways to migrate contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/5 simply.

05.14.2021Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Device
Tutorial of Transferring Contacts from iPhone to Android Device

In this guide, you will learn how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android device from Samsung, HTC, Moto, Sony, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

05.14.2021iPhone Won't Play Music
Troubleshooting - iPhone Won't Play Music

If you want to know why iPhone won't play music and how to fix this issue, please read on this post and learn the best solutions to resolve.

04.27.2021Save Voicemails from iPhone
Tutorial to Save Voicemails from iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8 Plus/8

Sometimes you need to save voicemail from iPhone to another device. This article tells you 4 simple methods to save voicemails from iPhone to iPhone.

04.27.2021How to Undo Control Z
How to Undo Control Z and Recover Deleted Files by Ctrl + Z

Undo CTRL+Z is able to reverse your last action simply. Learn how to undo control Z, how to revert undo, and how to recover data deleted by Ctrl + Z here.

04.27.2021iTunes Restore Errors
Best Ways to Resolve iTunes Restore Errors

If you see errors 9, 4005, 4013, or other iTunes restore errors, you can check more details about the solutions from the article.

04.27.2021iPhone Bluetooth Not Working
5 Solutions to Fix iPhone Bluetooth Not Working

Still confused about how to fix Bluetooth not working? Here we list 5 methods for you to fix iPhone Bluetooth not working.

iOS Settings
04.27.2021iTunes Won't Backup iPhone
What Should You Do If iTunes Won't Backup iPhone

Why iTunes won't backup iPhone? If you have the similar experience, you can learn more detail about how to fix the problem from the article.

04.27.2021Check if Phone is Unlocked
4 Methods to Check if Phone is Unlocked

No idea about how to check if phone is unlocked? Fortunately, this article list 4 frequently used methods to help you get to know if phone is unlocked.

iOS Lock
04.27.2021Backup Voice Memos
How to Backup Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer and iCloud Easily

Get step-by-step guide to backup voice memos easily.You can get best iOS data backup app to backup voice memos to iCloud and computer with ease.

04.27.2021Apple TV Mirroring
How to Mirror iPad, Mac and PC to Apple TV

Do you want to mirror the screen of Mac, iPad or PC to the Apple TV? This passage will give you a detailed tutorial to enjoy different contents on Apple TV.

Screen Mirroring
04.27.2021Cannot Connect to iTunes Store
Effective Solutions to Try When iPhone cannot Connect to iTunes Store

If you use the iTunes Store, you may have come across this error message that, cannot connect to iTunes Store. Learn how to solve this problem quickly.

04.27.2021iTunes Error 17
The Complete Guide to Fix iTunes Error 17

When you encounter iTunes error 17 but have no idea how to fix it, you can refer to this article and get the best solutions to fix error 17 in iTunes with ease.

04.27.2021FaceTime not Connecting
Ultimate Guide to Fix FaceTime Not Connecting on iOS

FaceTime not connecting and you can't make FaceTime video calls? This post shows the best way to fix the FaceTime not connecting error.

iOS Settings
04.27.2021iPhone Wont Restore
How to Fix iPhone Won't Restore

If your iPhone is stuck on iTunes logo and won't restore, this article will give you a comprehensive instruction to help you solve this problem.

04.16.2021iTunes Error 3194
How to Fix Error 3194 during Updating or Restoring iPhone

Face the error 3194 when you update or restore iPhone from iTunes? 3 methods are offered to fix iTunes error 3194 and iPhone could not be restored in this page.

04.16.2021iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery
iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery: One of the Best Data Recovery Tools

iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful tool to recover lost data from iPhone. Learn how to use the program and the best alternatives.

04.16.2021Set Up Two-Factor Authentication to Access iCloud
How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication to Access iCloud

What is two-factor authentication and how to set up or turn off two-factor authentication? Read this post and find the answer.

04.16.2021Transfer Music from iPhone to Android
Tutorial to Transfer Music from iPhone X/8/7/6/5/4 to Android Device

Have trouble in transferring Apple music to Android? Then you should check this tutorial out. There multiple best ways to complete this job simply and quickly.

04.16.2021Delete Apps on iPhone
Tutorial to Delete Apps on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11

Can't get rid of apps on iPhone 7's home screen? This tutorial shows you how to delete apps on iPhone 7 and manage app icons on your home screens as you wish.

04.16.2021Transfer Photos from Mac to iPhone
3 Best Methods to Transfer Photos from Mac to iPhone X/8/7/6/6s

In the tutorial we are going to show you how to transfer photos from your Mac to iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/5/5c/5s/4 quickly and easily.

04.09.2021Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode without Computer
How to Get iPhone Out of Recovery Mode with or without Computer

Read this tutorial to learn how to get iPhone out of recovery mode without computer. Top 3 methods to exit recovery mode and return to normal state with ease.

04.09.2021Backup Music Files
Best 2 Methods to Backup Music Files

Losing music on phone is really awful, but with the help of some right tools or methods, you can easily backup music to avoid losing it accidentally.

04.09.2021iPad Backup Location
How to Access to iPad Backup Location

Want to know where iPad backup location is, and the best way to access iPad backup? Just learn more details about them from the article.

04.09.2021Deleted Files not in Recycle Bin
[Solved] Recover Deleted Files Not in Recycle Bin on Windows 10/8/7

Delete files but cannot find them in your Recycle Bin? Follow our guides to get back deleted files not in Recycle Bin and restore them effectively and quickly.

04.09.2021iPad Data Recovery
4 Best iPad Data Recovery to Retrieve Deleted iPad Files

What should you do to retrieve deleted files from iPad? The article introduces the top 4 iPad data recovery tools to get back files with ease.

04.09.2021iTunes Not Recognizing iPod
Easy Ways to Resolve the Problem iTunes Not Recognizing iPod Touch

This tutorial shows you how to fix iTunes not recognizing iPod Touch. If your iTunes does not detect your iPod, follow it to fix this problem simply.

04.09.2021Delete iPhone Backup on Mac
How to Delete iPhone Backup on Mac (iTunes & iCloud)

You can delete iPhone backup on Mac computer with iTunes or iCloud. In another word, it is easy to find and delete an iTunes or iCloud backup on Mac.

04.09.2021iPhone Contacts Not Syncing
What You can Do When Encounter the Problem iPhone Contacts Not Syncing

Encounter the problem that iPhone contacts not syncing? Here are multiple ways to fix this problem on iPhone.

04.09.2021Safari Not Working
Tutorial to Fix Safari Not Working on iPhone, iPad and Mac

If Safari turns slow, stops responding, quits unexpectedly, or is not working at all, learn how to fix this problem on iPhone, iPad and Mac computer.

iOS Settings
04.09.2021iTunes Error 2
How to Fix iTunes Error 2 in 6 Easy Ways

Come here and learn 6 easy ways to fix iTunes error 2 on Windows. Moreover, you can get the best iTunes alternative to backup and restore iPhone in one click.

04.09.2021Recover Overwritten Files
How to Recover Overwritten Files on Windows PC/Mac

Want to recover overwritten files on Windows PC or Mac? Effective solutions are offered here to help you find lost data back, including the overwritten data.

04.09.2021iTunes Error 9
Have iTunes Error 9 during Updating or Restoring? Here's the Fix

Read this article to learn what is iTunes error 9 and its causes. Moreover, you can get 6 easy ways to fix iPhone error 9 and other iTunes codes here.

04.09.2021Reset Restrictions Passcode
[Ultimate Guide] How to Reset Restrictions Passcode on iPhone & iPad

Want to reset restrictions passcode on iPhone/iPad? This article will show you easy ways to change a restrictions passcode, even though you forgot it already.

03.30.2021Encrypt iPhone Backup
How to Encrypt iPhone Backup on PC/Mac

Information security is really important to iPhone users, encrypt iPhone backup on PC/Mac can help you to protect and backup data on computer.

03.30.2021Backup Photos with iTunes
How to Backup Photos with iTunes

What are best methods for backing up photos to avoid the loss of the files? The article introduces the way to backup photos using iTunes.

03.30.2021Find iPhone Backup on Mac
The Best Methods to Find iPhone Backup on Mac

It is awful when you cannot find iPhone backup on Mac after syncing. Actually, you can easily find the location of backup with a good method.

03.30.2021AirPlay Not Showing up
Methods to Fix AirPlay Not Showing up

AirPlay not showing up on your iOS device? Don't worry. Read and follow this article to get these methods to fix your AirPlay not showing up.

03.30.2021Extract Photos from iPhone Backup
[Ultimate Guide] How to Extract Photos from iPhone Backup

Accidently delete or lose photos is very usual, but actually, extract photos from iPhone backup should be a convenient way for you to recover them.

03.30.2021Sync iPhone and ipad
How to Sync iPhone and iPad via iTunes, iCloud, AirDrop, etc.

Want to sync iPhone or iPad? This post shows you great ways to transfer iOS data like text messages, calendar, photos, apps, contacts, etc. between iOS devices.

03.30.2021Back up iPhone Contacts to Computer
Back up iPhone Contacts to Computer with Different Methods

Here are the best ways to back up iPhone contacts to computer with iTunes, iCloud and third party tool. Follow our guides to do iPhone contacts backup.

03.30.2021Remove Protection of Encrypted iTunes Backups
How to Remove Protection of Encrypted iTunes Backups

How to remove the protection of encrypted iTunes backup? You are able to remove the protection of encrypted iTunes backups using the way this post offers.

03.05.2021WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android
Guides on Transferring WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android

How to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android? Here are multiple best ways and step-by-step guides to complete this job within several minutes.

02.24.2021Recover Deleted Photos on Mac
How to Recover Deleted Photos on Mac

If you deleted your photos on Mac by accident, there will be some methods for you to recover deleted photos on Mac easily and quickly.

02.24.2021Remove Password from iPhone
Top 4 Ways to Remove Password from iPhone or iPad

Don't know how to remove password from iPhone or iPad? Just follow this article and get useful methods to solve this problem.

02.24.2021iPhone Says not Enough Storage
Effective Solutions When iPhone Says not Enough Storage

iPhone says not enough storage available? Here are some tips to deal with it and get more iPhone space.

iOS Settings
01.27.2021Recover Deleted Kik Pictures
How to Recover Old Kik Pictures on iPhone

Want to recover deleted Kik messages or find some old Kik pictures back? This post lists 3 simple ways to help you recover Kik messages on iPhone.

01.27.2021iPhone Backups Stored
Where are iPhone Backups Stored

Where are the iPhone backups? How to manage the iPhone backup files? You can get the solutions from the article.

01.27.2021Flash Drive Repair
Tutorial to Repair Flash Drive and Recover Data from USB Flash Drive

This Do IT Yourself guide to fix a corrupted USB drive and recover data from USB flash drive when your operating system won't read it normally.

01.27.2021Recover USB Drive
Tutorial to Recover Data from USB Drive Effectively and Quickly

USB Drive corrupted or Unresponsive? Here is our step-by-step guide on how to recover data from a flash drive and fix various problems effectively and easily.

01.27.2021Windows Old Restore
Ultimate Guide to Restore Windows Old Folder on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista

If you have ever upgraded your Windows installation without formatting, you can effectively recover files from old system to new one by Windows.old restore.

01.27.2021Manual Backup iPhone
Top 3 Easy Ways to Do a Manual Backup on iPhone

You can back up iPhone manually using iTunes, iCloud and iOS Data Backup. Read this article and get 3 different manual backup iPhone programs.

01.27.2021Moto X Recovery
The Complete Guide of Moto X Recovery

This article shows detail steps to enter into or out of Moto X recovery mode. In addition, you can also get safe solutions to recover Moto X data with ease.

01.27.2021Delete Songs from iTunes
How to Delete Songs from iTunes on iPhone/iPad/Windows/Mac

Wanna remove unwanted music and free up more space? Then come and read how to delete songs from iTunes with the detailed steps.

01.27.2021Back Up Text Messages
How to Back Up Text Messages on Android or iPhone

Ever wonder how to back up your text messages from your phone to computer? Don't worry, this article is going to show you the best way to solve this problem.

01.22.2021Unlock Verizon iPhone
How to Unlock Verizon iPhone Quickly and Easily

Now you can unlock Verizon iPhone to use on another network safely. Instant carrier checking unlock iPhone from Verizon status easily.

iOS Lock
01.22.2021Fix iTunes not Syncing Music to iPhone
5 Best Solutions to Fix iTunes not Syncing Music to iPhone

iTunes not Syncing Music? Here's our tutorial to help you figure out what happens and what you should do to fix iTunes not syncing Music to iPhone effectively.

01.22.2021Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drive
Tutorial to Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drive in Various Situations

This is a step-by-step guide to tell how you can do a data recovery from a dead hard drive. Follow it to recover data from dead hard drive effectively.

01.22.2021Backup iTunes
Tutorial to Backup iTunes to iCloud or Computer with Multiple Ways

In this tutorial, you will learn how to backup iTunes to iCloud Music Library manually or using the iTunes Match subscription service.

01.13.2021iPhone Won't Backup to iCloud
How to Fix iPhone Won't Backup to iCloud

iPhone won't backup to iCloud or iCloud backup cannot be completed? Here are 6 real solutions to fix it on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11, etc. running in iOS 16/17.

01.13.2021Delete Books from iBooks
What Should You Do to Delete Books from iBooks

Do you know how to remove books from iBooks? Or how to delete bookmarks on your iOS device? Follow this article and get these methods.

01.13.2021Backup Photos to iCloud
Tutorial of Backup Photos to iCloud Automatically or Manually

To back up your photos to iCloud from your iPhone or iPad, you can read our step-by-step guide to learn the automatic and manual backup features for iCloud.

01.13.2021Remove Duplicate Items
How to Remove Duplicate Items in iTunes

Do you know how to remove duplicates in iTunes or delete multiple contacts on iPhone? Just read this article and get these best ways.

01.13.2021Remove MacKeeper
How to Remove MacKeeper from Mac

How do I remove MacKeeper from Mac? Don't worry. You can follow this article to learn how to remove MacKeeper from Mac in a fast and safe way.

01.13.2021Remove Audio from Video
How to Remove Audio from Video Online/Windows/Mac

Do not like the background music of the video? Just remove audio track. 4 ways to do it online, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, and Video Converter Ultimate.

01.13.2021Clear Maps History and Destinations
[Solved] Clear Maps History and Destinations on iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/5/5s/5c/4

Store a lot of maps history on your iPhone? This article shows you how to clear maps history in Apple Maps app and Google Maps app on iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/5/5s/5c.

Best iFonebox Alternatives You Should Know to Recover Your Phone Data

Find the best iFonebox alternative for your iOS and Android devices. Here, we will introduce 3 iFonebox alternatives for you to get your phone data back.

01.13.2021Find Disappeared iMessages
6 Simple Ways to Find Disappeared iPhone Text Messages/iMessages Back

iPhone text messages or iMessages disappeared? Where to find the missing text messages? This post shows 6 simple ways to find your missing iPhone messages back.

01.13.2021Downgrade iOS
How to Downgrade iOS to Previous Version

It's possible to downgrade your iPhone or iPad to something earlier. Here is a step-by-step guide for downgrading iOS to previous version.

iOS Settings
01.13.2021Delete Songs from iPod
3 Methods to Delete Songs from iPod Nano/Shuffle/Touch with iTunes

Want to clear out some songs don't listen to anymore on your iPad? Here's how to delete songs from iPod Nano/Shuffle/Touch and manage your favorite music.

01.13.2021Clean Master for iPhone
5 Best Clean Master for iPhone and How to Clean up iPhone Simply

Here's our review and introduction for top 5 best clean master for iPhone. Spend a few minutes to learn about these apps and how to keep your iPhone healthy.

01.13.2021See Incognito History on iPhone
Best Ways to See Incognito History on iPhone and Android

How to check private browsing history on your iPhone or Android phone? Here is a complete guide to help you see incognito history on your mobile device simply.

01.13.2021Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows
Tutorial to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows PC/Mac OS Quickly

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer? Read this guide to learn multiple best ways to download photos from iPhone to PC/Mac easily and quickly.

01.13.2021App Store Not Working
4 Methods to Fix App Store Not Working

Don't know how to fix your App Store not working on iOS devices? This article helps you to solve this problem.

iOS Settings
01.13.2021Recover Data from External Hard Drive
What Should You Do to Recover Data from External Hard Drive Easily

This tutorial shows you how to quickly recover data from external hard drive when the hard drive is corrupted, damaged or not detected by Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP.

01.13.2021RAID Data Recovery
Do RAID Data Recovery? Here is The Best Way to Recover Data from RAID

RAID recovery is not an easy task like the hard disk recovery. Here is the best way to effectively make RAID data recovery with the professional software.

01.13.2021Laptop hard drive recovery
How to Recover Files from a Dead Laptop for Windows 10/8/7/XP

Is your laptop machine dead? This article gives you a step-by-step tutorial to recover data from a dead laptop running Windows 10/8/7/XP effectively and easily.

01.13.2021Recover Deleted Photos & Pictures from iPhone
Four Methods to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

How to recover deleted photos from iPhone? This article gives you full instruction to recover deleted pictures from iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4.

01.13.2021Raw Partition Recovery
Best Methods to Recover RAW Partition and Retrieve Photos and more Files

Want to recover data and files from RAW partition, RAW file system and RAW drive without any trouble? Try the step-by-step tutorial of RAW partition recovery.

01.13.2021Reset iTunes Library
Free Tutorial to Reset iTunes Library Completely

iTunes Library gets messes up? iTunes errors occur? Follow the 4 ways here to reset iTunes completely on Windows and Mac for an easy enjoyment on iTunes.

01.13.2021Delete Unwanted Games on iPad
Tutorial to Delete Unwanted Games on iPad to Free up Space

Do not like the game anymore? Here are several methods to delete games on iPad Pro/Air/mini or earlier generations and free up internal storage simply.

01.13.2021iPhone Camera Not Working
Best Methods to Fix iPhone Camera Not Working

When you have some problems in fixing your iPhone camera not working, just read this article and get these best methods.

01.13.2021Cerber Decryptor
How to Decrypt and Restore Cerber Files using Cerber Decryptor

Cerber ransomware decrypt your files? Follow this tutorial to use Cerber Decryptor to remove or decrypt ransomware and rescue your files on Windows 11/10/8/7.

01.13.2021Wi-Fi Not Working on iPhone
How to Fix Wi-Fi Not Working on iPhone

My iPhone Wi-Fi not working, what should I do to fix it? Don't worry. Follow this article and get best methods to fix this problem.

01.13.2021Wncry Recovery
How to Recover WNCRY Encrypted Files With Ease

What is WNCRY file virus? How to recover files encrypted with the WNCRY file extension? Here's our step-by-step tutorial available to Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP.

01.13.2021Get Old Kik Messages
3 Methods to Get Old Kik Messages on iPhones and Android Phones Effectively

View old Kik messages and learn how to get old Kik messages on iPhone and Android phones in this post.

01.13.2021Recover Word Files
How to Recover Word Document on PC/Mac

Word document lost because of corrupted/overwritten on PC/Mac? Take 4 ways here to recover the Word files (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, etc. supported) now.

01.13.2021iPhone Won't Play Videos
How to Fix iPhone Videos that Won't Play

iPhone videos won't play or buffering? Here are 6 quick solutions to fix the problem, no matter what video you recorded in Camera Roll or transferred to iPhone.

01.13.2021Recover Deleted Music from iPhone
[Solved] Recover Deleted Music from iPhone

iPhone music got deleted? Learn to recover music deleted from iPhone, no matter you have iTunes/iCloud backups or not.

01.13.2021Backup Assistant
[Tutorial] What Is Backup Assistant and How to Use It

Still confusing about Backup Assistant? You are lucky to get the detailed guide containing what the Version Wireless service is and its Android alternative.

01.13.2021Backup iPad to Computer
How to Backup iPad to (New) Computer

How to backup iPad to computer for space free-up or data backup? Here are 3 efficient ways to sync iPad to PC with or without iTunes in simple clicks.

01.13.2021Backup iPad to External Hard Drive
How to Backup iPad to External Hard Drive on Windows and Mac

iPad/iPhone space is full? Just backup iPad/iPhone to an external hard drive on Windows or Mac computer with or without iTunes, to free up storage quickly.

01.13.2021iTunes Wont Let Me Add Music
How to Fix iTunes Won't Let Me Add Music to iPhone

iTunes won't let me add music to my iPhone, what should I do? Just follow this article and get the 4 real fixes to put songs on iPhone easily.

01.13.2021Backup iPhone to Laptop
How to Backup iPhone to Laptop with & without iTunes (iPhone 15 Supported)

This article shows 3 different ways of how to backup iPhone to laptop. Thus, you can get iTunes, iCloud and iOS Data Backup tools to backup iOS data quickly.

01.13.2021Backup iPod
How to Backup iPod touch on Mac or Windows PC

Read this article and learn how to backup iPod touch to your Windows or Mac computer. Thus, you can restore deleted or lost music on iPod without data loss

01.13.2021Recover Deleted Files
Best Methods to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP Effectively

Sure, it is possible to recover deleted files. Try Recycle Bin first, but if it is not there, here are more options to undelete files on Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP.

01.13.2021Recover Data from Broken iPhone
[Solved] How to Recover Data from Broken Screen iPhone

iPhone is broken/dead/crashed, and data are lost? Follow this guide in 3 ways to recover text messages, pictures, contacts, etc. from broken screen iPhone now.

01.13.2021Mac Internet Recovery
How to Do Internet Recovery to Restore Mac Backup

This article shows detailed information of what Internet Recovery on Mac is, how to enter Mac Internet Recovery mode and solutions to fix not working problems.

01.13.2021Airplay for windows
How to AirPlay on Windows 10/8/7

Airplay is Apple's amazing technology for wireless media streaming . Want to learn how to use AirPlay on Windows? You may find a way in this article.

Screen Mirroring
01.13.2021Backup Music on iPhone
How to Backup Music on iPhone

Losing music is really awful, backup music on iPhone can easily solve this problem and do not need to re-download music with payment.

01.13.2021Delete Photos from iCloud
How to Delete Photos from iCloud on PC/iPhone

How to delete photots from iCloud storage but not iPhone? 4 Ways here to delete mass photos and videos from iCloud to free up space in minutes.

01.13.2021iPod Data Recovery
Best Method to Recover Files with iPod Data Recovery

What should you do if you delete some important files from iPod? Here are the best solutions to retrieve deleted files with iPod Data Recovery.

01.13.2021Cant Delete Photos from iPhone
Tutorial to Delete Unwanted Photos from iPad to Free up Storage

Have troubles on remove photos from your iPad? Here are multiple ways to delete photos from iPad Pro/Air/mini or earlier generation simply.

01.13.2021Backup iPhone without Passcode
How to Backup iPhone without Passcode & Erase the Unlocking Password

Read and learn how to backup iPhone without passcode. You can also get 2 ways to erase the iPhone unlocking password safely.

01.13.2021iPhone Touch Screen Not Working
How to Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

iPhone touch screen not working properly after update or dropping? Take the 3 efficient ways to get your iPhone XR/XS/X/8/7/6/5S/5C/5/4, etc. back to normal.

01.13.2021Recover Recently Deleted Photos
How to Recover Recently Deleted Photos on iPhone

Want to recover recently deleted photos from your iPhone? This post shows detailed steps to restore them from iOS devices and iTunes/iCloud backup.

01.13.2021Move Apps on iPhone
Tutorial to Move Apps on iPhone 7 and iPhone X/8/8 Plus or Earlier

Just upgrade to iPhone 7? Here are multiple methods on how to move apps on iPhone 7 or iPhone X/8/8 Plus via App Store, iCloud and iTunes properly.

01.13.2021Airplay Mirroring Without Apple TV
Can I Use AirPlay without Apple TV – 4 Methods You Should Know

What should you do if you do not have an Apple TV? How to mirror iPhone movies to smart TVs? Here are the 4 solutions to use AirPlay mirroring without Apple TV.

Screen Mirroring
01.13.2021Recover Deleted Photos from iPad
How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPad

Want to recover deleted iPad photos? 4 best methods are offered to help you recover deleted photos from iPad Pro/Air 2/mini 4, iPhone and iPod.

01.13.2021Transfer Videos from iPhone to iPhone
Guides to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Another iPhone or iPad Easily

Just upgrade to the new iPhone? Here are multiple ways to help you transfer videos from iPhone to iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s/5 simply.

01.13.2021Best iPhone Photo Manager
Top 5 iPhone Photo Manager Apps to Organize Photos for iPhone

How to manage the photos of iPhone? Just learn more about the 5 best iPhone managers to view, convert, transfer and organize photos for iPhone with ease.

01.13.2021Backup Extractor
Android Backup File Extractor Guide and Alternative

This page is the full guide of using Android backup file extractor to extract ADB backup data to your Android phone, and finding the easiest alterative way.

01.13.2021Damaged SD Card
[Solved] Fix Damaged SD Card and Recover Data from Damaged SD Card

How to fix a damaged SD card or recover deleted/lost data from damaged SD card? You can learn about detailed solutions from this page.

01.13.2021Backup MacBook to iCloud
How to Backup MacBook Pro/Air to iCloud

How to backup MacBook Pro or Air to iCloud? This post shows you the easy methods to use Time Machine to backup a Mac to iCloud.

01.13.2021Back up Locked iPhone
3 Safe and Easy Ways to Backup Locked iPhone

This article offers 3 easy ways to backup disabled or locked iPhone data safely with or without iTunes even you forgot iPhone passcode.

01.13.2021Recover My Files
Overview of Recover My Files and Its Alternatives

What is Recover My Files? Where to download Recover My Files? Get an overview of the data recovery software and its alternative for Mac/Windows files recovery.

01.13.2021Backup iPhone without iTunes
Use iTunes Alternatives to Backup iPhone without iTunes

Want to backup iPhone without iTunes? Is there any iTunes alternative? This post shows 2 simple ways to backup various iPhone data without iTunes.

01.13.2021Delete Other on iPhone
What Is Other Storage on iPhone and How Do You Delete It

This guide tells what the Other storage on your iPhone is, and shows how to delete Other storage from your iPhone to free up storage space.

01.13.2021Restore iTunes Library
How to Restore iTunes Library with/without Backup

iTunes library file is lost or corrupted? Just learn 3 ways here to restore iTunes Library files from iPhone/iTunes to your computer with ease.

01.13.2021iCloud Recovery
Full Guide to Get iCloud Recovery

How to recover deleted data from iCloud backup? This page shares 3 easy but efficient ways to help you restore photos, messages, etc. from iCloud step by step.

01.13.2021How To Turn Off Flashlight On iPhoneX And Later
[4 Solutions] Quickly Turn off Flashlight on iPhone X and Later

Why does my iPhone X flashlight turns on by itself? How can I turn off flashlight on iPhone X faster? You can find 4 quick solutions which are 100% useful here.

01.13.2021Recycle Bin Recovery
Recycle Bin Recovery - Best Way to Recover Data from Recycle Bin

Sometimes you may delete files by mistake. You can recover files from Recycle Bin if you delete files by accident. Here's the tutorial for recycle bin recovery.

01.13.2021Recover Data from Dead iPhone
Recover Data from Dead iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s/5/5s

The article provides you easiest solutions to scan your iTunes backup or iCloud backup for iPhone to recover data from dead iPhone effectively.

01.13.2021Notes from iPhone to iPhone
Tutorial to Transfer Notes from iPhone to iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/5/5c/5s/4

You can keep the Notes app in sync between iPhone and iPad using iCloud, as well as other services. Here's how to transfer notes from iPhone to iPhone.

01.13.2021iPhone App Wont Open
How to Fix App Won't Open (5 Ways)

When app will not open or even is stuck in your Android phone, you should know the 5 methods to fix the problem from the article.

01.13.2021Get Out of DFU Mode
How to Get Out of DFU Mode [3 Best Ways]

Read and learn how to get out of DFU mode with ease. Moreover, you can get one iOS system Recovery tool to exit DFU mode of iPhone/iPad/iPod in the safest way.

01.13.2021Calling Flash Apps
Top 10 Calling Flash Apps to Personalize Flash Notifications for Contacts

If you want to personalize the flashlight and blinking for incoming calls, you can find the 10 best calling flash app for Android from the article.

01.13.2021Can't Restore iPad
How to Fix iPad Cannot Restore/Update

iPad cannot restore or update and an unknown error occured? Just follow the 5 solutions here to fix the issue.

01.13.2021How Long Does It Take to Backup to iCloud
How Long Does It Take to Backup iPhone to iCloud and 5 Speed-up Tips

How long does it take to backup an iPhone to iCloud backup? Taking Hours? Days? Or forever? Take the 5 free tips to make your iCloud backup faster in minutes.

01.13.2021Recover Music On PC
How to Recover Deleted Music from Computer

How to recover deleted music files from computer? This article lists 2 efficient ways to help you get music recovery from your hard drive or cloud on computer.

01.13.2021Fix iCloud Backup not Showing Up
How to Fix iCloud Backup Not Showing Up on iPhone & iPad

Why iCloud backup is not showing up? Learn more details about the reasons and some simple solutions to solve the problem from the article.

01.13.2021Backup Video on Android
Best Methods to Backup Video on Android

When you take lots of video files on Android phone or tablets, you should know the methods to backup video on Android from the article.

01.13.2021Fix iTunes Downloading
iTunes Is Downloading The Software for This iPhone - 6 Best Ways to Fix

Get the ‘ iTunes Is Downloading The Software for This iPhone’ error and stuck there? Don't worry, this article shows 6 best ways to fix this iTunes error.

01.13.2021Restore Apps from iCloud
How to Restore Apps Data from iCloud on iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4

How to restore apps data from iCloud? This page shows you the easiest way to get your apps or single app data from iCloud on iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4, etc.

01.13.2021Backup Text Messages on iPhone
5 Methods to Backup Text Messages on iPhone

Do you know how to backup text messages on iPhone? Here we recommend 5 solutions for you to save iPhone text messages.

01.13.2021Unable to Join Network
Tutorial to Fix Unable to Join Network Error on iPhone Effectively

So much of the functionality of iOS is dependent on the Internet, it's pretty frustrating if you unable to join network. Follow the guides to fix it easily.

iOS Settings
01.13.2021Fix Find My iPhone Not Working
3 Simple Ways to Fix Find My iPhone Not Working

How to track the lost iPhone if Find My iPhone is offline? What does offline mean? This post shows 3 effective ways to fix Find My iPhone not working problem.

01.13.2021Find My iPhone Lost Mode
Find My iPhone Lost Mode and How to Use It to Track Lost iPhone

This post will show details about Lost Mode and how to use it, such as turn on/off Find My iPhone Lost Mode, unlock, bypass or change password.

01.13.2021Find My iPhone Login
How to Login to My Find iPhone on Computer & Mobile Phone Remotely

iPhone is lost? Login to Find My iPhone to find your lost iPhone's last location, and erase all data if it is possible on computer or Android phone remotely.

01.13.2021How to Use Find My iPhone
How to Use Find My iPhone to Track iPhone and Rescue Data

This article shall tell you how to set up, enable and disable Find My iPhone on iPhone/iPad, and also offer you the best iPhone backup software from data loss.

01.13.2021iCloud Backup Wont Turn on
Best Ways to Fix iCloud Backup won't Turn on

What if your iCloud backup won't turn on? If you have no ideal, please read this passage and learn the best several solutions to fix it.

01.13.2021Turn on Find My iPhone
Everything You Should Know about Find My iPhone

Feeling upset about losing your iPhone and no way to find it back? There is one last chance if you have turned on Find My iPhone before your iPhone is lost.

01.13.2021Restore iTunes Purchases
How to Restore iTunes Purchases for Re-download on Windows/Mac/iOS

iTunes purchases are deleted or missing? Restore/redownload iTunes purchases (apps, movies, music, books, TV shows, etc.) on Windows, Mac and iOS device here.

01.13.2021Get iPhone Out of DFU Mode
Full View of iPhone DFU Mode

What is iPhone DFU mode? What does DFU mode do? How do you enter or get out of DFU mode on iPhone XR/XS/X/8/7/6/5/4, etc. Get all answers in this post.

01.13.2021iPhone Not Receiving Texts
Solve the Problem iPhone Not Receiving Texts and Messages

There are several scenarios that can cause iPhone not receiving texts and messages. This article addresses several solutions to fix this problem.

iOS Settings
01.13.2021Reading Text Messages from Another Phone
Guide on Reading Text Messages from Another Phone

In this post, we will provide you with solutions on how to read someone's text messages without having their smartphone or installing software on target device.

01.13.2021Get Back Instagram Account
100% Working Guide of Getting Back Instagram Account

If your account has been deleted accidentally but now want to recover your Instagram account, you can follow our guide to get back your Instagram account back.

01.13.2021iTunes Could Not Restore the iPhone
Tutorial to Fix The Error Message iTunes Could Not Restore the iPhone

iTunes could not restore the iPhone because of an error occured, backup corrupted, or not compatible with the iPhone? Take the 4 solutions to fix it right now.

01.13.2021iTunes Store Temporarily Unavailable
How to Fix iTunes Store Temporarily Unavailable

iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable or cannot connect to iTunes Store? Check here to get the 5 efficient ways to fix iTunes Store not working issues.

03.08.2018Connect iPhone to Car
Tutorial to Connect iPhone to Car via Bluetooth, USB cable, or CarPlay

Cannot connect your iOS device with a compatible car stereo? Here are guides to connect iPhone to car using Bluetooth, a USB cable, or CarPlay.

iOS Settings